Too Faced Shadow Insurance For Long-Lasting Eyeshadow!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($17.00) is the latest in eyeshadow bases. The often coveted Urban Decay Primer Potion may find itself displaced by Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance. Both products are very similar, but the most drastic difference is in the packaging. UDPP is notoriously famous for its wasteful genie bottle shaped packaging, which leaves a ton of unused product behind it (when you think it’s empty). So much in fact that people have sliced theirs open and discovered months more of usage out of it!

Enter Shadow Insurance: slim, tube packaging. It allows you to squeeze out the amount you need, and you’ll know when the tube gets empty. Of course, there may be some remnants left, so you can cut this baby open, too–but nowhere near the amount that gets suck in the curvature of the UDPP bottle. At $17, I do feel this is a little pricier than I’d like, because the amount you get is so, so small. The tube itself feels like you’d use it up in a week (you won’t), but the size is 0.35 oz. So here’s a lesson to learn: it’s not all about size. UDPP is 0.34oz and costs $16, so the two products are similar in size and cost, and I’m more familiar with how long UDPP lasts for people (months!). This helped put me at ease as I stared at the pint-sized tube of Shadow Insurance. I could rest easy, I could use it without fear of using it up.

I have more to say!

Shadow Insurance is a base you lay down before you apply shadows on your eye lids. The whole point of a base is to reduce/minimize/stop fading, creasing, etc. of your eyeshadow. It’s supposed to increase how long and vibrant your shadows look and keep it lasting all day long. Shadow Insurance delivers on all points–it kept my makeup from creasing or fading from AM to PM. It is a silicone-based eyeshadow primer, for those wary about silicone products; while my face seems to be sensitive to higher levels of silicone ingredients (cough, Smashbox Photofinish!), I didn’t have issues with it on my eyes.

A little goes a long way to cover the lid, and I found using a small flat, stiff brush (like a concealer brush) worked well to apply the primer from the tube to my lid. I just squeezed a dot of it onto the brush, then applied from my upper lash line to just underneath my brow bone. It gave me a great base to work with to keep shadows on during the day. I’ll still opt for a colored base (like pigments) for more vibrancy, but I like Shadow Insurance as a good neutral color that’ll work with anything you throw at it.

The big issue with it is how the product will separate!  By separate, I mean that the ingredients come apart and the primer is no longer a primer but this liquid-y oily mix of yuck.  You have to massage the tube a bit prior to every use in order to keep it in check.

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Of course, it’s not expensive when you think about how long it lasts, but it just initially feels that way because you’re like, that’s it?!

I love this stuff! It’s $32 in Australia but since we can’t get UDPP and I couldn’t be bothered with that packaging I’m happy to pay it. I only wear it on days I know I’ll be wearing make up for 8+ hours. My lids aren’t oily and I didn’t use any foundation or eye primer until this year so it’s not a necessity except for those really long days. But it does the job well!

I have a UDPP, mostly because everyone said it was the holy grail of primers. I don’t know if it is, but I really like it…in my limited use of primers it does seem to be the best I have tried. I will say that the packaging does suck. So maybe in a year or two when I run out of my UDPP (it seems to last FOREVER) I might have to try the Too Faced.

It’s really not that expensive when you consider how much use you get from one little bottle. I bought my tube in January this year and I’ve used it nearly every day and it is just now running out nearly 11 months later!

I squeeze two little dollops on my hand – one for each eye and apply it with my finger. I think product gets wasted if you use a brush. (Gets trapped in the hairs)


I don’t find it expensive either ($17). And sure it looks rather small, but you REEEEALLY don’t need a lot. Also, the shadows are MUCH easier to blend with Too Faced Shadow insurance, than the UDPP. The UDPP kinda leaves a nasty film, so the shadows don’t go on as smoothly. UDPP does make the shadows have staying power, but Too Faced wins all the way.

Too Faced wins for me. I still have my UDPP remnants in a little jar, but the Too Faced primer is a lot smoother and I find it’s much easier to blend my eyeshadows on top of it as well. No more slicing open those little genie bottles for me 🙂

two face eye shadow insurance is an HG product for me…hands down better than UDPP. I bought my tube back in the spring and I still have it (i use it everyday!!) so considering how long it lasts its not expensive in my opinion.

It’s definitely not expensive when you look at how long it lasts you. For me, since I rarely use bases like UDPP or Shadow Insurance, I probably wouldn’t repurchase since I only use it once or twice a month!

I just got home from Sephora and had this in my bag, but wound up buying so much other stuff I put it back because I have a new-ish UDPP. Once that runs out I am going to try this. I heard it’s easier to blend eyeshadow with this than with the UDPP.

A few commenters mentioned it was easier to blend with than UDPP, so that could be true. In my experience, I didn’t notice a difference (I didn’t have blending problems with UDPP).

Gasp. My name is Amelia too! As for the debate between UDPP and Two Faced Shadow Insurance, I have both and I find that UDPP can be a little thick, and makes it hard to blend sometimes. Perhaps there are days when I put too much on my lid, but I occasionally have a hard time blending out my colors. Both seem to work well in staying power.

OoooOooooOoOooh. I’ll definitely be giving this one a try. I swear by the UDPP but if there’s another contender on the market…

The thing I love about the UDPP is that the colors (I use MAC, primarily) are so true to the shade they are in the pot – my Electric Eel is just as vibrant on my eye, you know? How’s the Two-Faced Shadow Insurance for vibrancy?

I purchased Shadow Insurance purely because of all the buzz on it and how it’s better than UDPP. UDPP has definitely lost some fans to Too Faced’s contender.

I found Shadow Insurance to give shadows good vibrancy – same as UDPP 🙂

Have been seeing many raves abt this on youtube recently but alas I’ve just bought a new UDPP during Sephora FnF so will prob be quite some time IF EVER I’ll get to try this.

Thank you for this information! I always use UDPP, but I will look for this next time. Especially since many of you says that its easier to blend the shadows with To Faced!

i use this and i love it. i’m not into paintpots because i wanted something thinner, easier to use(i use my fingers)and works great with all color eyeshadows(i’m really simple and don’t want to bother with matching bases to my e/s). this feels like a nice light eye cream, dries clear, not greasy and makes my shadows last all day. i just use a teeny dot and that’s enough for my entire lid so i don’t find it expensive. i’ve never used udpp because of the packaging. they really should change it cause i would be willing to try it if it weren’t for the packaging.

I have this too and I love it!! I admittedly have never tried UDPP. I couldn’t get over the price before, and I was given a gift card, so that’s how I payed for the Too Faced. Now I would never be hesitant to pay that price for it! However, I’ve had the bottle for about 4 months, and it’s still pretty full, so it looks like I won’t be paying for a while!

It’s so worth it when it lasts you a long time, I know it! But I definitely think there is a bit of sticker-shock when you hold the product and see the price tag at first!

I’m just about “out” of udpp, maybe when I really do run out, I’ll check this one out. All the reviews I’ve read say that both primers are very good, and that it’s more of a personal choice.

We don’t have that TFSI or UDPP where I live. I use Art Deco’s Eyeshadow Base instead. It does its job – e/s colors are more pronounced, resists fading and creasing. It does have a bit of shimmer (but it’s so fine that it doesn’t interfere with the e/s (matte remains matte) and masculine scent that goes away. This is the only e/s base I have tried so I can’t compare it to the other two.

Anything that works as well as UDPP and avoids the hassle of cutting the tube open, scraping all the goop out (while exposing it to germys) and then repackaging, I am game for! Beside with the price of gas going down I have a little extra cash. Ladies, I filled up my gas tank for $18.94 this morning! (San Jose area) I almost teared up a little bit…

My UDPP last me between 9 and 12 months at a time (and I use it every day) and the price has just come down in England, which is great.

The key is, once you think it’s empty remove the little plastic ring just inside the top that scrapes the excess off the brush. This gives me another 6 months use.

I’m in Melbourne and I don’t think Australia has Sephora 🙁

However, Myer sells Too Faced products (not sure about David Jones), so you could try that Linda!

I’m in Brisbane too – Go to Kit at the Myer Centre in the city! They have Two Faced Shadow Insurance there, also Smashbox stuff. Hope I wasn’t too late in telling you this!

While I do love UDPP the shape of the bottle is a pain in you know where. I did cut it open and put the product in a jar but once you do that, the product starts to dry out in no time! Thats why I bought the TF Shadow Insurance, just because its easier to get out the product.

I bought TFSI after I read reviews online. I never used an eye shadow primer before and was frustrated about my creasing after an hour’s wear. Now that I’ve used the TFSI I can wear my shadow all day without any creasing. Thank the lord for this product! Oh and I was looking at Urban Decay’s primer before Too Faced but was discouraged with their packaging. Glad I passed on it.

I am on stage a lot and need to figure out which out of the three is best: Too faced shadow insurance, Mac paint pot base or UD primer. I bought all three but can’t decide!!! No matter what I do my eyeshadows crease and I use too faced, UD and MAc eyeshadows. I can’t figure out what to do for the life of me 🙁

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