Viseart Grande Pro Palette Launches November, Pre-Order 10/9

Viseart Grande Pro Palette
Viseart Grande Pro Palette

The Details

From the makeup artist to the makeup enthusiast, shades have been laid into a system that is pro accessible for ease of application and endless creativity.

The iconic VISEART formulas and essential hues are systematically laid out and thoughtfully developed to work effortlessly for a global audience. All within reach – from the individually magnetized pans, folding easel palette with full sized mirror to the luxe palette covering – this is one sexy palette creating all the buzz.

Pre-order 10/9, shipping November

Grande Pro Palette, $175.00 (Limited Edition)

Introducing the ultimate makeup collector’s obsession – the VISEART GRANDE PRO PALETTE: VOLUME 1. Curated by Alphonse Wiebelt and VISEART, 30 pigment-rich matte shades have been chosen from the archives creating the ultimate work-ready professional’s palette. 24 NEW shades plus 6 iconic shades – ideal for shading and highlighting to defining eyes and brows to contour, complete this limited edition of 3000 numbered pieces.

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This looks like manna from makeup heaven! I will be eagerly waiting to pre-order. $175/30 shadows is less than $6/shadow and Viseart is worth every penny.

Ha, makeup manna…I when I saw this, Colored Raine’s new palettes soon to be out, plus ABH and in the past 5 minutes, I thought, “it’s raining palettes” (think the song by “The Weather Girls” from the 80’s)!!!!

I haven’t even gotten Natasha’s and Pat’s palettes yet!!!! My eyes are spinning! I think everyone did their BI stats and said, palettes are the most profitable selling item and went bonkers.

Ha! Just saw you’re reply, my sentiments too! I’m so glad thought that I have have of these colors, so I will definitely not purchase this Viseart palette, thank God!

Same. I’ve got warm mattes and neutral mattes, and ended up trading away cool mattes after I had it for a while and didn’t get much use out of it. I think if you’ve got those then you’re more than covered and don’t need this palette.

Wow, Viseart just said, here’s a palette for every season! And all mattes too. I wish I felt better about dropping $175 on an eyeshadow palette, even though I know it’ll likely be well worth it!

I don’t have anything Videart, and I really want to get a palette from them, but I have so many of these colors elsewhere, so I’ll have to either wait or get the bight matte palette they did. Christine gave it a good review I think, and those are the colors I don’t have.

It is very pricey but if you’re interested, get it during the VIB sale at Sephora! It should be $140 with the 20% off, which is still pricey but you might as well save if you can

This won’t be sold at Sephora unfortunately … it’s exclusive to Muse & it’s super limited at only 3,000 pieces ,,, if you even have a shot of purchasing it needs to be pre-ordered ,,, I wish I could get it ! But it’s more geared towards MUA’s or of coarse makeup fans

“developed to work effortlessly for a global audience” — me, myself and I are not a global audience! They could have split this into 2 palettes, one cool, one warm, and reduced the price. For those who want both — $175, and get both. But, this was designed as a ‘professional’s palette’ — again, me, myself and I are not professionals. Me, myself and I will pass.

My thoughts exactly Wendy. As much as I would love to purchase this one, its a waste of certain colors I will never wear. And as Anne said, could have split this into 2 sets. I think i will pass on this one!!!1

Rows 1,2, and 3 are no go’s for me (with the exception of that pink.) Wish they would do a cool palette with the bottom two rows. And even then with so many colors to play with, why duplicate the neutral and warm mattes?

This push towards huge and expensive “pro” palettes is a big turn off for me. The whole pro angle is just a new marketing tool to make consumers buy more product.

Viseart is a pro makeup company though. They make most of their products with pro makeup artists in mind.

They only recently started to branch out more and produce consumer friendly palettes, like their theory line and the new golden hour palette.

It’s a palette that’s been designed for pro’s though, which is why it’s not having a general release. I can’t wait to get it (if I can).

While I generally agree on large-scale palettes, Viseart has always been a Pro brand designed and sold to Pros. It’s the make-up focused consumers like us that have brought it mainstream and driven Viseart to cater to the regular consumer.

As opposed to marketing to sell….less? And anyway, number of makeup pros is on rise, it is a growth market. So moar of evthang makes biz sense.

Right there with you, Dev. Pro makeup artists will have use for this. The average consumer…no. If they’re really marketing it to pros tho, why are we even hearing about it? This feels like shady marketing and it’s not a trend I’m liking. Average consumers do not need giant palettes.

Thank you for getting this. Viseart and Natasha Denona may have started out as pro lines but they are now consumer brands. When you start selling in Sephora you just can’t claim being a pro brand anymore no matter the demand. This new marketing is just a way to sell $100+ palettes to the masses.

I wish I could pick and choose singles from this, because I want a lot of the shades in the bottom left of the palette badly but have dupes for pretty much everything else. You’re tearing me apart, Viseart!

I’ve been eyeing the Cool Mattes and Neutral Mattes forever, and this seems to have similar shades to the ones I was interested in, plus some fun, bolder colors.

It’s expensive, but also the last matte eyeshadow palette I could imagine needing. Still, i’ll have some introspection to do before October 9th.

My pavlovian response to any Viseart release is Want, but as I actually think past that reaction, I’m doubting I’d use more than 1/2 the shades — being a consumer versus a MUA and having skin tones that only lighter and warm tones work on — so a hard pass.

I have pretty neutral of a skin tone, so I like to wear both warm and cool tones. Mostly warm-neutral because of my hazel eyes and dark hair. I think I would use most of these shades, but the price tag is a lot at once. I wish they had a payment plan like Beautylish.
Also, can anyone tell where the warm/cool shades reside (eg left/right, top/bottom) or are they all over the place?

Stephanie Nicole has made a interview video with both muse pro and viseart representatives in which they present the palette. They explain what is what (column, lines, etc. 😁

Why did it have to be $175? I seriously have to ask myself if I can part with that kind of money. I bought my first Viseart product which was the Petite Pro Palette and I absolutely loved it and I keep telling myself I will invest in more shadows. This looks absolutely fabulous, but this will take some serious financial planning/budgeting to get it.

I don’t have any Viseart palettes except Ribbons Boheme.I have been eyeing the matte palettes for awhile now but can never narrow down which palettes to get.I think this would be a great palette to purchase because of the value and because I’ve been wanting to try them!

It’s interesting that Viseart released palettes on both ends of the spectrum, Golden Hour for the regular consumer and then a pro/enthusiast palette.

I’m pretty set to not buy this behemoth of a gorgeous, and verrry tempting palette. First of all, there is no way I’m willing to drop $175 on an eyeshadow palette! Secondly; I have a boatload of really lovely matte eyeshadows as it is, and I’m truly running out of space to store new stuff. But, this is definitely worth it for those who work as professional MUA’s, I believe!

I feel much the same as you, Nancy T. And as I’ve said so many times in past, there are times when the mass of eyeshadows I’ve collected almost overpowers me so that I end up doing the same looks with the same products just because my mind is overloaded (to say nothing of my makeup storage).

Given the quality of the Viseart eyeshadows, this might be a good deal for a MUA or for someone who does not already own similar shades. I’m not a MUA and from all these shades I could use half of them on a regular basis. If I could split the palette in two, vertically, I could use most of the shades on the left side but again, I’m not enthusiastic about this palette.

if i didn’t already have viseart’s neutral and dark matte palettes i would TOTALLY get this because it’s both wrapped in one with some cherries on top!!! $80 x2=160!! This is also a great value.

I think that this would be an excellent palette for the new makeup enthusiast but also for many makeup lovers who are getting older and have crepey eyelids!! Many older makeup lovers like to focus on matte shades believing that they are more flattering to their textured eye lids. If pressed, I would probably have to agree that mattes are more flattering but I am a glitter/shimmer lover so I don’t have a need for this many matte shades. I also don’t want to spend this amount of money just before the holidays.

Lord have mercy….I’ve gotta have it! Viseart have THE most blendable, creamy, non-drying eye shadows…hands down! My husband might have a cow but he will survive because this baby will be delivered to the crib! Yaaaaaaaas honey!

This is geared toward the MUA. So many of the shades look too similar to work for one person. I own all of Viseart palettes except for the Cool neutrals so I’m covered. If it had all totally different colors instead of variations of the same shades I’d probably invest in it.

Omg! I use neutral mattes every single day! This looks like a staple. I haven’t bought kvd, huda, nd all those palettes that look alike so maybe I need this! Possibly on beautylish flex pay plan😝

It’s only going to be available on muse pro and they’re only making 3000. They may make more depending on the interest, but for now they’re sticking to 3000.

I am torn with wanting this palette. I already own quite a few of the viseart matte palettes. The colors in this pro palette looks like a mesh of existing mattes into one giant palette. I can see why a professional MUA would find this palette desirable. But for me – it’s more of the same. The description says 24 new shades?!? Hmmm…..why does it have to be limited edition?? Most likely will pass on this palette.

The makeup junkie in me says “yes! Need! Want!” My wallet says “no! Stop! You have makeup at home.” It’s a skip for me. I have the Dark Mattes palette and love it, but I don’t even use every shade in that palette it’s only 12. There’s no way I would use all 30 of those shades bc I’m not a pro doing set work.

I do want to get the Neutral & Editorial palette. Maybe during the VIB sale.

I may be in on this one. $5.83 per shadow and Viseart is worth it. (Especially when I think about the $19 singles I have from UD — that was dumb and it still hurts to think about spending that.) $175 is a big outlay, but I’m moving more and more into mattes. The older I get the better I like them.

I bought it ! I really can’t wait. I only own editorial brights, so I think this will be plenty of matte shadow to carry me through 2018.

The interview Stephanie Nicole on YouTube also said the shadows were removeable andncould switch with petit pro I think. Which could make it great because you could switch out and carry a small palette in your makeup bag on different days. 🤔

This is gorgeous, but despite the fact that I am not a pro, I still have accumulated the Neutral Mattes, Cool Mattes, Warm Mattes and Editorial Mattes! I am covered and I will easily resist this one 🙂

I shudder to think what this will cost here in Canada. I suppose if I were just starting out with makeup, this might be a wise purchase in the long run but with the overabundance of eyeshadows I have (it’s an embarrassing number, though I am sure I’m in good company here), it would really be a pointless expenditure. I have one Viseart palette and I love it and think the quality is terrific but really no more outstanding than some shadows from ABH, UD, Inglot, etc.

I love Viseart shadows and had this been targeted less to MUAs and more to individual users I may have tried to get it. I am still drawn to the gorgeous variety of shades in the LORAC Mega Pro IV and this palette just is not doing it for me. Maybe when I see swatches I’ll change my tune but until then money saved-a lot of money! 😉

Anyone else feel like brands are coming out with more mega palettes to compete with Natasha Denona?
LORAC’s mega pro series has been going on for a while but now we’re seeing new brands do it. It’s just a lot.

The problem with most, if not all, of these mega palettes is that they all have so many very similar neutral shades, meaning the light beiges and the brown tones! It drives me bonkers! I’m referring to this palette, the 12 pan Visearts, and the lovely Sephora artist mega palettes (2 which I’ve been lusting after). And buyer beware of palettes made in China/PRC. Their quality standards are not as high as they should be.

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