Was there a product you didn’t like (or maybe even hated!) at first but later come to love it?

Was there a product you didn’t like (or maybe even hated!) at first but later come to love it? Share!


This question was a bit inspired by my recent experience with Zoya’s Remove+ — I liked it, enjoyed it, but I didn’t realize just how amazing it was until later.

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Christine, I think it should be “Have you ever not liked…” at the beginning of your question! I’m sorry, I’m just trying to help. ): And yes, most of the products I use, at first I’m like eh, this isn’t going to work out. Then… a few more tries and suddenly I fall in love. It’s rather weird.

That happened to me with Lash Blast! I hated it at first, but now I love the way it makes my lashes look! I just wish it didn’t make my eyes itch! haha

Dior Extase mascara… at first I thought it made my eyelashes spidery but now whenever I put it on it looks like I have false lashes on!

I absolutely hated my BE eye shadows when I first got them. They sat in my ‘stuff I don’t use’ bin until I finally cleaned and organized things again. Now I love them.. I’m not sure what changed, exactly.
I felt major buying remorse when I got the NYX bundle of lipsticks as well. I just had them sitting around, unopened, until a few nights ago. I finally swatched all of them and found what I think is my HG color. 🙂

MAC’s Cleanse Off Oil. HATED it the 1st time I used it cuz like an idiot, I applied it on a wet face out of habit. So it sat in my drawer for a couple of months until I ran out of a different makeup remover. So I gave it another shot only this time on a dry face like ur supposed 2. I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER MAKEUP REMOVER AGAIN! Totally <3 it!

I wouldn’t say I hated it, more like I thought it was just another over priced name brand product. MAC… Eek! I know! I have since been convinced of it’s awesomeness and have a wish list a mile long for MAC. I was given a MAC quad (Mythology, Brown Down, Orb, and All That Glitters)for Christmas about three years ago from my sister-in-law. I finally started to really use it about 8-10 months ago and now my “all the glitters” is starting to show a little tin! I am also proud now that I was one of the smart ones to pre-order Marine Life and Sweet & Punchy, and Firecracker… beacuse they are all AWESOME!!! I <3 MAC

I was the same! I never was interested in MAC and thought they came out with too many collections and mass produced. It seemed to be geared towards teenage girls but after reading Temptalia I started to warm up. I also have Mythology & All the Glitters and also bought some items from the last collection. I also have a lipstick I use everyday and I have only had it for maybe 2 months now…I use it more than my Rogue Coco from Chanel! surprised myself… Now I have to stop myself from stopping by the counter when I’m at Nordstroms… 🙂

Temptalia.com is very convincing! Defiantly influential in helping me snuggle up to MAC and just darn right jump into bed with my newest MAC To the Beach purchases! I agree, it is now sooo hard to just walk by the MAC counter in a dept. store especially with them carrying pigments now. My dilemma is not stopping at the PRO store on my way home! ha ha

I was kind of the same way! I didn’t start buying MAC products until somewhat recently! I had a pre-conceived notion of them being very expensive, and I thought all the salespeople would be rude and kind of look down on me…totally not the case! All the girls (and guy) at my MAC counter are super nice, helpful, and friendly, and I now love their products!

Defiantly a preconceived notion most people have. After actually combing their entire website, their prices aren’t bad at all, and the Sales staff at my MAC counter were super helpful not pushy, and the staff at the pro store are eager to help you find exactly what you need. I understand now, why they have to put a monetary limit on what their staff can buy from MAC per year. I would spend my entire paycheck there if I had access to it every day!

Mascara in general. I didn’t realize what it could do for my eyes! It’s also a good cover for when I get eyeshadow all over my eyelashes..

Hi Christine,

Unrelated to this post but could you do an upcoming post about cool toned blushes vs warmed toned blushes and how this could be related to lipstick choice? I’m having a hard time with this. If you could give specific MAC blushes examples for cool/warm toned blushes that would be great, I am NC43.

Love the blog!

Yes! 4 me it was Benefits Dr Feelgood! i was about to return it when the sephora girl told me to give it another try by using my fingers to apply it. Now i love it!

The Lush Buffy body butter. The first time I used it as a body scrub and I couldn’t stand it. Then I tried it on my legs after shaving, and it was amazing, my legs stayed smooth way longer and didn’t get all dried out like they normally do. Now I love it.

OMG!!! This totally reminds me of when I tried L’oreal’s Telescopic Explosion Mascara. I totally hated it at first; it was difficult and made my lashes waaay to long and spidery. But, once I got used to it, it kinda grew on me. I actually love it right now! Zoya’s Remove + sounds amazing, but I don’t know if the price is worth it – I usually stick with cheap, drugstore brands that do the job – but just barely. 🙁

I didn’t really hated it but The Colossal mascara a bit of dissapointment at first… After a while, I decided to give it another try with the waterproof version and now I’m hooked. It doesn’t drag my lashes down after curling and it gives me full, deep black lashes.

Illamamsqua loose powder.
I hated it to set foundation when I was using Revlon colourstay but now I’m using Sheer Glow it’s beautiful! it sets the foundation without highlighting my dryness or making me look super matte

Hated Old Gold pigment. Looked so ugly. Didn’t know what the fuss was about, specially when I bought it. The MA said it was his favourite pigment. Went untouched for 4 years. Tried it on my lid one day with some brown shadow in the crease.. it’s SO pretty! It works perfectly with my eyes and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

For me it was MAC’s pigments. I think at first I found them hard to use without getting too much fall out and I don`t think I had the right brushes. But over time after working with them more and getting some higher end brushed I like them over pressed eye shadows.

Maybelling colossal. i put on one coat and nothing happened… but i soon learnt it was a major layering mascara, and with a few coats my lashes were decidedly plump.

Blush, any kind! I didn’t like the way it made me look, I didn’t wear it even though sometimes I was looking white and pale as a piece of paper and I didn’t want to wear it. Later on somehow I started to “get” it.
Now it’s a part of my daily routine 🙂

I would have to say the same… though i hated it because i felt like it made my cheeks all fat…Now i love it and always looking to expand my collection! 🙂

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer! I tried it when I first bought it last winter but i hate it because my eyeshadow actually melts even faster than without a primer. However, when I tried it again few weeks ago it was perfect especially if I applied MUFE aqua cream eyeshadow on top of it and then my usual eyeshadow. My eye makeup can last all day even in an extremely hot and humid place (like 30 degrees and 80+% humidity)

China Glaze. The first one I got took ridiculously long to dry and I hated it. But then I got a few more and now I love them. Very opaque and easy to apply and the drying time is not as long as with the first one I got.

VICHY eau thermale..At first i said:Yeah spa water spray,ha ha..But when i used it,it was so hot outside,and i wanted something to get me a fresh feeling,i was like oh my god this is soo good!!And that was the last year..This summer i will use this every day..I have a small size and i put it in my purse..And Voila!

The Guerlain Bal de Nuit palette. Ugh – I was so mad at myself at first for spending so much money on something I didn’t like. But I ended up LOVING it eventually!

Has to be mineral eyeshadows from MAC. Those tend to not be your typical eyeshadow but if you use it with a few tips from makeup gurus on youtube, the look can really be fierce. Shout out to spnation off youtube! =)

This happened with Revlon Colorstay. When I first used it I thought it was thick, just way too much for me. But now it’s my everyday, goto foundation. Not sure what I was thinking the first time around.

It has happened twice.. First with MAC’s Eversun Blush, I did not get the concept or hype around a beauty powder blush but now it has become an HG for me. Also with Lash Blast mascara it just sat in my drawer after a failed attempt until I figure out the technique to handle the application with that brush!! 🙂

Not really a specific item but a collection: Liberty of London. At first I thought…hm, no…not my colors. But then I bought a few, loved it, ended up buying a few more…loved them. By the end I now I have most of the collection! It’s also what turned my onto lipstick! Ever Hip is my fav! I have a back-up cause I wear it so much!

benefit high beam! I bought it without knowing the proper way to use it and thus it became a useless product to me. until I watched youtube videos and found out the way to make it work and have been loving it since!

same thing here! I thought it was hard to wear with powder on because it wouldn’t blend over powder and it was SO ugly (and under translucent powder it takes off the shimmer) but now I apply it with a wet sponge and I LOVE the shimmer and wet effect it gives and it made it so easy to apply. I use it everyday now.

MAC lipglass was something I tried about 10 years ago for the first time, and teenage me HATED IT. I thought who the hell would pay 12 dollars for lipgloss that’s all sticky?!?!?

Now, I have about 6 colors and they’re my go-to lipgloss for a five-minute face and also great for layering.

Lancome Hypnose mascara in Platinum. it is basically a charcoal color with pearly silver hue to it. At first I thought “not enough” color but I wear nothing else these days – the cool gray with silver tone is so unusual (on long lashes it looks dreamy) and the quality is great.

I would say MAC’s moisture tint and fix+. Did not like the texture on my face…and thought they were pointless purchases. Now I love love love them! I use moisture tint every day now since summer began and my skin feels great, though I still have to layer on some dermablend due to my acne scars. And I love Fix+ because I went through this super dry and sensitive skin stage due to my acne medication. And my skin would just start to dry underneath my foundation…you could literally see the foundation cracks on my laugh lines. So I just had to spray Fix+ on and I have a dewey complexion again 🙂 Also, it’s a pretty good substitute to moisten my pigments.

MAC Fluidline. Yes, I know, you are all screaming ‘blasphemy’! But I recieved my first one when I was 12, because I’ve always done a cat-eye liner and my mom felt the gel would last better than pencil and be easier to apply than a liquid. Needless to say, even with the aid of the pointiest precision brush she could find, I failed miserably. And I blamed it on the product rather than my lack of makeup prowess. But I have since learned the art of gel/liquid liner, and become a slave to MAC Fluidline.

Nars Sabrina Liptreatment. I used this when my lips were really really dry and cracked, and the treatment just made them look even worse. Now that my lips don’t really get chapped all that much it looks much better on smooth lips. It keeps then really nice and moisturized. I really like it for the beach since it has an SPF in it as well.

the first thing that springs to mind is mac kitchmas pigment. i almost tossed it out because i hated it so much… after awhile i started using more and more (lips, body lotion, etc.) and now it’s one of my favorite mac pigments! (i just don’t use it as-is, i mix it with things.)

Yes, totally! I didn’t like NARS Orgasm at first.. hated it! But now I love it! Maybe it’s the brushes I’m now using or the layering I do with MUFE HD… but it’s SO me and I’m SO in love with it now. Receommend to anybody!

My MAC X-Rocks Blush. For some reason I didn’t like the way it looked for a long time, I rarely used it. Two months ago I tried it out and I just adored the pretty, plummy, sun-kissed look it gave me. I’ve pretty much been using it everyday since.

A lot of people have said Lash Blast already but I’m throwing my vote in for it as well. Once the air gets to it and changes the formula for a bit, it’s a very good voluminous mascara.

I also hated Revlon’s Nude Attitude lipstick. I definitely can’t wear it by it self (it matches my skintone too well) but it’s great as a ‘lip eraser’. Since it’s an orangey undertone, I can neutralize all my blue based pink lipsticks to get a nice baby pink lip.

I hated a GWP! I was hoping for a cleanser w/ a Lancome purchase but got a Genefique serum. I didn’t know what to do w/ it, I thought it was an oil cleanser or something. It sat around a long time and I finally read reviews on it and tried it, it has now been 7 months and this along with Primordial day and night cream has changed my skin MORE THAN ANYTHING!

Definitely MAC Technakohl. When I first purchased it, I was really disappointed, as it barely lasted on my waterline and I didn’t like the way it applied to my upper lashline for some reason. However, as I played around with it and compared it to other liners, I realised it was the best one I’d ever tried for my oily waterline, sensitive, watery eyes, and haywire sinuses (even though I still wished it was better). Then I made the discovery that it’s great on the tightline, and with several coats on my waterline (at least three) it usually lasts for several hours. I don’t really know why I didn’t like it on my lashline, but I do now. But, long story short, I absolutely hated it and now it’s my favourite eyeliner I’ve ever tried.

That’s happened to me a few times. I HATED Woodwinked the first time I tried it b/c an MUA told my 16-year-old self to use it as an inner-corner highlight (on my NC20 skintone, not so much). Also did not really like Coralista – I guess I just expected it to be some kind of revolutionary blush, which it isn’t… I still prefer Peachykeen but they’re both very nice!

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