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Deborah S. Avatar

Finishing my mascara application and not having serious polka dot lids makes me so happy. Also, applying lipstick which is usually what I do last.

Chelsea Avatar

I love when I can tell the difference between my bare face & my done-up face. Also putting on mascara last always makes everything feel complete!

JoiaJ Avatar

Had an emotional reaction to Christine’s answer, so I wanted to share my own.

The moment in my makeup routine that makes me happiest is when I can see myself, but feel like other people “see” me, too. I’m mixed-race, but with such a combination of features that it mostly goes unnoticed. It’s painful to know that people only look at the features they deem “relevant” (that only a few features ARE relevant!) and are content to swath the rest in stereotypes. It’s like being told only one of your parents REALLY counts.

I have pale gray, almost crystalline eyes. In the course of my life, 9 out of 10 strangers swear they’re brown, or black, and almost 4 in 10 friends (the closest know better). My happiest makeup moments come when someone says “Wow, you have beautiful eyes”. I always smile and reply, “Thanks, they’re my mum’s.”

Carla Avatar

Wow, JoiaJ. I can see how it would make you feel “less than” to have people react that way to your appearance.
I’m “white bread” Caucasian, and have what I consider very green eyes, but many people compliment me on my “pretty blue eyes,” and will actually *argue with me* when I point out that they’re actually green.
“Are you SURE?”
“Are they BLUE-green?”
“They look BLUE to me!”
So I guess you could say that I have one of those “makeup epiphany” moments when I apply that eyeshadow that really “pops” my eye color, and I actually get compliments on my “green eyes.”

JoiaJ Avatar

Thank you! You guys are really great – what a cool community :),

Honestly, Carla, my usual response is a lot like your blue-eyed/green-eyed issue: a little frustrated that people keep making the same mistake, then annoyed that people are TELLING me what I know to be untrue. And on transparently faulty logic: “you look [race X], therefore your eyes must be brown”. I don’t feel less at those times, but I do feel unseen. Mostly, though, I feel terrible for my mother. If you split obvious features down the middle (hair, eyes, nose and lip shape, skin color, tendency to burn/tan, physical build, etc.), I’m almost a perfect composite of Mom and Dad. But she’s spent a lifetime (mine) telling people that she is the real mother of this child and not a nanny :/.

You too, Shannon! I honestly think it’s getting better. You nailed it, though, when you added about how it can get “hyper played up” by people who care. In my case, there’s no social/culture significance associated with either ancestry. It took other people saying “You’re X [race]” long enough to realize it was significant to other people, and therefore something I had to be aware of. Yeesh. 😉

Carla Avatar

Joan, you have some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen; no wonder it’s rewarding to make them up.
Once I let go of the notion that my eyes were “too round,” or “too pale,” etc. makeup got to be a LOT more fun; it didn’t feel like a “fight” anymore.

Joan Avatar

Thank you Carla!
It is fun to work with green eyes- as I am sure you are aware with your own green eyes! 🙂
I actually have really small eyes so I understand the struggle of thinking you have “too” this or that. I am glad you are not letting it stop you!

Carla Avatar

Joan: small eyes?
You must be an absolute makeup genius, because your eyes look rather huge in your photo.
I think I really started getting past some of my insecurities during a long illness that necessitated a lengthy hospital stay.
I had to go “cold turkey” without makeup, and visitors, even doctors, would remark about my “beautiful eyes.”
So I decided, “Okay; even if my eyes *are* “too round” or “too pale,” they’re obviously still pretty, so I’m going to enjoy them.

Seraphine Avatar

So many things make me happy…my whole routine is a nice, quiet moment to myself. The most relief I feel is when my brows are done (it would make it a happier part of my routine if Clinique sold a full-size version of its Brow Shaper brush). Using a fabulous new product for the first time makes me very happy, but I think the happiest moment is the last step, when I put my lipstick on and the whole look comes together perfectly.

Bonnie Avatar

That’s so funny. It’s how I used to feel about the bronzer step, when my skin has a more pale look thanks to the concealer, and the bronzer brings my color back. But now I don’t mind that pale time, because I know what’s coming! The whole process is fun and satisfying, start to finish.

Pearl Avatar

Shopping my stash and getting everything ready. I love that I have plenty to choose from that suits me. Sundays are usually low key and I’m already in work mode, tidying and cleaning and getting everything ready for the week. Setting up my glam tray so I can relax in the morning is a bright spot in my Sunday chore routine.

Bonnie Avatar

That is fun. I actually do this as part of my nighttime routine every night. I have a bag with all the ride-or-die products, one from each category, and then I select whatever I’m going to vary/try out and put that stuff out next to the bag. So if I’m trying new eyeshadow, I don’t need the one that’s in the bag, unless it’s a single and I need basics to complement it.

MacKenzie G. Avatar

My favorite part is not feeling like I have to put on foundation. I’ve gotten my skin to a really good place in the last year, and it’s really satisfying to see that pay off vis-a-vis being able to skip foundation and just spot conceal. Foundation has never been comfortable for me, no matter how lightweight, or well-matched, or even how “flawless” it could make my skin look. I’m savoring the days that I can go bare faced now because I know when I’m older I eventually might need it.

Robin Avatar

I’m with what several others wrote – the moment when I’m putting my lipstick on . Not only is that the last step in an overly long routine it is the item which brightens my entire face .

xamyx Avatar

It’s a toss-up between getting my brows right, and when my sunscreen plays well with my foundation (I don’t wear the same foundation every day, and I often try new sunscreens).

j.hall Avatar

Currently NOTHING! I am at a crossroads needing to change my skincare and makeup to an over 50 program and formulas to meet those changing needs. So far I have come up with nothing but FAILS. I am so frustrated, there must be an easier way to determine what I need than checking things off of the list one buy one and wasting money in the process.

ShariP Avatar

Each morning when I pick up a makeup brush, doesn’t matter which one, and I think of my daddy. Thats when I’m happiest. I know that’s a strange answer to your question without a bit of explanation.

My daddy died when I was 18. He was a Choctaw Indian and he always teased me about “putting on my war paint”. By the time he passed away I already had a deep love for makeup. Its only gotten deeper. So each morning I put on my face and smile and remember him.

Zoe Avatar

I am not super big into foundation, and tend to buy sheer to medium coverage ones. But the moment when I am done applying it and my skin looks even in color is really a nice moment. I think the part that makes me happiest is the eyeshadow process, though.

Karen Johnston Avatar

When I first sit down at my vanity and I contemplate what kind of look I will be doing and the choices I get to make among all the products available for me to use. That feeling is what keeps it so new and fun and as long as I continue to feel that then applying cosmetics will never become routine.

Sarah Avatar

Tapping concealer dots with my fingertips until it blends in, or removing the little fine regrowth hairs around my brows. Nothing makes me happier than that perfect sweetspot when you really sit down with the magnifying mirror to clean up all those little scraggly hairs.

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