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First of all, I look for reviews and swatches! But the brand also has to be offering something different, whether it’s the formula, the shades or what have you. And I go crazy for unique, innovative new shades, in particular! If it’s a foundation heavy brand, which most newbie brands just aren’t, then I also want to see that end be highly inclusive in shades, and hopefully have more than just one formula, too.

Reviews and swatches, trying samples first, recommendations, reputation, products offered, shades offered, uniqueness of products and available shades/colors/finishes, price, value, ingredients, quality of packaging, and availability. Extra points for being cruelty free and/or contributing to charity, and for having recyclable packaging. I don’t buy from companies who treat customers badly and/or harass reviewers, or are involved in other business practices or scandals that I feel cross a line.

I’ll check out a new brand straight away usually but unless something quickly catches my eye then I’ll give it a miss. I’ll go back eventually for a look but I’m obsessed with enough at the moment without lemming any other lipsticks or eyeshadows or blushes…and the list goes on.

If however any lip products jump out at me and I like them then I can say goodbye to any money I might have been able to save! Lip products, mostly lipsticks to be honest, are my Achilles heel but I have that many I like that I find myself trying to avoid trying new ones out these days!

At least with Temptalia I can see what to avoid and that makes me feel better! Another product that I don’t need think about. Yes! That really makes me happy, more so than seeing something that I love the look of and it gets good grade….

Wow, I’ve rambled on! Sorry. ?

– Hearing about it in the first place (I seriously went a year after it launched before knowing Bite Beauty existed, and I don’t even know how long it was until I heard about Becca…)

– Availability to test it out (and to that I’d also add product design as if I’m browsing Sephora or somewhere and see a brand I don’t recognize I’m more likely to go check the counter/display out if it looks interesting)

– If there are reviews online or people I know who talk about it

– Hype in some cases as if a brand is constantly mentioned I’m more likely to go swatch it or try some with a gift card or something, and to that add the “knowing it exists” aspect

– Type of products as well, shade range as well, price as well.

I have very specific needs for base products and look for brands that will give me what I need: substantial sun protection from zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide only — I find it difficult to apply foundations over an adequate amount of mineral-based sunscreens — and no fragrance — and at least medium coverage in a decent shade range. My range of choices is actually fairly narrow, so I’m always interested when something new comes out! I try new zinc oxide/titanium dioxide sunscreens, too, testing them under samples of different foundations. It’s a rather fussy layering process compared to slathering on a TM/BB/CC cream!

For eye, lip, and cheek colors, what pulls me in is primarily the colors and finishes I love. Price, availability, friendly customer service all factor in. And that ineffable something called ‘image’ or ‘branding’ somehow makes some brands more appealing to me than others in ways I don’t fully understand… of course I hate to admit to being overly influenced by that, but somehow some brands just appeal to me more than other for no really rational reason. And since there’s such a wide range of choices and makeup is supposed to be fun, why not? Of course it would be terribly inconvenient if only luxury brands appealed to me… but then I guess I might have a more tightly edited collection. With skin care, I’m all about the ingredients and transparency, with some need for ‘cosmetic elegance’ in formulation. On the color cosmetics side, image captures me more — maybe because I’m painting my own image on my face?

For me, it really starts with availability. I’m not someone who enjoys ordering cosmetics online (it’s fine if it’s a replacement of a product I’ve used up and know well). It doesn’t matter how many blogs and reviews I see (though those certainly factor into my choices too) – I just need to see, feel, touch and even check how a product looks on ME. It’s also part of my enjoyment of cosmetics – I like going OUT and shopping for them, trying them out, etc. So if something isn’t available near me, that’s pretty much the end of the story. After that, it’s colour, company reputation, reviews (Temptalia and Makeupalley are my first choices for reviews and after that, I might look at other blogs, though I don’t consider Temptalia anything like “other blogs”).

Temptalia reviews! Seriously though, that is how I usually find out about new brands, and the results definitely push me in one way or the other. Then I try to check for a few other sources for additional swatches, looks, and/ or commentary. Lower price points make it easier to take the plunge and to be honest, I am a sucker for free shipping!

I usually like to see/read reviews on the line before I try. I want to know how products may compare to some others that I’ve tried. Then I’ll worry about price and availability. If the price is crazy expensive I’m probably just going to live vicariously through beauty bloggers.

Good reviews and swatches from reliable sources. Generally disregard the social media hype. T brought me to ColourPop, steered me towards MUFE shadows (which look like a littered beach in-store, and got me to reappraise brands I had written off. Longevity is a factor that you don’t see elsewhere…the review is based on the app and immediate look, which is not the whole story. Thank you.

Price, really. Very easy to try a new brand (ColourPop, for instance) when it’s very affordable. I may try a new brand if it gets more and more hype, and the hype sustains for years. It took a while but I eventually bought some things from theBalm. I’m still resisting on Becca, but their cheek product hype has persevered for a while, so I may buy one of their highlighters soon.

I did the same thing with Becca products until I caved and bought a kit with a bunch of different things from the brand over the holidays. I have to say, the highlighters really did live up to the hype!

I would have to say that Instagram MUAS influence what I buy. Also, good reviews on Temptalia, youtube, Sephora, and Ulta.

I’d like to say that my screening process is very well developed or strict, but it basically goes like this: hear about brand from friend/youtube/blog, look at brand, something catches my eye or it doesn’t.

I will try a new brand if it has good reviews, and carries products and colours that I will like and use. Availability in Canada is important, especially right now with our low dollar. Another major factor is if the company is Canadian like Lise Watier, or manufactures in Canada like Clinique and Cargo.

Price and availability are the top 2 especially living in Canada. I don’t want to have to pay a fortune on shipping/duties/conversion rates. The other factors are product range, shade range, pigmentation (I prefer more opaqueness than a sheerer formula on most products) and reviews.

Reviews and swatches from beauty bloggers. Packaging and shade selection. YouTube and Instagram hype can be more of a deterrent.

I have to say, it is no price but it can contribute after all. To try a new brand is like to buy any other product that I already know the brand (since I don´t know the product and every brand has hits and misses): THE PACKAGING – must call my attention for any reason, because it is cute, compact, value added and etc

Curiosity about new. After all that is how my interest in makeup started way before Youtube, and beauty gurus, and beauty blogs. I almost miss that. I remember going to department stores and seeking out what my friends and I used to call the new colors. Now by the time something is out it has been discussed for so long that I don’t even really care. Well, I do, but that blind curiosity is no longer there.

If it’s pretty and I like it, if it gets good reviews, most times if I can swatch it for myself, if it doesn’t contain carmine and if I can afford it.

If I am in need of something particular, and the brand happens to have a product that will fit all my needs and has great reviews, then I try it.

I’ll check out review blogs and YouTube. Yes, YT. I’ll check out very specific YTubers that more closely match my age range, my skin coloring and issues, etc. I want to see it in action. I do NOT just type the brand and let all the reviews come up. Some of those are sponsored and they have a monetary interest in pushing a particular brand, even though I have no issue with sponsorships. I want them to be honest, otherwise I can watch a TV ad or look at any of the fashion mags.
But YT allows me to look at a particular person, along with knowing what their skin concerns and issues, what their pro’s and con’s are, generally speaking, and make my own decision.
I also decide based on price, availability, color and product range, shipping, etc.

I guess I lean towards tried and true brands. Brands that have a reputation and have good ingredients. Like lancome uses rose oil in there products which I love for a few reasons. Rose is an anti-inflammatory and it smells wonderful and I am a lover of antique roses.

Elizabeth Arden has rosemary extract and witch hazel in there oil free cleanser.

Swatches, Reviews, Raves, New to my makeup collection and if it looks good on my skin tone.

Limited Edition items makes me act (buy) faster.

A great review by you Christine!
Then I would also go with the comments you made: type of product (especially an eye shadow palette), cruelty free, range of colours, availability and price.

I do read alot of reviews when it comes to almost anything that I do purchase.. BUT… I am a firm believer in the phrase, “to each their own”. I do go out and try it out myself. Just because what I like many do not and vice versa! What draws me in towards a “new” product is price, packaging, wear ability, longevity, the range of shades and if it can hold up to MY daily activity. For me personally, seeing is truly believing. I have heard mixed reviews about certain mascara, for example. I will go out and test the product myself. It’s the only way to see what I like. Everyone is different and that can be a very positive thing. The glass is always half full in my eyes and from my perspective. 🙂

I’ll usually try something new if it’s cruelty free, a bit more natural, or has a lot of buzz. Usually with just “buzz” I’ll try to test it at Sephora/Nordies. If it’s got the other qualities and is priced fairly, I might blind buy a product that I’m fairly sure will work for.

The price,availability of the product and whether it offers me something unique that interests me such as a new color or texture,etc.

Initially if I hear a lot of hype and lime the swatches or packaging, i will binge watch YouTube tutorials (hopefully someone with similar skin to me). Also reviews on Sephora or Ulta

I normally have a general list of brands I like and purchase from, but if lots of people are raving about a product from a brand I wouldn’t normally consider, I like to try it out. I prefer real people’s opinions to marketing. Other factors are the price, value and packaging.

Curiosity, price, availability, performance, shades, packaging, if it’s a product I will use or one of my daughters might like, and/or my inability to stop myself!

I love to find a color I am seeking out and I truly appreciate when costumers leave Feedback! Reviews help you better gage what the product offer to help you determine if you still wanna invest in certain items, because I have no funds to waste!

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