What are the most flattering eyeshadow shades for your eye color?

What are the most flattering eyeshadow shades for your eye color? Make sure to let us know what your eye color is!

I find earth tones in general seem to work well with my hazel eyes. Β Love warmer browns along with olive and khaki greens!

Thanks to Mariella for today’s question!

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Me too! I have hazel/ amber eyes (grats to my dad with the amber-ness) and I really like pinky purples to offset the amber in my eyes :3

Lavender for blue eyes- it looks more natural than you’d think! Stay away from pinks if you have any red undertones above your eyes. An ivory base with lavender highlights on the lid works great for my blue eyes and pale skin.

Interesting I love pinks and gold with my blue eyes but I cannot pull off cold toned purples like lavender. They just look awful.

I have green eyes. I find bronzes, coppers, plums,and black/ grey to be very flattering.

Light eye shadow colors make me look lifeless. πŸ™

waiting for Mellan’s Friday post
My question is what work on dark eyes? my eyes are almost black , my skin is fair and my hair also black

What I’ve found works best on fair skin with very dark brown eyes (like mine) is soft golds or copper colors, especially in the corners! Looks very good when it has a sparkle to it, very flattering πŸ™‚

I have dark, almost black eyes too and find gunmetal metallic, purple/lavender and navy are very flattering, though almost any colour can be pulled off once it goes with your skin tone.

I have light hazel eyes, I really like muted purples and golden green colours ( like sumptuous olive , and shale)
Also find light golds and bronze colours are also flatering
For reference I have blonde hair and olive skin.

I have blue eyes (NW30) and find that warm browns/bronzy colors are very flattering for an every day look. I love MAC Woodwinked (Amazing!!!) Peachy orange/pink colors are nice too. The only colors I don’t really like are blues (although teal liners are pretty on the waterline)

I have green eyes that are bright but dark. Purples, mauves, pink, red, anything coppery or orange or rust and anything mid-tone and sort of greyed out and dirty.

Some of MAC’s mustard colors like Sun Blonde and Golden Gaze look surprisingly gorgeous too.

Blues, greens and yellow/gold/silver look terrible unless they’re just right.

I have dark brown monolid eyes….believe or not….bright, loud colors with sparkles like UD seem best…all .blues, greens, gold, silver, purple undertone….no orange or red or yellow or bright pink…look bloodshot and dark matte browns and black give me the black eye look.

Warm purples, theoretically, to complement the green in my eyes, although I don’t really wear them that often (at least in comparison to every other color combined?). Now I want to do a look with MAC’s Trax, ha.

I have green eyes and smokey colors and browns make my eyes stand out more. Purples, too. Satin Taupe is pretty much the holy grail, it’s a blend of all three of those tones!

Hazel/green eyes here and I especially like how they contrast with most browns and taupes and just about any berry, pink, or purple. I find that blues and greens, especially bright ones, bring out the darker brownish tones in my eyes, which can also be great.

I have brown eyes and tan skin so I love bronzes, golds, and purples (my favorite color for eyeshadows!). I’ve been dying to try MUFE No. 92 for such a long time.

I have green eyes and darker browns and burgundy/purple colors bring out the green intensely, though I have to say that what also works great are greyish blues as long as they are matte

My eye color is… well, wierd. It keeps changing. I was sure it stopped a few years back, but lately it’s been changing almost on a daily basis, so it really does depend on the specific day πŸ™‚

For the bright green days, plums and browns are my faves. Since plums are too dark for everyday, I mostly go with browns (go Satin Taupe!). Khaki, olive greens and greys suits the darker-green days.

For the turquoise days, blues that are not all blue (does that even make sense?) just makes them pop like crazy (bright and darks – lately I’ve been using Odalisque and Plumage).

For the grey days.. well, I’m really on the fence on that one. Haven’t really found a favorite. I think I need a bold color – I’m NW20, blonde-redhead with tons of freckles (I feel like Anne of Green Gables on those days) but somehow I feel a bit washed-out.
If I’m in a rush, i’ll just pop Woodwink all over the lid and be done with it πŸ™‚

I’ve hazel eyes,too. They look good with warm browns, greens and purple. With blacks, too, they look yellowish! For me the most unflattering is pink.

I have blue eyes that’s a little greyish and golds, warm browns, bronzes, champagnes and oranges look the best, but really deep warm true greens and true blacks.

aqua blue eyes (a guy once described them as swimming-pool blue eyes :o) …LOL)
my fave shades are warm browns, purples with a hint of red, also khaki greens (with glod specks) and deep greys.

Lavender makes my blue eyes look green. I also like peachy /coppery shades. This makes my eyes look more blue. Browns are flattering as well.

I have black eyes, I guess it’s one of those eye colors where anything would look okay, so I mostly use colors that are flattering to my skin tone instead – shades of blue eyeshadows are most flattering on me.

i have hazel eyes but if i wana show the colour off i wear deep/bright warm greens or dark purples to bring out the green πŸ™‚

I like grey, teal, turquoise, purple, champagne and off-white best for my bright blue eyes. I also feel comfortable in some shades of gold and green. I hardly ever wear brown or coppery colors because they just don’t suit me.

I’m a pale-skinned brunette with goldish-green eyes and neutral colouring. Which makes finding workable colours interesting… πŸ™‚

Rich, warm plums. Urban Decay’s Hustle, for example.

Burnt or burgundy browns.

Muted coppers and very washed-out, neutral pinks.

More interesting is what I can’t do: purples! Everyone swears by purple for green eyes but my colouring makes it look clownish and leaves it bleeding the green out of my eyes. Pastels are terrible on me, as are most of the gorgeous, bright jewel-tones that I envy on others. πŸ™‚ But as others have said: smokey is my charm. Works every time.

I have brown eyes – not too dark, more neutral/chocolate colored, and a cool medium skintone. Matte warm browns are the kiss of death on me! I like purples, blues, and greens which pull out the amber and mahogany tones in brown eyes.

I know you’re not supposed to match your shadow to your eye colour and, rather, go with complementary colours. My eyes are brown so I should wear blue to punch up the colour but I always feel self-conscious in blue eye shadows. I find browns (like Mulch or Centre Stage) with a lighter neutral (Naked Lunch) to be most flattering but I’m interested to see what other “brown-eyed girls” wear (which is why I asked the question!)

I have dark brown eyes and I love using bronze, brown, green (like Humid!) and dark blue eye shadows.
I find that those colors compliment me best. πŸ™‚

Yellows, oranges, golds, and bronzy colors work the best for my blue eyes. ex) Woodwinked, Rule, Amber Lights, Sun Blonde. But then I always do a pop of color on the lower lashline like Stars n Rockets or Surf USA.

I have brown eyes and I find that purples and greens provide a good contrast and bring out the colour of my eyes. Warm golds and warm browns are also good – I find that they bring out the warmth in my eyes.

My eyes are blue and I’m very fair(NW15)and at the moment my hair is blonde though I change it. Sometimes they look greenish. If I want them to look really blue bronzey colors loke amber lights look awesome! I’ve also noticed that warm toned purples like stars and rockets bring out the green. But I generally love pinks and purples as well as champagne colors. Though I wear them all. Oh green makes them look bluer too.

I have hazel (brown/green) eyes, and I find that warm neutrals really make the green pop. Purples, especially warmer shades, are also flattering.

Blue/grey eyes and contrasting colors really make them bluer. I wear a lot of oranges, yellow, peaches, corals, coppers, etc.

Have always loved neutrals. I also love the gold-rose-dark brown-taupe combination of The Body Shop shimmer cubes palette 06 that I’m using every single day lately.

I have blue eyes and any shade with some orange in it really makes them pop. MAC’s Coppering works wonders on me. Other shades that work well are any kind of purple, brown, gold, and pink. But that doesn’t stop me from buying blue and green shades. ^_^

did you know that blue eyes are not really blue? its an optical illusion. Blue eyes are actually gray. anyway, I have green eyes and I find that plummy purples really draw them out. That and toupe colors

For my green/hazel eyes I like purples, plums, golds, some greens, and nuetrals. But let’s I’ll try anything!

I have hazel eyes similar to Christine’s, except with more of the olive green color. Warm browns/golds & their ilk definitely make the green pop, as do reddish purples.

I have dark, solid brown eyes and a light-medium cool beige skin tone. I find deep silver, black, champagne, true violet, blue-green, and lilacs make my eyes truly pop. (I avoid medium browns, yellow, pumpkin, fuchsia, and most blues and greens.)

I’ve been told I have an unusual eye color, it’s grey with a blue green tint. And it chances with how healthty, or not, my diet is. I’ve noticed that greens are the best for me. The likes of Lucky green are the most flattering. But the green color in the Illamasqua liquid metal palette 02 is a very close second.

I have light brown eyes, and my favorite eyeshadow to wear to compliment my eyes is Cocomotion Pigment from MAC. Any antique gold or green. Even purple.

I have really light brown amber eyes that lean towards yellow when I wear black shadow or heavy liner. Purple always looks nice but I always love rich, warm neutrals best; deep chocolates bring out the brown in my eyes so my go-to look is usually a smoky brown eye.

I have those weird hazel eyes with amber in the middle and olive green on the outer part. To make the green really pop, either plums or bronzes look great. Golds are also lovely. I love golden greens, but if the green gets too cool it tends to clash.

I have green eyes. Some days they look forest green and some days the look aqua. They also have brown spots in them. I find that copper,warm brown,grape purple,gold,reddish undertone colors really make them pop. I love black and bronze eyeliner for dramatic effect. Loads of black mascara too. I sometimes like to play with color and do a green eyeliner too which looks lovely with the warm brown eyeshadow. Love this thread!

I have blue/green eyes it coral, peach, brownish oranges, golds, ambers, bronzes, navy all of these will bring out the blue. To bring out the green is a bit tricky the right purple tones work but I have to be careful anything to much on the red tone make me look so tired same with pinks it needs to be just right shade. If I want to play up the blue green teal, turquoise most any blue green mix do it nicely.

Hazel eyes here, light and cool skin. What works best for me is deep purples, bright pinks, silvery-browns like Satin Taupe, silver, dark blues.

I cannot wear black, gold, yellow, orange or bronze. They make me look sick!

I have turquis/light sea blue eyes and i prefer dark neutral brown/warm greys and certain khaki green to truly show off my eye colour.

Pastels wash me out awfully, so I tend to stick with warmer neutrals and deeper smoky plums, olives/forest greens and darker teals and blues. Occasionally, I’ll throw in a bright blue or green. They seem to intensify my black-brown eye color!

Copper, bronze, olive, blue-gray, lavender/mauve (if not murky), and now — green as in Jealousy Wakes. My eyes are light blue which can pull aqua or lavender depending on which eye shadows I use and clothes I wear. But I really like neutral eye shadows best!

I have light blue-grey eyes that can sometimes look a bit green. My favorite colors to use are super-warm browns like MAC Texture or Saddle or the Nars Mediteranee duo. But dark smokey grey or black close to the lashline really play up the lightness of my eyes.

I have dark brown eyes nc35 and i think almost all colors look great! But my favs are golds and olive or greens that lean more yellow

this is going to sound weird, maybe cocky, but my eyes are kinda a mixture of shades, blue green grey yellow, and i find i can make any color work with them! the only ones im careful around are very reddish browns..

I have green/blue/grey eyes (my husband says it depends on what I’m wearing, my mood etc.), and I tend to look my best in pinky-nudes. MAC’s Expensive Pink is my HG. Purples are also flattering on me, and Nocturnelle looks fantastic. Lighter, blue-based purples are not flattering at all!

Its funny, no matter what color eyeshadow I wear, my eyes always seem to look more vibrantly hazel. I have brown eyes that turn hazel in the light, or if I wear a certain color. Its kind of cool because I can wear tel shadow to make them look more brown, or grays and earth tones to make them look greener πŸ™‚

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