Tutorial – Soft Pink Look Using Fresco Rose Paint Pot

This tutorial is designed to show you how to create a simple pink look that’s great for summer and brightening up your day with very detailed photos and text directions to guide you.

Skill Level: Beginner

Eyes: Fresco Rose paint pot (Soft/light cool pink cream shadow/base), Up-do eyeshadow (light cool pink), Pink Papillon eyeshadow (light warm pink), Living Pink eyeshadow (medium pink), Passionate eyeshadow (bright dark pink), Cranberry eyeshadow (deep raspberry), Hush (highlight with pink undertones), Graphblack technakohl (black kohl liner), and black mascara.
Face: If you’d like to compliment the eyes, use Don’t Be Shy blush (light cool pink) on apples of cheeks with Taupe blush to contour.
Lips: For matching lips, try Fashionably Fuchsia (bright pink) lipstick with Lightswitch 3D lipglass (sheer irridescent shimmer with pink and purple undertones).
Tools: MAC 249 firm shadow brush, 239 shadow brush, 219 detailed crease brush

Here are the products you will need.

Start with a clean, bare eye!

Using the MAC 249 firm, flat shadow brush, pick up a small amount of Fresco Rose paint pot – the amount of product shown on the brush is all you need for each eye.

Applying the product you picked up with the 249, begin applying the color all over your lid.

Cover your entire lid and just above your crease with Fresco Rose paint pot, as shown here.

Smooth out uneven edges with the horizontal edge of the 249 by sweeping it back and forth within the crease.

Using MAC’s 239 small fluffy shadow brush, pick up a good amount of Up-do eyeshadow and apply it to your inner lid.

Again, using the 239, pick up some Living Pink eyeshadow and place it on the middle of your lid.

It should look similar to this.

With the 239, pick up a small amount of Passionate eyeshadow and place it on the outer third of your lid, starting just below your outer crease.

Start just below the crease, holding the brush firm and flat against your lid and bring it downwards.

Like so.

Now, with the 239, pick up Cranberry eyeshadow and place on the very outer edge of your lid, starting at the crease.

Bring your brush downwards to apply the shadow all over the outer lid.

Place your brush in your outer crease, with the residue Cranberry eyeshadow, and bring it outwards to the right.

This is what you should have at this point.

With the 239, pick up a generous amount of Pink Papillon eyeshadow and begin placing it above your inner crease.

Bring the brush across your eye, staying above the crease.

It should resemble something like this.

Again, with the 239, pick up Hush eyeshadow and place it directly below your inner brow.

Move your brush sideways, towards your outer browbone.

Picking up more Hush eyeshadow, place it inbetween the crease and your brow bone to help blend everything together.

To darken the crease, apply a bit more of Cranberry eyeshadow and use the same method as before.

This is what it should look like at this point.

With the 219, pick up Pink Papillon eyeshadow and apply it along the lower lash line.

You should bring the brush from the inner to outer lash line.

The shadows should start coming together and look like this.

Apply mascara and black eyeliner on your lower waterline to finish off the look.