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Top 10: Best of Guerlain

Long-time readers will know that I’ve been a fan of Guerlain’s products for a very long time, and a lot of my holy grail base products are from them (like my discontinued but beloved Parure Gold!). I’m not as enamored with their eyeshadow or blush formula, but their Rouge Gs remain my favorite lipsticks of all-time. The formula is long-wearing, hydrating, comfortable to wear, and pigmented, and the only thing that makes them hard to love is the wallet-killing price tag of $53 (and I remember when they were $48 or so!). If you’ve tried Guerlain, I’d love to hear your personal favorites! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Guerlain Les Voilettes Pressed Powder
  2. Guerlain Mythics Voyage Powder
  3. Guerlain Garconne Rouge G
  4. Guerlain Parure de Lumiere Foundation
  5. Guerlain Gracia Rouge G
  6. Guerlain Gipsy Rouge G
  7. Guerlain Rouge d’Enfer Nail Lacquer
  8. Guerlain Gemma Rouge G
  9. Guerlain Gisela Rouge G
  10. Guerlain Geneva Rouge G

>> See side-by-side swatches! <<


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Nicole Avatar

Looks like the next rouge G I will need is Gisela..looks nice for fall too. That and the polish are the only items I am missing from this list. It is odd because I don’t have a ton of Guerlain. Likely, because I follow what you tell me to get. seems to work well for me! Thanks for the great advice!

Nicole Avatar

I was thinking of getting another before my ceiling fell,lol. I have best friend from childhood whose name is Giselle. She lives in Texas. Seems fitting. Hopefully once the dust settles(no pun intended,lol) I can get back to treating myself a little more. I dobt do my nails much so I’m not sure if I could pay that much for a polish unless it wears for weeks!
I agree. I love all the Rouge G’s I own so far!

Ebru Avatar

Hi Christine, I have some good news for you!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was reading your posts about Guerlain foundations (I wanted to buy the blanc de perle compact powder foundation and was looking to see if you’d reviewed it) You sparked my interest in the Parure Gold and I managed to find it in stock in a couple of shades here in the Uk. I went to buy the compact I mentioned today at Harrods and the SA told me they haven’t discontinued Parure Gold but have been changing the packaging for it so not restocked it while that was happening. They have it in stock with the new packaging now and have had the second round of deliveries in store already so I just wanted to let you know. I tried it and loved it too. Just want to get through my foundation backlog before I buy it. (I’m so bad! Haha!!) I think Harrods do worldwide delivery but I haven’t checked for it online yet. P.s I also loved the blanc de perle compact foundation I just got! Wow!! You should check it out!! Lots of love from a fellow Guerlain fan ๐Ÿ™‚ XxX

Lotus Avatar

Hi Nicole! I remember you said your lips were pretty pigmented like mine & I thought I’d let you know that Gisela does not show up properly on me at all! Most of the Reds don’t. But especially the mid-tone or lighter shades! Now that they cost $2 more than last year, I urge you to please try in person if you can! I hope that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚ If it works out for you, fantastic! Just wanted to pre-warn you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicole Avatar

lol..Lotus,your God given lip color sounds pretty. Mine are more deep rose. They were more pigmented when I was younger. I really only got into lipstick in the past couple of years. I liked glosses mostly to show them off.I get it though. I will do a lip liner often to try to neutralize the lip color . I like marc Jacobs lip liners. He has 3 neutral shades.. I have those and they work for pretty much all my lipsticks. With a red,etc, I try to match to the lipstick closer. And never apologize for advice! I welcome all of it from everyone on this blog!:)

Lotus Avatar

๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a great blog! I like MJB Lipliners but I still can’t neutralize them! It’s possible that it’s related to permanent bruising, if that’s even possible.. Idk though because the intubation was over one area more than the other so only that should be darker.. It’s a mystery! Thank you for the compliment, though. A deep rose would be gorgeous! In real life, layering products to neutralize & lighten just does not look natural, you know? That’s where YSL Rouge Volupte #1 comes in! Transformation in a swipe to a light/medium more neutral color! Very pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicole Avatar

Aww,Lotus. So, your story sounds rough. I’m sure brusing can last for a year or more of it is that bad. But it would be likely uneven like you said. Hmm. The Ysl sounds like it’s working for you.I only have that in Caress Pink . I stopped there because I feel like it’s off my lips on 10 minutes. I can’t seem to keep it on for some reason. No idea. So pretty and the formula..I could bathe in it.But, I tend not to wear it for that reason. Hope your well doll. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lotus Avatar

It’s pretty tough but I do what I can to not let it control me entirely. Thank you, your kindness is lovely. I’m lucky my lips are so dark then because the bruise blends in.. There’s one small pea-sized area on my bottom lower left lip that I used to scrub extra at until I was told that was where the tube was rubbing against me for months.. Whoops! But at least I know.. It just gets a bit darker & dryer sometimes.. I agree about the formula of the Rouge Voluptes & Caress Pink has always looked gorgeous to me! I’m sorry it does last well for you. Maybe the lighter one would? The two lightest, #2 has been discontinued, seem to be the majority of people’s favorites.. Perhaps there’s a difference? Idk.. Something for me to look into! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you’re well today also, Nicole. Please take care.

Katy Avatar

I love Gemma – it’s such a beautiful color! I’m on the hunt for a less pricy dupe, but it’s so hard to find the same lovely color with the golden sheen.

Katheine T. Avatar

I only have one Guerlain product, the lipstick in Air Kiss and love it! It’s a great MLBB shade and pairs so well with smoky eyes and bold eye looks. And I need to check out Gracia, it looks like the perfect color for me and has gold shimmer too! I would buy more Guerlain, but unfortunately a lot of their face products have either alcohol or fragrance, which is a big no-no for me.

Valerie Avatar

I love their mascara le 2, liquid eyeliner, bronzer and their perfume Cuir Beluga, Shalimar, Tonka Imperial and Gourmand Coquin all amazing.

Stacey Avatar

Christine, you would had loved to enter the Guerlain section inside I’ Magnin in SF. It was very Parisian. Well the whole store was chic and very European looking. You may not have even been born or a young tot, the samples and it even had a rewards care program at one time.

Stacey Avatar

I have Gigolo…my only lipstick from Guerlain…. Like everyone else says….wish the lipstick case was re usable for another new lipstick purchase. This brand is classic.

Eileen Avatar

I remember shopping at I. Magnin’s back in the 60’s. We always wore gloves and a hat when we went there ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a special excursion and we’d go for tea afterwards–fond memories!

As for Guerlain, that has been one of my go to brands for over forty years and so, needless to say, I’ve had a lot of favorites along the way. It would be impossible to pick a “Ten Best.” Three Rouge Gs that seem to be in constant rotation at the moment, though, are Gรฉraldine, Georgia, and Geneva and I love the effortless Rouge Automatique Shine in ร La Parisienne. Guerlain = Good stuff!

Mariella Avatar

My faves – first would be the Les Fumes quad, which may have been discontinued or perhaps it’s just discontinued at Sephora. I adore Lingerie de peau foundation. Lippies – Champs Elysees (don’t know the #s of the lipsticks), Habit Rouge (perfect red for autumn) and L’heure bleue. I love the Meteorites balls I got fairly recently and, of course, the gorgeous (sadly LE) Cruel Gardenia illuminating powder. Prices are steep on most Guerlain stuff so I do a lot of research before buying most things and, so far, I’ve not been disappointed in my purchases but the prices still sting a bit! I’m happy I was able to get so much at SDM using my Optimum points.

Anne Avatar

I love Les Voilettes! The wonderful scent alone makes me buy it again and again, but of course it’s a great setting powder, too. I also really like the Kiss Kiss lipstick in Beige Booster. And my favourite perfume ever is Insolence Eau de Parfum. As you can see, I’m a big fan of violet-scented things :-).

Jill Avatar

I think Cruel Gardenia highlighter is one of my favourite from the the brand, but you probably didn’t mention it because it was LE. I ended up getting the Mythics Meteorites compact. I had enough loyalty points to get it for free (which is kind of insane) but right after they launched the new Meteorites compacts and now I wish I hadn’t gotten the luxury refillable compact. I mean, I didn’t have to pay for it, and the case is beautiful but it’s so heavy I don’t see myself travelling with it for sure!

Gigi Avatar

You were my gateway drug into Guerlain. I have multiple Les Voilettes stashed in vanity/purse/desk/car and I prefer to house them in the refillable Meteroites Voyager compact because preeeettty.

Gigi Avatar

I’ve noticed you use Naked Loose powder more than Les Voilettes in your “ON FACE” listing lately, but they had similar grades in reviews. Is it just a price thing? I do prefer Les Voilettes because being pressed it’s so easy to stash one in my purse or suitcase. I also get a weird scent off most Naked products. The loose setting powder, BB cream, and foundation have all had it.

A Avatar

Oh I really like this new top 10 of x brand feature!
I was going to say I don’t have anything Guerlain but just realised Les Fauves is one of my most reached for palettes – for some reason that kind of reddish coppery tones work really well on me, the light copper shade in that palette is one my top 3 favourite eyeshadows for sure!
I really want a Rouge G too (in a mlbb colour because I would use that a lot and it would somewhat mitigate the cost factor) but they never seem to have the ones I want to try at my local counter(s). One day…
Also Parure Gold doesn’t seem to discontinued here? House of Fraser (UK department store) has a couple of shades on sale (half price(!)) currently so maybe they’re just now removing it.

Lotus Avatar

Great picks! ๐Ÿ˜€ Guerlain is fabulous! My 10 favorites would be.. Hmm that’s hard.. But..
1. Guerlain Meteorites (Mythic, Rose Clair, Blanc de Perle, Rainbow Perles, Emilio Pucci, Angelic Radiance, basically special editions & the lightest Color variations. I grab them all unless they’re too dark!)
2. Guerlain Les Violets pressed powder in Clair
3. Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder in Mythic
4. Guerlain Meteorites Touch Travel Powder
5. Guerlain Metorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer
6. Guerlain Meteorites Compact in Clair
7. Guerlain Maxi Lash mascara
8. Guerlain Rouge G: 16: Gaetane, 65: Grenade, 78: Gladys, 66: Gracia
9. Guerlain Rouge Automatique: 265: Pao Rosa, 201: Vauge Souvenir
10. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Maxi lip glosses now Dcd, ALL. And Kiss Kiss lipstick in Air Kiss & Strauss ๐Ÿ™‚
Only 10.. ๐Ÿ™ Certain eyeshadows and DC’d liquid blush have my honorable mentions as well as Lingerie de Peau foundation, though it isn’t really pale enough for me, but mixing Beige Clair and Rose Clair with KGD 00 White works beautifully! ๐Ÿ˜›

Lulle Avatar

My absolute favorite product by Guerlain is the classic Mรฉtรฉorites pearls! I’ve had them for years (they date back from before they were named Mythic and are just called “No 1”) and they’ll probably last me another decade although I use them regularly! I love how they smell, and the way they subtly enhance my skintone making more luminous.

LU Avatar

Three of my favorites are on here, Gemma, Gracia, and Gipsy. Instead of Garconne, I prefer Greta, and instead of Geneva I love Gina. You also didn’t include any gorgeous berry pinks, like Grenade or a soft nude like Garance. I discovered Rouge G from reading your blog and now I can say I love every single one I own and keep collecting more. I’m almost done with my Gracia and I too wish they would make refills for a cheaper price. I don’t think Guerlain has any foundations that would work well with my oily skin, unfortunately. I haven’t tried any of their nailpolishes yet, do you have any recommendations for shades in the mid to light blue, pink, or green family?

Gillian Avatar

Like you Christine my favourite lipstick formula of all time is the Rouge G formula.Their other lipsticks are really nice too. I haven’t dabbled with many of their other products too much really although I do love both the loose and pressed Mรฉtรฉorites for the beautiful finish they give. Their most recent mascara that I was given a sample of was lovely too but no better really than my beloved L’Orรฉal Voluminous Carbon Black. For me it’s all about the lipstick with Guerlain! If I were to do a top ten list it would be something like this (in no particular order):

1. Rouge Parade Rouge G (Limited Edition but it’s my ultimate red)

2. Gladys Rouge G (beautiful colour, released last year I think and I had to get it)

3. Madame Flirte Rouge G (also Limited Edition but I think some counters still have it)

4. Genna Rouge G (was my favourite for ages- orangey-red loveliness)

5. Geneva Rouge G (my most recent Rouge G purchase and the first in a while)

6. Garรงonne Rouge G (my Rouge Parade backup, although I find myself wanting to use this to spare my Rouge Parade since I have only the one)

7. Girly Rouge G (the first Rouge G I completely fell in love with- gorgeous)

8. Gracy Rouge G (a bit more understated than Girly and more wearable- I wear this to work and there have been no complaints yet!)

9. Mรฉtรฉorites 02 Clair (I love love love the finish I get with these- for touch ups the compact is great but I prefer the slightly heavier coverage I get with the loose pearls)

10. Mรฉtรฉorites Compact 02 Clair (great for chucking in your handbag for on-the-go touch ups)

…and that was me having to leave out some other lipsticks I like to make room for the Mรฉtรฉorites (Gigi, Gigolo etc. I’m sorry). ๐Ÿ˜›

Tessa Avatar

Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss lipstick in Love Kiss is almost criminally underappreciated, I think! Love at first swipe. If I could only keep one Guerlain product, this would be it.

Dez13 Avatar

As I’ve said a few times Christine, you completely converted me! I cannot live without my Lingerie de Peau (liquid, though I have, and really like the powder version too), meteorites pressed, and Les Voilettes powder. I haven’t tried the Rouge G lipsticks yet, but I love the Kiss Kiss and the flip top (I cannot remember the name) lipsticks.

Dez13 Avatar

Exactly!!! Those three products are definitely Holy Grail products for me, and because of that I try more products from Guerlain that are out of my price comfort zone. I’d love to buy that beautiful new bronzer, more so because it’s Guerlain, but I just cannot justify $78 for one item right now that isn’t HG when I have medical bills to pay.
I’ve been thinking of trying the foundation you use when I run out of LdP, but I like the build ability of LdP (it’s hot and humid all year round where I live, so being able to adjust it is nice) and again, I’m nervous to spend that much right now when I don’t know it’s HG and the nearest Guerlain counter is over 2 hours away.

I have a question Christine (I know it’s a few days after this post, but I hope you see it.) How do you clean your poof for the Les Voilettes? What cleanser do use on that and brushes? Thanks in advance!

Amy Avatar

I only have one Guerlain product, an eyeshadow palette (ร‰crin 4 Couleurs in Les Aciers/grays), and it’s the only eyeshadow that does not crease for me! Unless it was a fluke, I’m really impressed. Even my Lorac and MUFE shadows crease on me after a couple hours with primer.

Genevieve Avatar

I love the look of Gisela – and I don’t have any of their lipsticks because they are SO expensive here in Australia. But I do have some of their older eye shadow quads from a few years ago when they were spectacular: Les Gris (my all time favourite), Les Verts (all beautiful smoky greens) and Les Aqua – gorgeous mid blues. Just beautiful.

pePear Avatar

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation
Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Sheer Foundation
Guerlain Meteorites Pearls in 4 Dore
Guerlain Meteorites Compact in 3 Medium
Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in GiGi
Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in Beatrix

I don’t have many Guerlain products,I try to buy more lipsticks but another brands keep distract me!

Teresa Avatar

Your blog is where i first learned about the Rouge G lipsticks at. They are so expensive but I have not found any other lipstick that are as good. They are worth the splurge! One that is not on your list but works as a great neutral for me is Garance 06.
Thank you for your awsome review and swatches of these! I do not have a counter near me that carries Guerlain and your reviews have never steered me wrong when choosing a new color.

Tiffany Avatar

Blusher! I love the bright pink in Rose aux joues 04 and Petrouchka palette ๐Ÿ™‚ am loving Guerlain fragrance too! my fav: Idylle & Terracotta Le Parfum

Kat Avatar

The only Guerlain product I have is La Petite Robe Noire perfume, the only full size perfume I have! I rarely wear perfume, but when I want to feel fancy I pull that one out. I don’t love it as much as when I first got it, I feel like it’s a little “mature” for me for daily wear, but it’s still a great scent for formal occasions!

Lena Avatar

Parure Gold foundation doesn’t seem to be discontinued in Asia. always has a stash (free shipping).

I love Guerlain’s scents more, I’d have to say, i.e. the new Terracotta Le Parfum is my HG now; Lys Soleia is a lighter version that I use with abandon. Amongst makeup, I love the Rouge Gs, of course (have four of them) and the meteorites compact from the Crazy Paris collection.

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