Wayne Goss The Artist Brush for Holiday 2016

Wayne Goss The Artist Brush for Holiday 2016
Wayne Goss The Artist Brush for Holiday 2016

Bring out your inner artist with this very limited holiday release: a one-of-a-kind brush inspired by Japanese calligraphy and exquisitely handcrafted by world-class brushmakers in Kumano, Japan.

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The Details

The Artist Brush, $150.00 (Limited Edition)

Featuring a blend of gray squirrel and Sokoho goat hair, the sublimely soft bristles spread out when pressed against the skin to deposit a soft halo of seamless color. The handle is carved by hand from hard maple wood, making every brush a unique collector’s item. The Artist Brush measures 265 mm in total length with a 55 mm tuft.

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It’s an absolutely stunning brush! In an email from Nils @ Beautylish he notes that this brush is not meant to be used everyday though. 🙁 I imagine its because the wood handle wouldn’t do well with frequent washings.

I would imagine you wouldn’t use it everyday due to the size of the brush. The handle is about 10.5 inches long and 12.7 inches total with bristles. I’m not paying $150 if I can’t used it everyday or with ease.

Same for me. I’m OK to invest in great time but if not to use it on a daily…. Or weekly… Then it is off budget!

I found this note from Nils disturbing because I read an interview from a Japanese brush manufacturer saying that a brush needs to be used to remain in good shape.

Just my 2 pence – I may be wrong but the fact that the ferrule itself seems to be wooden, does not bode well to any interaction with water. Just my assumption, but Beautylish probably wanted to warn the customers that the brush will not withstand frequent washing. The simple logic being, the brush would probably start shedding or wood will start rotting – leading to customer complaints and possible returns of a $150 brush – which Beautylish will have to deal with. On the other side, Wayne, as the creator/designer of the brush and a MUA, would obviously want to assure customers that yes, you can wash it. However, what he said on Insta – clearly states – just the bristles. Read between the lines!

I have to say – I’m super bummed that the shape is not unique. The handle is lovely, but I’m not spending that much on a brush when the 00 looks like the same thing (and I already own it). The whole thing also seems absurdly long.

That’s what I thought as well! I don’t own the 00 yet but I plan to purchase it, and I’d rather have that one for half the price and without the “not for everyday use” warning 🙁

I’m not interested in the least. I wish he had rolled out a set of goat eyeshadow brushes. This looks like a collector’s item only. No wonder it’s ‘extremely limited.’

Yeah, about that. One of the things I like about wg’s brushes is the shorter handles. Better for the stubbier hands, like mine. For us non-piano fingers people. The photo reminds me of HE cutlery. Am I wrong, or do I already have a pretty good Wayne dupe? Didn’t read the notification email yet, but not for daily use? I agree, must be the washing, ferrule, bamboo styled maple. That’s a fair money pile for occasional use. Not using my b’lish 40$ on this. Got a Wayne and a plusher Zoeva in this shape. Covered.

This is the definition of a collector’s piece. I do not buy my expensive brushes to collect them, I only buy them to use them. It is a pretty brush but not for me.

I’m surprised that he never reissued the sold out 2015 Holiday (Finishing) Brush. I lucked out & got the last 1 that beautylish had this year.

I’m gonna venture to say that he’s gonna come out with the air brush in a larger size this year since many reviewers requested this as they found the air brush to be too small side for adequate buffing, blush, etc.

It’s gorgeous but simply too much for me for one brush. I’ve always justified his sets of brushes and the air brush was a good price too. It’s a shame because I love collecting them!

I love the idea of something hand crafted and unique, but unless this brush applies my foundation absolutely flawlessly and turns back the clock 10 years, I’m not spending $ 150 on a brush. And I don’t like extra long handles

I bought the brush, thanks to many Beautylish gift certificates and money set aside. There are many brushes I don’t use every day or every week because I’m too rushed or lazy given my activities. Still, I think the marketing and timing were poor. Have seen WG answering and correcting questions or assumptions from what was said or read on Beautylish. I expected a video introduction to the brush, how it is used, how it is different from his other brushes, how the effect is different (the halo of color), how to clean and a demo. Oh, and the price. Days before Christmas Isn’t the time to spring an expensive LE brush onto the market. I had inquired if a release was planned, so had a sense of timing but still wasn’t pleased with the support materials. I hope they come. Will decide if it’s a keeper when it arrives and I can see the brush in person.

I was also surprised that there wasn’t a video before the release. It seems like there was a delay in production or importing them because there is no way they wanted the “holiday brush” released 3 days before Christmas. It just seems odd all around. I am sure the brush is superb and I am no stranger to $150+ brushes but I am passing. I hope you enjoy yours.

I think there wasn’t a video because it would highlight the fact that the brush is too damn long. I have both 00 brushes and the fact the the handle on the Artist brush is the same length as an entire brush is just nuts. I am not so bother by the price, as I am about the length which makes it difficult to use.

I like the style of the handle, if it was just designed shorter I would have bought the brush. I am sure shorter handle would have translated into lower price of the brush as well.

Thanks, Dev. It has to be something that I can use and will enjoy, otherwise back it goes. I wondered if there were delays that pushed the release back. I’m of the opinion that it’s better to delay and do it right than have a haphazard rollout to meet an arbitrary deadline.

No to that ultra-long handle. No to the $150 price tag. And *especially* NO to a brush that has to be babied and cannot be used daily! Thing would need to make me look like a supermodel for that price, anyway! pfft

Hi Nelly- grey squirrel is usually one of the best choices for sensitive skin! It’s very very soft. Of course, true allergies are a tricky thing and hard to predict, but sensitive skin tends to be ok with squirrel. And Sokoho is very high quality goat hair, and also very soft. Beautylish has a wonderful return policy, and you can always email them too- I’ve found them to be super helpful when I have questions. Good luck with finding great brushes! IMHO, Wayne Goss (and Japanese fude in general) are excellent.

Not that I will ever know for sure, but I will be curious as to how this does. The confusion about daily use makes people think twice. People who don’t see WG’s counterpoint to Nils will most likely pass is my educated marketing guess. Most Japanese brush experts do contend, as Marie-Estelle said, that the brushes retain longevity when used.

Personally, no interest. I don’t need a work of art to stare at. I need a work of art to use every day (I need all the help I can get LOL). Plus, the whole “collector” thing rubs me the wrong way. I worked for a dozen year at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with the finest Asiatic collection in the world (Japanese brushes absolutely in the collection). A makeup brush available in quantity on the Internet is NOT a collector’s item. Nor is it “one of a kind.” I know that’s a pretty high bar, but they asked for it with these claims. It’s very much over the top and bogus, in my view.

Well, it’s lovely, of course, and I’m sure it’s great. But I was really hoping it would be the large version of his 01 brush (the one that replaced the original in the set this past year but isn’t sold by itself). Rats.

I too was on the fence with this brush, but after reading all the comments, I will pass and save my money and spend it on something else. I want to be able to use a brush every day and I like my brushes clean. I’m not willing to take the chance on this one for this price. I love wg brushes, out of all the sets I own his are the softest so this is disappointing to say the least.

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