Waterproof Makeup? Can you do it?

Before Swimming / After Swimming

Waterproof Your Makeup: The Temptalia Experiment

It’s nearly summer, and temperatures are heating up everywhere. It’s becoming time to shed those pants, pop on a swimsuit, and head out to the pool/lake/beach. Or maybe it’s time to sweat a whole lot while doing something outdoor-sy. And if you live in Florida, maybe just going from your house to your mailbox. (Ha!) So, here at Temptalia, I tried to think of how would I make my makeup withstand moderate amounts of water and summer-related-abuse.

So what’s the verdict?

Phase I: In the photo above, we have our test subjects. Row 1 and Row 2 are identical, but Row 2 will be sprayed with Kroylan’s DermaColor Fixing Spray. Fixing Spray is a product that is meant to help set makeup and make it water resistant, sweat resistant, etc. It basically is designed to beef up your makeup and force it to become longwearing. Each row has Soft Ochre paint pot by itself, Soft Ochre paint pot with Freshwater eyeshadow on top, Maidenchant blushcreme, and Maidenchant blushcreme with Don’t Be Shy [powder] blush on top. The second photo is all about pigments and their lasting power under water conditions. The first is Mutiny pigment alone (and dry), then Mutiny pigment with mixing medium, and finally Mutiny pigment with mixing medium and Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray.

Phase II: After being held under a showerhead on full blast on hot, plus a minute under a hot faucet, these are the results. Soft Ochre paint pot holds up nicely by itself or with the Fixing Spray. You can see that Freshwater on top, though, has faded slightly after being waterlogged. Paint pots are supposed to be water-resistant, and it just goes to show… it’s true. The blushcreme faired so-so, there is some fading in both it applied alone as well as with the powder blush without the fixing spray. The pigments, however, did not fair very well under the water without the Fixing Spray.

Phase III: This is the toughest test. See, while it’s all well and good that these can withstand waterflow on top of them, what about some rubbing? What about a little more abuse? I rubbed my thumb across each row of color with about 6-7 passes, and these are the results. The entire first row faded noticeably, and they definitely smeared into each other, too. The second row has no real damage to it. Fixing Spray does create a protective film/layer, so you can get some flakes if you rub hard enough. In the pigment row, you’ll notice that vigorous rubbing has caused the pigment to crack a bit, despite having Fixing Spray over it.

Conclusion | Although, wearing no makeup is always ideal, sometimes we want to, sometimes we feel we need to, and other times we just didn’t plan on getting wet or sweaty when we do! I think this experiment shows that the well-chosen base, coupled with layering, is always a safe route to go. For those who need extra waterproofing or resistance, a setting or fixing spray like DermaColor Fixing Spray, is definitely something consider.