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Foundation. I would love to see one that actually fills in pores, leaves a natural finish, and doesn’t need to be set with powder. I also think it would be nice to be able to go to a counter and have a shade customized to ones complexion, like they do at a paint counter.

Not only does this customized foundation sound like a great idea but it also seems so doable! Fingers crossed…

It really is doable-at least the color part! There was a brand several years back that actually did this, but I never actually tried it. I’ve read somewhere recently that they still have a few counters around, but most are gone. I regret not trying it when I had the chance.

Long wearing medium coverage moisturizing foundation that looks like skin! With my dry skin foundation that feels good usually either don’t cover enough or have barely any staying power!

Hair mascara/temp color. It’s been the same crappy formula since I was a kid. No matter high-end or dollars store, all hair mascaras suck.

ummm… there is no dearth of products these days on any facets o makeup. As christine said glitter eyeshadows is a nice one. I am yet to find a nice lip primer. There are many nice one but not any wow ones!

I’d like to see safer and more aesthetically pleasing sunblocks, for all skin types, in all textures, fragrance free, which are protective as well as a joy to use.

I was thinking sunscreen…but was wondering whether it would be beauty product or skincare.

I wish there were better sunscreens in the market for oily skin – no white cask, no greasiness, no need to apply too generously, no need to re-apply every 2 hours, pocket friendly, matte finish! Is that too much to ask??? 😉

Does anyone remember Bullfrog sunscreen? Oil free, clear, spf 30, lasted all day and you only needed a couple of drops?

I do! But my favorite face sunscreen has always been Neutrogena’s ultra sheer dry touch formula, or the baby sunscreens. Now they have one specifically for acne prone skin called ”
Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen” although I have never had any breakouts with the ultra sheer formula, and I am an acne patient.

Wow, I couldn’t agree more! I have yet to find a makeup-friendly sunscreen that doesn’t break me out or irritate my sensitive skin!

Primers. As they’re still a relatively new product, I’m sure they could be improved.

Also, after seeing so many celebrity mishaps with HD Powder, there must be something that can perform in the same way without the white powder flashback.

lipliners! big times. Something comfortable to wear. and finally a product that does not dry out the lips.

Oh yeah, I agree, they need to make all eyeshadow (so not just glitter eyeshadow) fall out proof! And it would also be nice if they did more research on mattifying, pore-minimizing primers. None of the ones I’ve tried have really delivered.

Primers and foundations with acne-fighting ingredients! It’d be so nice if there were products like that on the market that worked!

white/pastel (&*)*^&% nail polish. They’re almost all a gloopy, streaky mess, but we’re supposed to keep buying them???

Liquid lipsticks! I love the look, but I can have problems with bleeding. I really like the Infallible line, but their color range is kinda blah.

Foundation. I’d like a product that looks and feels natural, has medium to full coverage, lasts all day, wears off evenly, does well with oily skin, doesn’t sink into pores, matches my skin perfectly, and does not break me out. Is that too much to ask?

Eye cream. None of them actually reduce puffiness, dark circles or fine lines. Most actually dry out the area acround my eyes and accentuate my developing crow’s feet, so I end up not using them.

Definitely under eye concealer. It’s my number one problem area on my face. I’d want it to be more effortless and fill in those lines and pores as well as correct and be a thin layer that you don’t have to layer with other products, it should work fine on its own.

Lipstick! I really want to like lipstick, but it dries my lips so bad! I would love to get my hands on a brand of lipstick that hydrates like a lip balm, shines like a gloss, and has the pigmentation and lasting power expected of lipstick. Until this formula comes along, I’m sticking with opaque/pigmented glosses. Maybe I’m expecting too much…

Have you tried any Tarte LipSurgence lippies? The tints are not particularly “long-lasting,” but definitely hit the mark on all your other wishes. They are starting to put out some in a “Lip Creme” formula, and while the first 3 colors are similar to the tints, but more pigmented, the most recent 4 from Bow and Go are amazing! All are as well pigmented as a lipstick, and they definitely wear longer. They still do not dry my lips, and this is a huge issue for me, too.

Also, the MAC Mineral Rich line is very moisturizing, and the pigment is gorgeous. These and the Sheen Supremes are like snazzy lip balms, for me. 🙂

This is also my biggest problem and why I hate most lipsticks. I’ve found this formulation though in the German drugstore brand Catrice. I put on their lipsticks – I have to remind myself to avoid the pre-balm that I use with other lipsticks – and it feels like I have nothing on my lips, and they are completely hydrated (and they don’t feather). And they are quite long-lasting and fade very evenly.

A co-worker told me of a scene in a movie (she couldn’t remember the name) that’s supposed to be set in the future and a receptionist had a pen-like device and would touch her finger nails and they would immediately change color/pattern. If that were ever to be brought into reality, I could see the pen costing $50-$100 and you would have to download colors/textures/patterns for a price – just like phone apps.

Not just acne fighting products, but to find the source of acne and stop it from ever happening. Yes, lots of companies would go out of business, but its ridiculous to be almost 30 years old and still break out like a 14 year old.

The movie she was talking about was the first Total Recall movie with Arnold S. and Sharon Stone was the receptionist that was changing her nail color at the touch of a pen. I remember when I first saw it I was like, “OMG! How cool and I WANT one! 😀

This reminds me of the awesome gadget Milla Jovovich used in the Fifth Element movie. It applied all her eye makeup in an instant and was branded Chanel. To die for!

I second the glittery eye shadow!!! I also think hair dye could be more true to the box, but I just dyed my hair so I’m being spiteful 🙂 I really love glitter eye shadows and it seems I have yet to find a glitter eyeshadow that was true to pan on the eye.

FULL COVERAGE DARK CIRCLE CORRECTOR. I don’t mean “dark circles.” I am not talking about you ladies and your wimpy, bad-night’s-sleep circles. I am talking full on, blue-tonged, raccoon bandit eyes. I’m talking about those of us who look look like we got punched in the face on our worst nights and mildly fatigued even at our best! Mine are darkest under my eye but extend all the way up into my lid area, and when you’re an NW10 in the winter, it’s no easy feat to hide that! Eye brightening is the longest part of my makeup routine, and the one that I’ll likely pay for the most in twenty years for all that concealer application. It’d be nice to cut down the amount of collagen punishment I put my eye area through!

It is absolutely appalling that in 2013/2014 high end makeup brands do not have a larger range of color choices for beauties at both ends of the color spectrum – fair skinned beauties and dark skinned beauties like myself. I’m throwing rotten tomatoes at Guerlain, Cle de Peau, Chantecaille, Chanel, etc. with their limited range of colors for foundations, powders, concealers, etc. I don’t know what twilight zone these makeup companies are living in. Then again, maybe they are deliberately excluding certain “demographics”. This issue crosses my mind every week when I read makeup blogs and see products that aren’t made for my skin tone. For example, I’m amused when I read raves about Guerlain powders. Guerlain’s powders may work for the masses, but they don’t do a thing for my med. dark coloring/neutral undertone and I know I’m not alone. Wake up makeup companies – 2014 is 6 weeks away!

Good for you! Absolutely a fair and justified rant about a legit issue! I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum, but I sincerely appreciate you including my super-fair and hard to fit tone in this, because we are equally ignored. When they do put out colors to deal withour range, it is generally geared toward pink undertones for both fair and dark, because, I suppose, they cannot imagine a pale woman might have olive undertones (I do), or that the darkest beauty may have a naturally gorgeous golden glow. You really do NOT need to add all that red to every dark foundation, or pink to every pale one.

I did find an excellent color match in Kryolan, recently. I didn’t have time to inspect their darker ranges, but I believe they have a very thorough and fair range, including warm, neutral, and cool undertones, as well as combinations as such, which I love since I am a true warm/neutral with a hint of olive. I picked up the sheerest liquid, Dermacolor Light, and I’m in love! It’s the best color match I have ever found. EVER. I opted to try it because my most important palette in my kit is my 24 pan Dermacolor Camoflauge palette, which I use on myself and clients. It is touted as “the most pigmented face product on the market,” and I actually believe that. 😉

Thanks for your suggestion Ruca. I’m glad you found a great color match in Kryolan. I will check them out. BTW, fabulous photo!

Thank you, Erica! You’re too sweet. 🙂 I hope you find an excellent match, too. There are so many products out there, & sometimes the problem lies in lack of familiarity with less commercial brands. My best matches have always been in products from Kryolan, Kett, Ben Nye, and Dinair, but the general public doesn’t hear much about these lines. It’s worth looking into if you’re struggling with a good match!

Commendable Erica for picking up such a relevant issue! I am on the middle end of the spectrum but still feel a lot of brands (read Guerlain) does not cater to my needs. I too kept reading these raves about Guerlain powders and finally decided to shell out the king’s ransom for it. Fortunately for me, I didnt order online, instead i decided to visit the store and try it….result? ZILCH!!! It isnt made for even medium skin tone, only fair. Well, money saved! 🙂

I have had such great success with Mac Pigment in the shade Tan. I use it dry and tap on with a brush. Minimal fall out and it lasts all day. No need to even reapply if you’re going out after work.

It’d be nice for a western brand to bring out a base product that’s like an Asian BB cream, but in a good color selection for a wider audience! I’m very fortunate as I am in the range to wear stuff made by Missha and Skin79, but my fairer and darker friends should be able to enjoy similar products, too.

…also, I want a matte polish that doesn’t chip on me. *crosses arms*

A really good primer that is good for combo skin that hides pores, reduces shine, and makes makeup last long. Currently as of right now I use three different primers at a time for that look: one for all over, one for pore reduction, and one for my t-zone.

I totally agree with the glitter eyeshadow… I also think cream shadows… I want more drugstore options that DON’T crease and are easy to blend with lots of pigmentation. 😉

I think everything from the skincare industry needs more hard science to either support their promises and claims or to produce a product that actually performs what it is supposed to. Especially the anti-aging market. Right now it’s a lot of pseudo science and manipulative jargon that preys on the mass of people who maybe don’t know better and are desperate, and I’m speaking as one who has been there. The science that does exist regarding things like topical vitamins and buzzword ingredients are inconclusive at best, damning at worst.

I agree so much! And it really bothers me when youtubers and other beauty bloggers just repeat the claims that are printed on the box without having any way of knowing if they’re true. I don’t know how these companies get away with all this false and misleading advertising. Not to mention the fact that they (still) use (known) toxic and carcinogenic ingredients!!

Omg I TOTALLY agree about the glitter shadows!! I love glitter but it’s a pain in the ass having/removing glitter in places it doesn’t belong. Sunscreen also needs a ton of work. When will we finally overcome that white cast effect? I avoid SPF altogether in face products because it almost always makes brown skin look ashy even in person.

Two-phase formula, great at removing all kinds of make-up, from eyes and all of the face then water resistant makeup. It’s pH level is very close to that of your natural skin so very easy and gentle but effective when used.

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