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Tutorial - Black Smokey Eye

Silver/gray smokey eyes video tutorial!

For a soft, gray smoky eye, check out this tutorial instead.

The following tutorial is for a very dramatic smokey eye that is basically black. It is considered sultry, sexy, and some might refer to it as the “Victoria Secret Model” look.

You will need the following products: a matte black base (Blacktrack fluidline), a matte black powder eyeshadow (Carbon eyeshadow), a matte highlight that’s similar to your skintone (Performance eyeshadow), another matte highlight that’s similar to your skintone, but darker than the one before (Malt eyeshadow), a black eye kohl (Graphblack technakohl, Blacktrack fluidline) and [optionally] a shimmery silver or black eyeshadow if you want a shimmery look (Silver Ring eyeshadow).

You will need the following tools: a separate brush or sponge-tip applicator to use with the black base (like the 252), a blending brush for the black shadow (cheap Target brush), and a blending brush for the highlight colors (Philosophy blending brush). To clean up fall-out, using a cosmetic remover wipe works best and is easiest to quickly eradicate the black fall out underneath the eyes.

Using a firm, flat brush, pick up just a dab of Blacktrack fluidline. This is all we are going to use for one entire eye, and yes, it will really be enough. A little goes a long way, and it is better to start small and add as required rather than deal with an overabundance of product!

Begin applying Blacktrack fluidline as your base on the inner portion of your lid. You want to place the brush as pictured and pull the color upwards and outwards to begin covering the lower part of your lid. You want to make sure you establish some sort of shape, whatever your preference in. I prefer something similar to the curvature of my natural eye. Do your best to make it fairly curved, but it does not have to be perfect – a few imperfections will disappear through the process.

You have applied most of the product initially on the brush, and you will spend the next few steps spreading it out by pulling the color upward and outward from the middle portion of your lower lid.

Continue covering your lid in Blacktrack fluidline by making sure to color your outer lid as well.

Pulling the color upwards and outwards will cause the color to look faded and streaky. This occurs and is expected, but is easily remedied by simply brushing downwards once you have pulled the color the appropriate height. You can also gently pat the color back into a smoother place.

This is the positioning of your brush when you are patting color into place or if you wanted to pull your brush downwards to ensure a flat surface, rather than a streaky one, as mentioned in the previous step.

This is what your finished product should look like.

Using a separate blending brush, pick up Carbon eyeshadow. You may need to return and pick up more of the black shadow as you work on the look.

In a similar fashion as applying the base, start packing on Carbon eyeshadow all over the black portion of your lid.

You want to make sure you get the shadow on all of your base, because it helps the eyeshadow and the base to set.

You want to go all the way to the edges, and if you go over, that’s perfectly okay!

Keep your brush at this angle as you apply Carbon eyeshadow to the outer edge of the base. This will help you be more precise with application and keep you in the same line as the base itself.

To help soften some of the line, gently swish your brush back and forth over the outer edge.

It will take a few times before you see the edge soften. Do not spend forever doing this, because we will help soften the edge further using our highlights.

Using a separate brush for the highlighter colors, pick up Performance eyeshadow with your brush.

Apply Performance eyeshadow directly underneath your brow onto your browbone. You want to place it towards the inner portion of your brow.

Gently slide your brush over the space beneath your eyebrow as you make your way towards the outer portion of the brow.

You can choose to continue using Performance eyeshadow, or you can use a slightly darker color like Malt eyeshadow. Keeping the brush at the pictured angle, cover the very outermost edge of black with Malt eyeshadow. Do not worry about all the fall out on the black eyeshadow – it is such a cinch to fix.

Gently brush the black shadow into the highlighter colors to help soften the harsh edge of black.

Using the brush you used to apply Carbon eyeshadow, hold it horizontally against your lid, along the outer portion of the black shadow and brush upwards and outwards, to help create a gray area that creates a gradient of black to highlight.

Gently swish the brush along the curve of the outermost edge of the black shadow.

This is what you should have when the eye is closed.

This is what you should have when the eye is open.

I prefer the shadow to go higher, so I am using my brush from applying Carbon to help heighten the black portion of the shadow by repeating the previous steps.

Similarly acting out the steps before, only this time increasing the amount of black space.

Using the brush you used to apply Carbon eyeshadow, pick up a touch of the black shadow and hold your brush horizontally against your outer lower lash line. Gently dab the brush against the outermost portion of your lower lash line and then carefully move it towards the inside of your lash line, but ensure that you stop one third to one half of the way.

This is what it should look like. You can clean up as you go, or you can clean up when you are finished (there is a fairly prominent stray black line underneath the lower lash line that will be cleaned up).

I find that kohl pencil liners are easy to use, but Blacktrack fluidline is fabulous for staying on the waterline. Both Graphblack technakohl and Blacktrack fluidline will give the same dark, black liner, though. I take my technakohl and dip the tip into Blacktrack fluidline, just to get a touch of the fluidline.

I apply the fluidline I had picked up with the technakohl liner by starting in the middle of my lower lash line and moving outwards in both directions, continually sliding back and forth over my lower lash line and lower waterline.

Add mascara of your choice, curl lashes if desired, and your eyes are finished. To complete the look, minimize focus on cheeks and lips by using a light-handed blush like Pearl Sunshine beauty powder and a deeper contouring color to dramatize features. Lips are best if left in either neutral or nude shades, but a slight pink or coral coloring will not destroy the look.

If you wanted a shimmery black shadow look, then read the following four steps.

Using your blending brush, pick up a shimmery black or silver eyeshadow like Black Tied eyeshadow or Silver Ring eyeshadow. Since I do not have Black Tied, I will be using Silver Ring. If you have a shimmery black shadow, you can simply apply that on top and you really do not need to do more.

This is what it looks like after you’ve applied Silver Ring shadow.

Using the brush you used to apply Carbon eyeshadow, pick up more of it and apply all over lid; make sure to cover the silver portions.

This is what it should look like – a bit more shimmery than before. Alternately, you can use a shimmery base and a matte black shadow to achieve the same effect. For my typical shimmery smokey eye, I use Silver pigment as my base, which has plenty of shimmer in it.


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Amber Avatar

Thanks so much for this. Its really helpful, and it looks so pretty on you.

What do you have on your lips? I’ve been trying to get that kind of nude look to no avail.

Melissa Avatar

i think this looks so well on you!!! and i LOVE this tutorial, probably the best one i’ve seen on a smokey eye – i’ll definitely have to try this =]

Samantha Avatar

I love your entire makeup in this tutorial. Could you please share the type of lipliner, foundation and moisturizer you use? You’re absolutely gorgeous!

Christine Avatar

I didn’t use lipliner, actually! But for this one, I’d recommend Summerfruit as a good neutral lipliner. I used Style It Up lipstick with Mouthwatering lipglass for the lips… foundation? I use Studio Fix Fluid in NC30. No moisturizer for me!

Thanks πŸ˜€

allie Avatar

both the lipstick and lipglass colors are not available anymore – can you recommend something similar that is available still? thanks!

Christine Avatar

Hi Allie,

There are tons of easily substituted lipsticks you can use! It’s really just a simple neutral color underneath a neutral lipglass. My lips are a tad pigmented, so there’s a slight pink undertone from my natural lip.

You can try Gel, Freckletone, or Myth for a great nude lipstick. Myth might give you a hint of pink, but just barely. C-thru would make a great lipglass substitute for Mouthwatering.

ms_althani Avatar

hey Christine
ur ossumly talented n gifted !!:)
all ur tutorials are simply beautiful , gr8, fantastic, excellent, fabulous, WONDERFUL !!:D
absolutely LOVED ur latest tutorial, and you looked absolutely GORGEOUS !!!
i showed my mom ur site and i it’s already one of her favorite sites !!
i just have one question :)How did learn to apply make-up??
thanx again:)

Christine Avatar

Aww!! You are too sweet! And soo cute showing your mom πŸ˜€ I learned just through practicing! I’m sure some of it came from just looking at different people’s styles of makeup, too, and learning to adopt my own technique based on what I liked and didn’t. But really, practice, practice, practice!

Denise Avatar

I don’t think there is a better lip shade you could have chosen for this look. I adore it, but I hate lipstick. Is there a lipglass that is close to the shade that you’re wearing?

Dee_Vine Avatar

Omg thank you so much for that tutorial! I usually spend so much time trying to intensify my black eyeshadow and I never even thought of applying my Blacktrack Fluidline as a base! I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks again hun!

Jo Avatar

Wow, definitely the most thorough tutorial I have seen when it comes to make up, I’m impressed by your effort and the final effect. One question though, I’m not a huge make up doer spender buyer type (hence the search for tips) and I have no idea where to purchase those products or anything similar in quality to them? Where are the best places to get stuff like that and are there any alternatives that you found to be suitable substitutes? Thanks

Christine Avatar

Thank you so much πŸ™‚ MAC comes from the MAC counter or store, often found at shopping malls and department stores (not sure if you were asking about MAC specifically!). Else you can use your local drug store and peruse their section of cosmetics. Some great alternative brands are NYX and Milani.

Dana Avatar

Sweetheart what other eyeshadow bases do you use and recommend? I love fluidliners as bases but I don’t really think of buying the MAC shadesticks. I heard they don’t last for a long time. Plus I do not like MAC that much.

Christine Avatar

I use pigments with MAC’s water-based mixing medium, personally, but fluidliners are good bases. I personally don’t like shadesticks because they tend to be harder to use. Paints are similar to fluidlines, only they’re creamier and come in tubes.

A lot of people like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. You can also try out L’Oreal’s Decrease. HTH!

Christine Avatar

Normally it’s not allowed, but since it’s in another language, it’s fine (since it’s obvious I won’t be translating it into any other languages myself) πŸ™‚ Thanks for letting me know, and continue to let me know if anything else I’ve posted gets translated, too, just for my curiosity’s sake. πŸ™‚

stephanie Avatar

i really have a problem with your lashes… i am in love with everything else. but the lashes, they have some issues. get a new mascara buddy. this one ain’t workin for you.

stephanie Avatar

i just re-read this comment, and it sounded kinda harsh. thats not what i was intending to do, just so you know. i was just looking forward to seeing the final product and in my head i kept seeing beautiful, thick, long, soft lashes and then i saw what you did and i was disappointed. =/ i use maybelline’s volum’ express turbo boost. it gives great length, and 7x the volume. i love it, you should try it out.

Kristie Avatar

Thank you for posting your version of the smokey look. When I have tried the smokey look in the past, I had gotten only so far just to chicken out and take it all off! With your multiple pics laid out like that, I can see the entire process and have more confidence that halfway through I can keep on blending! I am so glad I came across your site (found a link in a Makeup Alley notebook) Next time I am going out this is what I will try. I only have the brown version of fluidline so I think I will try the brown smoke first. Then off to the MAC counter, they are going to love me…

Christine Avatar

Aww! I am so happy to hear that, Kristie πŸ˜€ The smokey eye is such a great look on so many people, so don’t be afraid to keep on going with it!

Good luck with the brown smokey eye!! And of course, feel free to tell me how it goes πŸ™‚

Bonnie Avatar

FYI… Rimmel has an awesome new mascara that’s made with Lycra. It goes on great, even with several coats, and stays soft. It stays on all day… sometimes too long. I have had to use an oil-based remove to get it off, but if you’re going for a dramatic look, getting it off probably isn’t an immediate concern. I’ve used MAC for years and while I do a relatively good job applying the ‘paint’ as I call it, I’ve never understood how to get the really dramatic look like you have here. I definitely need to sit down and try this one when I don’t need it so I’ll have it down when I do. I have found that using a business card (those expensive plastic ones work great) to hold up to my eye when getting to the outer edge gives me a great defined line to work with. It’s also awesome for getting that ‘cat eye’ look or for fun party makeup.
Love your site… thanks so much. You should put some full face shots up of your overall makeup; I bet you look like a million!

Cris Avatar

You are perfect… great tutorial, great knowledge about to build a smokey-eye. IΒ΄d like you to suggest 2 MAC eye shadows for a NC 50 skintone , that can be used in the places of
matte highlight that’s similar to my skintone (Performance eyeshadow), another matte highlight that’s similar to my skintone, but darker than the one before.

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Jocelyn Avatar

Love this tutorial. I’m going out this weekend and plan on trying it. But I have a question about what I can use as an alternative…
I don’t have Blacktrack fluidline, but I plan on getting it within the next few weeks. Is there any other steady base I can use? My sister suggested using liquid eyeliner, but I’m not too sure.


Christine Avatar

Hey Jocelyn,

Do you have any dark base? Liquid liner might work, but I’d do a test run first, because it might end up creasing. You can use just about any base, but lighter bases will require a lot more packing of the black shadow to really get it that dark.

Jocelyn Avatar

I have one of the paint tubes, but it’s in a very light pinkish tone. I think I’m just going to experiment with the both of them tomorrow and do one eye with the liquid, and one eye with the paint and see how that works out. Hah.

Thanks again,

shelby Avatar

Really well done tutorial,I don’t even wear makeup but found myself intrigued….
You should do more if you haven’t already.

Sara Avatar

Hello Christine!
Thank you foy your tutorials they are beautiful so easy to understand!

I really want to try this look and bought all the cosmetics from here, except for “Performance” and “Malt” eyeshadow. I was told these were limited edition and not available anymore. Can you please reccommend a susbstitute for these? It could be any brand too BTW!
Thanks so much!

Tiana Avatar

I’ve tried a few sites and it took me forever to understand what it’s been told.
I like step by step photos.
Will definitly give it a try (with the products i am allowed to use, as I am allergic to quite a lot of products).
Oh, there are smokey eyes in brown.
That’s my girl!!!! Thanx.

zainy Avatar

Hey Christie,

Oh my god!!how cud anyone be so talented and wud give us such a ”A WHOLE WHOLE WHOLE EXPLAINED TUTORIAL”this is surely unbelieveable,i really luv the way u define it,Im sure ur boyfreind wud be jealous of ur looks!!And of ur admirers,aint im rite???


Kris Avatar

hi christine! i’ve just seen this tutorial for the first time yikes! I LOVE IT!!!!! i am going to do this smokey eye for my graduation night on wednesday i’ll let u know how it turns out! I’m also doing a smokey purple eye for a friend so i’m off to see what u have in purple:)
Went to mac today with my friends and i left feeling really stupid and low πŸ™
I need to do some makeup to cheer myself up
and i didn’t get uppity. They’re not releasing antiquitease here till next month

Christine Avatar

Hey Kris! I’m so happy you love it! It’s probably one of my most popular looks, LOL. Even my boyfriend adores this one.

I hope you can get Uppity next month, and I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling low – hope you can cheer yourself up with makeup!

Dieu Linh Avatar

Hello Christine,

I have tried many times doing my smoky eyes but it always takes much time and the result wasn not always the mest untill i try to make it in your way . I really love it. Thank you very much


kiran Avatar

hey name;s kiran. i reside in Asia. i was looking for a sultry somkey eye look and came across your website. I think its the best tutorial and makeup site i have found yet. I’m making a squidoo where i will feature your site’s name. It ain’t complete yet but it will soon and i’ll post a link to it here :). You just got yourself another fan and a regular reader of your tutorials :). Although i dont have or any other high profile cosmetics but i did try this look with whatever i have and it came out gorgeous thanks to you :).

best wishes, kiran.

Wendy Avatar

This is, hands down, the BEST smoke eye tutorial on the internet.

I’ve searched high and low for an easy technique to create this look and most instructions were so complicated and required like 10 brushes.

I read yours, and 15 minutes after finishing, I had the best smoke eye in the state!!!

Thanks so much!!!! You’re awesome!!!

Amy Avatar

Thanks so much, your tutorial is brilliant! Smoky eye makeup looks so good with your beautiful brown eyes – will it work with my pale green eyes too? Or is this look only good for brown eyes or eyes with a stronger pigment? Thanks again xox

Lex Avatar

Oh my goodness, this is the best make up let alone EYE make up tutorial i have ever seen. seriously, the ones with the “drawn cartoon” faces that are not even real people is ridicuolous this is a masterpeice you’ve done a wonderful job here and i will try this as soon as i get home. i own the fluid line, and the black carbon shadow that you used but i have to get “performance” is that a color or the brand? and what about “malt”? and who is silver ring by? i want that too. you’ve done a marvelous job really!!!

thanks again

Sara Avatar

Love the make up..! =)
You think u’ve gone international, im sending from kuwait! u know the MIDDLE EAST kuwait πŸ˜‰ hehe should see how it is over here! us kuwaities LOVE OUR MAKE UP!! ow n did i mention how pretty much every1 here is an expert on putting it on!
let me giv u a clearer vision..u kno how celebs wear there make up at the awards..well thts pretty much how they wear it 4m day to day…! you should come over here some time ;P

Sara Avatar

Wow, this has to be the easiest and BEST smokey eye tutorial I’ve ever seen! Thats really good coming from me considering I’m usually crap at applying makeup. Thanks so much for this! YOU ROCK!

I’ve seen so many different tutorials for this look, but I love the intensity that yours has and how easy it is to do. Plus, I love the fact that it doesn’t require, like, 6 different eyeshadows and 10 brushes. lol!

I’m only just starting my MAC collection, but I was so happy to see that I have most of the stuff you used too. πŸ™‚

One more thing, I’ve recently acquired the MAC Royal Assets Warm Eyes palette for christmas. Do you think you’d be able to create a tutorial using the colours from that palette? I would love you forever and ever!!!! lol!

Thanks again!!!

From your number one fan from Australia, Sara! πŸ™‚

Christine Avatar

Thank you so much, Sara! I’m really glad you enjoyed this look πŸ™‚ This look is super duper easy, no matter what brand you use! Just need a super dark black and a lighter, highlight color.

I don’t own the Warm Eyes palette, unfortunately πŸ™ I’ll try to if I can, though!

Christine Avatar

Awesome, Heather! Thank you πŸ™‚ No, it wouldn’t be – there’s never any harm in trying. If it’s too much in your eyes, you can always go for a gray to black smoky eye, rather than all black. But personally, this is something I think would work on most! I’m really not that dark and find it works for me!

diana Avatar

hi i love your tutorial! i like the way you teach us to do smokey eye! i just really love that! i just got one problem… what are the products you used for this smokey eye thing… cuz i want to try it!tnx…

Christine Avatar

Thanks Diana! You will need these: a matte black base (Blacktrack fluidline), a matte black powder eyeshadow (Carbon eyeshadow), a matte highlight that’s similar to your skintone (Performance eyeshadow), another matte highlight that’s similar to your skintone, but darker than the one before (Malt eyeshadow), a black eye kohl (Graphblack technakohl, Blacktrack fluidline) and [optionally] a shimmery silver or black eyeshadow if you want a shimmery look (Silver Ring eyeshadow).

Fiona Avatar

Found this tutorial very informative and easy to follow. Great Pictures! I love trying to create the smokey eye look and thought I did it well until I saw this!

Thanks! I shall be polishing up my technique….

Katie Avatar

OMG!!! I love the pictures with the directions totally just helped a clue-less chick on the smokey eye look…you should add a picture of your over all look!!! THANKS

heather Avatar

hi, great tutorial, the step by step pictures are great…. i love the look and was looking thru the net for some alternatives to the way i do it, yours is fab! and i wanted to recommend to you Guerlain powder kohl which has a traditional kohl powder which you apply with a stick, its lovely and sparkly and gives (if you use it properly!) sparkly kohl on your lower lash waterline but also your upper internal lash line which adds yet more depth to the look, and with just a single stroke across your eye!!! and also Dior have just launched a fab kohl mascara which is great as is gives the GREAT BIG lashes needed for this look.

MiA Avatar

Girl, you need to go easy on the mascara. Tarantula lashes!!

Other than that, I was going to say that L’Oreal HiP Color Rich Cream Crayon in Perfectionist (black) is AWESOME for doing exactly what you were doing there with the fluidline. But I REALLY like the kohl dipped in fluidline trick! Rock on.

Cat Avatar

Hi Christine,

Great tutorial, and I think your lashes look fabulous. I am new to this site but assuming the “technakohl” is MAC as well? I just bought the Blacktrack fluidline with the sole intention of trying this look out.

Katie H. Avatar

Hey! Thanks for the easy tutorial! I suck at doing makeup and this was so easy! The pictures really really help!! I love all of your stuff!

Lamya Avatar

Hi ! your site is good with the step by step pics,I was just looking for this since I am very bad with makeup !
I have a few questions though,

I am an Asian with brown skin,its very humid where I live plus I have oily skin,my eyelids are also oily,if I apply eyeliner thickly they get smudged:(
so would this smokey look go with
1. my skin tone
2. not get smudged or be oily

I also dont have the fliudline,can I use black eyeshadow (powder) instead?
For oily skin is powdery base better or liquid base ?


Lamya Avatar

I used liquid foundation as a base then brushed some face powder & applied eye-shadow.
It did make a difference,the shadows now stay in the place where they are put on rather than getting smudged up.

Brittany Avatar

Wow, I love this look! Along with so many others! I’m addicted to this blog now πŸ™‚ I have a couple questions though…First, what are matte eyeshadows? And perl? Also, could you recommend a good mascara that holds a curl? I always curl my lashes before putting mascara on, but they always end out flat :-/ Great job with all your tutorials though! I love love love them!

Christine Avatar

Thanks so much, Brittany!

Matte eyeshadows have no shimmer, they’re flat, no reflects, shimmer, frost, etc. Pearl means there are very small particles that reflect light, kind of like shimmer.

Honestly, I have NO advice about mascaras when it comes to curls, I almost never curl mine. πŸ™ Have you tried gently heating your curler up before?

Brittany Avatar

Yeah, I always heat it with a blow drier for a bit, but still no luck :-/ I’m so jealous of my boyfriend’s lashes, lol. They are amazingly long and have a tone of natural curl! It’s not fair.

Kay Avatar

Omg! Finally! Someone who knows what they are doing… this halped me out so much. Definitely the best “how to do smokey eyes” i have ever seen

lizzie Avatar

I love this!
This is just the look I was going for!
The non shiney+extra dark+pale pink lips+long eyelashes!
This is perfect! Thank you SO much!

Sash Avatar

Hey, Christine! I’ve always adored the Black smokey eye look, and I was just wondering if you have a full face shot for this???
I’d love to see how it looked on you!

Angie Avatar

I am getting ready to run out and pick up some new make up brushes to try this look. My husband keeps asking me to do this. I keep telling him that it is not a simple task.

Anyhow, I have pretty small eyes and my crease in my eye is hardly seen when I open my eyes. Any tricks for this?

Thanks a bunch!

Belinda Avatar

Hi Christine! I’ve been a fan for awhile – I’m a part of the MAC community on LJ and I like to read all the tutorials and tips on there. Now that I can afford it, I’ve been indulging in MAC eyeshadows – except I have no idea how to apply it! I practice a lot and I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

Just gotta say – I was practicing with neutral colors, paying it safe, but when I saw this tutorial I went to MAC’s website and bought the fluidline, black eyeshadow, the eyeliner brush and a few other things! I actually tried to recreate the look earlier and I gotta say it was pretty decent for my first try! So thanks for being such an inspiration and making me branch out to more daring looks!

rachel Avatar

I am really anxious to try this look, where can I get makeup exactly like or similar to this (eyeshadows, mascara, and lipgloss) for a reasonable price?

Rachel Avatar

Just discovered your site after it was mentioned by Karen on her make up and beauty blog and what I seen so far looks amazing. Can’t wait to try out this look.
Really excited about having another great makeup blog to read each day!!

Richa Avatar

HEY Christine…
it ws awesome..
im gonna try it today itself..i mean it ws d most amazing tut iv eva read…
thanx a ton.. πŸ™‚
n yea…plzz upload the full image if possible… πŸ™‚

Sara Avatar

Hi Christine. I’ve had a look on many of your wonderful tutorials and now I need a little tip.. How wild can I allow to do my makeup – I wear glasses (I have a very poor eyesight).

Hugs from Sara, Denmark

Rach Avatar

great tutorial!

i tried it out, and it looked great, but trying to do exactly the same on the other eye was something i could not do for the life of me!

Courtney Avatar

do you know what shade and make the model is wearing for lipstick? im after a nude exactly like that but can never find the perfect match as good as that colour! πŸ™‚

Alma Avatar

Wow, this is a great tutorial! I was searching for a good step by step tutorial, and I found one πŸ™‚
This definitely now is my number 1 make-up blog..

Sonya Avatar

Thanks so much for this!
It’s the best advice on the internet.
I’ve been searching for an understandable how-to for
the smokey eye for months. And this one doesn’t even
require something outrageous like 6 different shadows
and 10 different brushes.

I’d love to try this out soon, but I need to get the products.
I’m into drama so my mom and I have some cash for makeup
and the play I’m in right now actually needs this exact look.
I can get the products at MAC like you said, but could you tell
me roughly how much it’d cost? That way I can go with my
cast mates.

Thanks so much for the step-by-step photos though, my friends
and I will have the best freakin’ shadows on stage!

Zoey Avatar

I love this tutorial!!! Coincindentally, I just went to MAC and had them do a smoky eye on me-I bought all the stuff because I loved it so much, and then I came home and looked up how to do a smoky eye so I could recreate what they had just showed me (but I couldn’t remember)and I found this awesome site, and I did my eyes-TWICE!! I’m addicted to the smoky eye now-I have a wedding to go to tommorrow, and my eyes are gonna be so smoky and sexy-I can’t wait!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Sexy Sadie Avatar

I actually tried this one my deepset small eyes, and it did actually worked out when I replaced the matte black, with a more shiny black.

Thank you for the tutorial.