Tutorial – Gold and Green Eyeshadow, Easy Makeup How-to

This tutorial is designed to show you step-by-step how to create an easy gold and green shadow look.

You will need: Golden Olive pigment (bright yellow-green), Ochre Style eyeshadow (dirty yellow-brown), Goldmine eyeshadow (gold), Velvet Moss eyeshadow (velvety mossy green), Clue eyeshadow (dark gray-brown), Feline kohl power (black kohl liner), Plushlash mascara (black mascara). For cheeks, Springsheen blush was used; for lips, Rozz Revival lipstick and Full On Lust lipglass were used.

Brushes: 239

Get the detailed step-by-step how-to…

1. Start with a clean eye-space; if you fill-in your brows, you’re welcome to do them now [or later].

2. Dampen brush slightly with a drop or two of water-based mixing medium. Pick up a small amount of Golden Olvie pigment from the excess on the plastic insert found in the pigment jar. Apply all over lid.

3. Pull it outwards to be able to cover your entire lid area.

4. This is what it should look like.

5. Apply Ochre Style eyeshadow with your brush to the inner third of your eye lid.

6. This is what it should look like.

7. With your brush, pick up a generous amount of Goldmine eyeshadow and apply to the middle of your lid from the crease to the lash line.

8. Your lid should look like this at this point.

9. With the 239 brush, apply Velvet Moss eyeshadow to the outer third of the lid, from the crease to the lash line, pulling the color downwards.

10. This is how it should look.

11. Getting more Velvet Moss eyeshadow, apply it to the outer crease, keeping your brush horizontal. Bring it towards the outer portion of the crease.

12. This is what you should have.

13. Apply Clue eyeshadow to the outer crease by using light touches of the brush.

14. Pull it outwards to deposit the slightly deeper color into the outer portion of the crease.

15. This is how it should look.

16. Apply Juxt eyeshadow just above the crease, starting inside and moving outwards.

17. Move outwards so you can deposit Juxt above the entire colored area of the lid/crease.

18. This is how it should look right now.

19. Apply Daisychain eyeshadow directly under the brow to highlight the browbone.

20. Make sure you cover the entire brow bone area, and if you need to, go back to grab more of the shadow.

21. This is what you should have now.

22. Add black liner on the lower lash line (and upper lash line if you so desire). Add mascara and finish the look.