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What are the biggest influences on your style of makeup?

Generally, what’s current and new, as that is typically what I’m wearing most often. I find that when I apply makeup that’s not for testing that I just do what pleases me personally and stop worrying whether someone else likes what I do or not, because I really just want to have fun and enjoy the process.

— Christine

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*Seasons –I don’t have any hard rules, but every season, I incorporate colors –pastels/softer colors in spring, warmer peachy bronze colors in summer, khaki olives for fall, and bolder jewel tones/gold colors for holidays
*Colour of My Outfit–I like my shadow or lipstick to echo a color in my outfit. It just looks more pulled together and flattering that way
*Beauty Blogs – I see what the latest products/trends are and use makeup looks for inspiration, especially from Temptalia. For example, MAC has their new Pink Flamingo collection, so I’ll get inspired to use the pinks in my stash, so I feel on trend. But if a trend isn’t flattering (heavy contouring, pastel lips, super matte lips), I will skip it

I agree with you about seasons. I wear darker, richer colors in Fall/Winter. Lighter, softer colors in Spring /Summer. And of course I would wear metallics like gold and copper all year long!

40’s, 50’s, & 60’s Hollywood & Bollywood glamour.
People keep telling me i look like Marilyn Monroe, so I just go with it!

Almost 44 years of playing with, practicing, and wearing it has had MANY influences on my style! While current fashion has influenced *some* of my color choices, most of the influences have come from both learning and sometimes perfecting techniques of application, as well as my art school and photography training. Those have shown me what usually goes with what color scheme wise. And an enormous shout-out goes to David Bowie (RIP), Siouxie Sioux, Boy George, Grace Jones and Madonna as my influencers. I am nothing if not eclectic and slightly eccentric!
Totally agree with you that it should be fun and enjoyable!

Influence number one has to be THe Internet! I’m not one to follow celebrities or anything but I certainly have perfected the way I makeup ever since started blogging. I think my style of makeup is mostly “everyday me but better” with the occasional dramatic touch for fun. However, I do pay more and more attention to lips lately, making them the center of attention rather than the eyes. I don’t think I can pinpoint just One influence for my makeup style! It is a whole: YouTube, blogs, Instagram, and of course graphic advertising by the brands, all of that contributes to my look for sure, in a way I’m not totally conscious too!!
That is what makes makeup evolution I guess. When for my grandma, for instance her influence in makeup might have been a movie star, but then she knew nothing about application and products. Today we have all the info about that and in my opinion it is only because of the web.

I don’t really have a lot influences and if I do, I don’t really know about it haha I’ve always worn but makes me feel the most beautiful. I do think blogs like this have widened my comfort zone and made me feel more comfortable with whatever New thing I decide to try which I really appreciate.

Nothing or no one really influences me, or at least not in a BIG way. I just do what feels right to me and wear what I’m loving at the time, regardless of what’s in or what other’s are wearing. That said, unconsciously I am probably still influenced a little by what’s new and what looks good on others, I think that’s always the case, even if you don’t realize it.

My own skill and comfort level for everyday wear and my own aesthetic for bolder, more occasional looks. I also get ideas from YouTubers and gave up on magazines etc a long time ago because not all of the mainstream looks work for my face and eye shape, but there all kinds of YTers and bloggers out there who have helped me figure out how to work with my specific features ๐Ÿ™‚

You, TBH, and not in any stalker-y way. I can see what you’re doing and think, Ah-hah! I can do that too! I’ve learned a lot about technique and playing with color and light from you. That’s really important because I only started playing with makeup in my late 40s. (Yes, there is glitter after menopause.)

My biggest thing is just what I think looks good on me. I like to look at pictures of makeup from all different time periods and cultures, and sometimes get ideas that way. But on a day-to-day basis, after going through some experimentation for a while, I mostly stick with what I already know looks good on me, just using different colors or tweaking the emphasis or intensity a bit. I like to look at makeup books, especially those by Kevyn Aucoin and Francois NARS — I wish I had a book of Way Bandy’s work (looking on amazon now). I look at fashion magazines and sites, but there’s a lot of copy-catting there, I find I don’t learn a whole lot at any one time that way. Haven’t gotten into Instagram and Tumblr yet. For a while I did watch quite a few Youtube makeup videos — learned a lot, especially from Wayne Goss (who does more looks and techniques for women in my age group than most of the youtube artists, I think).

Now that I’m thinking about pursuing skin care/makeup art as a second career, I’m expanding my vision — thinking not only about what looks good on me, but about the different kinds of looks that different people like, and what kinds of colors and textures are likely to work for different people. I think it would be really interesting to have a specialty in makeup for people struggling with medical issues that affect their appearance, and a specialty in dealing with skin texture issues, since that’s the biggest challenge with makeup as we get older, and it’s pretty challenging. Most products don’t deal with texture very well. And we all get older, eventually.

My age, colors that look good on me, and what is on trend via youtube/blogs – in that order. I like my age, like the way I look, like applying makeup to compliment and show my best features. My colors are pretty much set, so I think it’s just that I will need to adapt my techniques as I age, like I can’t be as heavy handed as I used to be in my 20’s and 30’s because it looks too harsh now, or in a few years I might need a different placement for blush or a transition placement on my eyes, etc. I usually take inspiration from a few blogs or youtube videos and adapt the application techniques to what I’d feel comfortable doing. Trends are iffy, though – I don’t care how on trend something is, if it’s a trend that I don’t think would be complimentary, I’ll just keep to my default smokey or contoured eye until the next trend comes along and I can see if that would be something I could incorporate into my looks. For me, though, as I get older and my skin and features are changing, it’s not so much about color as it is more about application technique.

I’m old enough and enough of a mental magpie that this took some thinking to answer.
*Growing up in the 70s and 80s. All those great glam rock, punk, goth, and new wave fashions and makeup. The outrageous (in the best sense of the word) colors, makeup, and clothes. The tour of King Tut’s tomb loot and the Egyptian craze. The glitter of disco. David Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux, Debra Harry, Grace Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Boy George, Duran Duran, Vivienne Westwood, Gaultier, Gianni Versace, music video (The girls in Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love video!)… I could go on, but you get the idea.
*Current products, trends, fashion. I’m not a slave to trends, but I do like to change things up and update my look here and there. Fashion magazines were the main source, and now the internet. I still love my bright eyeshadow colors, but I no longer apply them all the way to the eyebrows. ๐Ÿ˜‰
*My mother. She was a fashion model and painter before having kids and marrying. She’s a drama queen. Growing up, she always let me look at her small stash and watch her apply her makeup. She bought me my first makeup. She loved colors and sparkly things, and I think I inherited that.

You use to be a big influence, especially when you posted your sunset look! I usually do what I feel like though. I do like to do things my boyfriend likes, like pretty much any smokey eye or I’ll ask him and he’ll say “that crazy blue color!” It’s fun to hear his likes align with mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am at an age where I know what works for me and what will look ridiculous so in part my sense of self is my biggest influence. The wisdom of artists such as Way Bandy, and Kevin Aucoin are guiding forces in what I will and will not wear on my face. I do watch trends as one watches a float at a parade. I am not one to jump on a trend bandwagon until I see that it has some staying power. And I am always influenced by Audrey Hepburn…will she or will she not wear it is often a question I ask myself.

For the past five years, changes that come with aging have had the greatest influence on how I apply my makeup as well as what products I use. I have been wearing bolder colors because I suspect a day will come when I won’t be able to pull them off anymore. But… maybe I’ll figure out a way to keep rockin’ red eyeshadows and purple lipsticks when I’m seventy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Favorite looks from:
counter displays of makeup collections by brand,
fashion magazines, catalogs, and etailers,
beauty muses,
from the runway at fashion shows,
makeup backstage with the artists at the fashion shows.

What influences me the most are the seasons, what colours I am wearing and where I am going. Other than that, it is your blog that influences what I buy and don’t bother with.

I do really have any influences. I just do whatever I want when it comes to make up. Once in awhile I’ll copy a look from a makeup account on Instagram, but not too often. I just do whatever and it always turns out beautiful.

I’ve never been a trend follower. I do what looks good on me and what’s best, affordable and lasts me, as a consumer the best. Hard earned money is just that.. hard earned. I don’t overspend on anything, so that means what I do have, I take care of very well and budget. I could imagine that everyone feels that way. I believe that cosmetics are supposed to enhance your beauty, the trick is maintaining a good skin care regimine and eat and drink the right thing’s. Be healthy not just on the outside, but on the inside also. Trends and fads are forever changing, that’s a fact. So I believe that if you’re happy with how you do things now, why change?! A splurge every now and then is great, and sometimes change is good. Follow your heart in whatever you do, and then the coming and going of trends won’t bother you at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s a combination of mostly what I think looks good on me with a little inspiration from beauty blogs, YouTube, latest trends, and makeup collections.

I don’t really care what people think, so I just wear whatever I want whenever. I don’t even care about seasons or rules ๐Ÿ™‚

I have two major influences. One is whatever was on the catwalk for the season I am in that would look good with what I am wearing. The second, is my Rosacea. I’m always trying to minimize it, so that effects my choices.

I came of age in the ’80s, and *alot* of that has stuck with me. Not so much “mainstream”, but definitely the goth, post-punk, deathrock countercultures. I never felt I fit in, nor did I even like what was fashionable growing up, until I discovered a group of people who listened to the music I was, were into the same literature, art, films, etc…, and the there was the outward appearance. I was immediately drawn to it, and have been influenced since. Of course, as an adult & parent, I have had to adapt/modify some things, but everyone can tell what my background is, even in my most “normal”, corporate or “Mom” outfits, LOL!

There is not one specific person that influences my look but I get inspiration from Pinterest, beauty blogs and magazines. I like to be modern and play with trends but ultimately I do what I like and what I feel comfortable.

Over the years, I now know what suits me and what does not. Apart from subtle changes according to seasons or years, I dont think my makeup changes a lot. My main influence has been Temptalia( to keep abreast with the current styles and makeup); as well as many blogs and you tube videos in my country. But lastly I have to say… That healthy eating and skin care has been my most primary concern… Makeup definitely takes a back seat to deligient skin care routine.

I do what I want to do. What I feel good in. I can say that anything in a day can make my brain go oh that’s like *insert makeup item* and it makes me think of it until I feel inspired to do it the next day. I will be thinking about what I want to do with it and have fun. Or I see a picture of some lipstick or blush I haven’t used in awhile. Same thing.

I love certain colors of lip products but not locked into one look over another. I have an enormous problem keeping any lip color on but do constantly drink water bc of dry mouth from a medication. Because of that, I reapply frequently. I tend to avoid matters bc they are too drying for me but I LOVE COLOR. Bright pure orange doesn’t like me though. Makeup is a coloring book for the face. If it’s not a job interview,have fun.

Mostly beauty vlogs and blogs that talk about new trends and products.
Also, street fashion photos and beauty campaign pics. Rarely from people I randomly meet (well, to be honest, most of my environment even in the workplace and family/friends are not as interested in make-up as I am… but, for example, I am trying to learn that “only in the corner of my eyes” type of gel / liquid eyeliner look that a colleague of mine does beautifully, to have a liner look that is more subtle than the one I am wearing, for the workplace).

As a newbie in make-up (I’m into it seriously for about two years now), I’ve been watching loads of youtube tutorials – how to’s, but also how to create a certain style. Lisa Eldridges video’s have been a huge help. I love how she keeps it simple while creating sophisticated looks. Also The 60’ties have been an inspiration for me (also in fashion I like sixties and seventies inspired clothing). But I never loose out of sight what suits me best. I don’t follow trends or anything, people always tell me I have my own specific style, though I can’t really tell what that is. ๐Ÿ™‚

This may sound kind of silly, but my face. I have a strong nose and jawline, deep- and close-set eyes, and not very prominent cheekbones. After trying so long to fit popular makeup trends to my face, I’ve learned very quickly what enhances my feature and what merely hides them.

As far as external inspiration, I tend to be more influenced by runway and editorial makeup than by Hollywood makeup, although I sometimes do look at celebrities with similar coloring to mine for a general idea of how a look may appear on me. I more look to Hollywood/celebrity inspiration for haircuts/styles.

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