Tutorial – Neutral (Signature Look)

I looked through tutorials I’ve done, and I hadn’t done anything neutral, so this is a tutorial for my favorite neutral look. I think it’s a look that anyone can really get to work for them. I was inspired by one of the wedding looks MAC has/had on their website. If you ever have trouble blending, browns are the best colors to start working with, because when you blend distinct colors, you can often muddy them with too many attempts at blending – but browns, they’re already muddy!

Skill Level: Beginner-Moderate

Start with a blank eye, and gather all the colors you will need. I used the following for this look: Copper (metal) pigment, Summer Neutral e/s, Goldmine e/s, Amber Lights e/s, Showstopper e/s, Gold Dusk pigment, Ambering Rose blush, Vibrant O l/s, and Heartfelt Pink l/g.

Apply Copper (metal) pigment using a fairly flat and stiff brush with just a droplet or less of MAC’s water-based mixing medium all over your lid.

This is how it looks when applied with your eyes closed.

Pick up Summer Neutral e/s on a small, fluffy eyeshadow brush and place the brush in the center of your lid and move downwards. Go up and down to cover the entire middle section.

This is the result.

Taking Goldmine e/s on your eyeshadow brush, place it on the inner corner/inner lid.

Bring it up so that you arch it away from your nose, keeping with the general shape of your eye.

This is what you should have so far.

Apply Amber Lights e/s to your outer lid with your eyeshadow brush starting from the edge of
Summer Neutral e/s and moving outwards.

Then adjust your brush so that you can bring the darkened color upwards and over your crease.

Using just a touch of Showstopper e/s, place the brush horizontally in the middle of your crease and gently move outwards and then slowly drag the brush inwards so that it creates a very soft crease color.

Like so. It’s not that apparent here, and it shouldn’t be, it’s just a very slight, only in a certain light, kind of effect.

Picking up dry Gold Dusk pigment on your eyeshadow brush, place the brush directly under the arch in your eyebrow and slowly drag it outwards.

Bring the brush back to the starting position, and drag the brush inwards, so that after you’ve finished the strokes, you have covered your browbone area with the pigment.

Using a little bit of Showstopper e/s, hold your brush horizontally against your lower lash line from the outer corner.

Slowly do a bit of dab and drag as you bring it to the middle of your lower lash line.

Using Summer Neutral e/s, utilize the technique we did with Showstopper, only for the inner lower lash line.

This is what it looks like.

Another shot. Now, add your choice in mascara, face products, lip products, liner, etc. to complete the look. I chose simple black liner, Ambering Rose blush, Vibrant O lipstick, and Heartfelt Pink lipglass.