Do you wear makeup when you work out?

Do you wear makeup when you work out? Share!

Only if I already happened to be wearing it, and I didn’t have (or feel like bothering) time to remove it prior!

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Like you Christine, only if I’m already wearing it and didn’t have time to remove it. Otherwise definitely not. I definitely don’t care to wear makeup when I’m working out, especially since most of it would be sweated off anyway.

Nooooo way. I find it uncomfortable, and I’m glad I’m not so insecure that I find make-up to be necessary in public. If little children are scared seeing a bare-faced woman in public, well, their parents have some work to do.

If I work out in public, yes, but that doesn’t happen often. I won’t wear a full face, but definitely some waterproof mascara and liner.

I always always wear eye makeup because I have blonde lashes, a shallow crease and smaller eyes; my eyes disappear if I don’t!

I used to wear a kohl since I look sick without it but now I really don’t bother. It looks weird if you’re wearing make up when you’re going out there to sweat :p

Sure! I never bother taking off makeup before I do ballet. In fact, I use two hours of intense ballet as a pretty rigorous yardstick for how well a face product holds up! ๐Ÿ˜€

I would NEVER put it on specifically to work out. I do long distance running and get very sweaty. Sometimes the remains of that day’s makeup are there when I run, but I always try to remove it. In summer especially, it gives me spots if I don’t.

Depends what you consider “makeup”. I always wear a sunscreen and sometimes that is in the form of a tinted moisturizer or a mineral powder, so that would be makeup. And there are times when I work out and, as Christine stated, I’m already wearing makeup (coming from work) and don’t have the time to remove it.

I agree with you Christine, when I specifically go to work out I don’t put on make up, but if I go straight after work where I wear make up I don’t always remove it. But I once got pretty bad stares cause I was sporting a bright red lip on that day, I guess the people just aren’t used to seeing Chanel lips on a treadmill lol

I hate mornings even though I am up and going very early. I never work out in the a.m. as chronic illness makes my life and joints very painful and I have to physically ease my way into the day. Those first steps out of bed are brutal and I’m advised to not place strain on anything in the early hours. If I am going to wear makeup, I typically put in on in the morning and since my workouts occur either in the late afternoon or evening and I do not specifically remove makeup beforehand, yeah I sometimes end up wearing makeup during. I have an rower, elliptical, and yoga mat in my ‘gym’ room downstairs and neither the equipment nor my dogs or my partner judge me for doing so. In fact, they are downright indifferent. I do not have problem skin and rarely experience breakouts so *shrug*

Ww: sounds like PMR or RA. Hope you have a good rheumatologist. Seriously. Good luck. Chronic illness is no joke. At least your skin is good. w/ psoriatic, the joints are dreadful AND the skin goes south and all the treatments are contradictory. no fun at all. reading your comments, clearly you are as on top of it as you can be.

I have mixed connective tissue disease or MCTD – Rheumatoid plus Lupus plus Fibromyalgia. It took them 3 years to nail down my diagnosis. I went through 5 years of toxic treatment – the steroids, the methotrexate, the biologics (Humira), the NSAIDS, the whole enchilada was thrown at me because I was diagnosed as severe. To put it mildly, I was in really bad shape. I lost a lot of my hair, I had insane skin reactions blah blah blah. The pain: I used to sob while I was in the shower so my dogs wouldn’t hear me and get stressed out. I went through a really tough time physically as well as emotionally being a formerly overactive overachiever type (running, competitive dressage riding). Then I started having really bad reactions to the drugs and I got angry and slowly weaned myself off everything and miraculously somehow nursed myself back to some semblance of health. Fast forward to the present and It still isn’t easy, and I have many physical challenges, but I make the best of it and I am in a much better place than I was. One of my best friends has Psoriatic arthritis so she was very instrumental in getting me help and locked into a good rheumatologist at the early stages; it was frightening as I had no idea what was going on with me; it came on gradually, but then became a big uncontrollable storm and I could barely walk. Sounds like you know well how it goes and I couldn’t agree more that chronic illness isn’t a joke. As one specialist put it: you aren’t going to necessarily die anytime soon from it, but it is most definitely going to slowly torture you. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and comment ๐Ÿ˜€
p.s. my skin is doing really well..tons of Omega 3’s and 7’s and 9’s and gobs of sunscreen

rheumatologist’s nightmare ….or dream, depending on his/her pov. That is a lot to cope with, esp. for a dressage rider. Your personality/attitude must be very precise. You have been very brave + proactive to sort it all out + evaluate treatments. i’m welling up at how hard it must have been…yeah, i know..and will continue to be. somedays i just think how lucky it is not to have an immune mediated brain disease….and i’ve had cognitive patients who have. OMG OMG the joints, muscles, + nerves are bad enough. but to be off upstairs, like the patients, is unbearable. now i have to look into omega 7s. methotrexate was good for me when i needed it. all this stuff waxes + wanes (One doc said ‘Ya want the good news first or the bad news?’) which only means you can wait for the other shoe to drop + feel shitty again. but, i’d take ’em all over ALS or Huntington’s or frontotemporal dementia any day. god save the brain! I know you can use yours assiduously to stay as on top of this complex. also relate to crying outside of the earshot/ eyeshot of the canine companions. but it’s vexing, when they want to walk long + hard + you can barely move/stand up. you get two choices: walk ’em in pain or stay sedentary + disappoint them + feel guilty. Just LOVE that immune system. Stay well.

โžณโ™ฅ to you as well. I used to see the metho and start feeling that sickness before I even got the injection into me, but I agree, it served it’s purpose. Weird that you mention autoimmune that affects the brain because I just caught a report recently on a man with some rare brain related AI disease and all I could think was: that poor poor MothaF*&%^ … ya know!!! I now understand the words “keep fighting the good fight”.

I’m with you Christine…if I already had it on I don’t bother to wash it, since I’ll just have to wash again as soon as I’m done. The only other instance would be if I was exercising outside and was using my bb as my spf. That’s just about protecting my skin, though.

at my work we have a wellness program and every day of the work week i wear makeup (tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm, mascara, blush) so yes but only because i happen to be wearing makeup, once i get home i remove my makeup and go workout

I usually work out after work so I’m usually in a full face. I don’t even bother to take off my lipstick. But when I work out on weekend mornings, I don’t wear anything other than lipstick and lip balm. If I’m competing in a regatta, I’ll usually put on some mascara. And when I do power lifting competitions, I usually wear a light full face; you’re working really hard but I don’t sweat that much while lifting.

wearing m/u deliberately to the gym seems inane. kinda like wearing it deliberately to the beach. though some lines target that venue (beach) . hah! not taking it off, sure. dog walking = spf, jack black, concealer. spf might or might not be tm (PC, go girl!) beach = nothing but sunscreen. beach can be exercise, too. i just don’t resonate with jewelry or m/u @ the beach. lost in the water. ‘course i live a 5 min walk, so can repair the face easily…..

I don’t put it on specifically to work out, but if it’s already on, I’m not gonna bother washing my face BEFORE I work out. I usually work out at home so I just hop in the shower right after.

Only eye makeup and lip products, and only if I had them on before I went to the gym. Face makeup is a major no-go for me while sweating – I seriously cannot scrub that stuff off fast enough once I enter the gym. Given how icky I can feel post-workout, I have no idea how women go in there with long-wear makeup and come out feeling fine. (I mean, I get that some people use their lunch break, but still. UGH.)

NEVER. I work out in the early a.m. at my gym and I refuse to put make up on. I pump serious iron (no pastel colored dumbbells here!) and power lift and prefer to be taken seriously (i.e. left alone).

I typically work out after work and habitually take off my foundation, blush, brow and lipstick with a wet wipe. I wear powder foundation so it comes off somewhat clean. I leave my eye makeup on because I wear a headband that keeps sweat out of my eyes. Leaving my eye makeup on actually helps me because I’m an eye rubber and the makeup keeps me from touching my eyes.

If it’s already on then yes. But I don’t apply makeup just to work out. If I’m outside for my workout, I make sure to have spf on my face!!

No. Sometimes I fill in my brows so I don’t scare everybody, but mostly I don’t even do that.
If I’m already wearing a full face of makeup and I can’t remove it…. well, that gives me the perfect excuse to skip the gym. ๐Ÿ˜›

Sunscreen if outdoors, Tinted lip balm whether in or outdoors, my lips get dry! I rely on a natural healthy glow, I think makeup looks silly.

I don’t work out, but if I did I would at least fill in my brows (I look really sick/awful with them falling out) and maybe put some balm on my lips.

Yes, during the week because I work out right after work. It’s really gross though and I can’t wait to get it off my face once I’m done with my workout. On the weekends, though, never!!

I work out almost exclusively during lunch hour. I have an hour to get from work to the gym and back so there is no way I have enough time to remove make up and reapply it afterwards. I wear a full face of make up but to be honest, it doesn’t feel worse than no make up. I used to feel a bit weird wearing slap to the gym but I go over it ๐Ÿ™‚

When I “worked out” I never used to wear makeup, ever. Now I have a very physical job so I have no need to work out, so I if I’m wearing makeup at work and I’m sweating, so be it, but most of the time I don’t wear any. I plan on changing that though!! I miss wearing makeup ๐Ÿ™‚

I wear it if I’m testing out a new product that’s used especially for theater or high intensity type makeup jobs, otherwise, only if I already have it on. Usually, I don’t wear it to workout though, but I will say that Ben Nye powders rock for keeping sweat at bay!

I do wear makeup no matter what. If the gym is my first stop of the day, I wear BB cream, a little cream eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lip balm. After work, I don’t worry about it, I just keep my work face on. For roller derby, I usually wear funky lipstick. I have fibromyalgia and probably Sjรถgren’s, so I want to feel my best when I work out so I will do my best and not give up the things I love to do.

tbh i do wear it, only minimal though. I use concealer for under my eyes and spots if i have them, i apply some mascara a little bit of blush and lipbalm. you cant tell i have any make up.

I don’t use much or take much time with it, because I know I’m going to sweat and then wash it all off afterwards in the shower. But I’m not as young as most of you ladies and I am not going out in public without my eyebrows, a little eyeliner and some lipstick.

Absolutely! Easier when I already do before but if I don’t, a bold lipstick is a necessity! The natural “blush” with a lipstick is a much pleasant view (thankfully I strictly work out at home!).

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