Tutorial – Emerald Green Eyes

This is a tutorial for a dramatic eye that features a soft gold with emerald green to really bring out the shape and color of the eye.

Skill Level: Beginner

You will need the following products: water-based mixing medium, a soft white gold base (Gold Dusk pigment), an emerald green base (Emerald Green pigment), an emerald green eyeshadow (Humid eyeshadow), a white gold eyeshadow (Gorgeous Gold, Casablanca), a dirty gold eyeshadow (Rye eyeshadow), a cool mint green eyeshadow (Aquavert), a brow bone color (Casablanca), a black liner (Graphblack technakohl), complimenting blush of your choice (I used Margin blush) and lipstick/lipglass of your choice (I chose Curtsy lipstick with Moonstone lipglass).

You will need the following tools: a good blending brush (Philosophy Shadow brush), small crease brush (219), and two flat, short bristled brushes to apply wet pigments.

Using a semi-firm, flat bristled brush, put just a touch of water-based mixing medium on it, swipe it against the back of your hand to ensure it isn’t too wet, and then pick up some Gold Dusk pigment. Place all over lid area, making sure to only cover enough area so that your lid and just over the crease line is covered.

You do not have to be exact, but even getting the basis of a good shape can help!

Repeating the same method, but with your second brush, pick up Emerald Green pigment and apply it into the crease.

Gently move the brush left and right of the starting point to edge out the Emerald Green pigment into the crease.

As you work your way towards the outer crease, pull the Emerald Green pigment color down onto your outer lid.

Like so.

Using you blending brush, pick up Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow and place on the area where the Gold Dusk pigment still shows.

This is what you should get.

To tone down the yellowness, using your blending brush, pick up Casablanca eyeshadow and place over the same area as done in the previous step.

Using the same blending brush, pick up some Humid eyeshadow and begin applying it to your outer lid; essentially, Humid eyeshadow is going to be used to darken the Emerald Green pigment we applied earlier, so follow the same method to apply it and make sure to cover the same area as done with the Emerald Green pigment before.

Make sure to go into the crease.

Go back and forth over the areas – not necessarily in continuous sweeping motions from crease to outer lid, but smaller strokes back and forth to blend the colors together.

Using your blending brush, pick up Aquavert eyeshadow and apply to the outer half of your lid, just before the Humid eyeshadow starts.

This adds some dimension and also helps to blend everything together.

Using your blending brush, pick up Rye eyeshadow and place on the middle of the lid.

It gives a slightly deeper look to the lighter inner lid we have.

Using your blending brush, do not pick up any additional color, but make sweeping motions from the inside portion of the highest point of the green shadow and sweep towards the outer lid, following the line of the green shape. This is going to soften the line and make it easier to blend in the next step.

Continue gently brushing sideways to help soften that harsh green line into something more blendable.

Next, using you blending brush, pick up Aquavert eyeshadow again and this time apply it just above the highest portion of the darker green shadow.

This is what it looks like just patted onto the eye area, but not blended.

Using the same technique as we did to soften the harsh green line, go over the area that we applied Aquavert eyeshadow to.

You should get a result similar to this.

Using you blending brush, pick up Casablanca eyeshadow to do your browbone highlight color. Start towards the inner portion of your brow and work your way outward.

This is what it looks when it hasn’t been blended much yet.

Again, the technique is similar as you move the brush softly sideways to help soften and blend the colors together.

This is what you should have so far.

Using a small, firm pointed brush, pick up Humid eyeshadow and apply to outer lower lash line; this makes the look more dramatic/smokier.

Again, use the same small, firm pointed brush, but this time pick up Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow and apply to inner tear duct and inner lower lash line to help open the eye.

Add your choice of black liner (or colored liner) and favorite mascara to finish the look.

The final product: