Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection
Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection

Be sweet as a peach with these fresh-picked shades infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant-rich essence of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking summer-fresh year-round. Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get your started.

March 17th at Too Faced (sold out), April 9th @ Ulta, April 15th @ Sephora

The Details

Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection, $49.00 (Limited Edition)

  • White Peach
  • Luscious
  • Just Peachy
  • Bless Her Heart
  • Tempting
  • Charmed, I’m Sure
  • Nectar
  • Cobbler
  • Candied Peach
  • Bellini
  • Peach Pit
  • Delectable
  • Peaches ‘n Cream
  • Georgia
  • Caramelized
  • Puree
  • Summer Yum
  • Talk Derby to Me


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Rachel R. Avatar

Thanks, Nancy. My older son is mostly better, but now my younger one (18-year-old) has it even worse than his brother did. I’ve been living off 1-4 hour naps once or twice a day for the last month. I hope I don’t come down with it…at least not till the boys are all better.

I’m sure I’ll catch up with the palette somewhere. It’s just annoying to play the LE game. If I never get it, I’ll live.

Amy Hoeh Avatar

I am really starting to get bugged by the excessive limited edition items lately. They stock less than normal creating chaos. Even if it were a sub-par palette, we hear “limited edition” and our makeup obsessed brains go into overdrive. The companies are creating the demand without the supply. This allows evil-bayers to charge double or triple (or worse!) the original cost of the item. It sells out because people are capitalizing on the LE aspect with the expectation and premeditation to scalp the ones who were not lucky enough to obtain it. I find it all just gross. Meanwhile these people making videos on YouTube get the entire collection for free! That’s their job. It’s become a large network of paid sponsored “commercials”. It’s just frustrating. I was at the checkout phase when the site crashed. I was only buying one for myself. I called the company and they have no record of a transaction for me.

Ok. End of rant. I’m very sorry. 🙂
Rachel R., I do hope your children feel better. Our kids/family will trump any amount of materialistic items 100% of the time.

Asche Avatar

I was excited when I first heard about it, but it’s kind of worn off for me now that I’ve had a better look at the shades (and some swatches on google). I like some of the shades, but I really don’t need any of them, so I think I’ll be passing on it. Although I am really interested in a review from Christine before making a final decision.

Christina D. Avatar

I’m an early riser ( 4 a.m.) to get to the gym so as soon as I got back home after my workout (around 6 a.m.), I went on-line and ordered this immediately. It’s been a very long week and I needed a “pick me up”. So glad I got it — and free shipping! Very psyched about this one, the colors look gorgeous and unique.

Lorrin M Avatar

I told myself I wouldn’t get this but it is quite pretty and I love that it smells like peaches. I can’t believe it’s already sold out on their website though seems like a lot of false hype.

Tiffany Avatar

I can’t wait to see swatches! Promo pics aren’t always very reliable. For some reason I thought this didn’t come out until June”ish.” I thought I had more time to save up after just buying PB&J. I wonder how limited “limited edition” this will be. Sometimes companies just do one round and sometimes they will continue to produce more as long as they have demand or at least for a few months…

Lindsay Avatar

I’m going to wait for Christine to review before thinking about purchasing…I don’t own any of TF’s larger palettes (like Chocolate Bar) but I have a few of the 9-pan ones. I am undecided on if I like this or not. While beautiful, I am fair-skinned and these types of shades don’t always show up on my skin tone (like Naked 3….no matter how hard I tried, those shades would not show up on me).

Gillian Avatar

My favourite colour of eyeshadow is peach! I’d be all over this but I recently got the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar and I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Is that palette typical of their palettes? Hmm, I’ll wait for the review. ?

Anita Avatar

I love the peachy pinks in this, but I got my first palette from Too Faced for Christmas (Le Grand Palais) and it was TERRIBLE. The pigmentation was so bad that all the light colors looked the same on me – like colourless glitter – and they only lasted an hour before disappearing completely (for comparison, when I use Urban decay eyeshadow at seven am, it is still I place when I get ready for bed at midnight)
What made the semi-sweet chocolate one so bad? Was it also poor quality, poor pigment, with no lasting power?
I’ve been wondering if my palette was just a dud product but I’m not sure I’d ever want to drop money on their eye shadows again in case they are all just as terrible.

Kathryn Avatar

I really like the semi sweet palette. Pink sugar and blueberry swirl are powdery and definitely lacking in pigmentation, but the other shades are great.

Julia Avatar

I didn’t realize this one was LE, either. I’m not falling for the mad dash this time though- waiting for a legit review! It’s pretty, but I’m worried the orangish colors will go ruddy on me (it’s a struggle with Naked 3, too) and I see a lot of dark shades on the right side of the palette which I don’t find much use for. Plus peach scent… meh. It’s a fun and pretty palette but I may actually be able to let this one go by.

Katherine T. Avatar

Well, skip for me. The colors look pretty, but I’m cool toned, and kind of bummed that Too Faced keeps releasing really warm palettes, like all the Chocolate Bars, the PBJ, and this Sweet Peach. With some work, I can pull off a few warmer colors, but not an entire palette. Hey, TF, give us some cool-toned gals some love !

Mariella Avatar

I really wish they’d stop already with the scented eyeshadows! There are 3 or 4 shades in here that I’d wear – Bless Her Heart, Peach Pit, Cobbler, Charmed, I’m Sure, Bellini and Delectable. Many of the others are just too warm-toned or so similar to so many shadows I already have (who really needs another almost black or a matte peachy-white?

Ray Avatar

I’ve seen some videos on this palette and it looks better in practice than I had expected. It’s a lot of less-intense neutrals that still have some color payoff. It’s a good middle ground between Naked/Chocolate Bar and wilder colors. Still way too warm though! How wonderful would it be if Too Faced did a “lavender” palette for us cool-toned brown-eyed gals?

Susan Parker Avatar

Ooh, I’d love a lavender oriented palette! I’d also really like a green focused palette – I have the Garden of Eden palette by Sleek Cosmetics but I’m hitting plan on the green shades!

Nichole Avatar

I just learned techniques on how to influence others through scarcity. Not for retail purposes but, this is the same tactic. Generally, people want more of things that there are less of. I always new a LE product made me go crazy. I have both chocolate bars and rarely use them. There is nothing special about these colors for it to be sold-out before dawn! That is crazy. What is special about brown, purple and peach? Make it LE and people go bonkers. It’s cute and gimmicky and as a MU lover I understand the attraction, but we’re being scammed.

Susan Parker Avatar

Urban Decay pulled that one with the Spectrum palette and now it’s collecting dust on the Sephora website. I’m glad because I’m fed up with companies treating consumers like idiots. ?

Tessa Avatar

As a certified Georgia Peach ™, I loooove that there’s a shadow called “Bless her heart.” Ha!

I may have to get this. Looks super cute and I do adore anything peach-scented. But only at Sephora… I need to order stuff anyway, use up some of my points (I have zero expectations of ever getting any of the mega rewards; what a debacle).

BonnieBBon Avatar

LOLOL! I did the involuntary hand clap/giggle thing when I saw Bless Her Heart. Perfect. I wish there was one called drectly or even the proper spelling and pronunciation Directly because that’s when everything happens Lol She’ll be back drectly. Bless her heart.

ReedShoot Avatar

I’m surprised they released a new pallete so quickly. They just released Peanut Butter….between this and PBnJ, it’s Peach palette for me. No hesitation. I can appreciate the new direction and features they released with it, but I don’t think certain colours in that palette would flatter by colouring. I’m light to medium skin toned, and I think the metallic copper might be too much….

Sarah Avatar

I’m not gonna lie, this is seriously calling my name. I haven’t heard much hype about this–the only reason I knew about it before this post was KathleenLights used it in a recent video. So sad that it’s out of stock on the TF website already but I’m gonna try for Ulta and Sephora!

(Maybe it’s just that my mama’s a Southern mama but I’m laughing hysterically at the name “bless her heart.” 10/10 naming job, Too Faced.)

Lizzy Avatar

I am so bummed all of these beautiful products have sodium saccharin in them, I’m mega allergic and I bought all of the chocolate palettes before I knew. :/

Nancy T Avatar

Me too, Lizzy. Although in my case, I only bought the original, within 4 days, after using it all 4, my eyes looked and felt so horrible that I had to return it! They need to get the sodium saccharin OUT of these, they actually could use real sugar, I would think.

Rachael Avatar

Finally a decent photo of the pan colors! I’m still on the fence about this, as I picked up the etude peach palette. i only just got the bon bon palette (was on the fence for ages,finally in the mood for the colors, but I’m loving it) so I’m on the fence with this one for now. Will wait for swatches and more hype.

Joyce Avatar

Aw yay it’s finally here! Although I do wish the pans were peach-shaped 🙂 I’m so glad they included a green like Bless Her Heart – even better that it’s right near Bellini.

I used to wear Urban Decay Snatch & Mildew together from the Show Pony/Preen palette. For a cheaper option, I’d also do Wet n Wild Penny and Envy together. I’ve long since either given away or lost those items–so I’m glad I can recreate the look again!

Jazmin Avatar

It so beatiful, Went online sold out. I just dont understand how the pb&j is in stock yet its limited edition as well? They restocked that palette twice. I feel like we all have been played.

Melissa Avatar

the packaging and colours are right up my alley! I hope the too faced retailer where I live stocks this in April. It’s just too adorable! But I would definitely like to swatch it first before I decide to purchase…

Roxanne Avatar

Oh gosh, I think I’m going to need this. Will have to wait for Sephora (no Ulta delivery in Canada – boo!). I love each and every single color and that’s really rare in a large eye shadow palette!

MacKenzie L. Avatar

I was so psyched about this when they first started doing sneak peeks but I’m kind of over it now, plus half the palette is dark colors and it doesn’t seem to be the best curated. I’ve never tried any of the bigger TF Chocolate palettes, but I love their 9 pan ones! I think it’s super cute and gimicky, and I love peaches but I think I’m going to pass. At least until I see some reviews. I might go to Ulta at some point and swatch/smell it.

Astrild Avatar

I don’t have any of the Chocolate bar palettes. Even if they’re gorgeous, i’m hesitant to purchase another neutral palette, as I have more than I need. But this one seems to be different enough to be considered. I’ll wait for Temptalia’s review.

Tara Avatar

I hope this gets a good review. This is the first palette in a while that I’ve really wanted. I will have to get it from Sephora since I’m Canadian. I read that it now releases online @ Sephora on March 29.

Brittany Avatar

This is kind of a random preference but I like how this palette doesn’t have those huge long strips of shadow that takes up 2 spaces worth, like in the Chocolate bar or the Semi-Sweet. Unless you only used that one palette every single day, I don’t see why you would need those huge strips. So I am happy this has all the same sized pans of shadow! I’m really looking forward to seeing your swatches, Christine!


Hi Christine, do you know when this palette will be available in the UK? Also do you think Too Faced will restock before it’s released to Ulta and Sephora. Promised this to my daughter for Easter gift not realising that it’s not a Worldwide release. Thanks, Val

_An_ Avatar

Just heard about this palette! I love the whole packaging, design, and theme!! PEACHES! The shades look super pretty too. I have plenty of palettes already, but I want this! *____*

I gotta research the swatches though. Since this is LE, I probably won’t have a chance. I’d rather wait for a good sale.

Hex Avatar

Peaches are my favourite fruit, but i hate the colour peach for makeup…and clothes…and nail polish…and especially for bridesmaids dresses!
but i’m surprised this palette is still kinda appealing to me. i would definitely wear most of the colours

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