Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020

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Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020
Wayne Goss Cosmetics The Lip Collection for Summer 2020

Release Date + About the Launch

The Lip Collection by Wayne Goss, featuring a range of elegant shades and luxurious formulas. Featuring:

The Luxury Cream Lipstick, the classic satin cream lipstick, re-imagined. The High Shine Gloss, a modern take on the iconic ‘90s lip gloss. The Essential Lip Pencil, meet the perfect matte lip liner.

May 5th, 10AM PT

Products in the Launch

Luxury Cream Lipstick, $28.00

  • Zinnia Rich berry⁣
  • Orchid Burnt terracotta⁣
  • Carnation Deep balanced mauve⁣
  • Lily Muted rose pink⁣
  • Amaryllis Medium neutral pink⁣
  • Magnolia Soft petal pink⁣
  • Dahlia Warm pink peach⁣
  • Lotus Deep brown pink⁣
  • Camellia Light peachy beige⁣
  • Daisy Classic pink beige⁣

High Shine Gloss, $22.00

  • Petunia Deep nude mauve⁣
  • Cherry Blossom Medium neutral pink⁣
  • Hyacinth Soft pink peach⁣
  • Hibiscus Shimmering cool rose gold⁣
  • Chrysanthemum Shimmering golden bronze⁣
  • Antique Rose Shimmering nude rose⁣
  • Tulip Shimmering nude beige⁣

Essential Lip Pencil, $14.00

  • Cinnamon Rich brick red⁣
  • Sepia Deep brown mauve⁣
  • Natural Berry Berry pink⁣
  • Mauve Deep brown pink⁣
  • Vintage Pink Beige nude pink


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Andrea H Foffe Avatar

Happy for Wayne but I am disappointed in the colors. They seem very day today and definitely not special. However they’ll appeal to a mass amount of people and will help get his brand going. Looking forward to future releases. But if I think about it Wayne doesn’t do far out makeup really. Congratulations to him

MGH Avatar

I saw Wayne’s video on YT and was intrigued as I see these being normal everyday classic/core shades that will be used. I know that he has went through so much in the last couple of years and I am excited for him and these lip products.

Please advise if you will be reviewing them Christine?

Ana Maria Avatar

I’m so happy that Wayne manage to get his make-up collection released given all the difficulties he had. Hope he’ll get the success he deserves.
I’m not a fan of glosses and cream lipsticks… so I’ll wait for other launches.

Genevieve Avatar

I got really excited when I saw the Cinnamon swatch and then realised it was a pencil….darn, I would’ve loved the shade as a proper lipstick. I think this range looks lovely, although I don’t think there is anything too original – but I do have a yen for a good, fairly inexpensive lipstick. Orchid is the one I am eyeing off.

Beth Avatar

I love his brushes as well as his youtube videos. I have learned so much from watching the videos. I will definitely pick up a couple of the lipsticks (I’m not a gloss or pencil person) to support him. Also, I love lipstick and am excited to try a new line.

Bonnie Avatar

I watched the video on Beautylish with Wayne describing the colors and Mel T swatching/applying. I thought the colors were classic and beautiful. It was nice how he demonstrated combinations of the products. Hoping the formulas are good! Liked all of the lipstick colors, especially Daisy, Lily, & Carnation.

Jess Avatar

I definitely do not need makeup right now, but I appreciate the actual swatches looking like makeup vs a photoshop paint job.

Georgina Avatar

100% agreed! That is actually what stood out to me the most about the images. You can see that the lipsticks are not completely opaque (which I don’t mind) because the skin tone shines through a bit. And unlike other brands, the arms/hands don’t have the same lines, etc.

Susan Avatar

I saw his video on Beautylish. He was so very excited and proud of his new line of basic shades done, as he felt, exceptionally well.i found myself beecoming emotional as he did. I would like to try one of each product if available in a week or two. They looked good to me!

Andrea J Avatar

So excited to try these . I’ve learned so much from Wayne’s tutorials over the years . These products look like a collection of great wearable shades that will work well for everyone.

Jane Avatar

I may purchase on complete set (lipstick, gloss and pencil) just to support Wayne because he is the first YTber that interested me in makeup and the art of it. As the the colors, I’m not excited, but if the quality holds, I’ll find a staple somewhere in there. Mel made them look good!

MichelleChefNYC Avatar

Snooze… another release of very basic and dupable lipsticks/glosses in an already oversaturated market… nothing original here, except maybe a few of the lip pencils… my wallet is thankful

Meta Nugraha Purnomo Avatar

I love Wayne Goss. I love his personality, love his generous tutorials and his brushes are THE bomb! However, the colours of these lip products underwhelmed me. It doesn’t help the fact that he didn’t use a person of colour in addition to the original model to showcase these lip products. At the moment, I can’t relate to them at all because of that. I know times are tough due to COVID-19, but I would still would have liked to see a person of colour to model these lippies in his reveal video

Denise S. Avatar

I felt the same way. None of the colors are that special. He gave out PR to light complexed women. No women of color to see how they might look on my lips. And although I like Wayne, these are a pass for me.

KiranS Avatar

I am not 100% sure, but I heard Wayne has sent these to Kelsee Briana jai, who is an African American you tuber ( though I don’t see any swatches in her channel yet) I am medium- tan individual, but I relate better to her then light skin ladies. Maybe you can check her out !

Rachel R. Avatar

I thought “basic” at first, but after watching his video and seeing how well the glosses layer over the pencils and lipsticks, I appreciate the the thought that went into this collection. Plus, it is meant to be a core collection. I thought a couple of the pencil/gloss combos were way more stunning than one would think looking at the products separately (though everything looked quite nice on its own, too).

Lisa C Avatar

My thoughts exactly Rachel! I’m very excited for Wayne and his collection! I’ve ordered several and can’t wait to try different combo’s with each. They look beautiful layered together, and alone.

Rachel R. Avatar

I ordered two lipsticks, two pencils, and two glosses. Tarababyz did a bunch of swatching and combinations on her channel, too, and everything was just beautiful. I also love that Wayne said he wanted them to be tested on women over 50 and 60 so that they’d work and be comfortable to wear for everyone. How refreshing someone actually thought about us older people when creating a product.

Lisa C Avatar

Yes, I appreciated so much what he said about testing on women over 50. I will be 60 this year so that meant alot! I also watched Tarababyz and after watching both her & Mel’s video I saw so many that I liked. I ended up ordering seven lipsticks, three pencils and one gloss. I wanted more glosses but Tarababyz said it has the slightest minty feel which I don’t care for at all so I thought I’d get one to see how it is.

Donna Poe Avatar

I too watched Wayne’s video and was so excited about the release. I set 3 reminders! These are beautiful. I’m too fair for nude but the darker colors are pulling me in! Can’t wait to try them. I have my list ready to order ?

Holeigh Avatar

I can understand people questioning a safe release without super unique colors, but I mean, it’s Wayne. He is all about makeup playing up your features and being pretty. These are pretty and go together so well and are a core collection he can build around. Had he come out with metallic highlighters, green and blue liquid lips and instagram contour kits, I’d be shocked, haha.

Rosalie Avatar

I ended up getting 3 lippies and one lip liner: Daisy, Amaryllis, Orchid, and Vintage Pink (and so the quest for the perfect nude lip liner continues…). It took me a long while to get used to matte lipsticks, and I’ve always gravitated more towards classic creme bullets, so I’m hoping these are going to be superb everyday staples.

Illiona Avatar

I don’t think Daisy, Lily and carnation are, they look neutral to cool. I also loved Tarababyz swatch video and just saw that Kelsey Brianna did hers, already ordered amaryliss and zinnia with matching lip liners to get an idea of longevity and overall quality but the glosses look amazing too!

Hope B Avatar

I ordered Lily, specifically, because I was looking for a cool-toned lipstick. I agree with your feelings about the shades, Illiona. For a liner, I ordered Mauve, with Petunia as a gloss. I cannot do warm at all with my pale cool tones.

Veronica Avatar

I know… Basic colors. But then, it is self funded, he did invest his own money in it, and he had to start small, so a core line of good nude shades made sense. Plus, these look like complex nudes, not your average basic ones.

Orchid had me at hello, I mean, terracotta? what is not to love? I also got Zinnia and Amaryllis. These sound right up my alley, and I love creamy lipsticks, so sick and tired of everything matte, which I find so drying!

I still resent MAC for discontinuing Charismatic, I do hope Orchid resembles it a little. I have been on the quest for a good terracotta color since then.

Susan Nevling Avatar

I saw Wayne Goss’ vieo and loved the colors of the bullets, gloss, and pencils. Seems like great quality in classic colors. Must have classics in clothing, handbags, shoes, and makeup.

Hope B Avatar

Something about Wayne Goss’ products lately haven’t been tipping my canoe, but I buy out of loyalty. I do love his dedication and honesty. This past holiday brush, I have not used it even once. It was not cheap, either. I also like Nils and Beautylish. I find both Wayne and Nils and BeautyLish to be people/companies with integrity that I feel like I need and want to support to remain a part of this industry.

I purchased “Lily” lipstick, “Mauve” lip liner, and “Petunia” lip gloss. I think those will go best with my current personal preferences, and also my porcelain, cool-toned skin. Let’s hope that I picked the right colors! BeautyLish was so nice. I changed my mind after placing the order, I sent an email, and they changed it and fixed it with the credit card–everything, just perfectly and got everything set for me, perfectly. BeautyLish truly is a gem. Nils should always be proud.

Look forward to your reviews. I’ve seen some reviews already on YouTube by some influencers, but I trust YOU.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to those celebrating, or Happy Cinco de Meow to those celebrating festive kitties. 🙂

Sandy Avatar

I tried to nab Lily but missed! lol I ended up with the Berry lip pencil and Cherry Blossum. Hoping they go well with my fair, cool skin, too. Everything seemed so warm. But I’m so happy for him….he’s so kind and talented.

Hope B Avatar

Hi Sandy,

Lily was “coming soon” and then suddenly “sold out”. Somehow, I was able to get it by immediately calling. Maybe it was going to be part of a PR package? Who knows?! All I know is that I’m supposed to be getting it, and I’m thrilled.

I ordered a lip pencil originally in Natural Berry (I think that was the name), but contacted them to hurry and switch it to Mauve, because I wanted something darker for my porcelain, cool-toned skin, with dark brown hair and mostly green, hazel eyes. They kindly did so, plus found a Lily lipstick, which I was on the email notification list. The lip gloss that I bought was Petunia. I’m hoping it will all be cohesive, being able to add the gloss over fully lining my lips, or any variation of using the three products. Those all seemed similar. I have soooooo many lipsticks, liners, glosses, balms, eye shadow, eye liner…good gosh, what don’t I have in that shade range.

As I stated earlier, I like Wayne’s integrity, along with Nils and BeautyLish, plus Wayne’s full support of women that aren’t just entering double-digits age-wise. I still haven’t even used the holiday brush from 2019, but I’ll still support him and Nils and BeautyLish. I buy that and the HourGlass full palette from Nils every year. It’s just habit.

I apologize for the long-winded reply. I’ll keep you posted about how the lip products are IRL compared to videos and pictures, once those arrive. I wish I could post pictures, but I know Christine will do an absolutely fantastic report.

Hope B Avatar

IKR?! That disappointed me so much. I bought Mauve lip liner, Lily lipstick, and Petunia lip gloss. Those seemed to be the closest to (really dislike the type of phrases your but better) my cool-toned, fair skin. What is up with the yellow-ish corals, peaches, and oranges?!

Michelle Avatar

I’d love to buy one of each of these but the Canadian pricing is crazy. The lipsticks are $41 and to add insult to injury they are made in Canada.

Scout Avatar

Forgive me for asking but it seems to me that Canadian pricing seems to be a recurring topic. But is that not mostly due to the Canadian currency’s standing compared to the US dollar? Or is it your idea that it depends on other reasons?

Rosalie Avatar

For most products/necessities that you can buy on an everyday basis, prices have creeped much slower than the considerable variations in the CAD-USD exchange rate lately. What you can buy with 1 CAD decreased a bit but not nearly as much as the CAD value compared to USD. Even most cosmetic product prices right now do not reflect the crazy exchange rate since the whole COVID-19 situation started. A drugstore lipstick is still 8-12$, for example. So for those of us who are used to ~25-35$ for a mid- to high-end lipstick, 41$ is a lot, bringing the price of those lippies in the same ballpark as Charlotte Tilbury and Pat McGrath, which is a lot of faith to put into a brand new product from a new brand.

Hope B Avatar

Your comment got me wondering. I have sooooo much high-end lipstick, lip liners, lip gloss, lip balms, lip scrubs, anything imaginable, lip sleep masks, lip sheet masks…oh, dear, it never ends!

I have several of Tilbury and McGrath products, so for Charlotte Tilbury, her lipsticks in USD are $6 more, lip liners are $4 more, and glosses are the identical same price. As far as Pat McGrath Labs, lip sticks in USD are $10 more, lip liners are $14 more, and lip glosses are $8 more. I used Sephora’s US site since it would be easy to search for prices. The prices are usually uniform on the sites of the designer/beauty house, whatever term works for them. 🙂

Emily Avatar

I actually got touched, but also sad for him watching how excited he was. Maybe it’s a pessimistic thought, but if we’re all wearing masks in public from now on, lip colors will be much less necessary and even problematic. I know people can still enjoy wearing lip color when with their loved ones and in small crowds, but that’s what occurred to me: that I wish for his sake he’d gone with eyeshadows first…

Scout Avatar

I feel very excited about this collection just especially for the reason Wayne has chosen to make such a wearable collection of everyday colours made to enhance and flatter the natural rather than create cool colours that look good only on washed out, over edited Instagram pictures. It is hard to make lipstick colours that actually flatter the complexion. Back in the day I remember how super impressed I was with Laura Mercier when she launched her lipsticks in the beginning. She made stunning reds that really looked flattering on in daylight and normal lighting and made reds wearable for me. I get the same vibe here. Also I love! that he has chosen and seemingly have gone out of his way to make his lipsticks comfortable to wear and also with more mature women in sight. Who else does that!? I find that so cool and desirable! He has even tested his formulas while creating his line on mature women! So welcomed! I can’t count the amount of lipsticks I have bought that have not worked at all on my somewhat mature natural lips. That crumbles and make every imperfection emphasised and which fades horribly. I also welcome the return of the creamy formulated lipsticks. I have missed them! So I truly hope Wayne’s collection will live up to his loving claims. I do however wish you could see the colours in real life before buying since some of them seem a bit similar when swatched and demonstrated in his video. I am sure that is due to harsh lighting that most youtubers use to take away from natural skin texture. But it makes it harder to see…

Katy Avatar

Love Wayne, but I have a few reservations about these lipsticks. Why do they all seem so yellow? And he loves that 80s sharp edge look of lip liner. That means these are going to be HARD, not creamy (one of the people he gave out samples to on youtube demonstrated the lip liners, and they reminded me exactly of hard pencils in days of yore.)

I skipped the lip liner and bought two of the darker lipsticks and two of the glosses, which all look pretty and aren’t as jaundiced as the lighter colors.

Sabrina Avatar

I was extremely excited to purchase an item from Wayne’s collection, I did end up making a purchase of the lipstick in Magnolia and the Lipliner in Sepia. I’m very intrigued on trying his formula as I know he mentioned they are not full opasity lipsticks to allow our natural lip colour to come through. Wish that I could of seen more up close swatches of the shades as they looked all warm and peachy, that’s why I opted for the light pink. Excited to see your swatches Christine.

Kelli Avatar

I’m so excited about these! I purchased the lipstick in Daisy, the lip liner in Vintage Pink, and the gloss in Hibiscus. I’m hoping all three together create a perfect 1960’s pinky nude.

Rebel W Avatar

I bought the whole set for $504 and was so excited based on the online reviews and release videos. Sadly, I was extremely disappointed.

The Good:
The lip liners are good. My favorite colors are Natural Berry, Mauve, and Cinnamon. I am light to medium, neutral skin tone. The Vintage Pink gave me “concealer lips” and the the Sepia looked really terrible on me, a dark ashy gray with a tiny hint of brown.

The Meh:
The lipsticks I would consider mid-range. I would consider them somewhere between Revlon and Mac. Definitely not justified by the price. The colors were fine. My favorites were Lily and Carnation. All of the other colors have an orange undertone and are just slight variations of that orange tone, including Zinia.

The Bad, the really, really Bad:
The lip glosses have one of the worst formulas I’ve ever tried. I really wanted to like these because I’m a huge lip gloss lover. My lip gloss collection includes everything from Tower 28, Glossier, Fenty, Marc Jacobs, Laura Mercier, Hourglass, Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, and the list goes on. These lip glosses are tacky and patchy as if the ingredients did not homogenized well. They dry down within 60 seconds, leaving hardly any “gloss” are more along the lines of a bad liquid lipstick. Every single one I tried, with the exception of Petunia, did the “butthole” pigment gathering along the inside line of the lips, if you know what I mean. At this price point I expected way way way better.

I’m really sad about this. I really wanted to support Wayne and was excited for this launch but the lipstick and lip gloss formulas need a lot of improvement.

Also disappointed to not see more honest reviews about these issues, especially with youtube reviews. Consumers deserve to know the real deal.

h Avatar

I definitely believe your opinions. My feelings for Wayne were kind of mixed. He’s always been my favorite “influencer” “beauty guru” “makeup artist” whatever his title is… I was disappointed in my purchase of the much-anticipated annual holiday brush this past year, 2019, but I kept it, feeling so mad at myself since money was tight, and it was a lot of money for me at the time.

This go round, I still support him, because I come here every single day and Wayne Goss, my only makeup artists that I follow, just these two. Hugs, Christine. Wayne was just so excited, but those colors were so disappointingly flat and orange-ish, at least to my keen eye. I have a very refined palate, don’t care if sounds snobby or not…it’s true. I knew I’d be mad at myself if I didn’t support him in buying one lip pencil, one lipstick, and one lip gloss. Sooooo, I purchased: Iris Lipstick, Petunia Lipgloss, and Mauve lip pencil. I see that you approve of my choices. Honestly, I think it’s a beautiful combination of the three, and in the world of beauty…HEAVENLY! May Wayne Goss NEVER stop selling these three items. I’ll be clear that I’m extremely pale and cool-toned, so I don’t know how these would look on a warm-toned person, but I have a feeling that these would look lovely on every skin tone.

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