Tutorial – Gold and Red Holiday Eye

This tutorial is designed to walk you through, step-by-step, a gold with red accent eye that is perfect for many occasions, including the winter holiday season.

Skill Level: Beginner

Eyes: Uppity fluidline (true gold), Goldmine eyeshadow (true gold), Creme Royal eyeshadow (frosty white gold), Honeylust eyeshadow (light bronze), Mi’lady eyeshadow (violet and red duo), Ricepaper eyeshadow (highlight), Graphblack technakohl (black kohl liner), and black mascara.
Face: If you’d like to compliment the eyes, use Margin blush (rich coral) on apples of cheeks with Peach Haze beauty powder to highlight and Sculpt sculpting powder to contour cheeks.
Lips: For matching lips, Antiquitease lipstick with Red Romp lipglass
Tools: MAC 249 firm shadow brush, 239 shadow brush, 219 detailed crease brush

Here are the products that you will be using.

Start with a naked/bare eye.

Using a firm brush, like the 249, grab a tiny bit of Uppity fluidline, as shown here. You do not need much!

Apply Uppity fluidline all over your lid and just above the crease.

Using the 249, make sure to spread the gold base all over your lid.

This is what it should look like – a wash of gold.

With the 239 brush, pick up a generous amount of Creme Royale eyeshadow and apply it to the inner third of your lid.

You will have something similar to this.

Apply Goldmine eyeshadow to the middle third of your lid with the 239, placing the color just at the crease and pulling it downwards to the lash line.

By pulling downwards you can deposit the color better, blending as you go.

Using Honeylust eyeshadow, apply it to the outer third of your lid with the 239.

This is what you should have right now.

Wet your 239 brush with water, Fix+, etc. so it is a damp, but not soaking wet. Pick up the red part of Mi’Lady and apply to outer third of lid.

Bring the brush downwards to deposit color all over the outer lid.

Picking up more of the red color, if you need it, make sure to deposit color into the outer crease.

You should see something like this.

Go over any edges of harsh color with the 239 brush, gently blending the brush. One trick is to pick up more Goldmine eyeshadow and go over the harsh line created by the coppery red color.

Using the 239, pick up Creme Royale eyeshadow and apply it just above the crease, but below the browbone.

Bring Creme Royale all the way to the outer portion of your eye.

Your look should resemble this.

With Ricepaper eyeshadow, apply it directly underneath the inner brow.

Sweep it across to the outer brow bone area.

This is how the look should be at this point. Add Goldmine eyeshadow directly under the lower lash line with the 219 brush, add black eye liner, and apply black mascara to finish look.

Your finished product will be a gold and red holiday eye.