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For me the reason why I don’t use these anymore, is because I never repurchased them. The first ones that come to mind are theBalm Mai Billsbepaid, Urban Decay Revolution Native and NARS Audacious Raquel.

Finished all 3, but only repurchased Raquel, which is my fav nude. I have not opened it though, because I want to finish at least one of my ‘in rotation’ – lipsticks.

I don’t have particular lip colors bc I use what I’ve always have. I just have new things added into the mix.

More broadly, I guess, I’d say liquid lips. I’ve kept a few primarily the ones I have from Bare Minerals but I’ve decluttered so many bc I’m not into them as much anymore and they were never a favorite anyway.

Similarly I got rid of all but 2 or 3 lip glosses at one point bc I just didn’t like the hassle of them. I admit though I’ve bought a few recently as brands have returned to featuring them more. Still not completely on board but at one point I had them and wore them and them I decluttered most of them!

Then I’d throw in lip balms in tin cans. I had so many and picked them up bc the packaging was precious or there was a unique scent etc. But after using up about 3 and realizing how long it takes to use one up, once I go through all that I have, I will never buy another.

Burt’s Bees and EOS lip balms come to mind. They just feel like silicone to me, especially EOS. I put one on the other day and it felt like a layer of stuff was just sitting on top of my lips. I don’t find them moisturizing at all. Colorless Lip balms were the only product I used to use, and now I’m obsessed with lipstick. How the turn tables…

I threw out the EOS lip balms I had. I never had the irritation others spoke of but I never found them to be incredibly moisturizing. Maybe it is the silicone. They just sit on the lips !

Dior Addict – Miami
(my first Dior lip product! I loved it so… but gradually am less and less interested in very shimmery or duochrome-type lip products)

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour – Commitment
(this was one of those two-sided long-lasting liquid lipsticks with a gloss on the other side. I swapped out the glittery gloss for a plain, non-glittery one, and wore this lipcolor AAALLL the time. Miss it dearly! The exact color has been surprisingly hard to dupe)

Revlon – Rum Raisin
(I think I just got a bit tired of it; this is still a great shade on me)

KVD,because, KVD. Fresh: grew reactive to some ingredients/ the spf. Burt’s Bees: the volatile fragrant oils, stung like crazy. Allergies have an upside!

Reckon Pink Truffle & Peach Parfait lip butters. If they weren’t discontinued then they’d still be in heavy rotation!

MAC Evolution Revolution lipgloss. I lost it years ago ;( but even if I didn’t, it’d be way too old to still use today! I would love to find a dupe for it though. I layered it over every lipstick I wore.

A lot of Laura Mercier. Marquise lipstick, I wore it at my wedding; Laura Mercier brown sugar stick gloss, then her lip balm. Part of it was I moved to a country where it was only available in one place and priced up here out of my price range, also I finish the lip balm too quickly !

There are so many! So I really had to think hard about which 3 had once been steady go-to shades or at least one favorite shade that have been severely neglected: Maybelline Touch Of Spice, Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Honey, plus Stila Kaleidescope lip gloss.

MAC Taupe was my favorite for a long time, but I haven’t used it in many years.

MAC Jubilee was another favorite years ago, but I moved on to different shades after I used up the last tube.

Laura Mercier Discretion was my all-time favorite MLBB until they discontinued it years ago (grrrrr). I actually still have my last tube of it, which has a little bit left in the bottom of the tube. I kept it so I could try to find a dupe. I have never found an exact dupe for it, but I have so many other nice MLBBs, that I’m not looking anymore. But I’m still hanging onto that virtually empty tube…just in case.

Haha I think we’ve talked about Discretion before. I loved it too. Still love a little bit of gray in my nude lipsticks. 🙂 I still love Taupe too.

Max Factor Moisture Rich Lipstick in 537 Creme Rouge; Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in Rose Gold; Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds in Pretty Knit.

EOS lip balms. I use to love them but then realized that they were making my easily chapped lips even more painful. I think I just liked the novelty of them.

All of my KVD liquid lips. I cannot remember when I wore one last and they likely will be in my future declutter pile. I never loved the liquid lip formula but was willing to overlook that for the shades, of which several were ones that I loved. Now that I am not really using liquid lips at all and given several political issues I am just not interested anymore.

For my third I am going to cheat a little and say MAC matte lip formula. I have quite a few and will occasionally still use them but nothing like I use to. The formula is very drying on me and I already have very dry lips so they weren’t the most comfortable to wear. There are a few that will stay in my collection, you know who could declutter Ruby Woo if you loved her at one time!!

OMG those lip balms. The formula is REALLY not effective for everyone but we all had to have it because of that adorable pod packaging. My lips aren’t generally chapped and the EOS actively dried them out!

NARS Cristina, NARS Damage, and MAC Viva Glam IV. I think 2 of these are discontinued red sparkly lipsticks, and the other one was pretty sheer. I used these up except for a little nub of nars cristina, which I gave to my mom as she loved hers as well. These days I don’t like sparkly lips as much though- my current favorites are all mattes or cremes.

All three are from MAC – Capricious, Sophisto, and Spice it Up. I might revisit Capricious as my next Back-to-MAC freebie, because I found it immensely flattering. However, the other two are now too brown and subdued for my fading coloring.

Revlon lipsticks – used to have a ton of them, but stopped buying them because they just never lasted on me.
L’Oreal had a beautiful shade Sunset (or something like it) and was d/c so I don’t wear it now.
Maybelline’s Red Revival – it turned pink on me.

Maybelline Red Revival is actually one of my favorite reds, as it’s one that doesn’t run pink on me… It’s so interesting how different products work on different people.

Although I have so many others, I always go back to Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick in Swag and Juju together with Bare Minerals Lipgloss Sugar.

This was a tough one… Since I began wearing makeup seriously, around 13, I’ve never had less than 50 lipsticks in my collection (my hoarding started early, LOL!), so I’ve never really stuck to any specific products for too long. O was on the constant hunt for the “perfect” red, nude, etc…, so as soon as I found something better, I’d move on. That said, I have found a few HG products, but they’ve all been DCd, or they’d likely be in my collection now.
L’Oreal Tendre Mauve & Matte Maraschino, and Lancome Crushed Rose are 3 that I’ve actually finished, and repurchased, though…

Ruby Woo, which I still love but was replaced in my rotation by NARS Dragon Girl.

Lip Tars. Still super fun to mix and play with but oily texture and impractical to reapply. I also always hated the minty formula. To say nothing of them being old/expired because the brand went out of business. :'(

Dark reds and burgundies in general. I still wear them from time to time but 8/10 times now I wear brighter, more medium tones to enhance the size of my lips and try not to overshadow the definition in my face. With really dark lip colors I usually feel like I need quite a bit of contour and cheek or bronzer to turn the contrast back up for the rest of my face and not lose my bone structure.

MAC • See Sheer (first lipstick, repurchased thrice, don’t reach for it as much anymore. My-lips-but-rosier shade.)
YSL Glossy Stain • 7 Corail Aquatique (loved it, repurchased twice but I prefer more noticeable shades now. Perfect MLBB goes-with-anything shade.)
Caudalie Lip Conditioner (used to apply lip balm before lipstick, not anymore)

Like you MAC, whatever the shade, I rarely use my MAC lipsticks, I found them mostly drying. Today, I’m wearing one, an Amplified formula (Vegas Volt) and it’s about the only one I care for from them of the lipsticks, formula wise.

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