Tutorial – Fafi Eyes #2 Quad, Soft Pale Green with Teal, Shimmermoss, Freshwater

This tutorial is designed to show you step-by-step how to create a look using MAC’s Fafi Eyes #2 Quad. If you have questions, feel free to ask, as the whole point of this is to help you!

You will need: Rollickin’ paint pot (creamy base in a shimmery aqua), Good As Gold eyeshadow (shimmery light gold), You’re Fresh eyeshadow (light pale green), Prankster eyeshadow (chalky gray-blue), Shimmermoss eyeshadow (shimmery medium teal), Freshwater eyeshadow (blue), Malt eyeshadow (matte flesh-toned highlighter), Graphblack technakholl (black kohl liner), Plushlash mascara (black mascara). For cheeks, Hipness blush (bright medium peach-orange) was used; for lips, Strawbaby lipstick (coral-pink) and Sugar Trance lipglass (white with pink shimmer) were used.

Brushes: 239, 249

Get the step-by-step instructions with photos…

1. Start with a clean eye-space; if you fill-in your brows, you’re welcome to do them now [or later].

2. Use the 249 and take several swipes of Rollickin’ paint pot and begin to apply it to the inner lid.

3. Pull it outwards to be able to cover your entire lid area.

4. This is what it should look like.

5. With the 239 brush, pick up a generous amount of Good As Gold eyeshadow and apply to the inner lid.

6. Make sure to cover the entire portion of the inner third of the lid.

7. This is what it should look like. The gold will mix with the teal base and turn a golden green.

8. Still using the 239 brush, pick up You’re Fresh eyeshadow and apply to the middle of lid, starting just above the crease and pulling the brush downwards.

9. Pull the color downwards to evenly color the entire middle portion of the lid.

10. Apply Shimmermoss eyeshadow to the outer portion of the lid, beginning just above the outer crease, with the 239 brush.

11. Pull downwards to deposit the color evenly.

12. Bring your brush upwards and into the outer crease to darken it.

13. Pull the brush outwards to help blend the color together.

14. Keep pulling the brush outwards to help blend the color together.

15. With your 239, pick up a small amount of Freshwater eyeshadow and apply above the middle crease area towards the outer crease.

16. Pull it outwards towards the outer crease.

17. This is what you should have.

18. Apply You’re Fresh eyeshadow using the 239 brush above the crease.

19. Pull it outwards towards your outer brow to evenly deposit the color.

20. Pick up Malt eyeshadow using your 239 brush and apply it underneath the brow to highlight.

21. Pull it outwards towards your outer brow to evenly deposit the highlight color.

22. This is what it would look like.

23. Pick up a small amount of Prankster eyeshadow with the 239 and then place it in the middle-outer crease section.

24. Move your brush outwards to blend the colors together.

25. This is what you would have.

26. Using the 239 brush (or the 219, I just didn’t use it because I forgot it in another room), apply You’re Fresh eyeshadow along the lower lash line.

27. This is what it looks like at this point. Apply your favorite mascara and black eye liner, and you’re finished.