Tom Ford Eye Color Quads for Spring 2016


Tom Ford Eye Color Quad
Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad

Five new eyeshadow quads from Tom Ford have debuted on Tom Ford’s website.

Thanks to Nicole for the heads up!

Now online

The Details

Eye Quad, $80.00

  • Honeymoon Warm tones
  • Disco Dust Warm neutrals
  • Lilac Dream Lavenders
  • Last Dance Earth tones
  • Starry Night Blues

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad
Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad
Tom Ford Disco Dust Eye Color Quad

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad
Tom Ford Lilac Dream Eye Color Quad

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad
Tom Ford Last Dance Eye Color Quad

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad
Tom Ford Starry Night Eye Color Quad

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no matter how much I love TF and their lipstick but with this price for only 4 eyeshadows was incredible expencive! if I gonna purchase some eyeshadows for $80 I think I’m better bought another palette from Viseart!

I was able to pick up 4 out of the 5 I wanted on pre-order, but Sphinx is sold out. 🙁 I emailed customer service and they said that they do not know if it will be restocked. Hopefully there is a set amount for stores and I can pick it up there. I am thinking about getting the Honeymoon quad, but looks dupable. Anyway, glad to finally see the release – I’ve been waiting for this!

Pearl. Keep checking in the mornings. I’ve been stalking the site and notice that they have had it go in and out of stock throughout the week. Always out of stock after 11am though. Good Luck.

Hey Pearl. The cream shadows are in the “second wave” to stores. So, probably within the next two weeks. On Really is a British beauty blogger in case you don’t know) she said the cream colors are going into the permanent line! I can’t vouch for that though and that would be ground breaking. I’m still trying to get 4 that sold out . So, I feel your pain.

Yay! The eye creams being permanent would be wonderful – I would be able to relax a little bit knowing that it would only be a back order issue rather than it being permanently sold out. Thank you for the heads up!

I think the mini descriptions are incorrect. Last Dance is definitely not lavenders. Lilac dream is though. I have last dance and it is greens and a brilliant teal color. I bought Last dance and Honeymoon. Love both!

Last dance is the one I have my eye on! (ha ha, “eye on”!) Can you tell me about that shimmery blue color in the quad? (and any the other colors, if you don’t mind!) I really wish there were some swatches out there. 🙂

I am more excited for the cream colours actually. I’m not a big fan of TF powder shadows. I do have a number of small palettes and I rarely use them. I tend to find them either too shimmery or rather stiff. I think the last couple of years have turned me into a big palette girl and I grab for those. wtf faint. I’ll probably swoon over the swatches, but I’m going to try and stay strong.

A total aside here but I have to vent: I haven’t purchased foundation is ages; been super happy with my collection and now all of a sudden I’ve become aware of at least 3 products I absolutely want to try: Stila Aqua Glow, GA Maestro Glow, Charlette T Magic, . Argh.. I love me a glowy foundation and It’s going to get expensive. Cry.

OMG, Wendy..I am totally with you! Chanel has also reformulated Les Beiges which is supposed to be coming out soon too! I did not hear about the Charlotte T. one. Now, I gotta add that to my list! Spring glow and makeup =broke girl!
Hey thanks for the advice on the winged liner equipment. I have only practiced once. But, I LOVE that liner and brush! So worth it! 🙂

Dudette: you rule! I’m so happy they are working out for you. I think I’m safe with Chanel since colour range isn’t the best for me (similar to issues with Guerlain) so Les Beiges isn’t immediately on my radar screen. Thanks for giving us the heads up on these quads.. I think. Grin.

Hey Wendy, I hate to add fuel to the fire, but have you tried the new Candleglow foundation from Laura Mercier? I got a sample of it at Sephora, and it is quite lovely!

Please forgive the weak and pitiful pun.

I think it was another Nicole who made us all poor! Lol. But, I had someone send them to me from instagram on Mon. I kinda blew it off because Christine didn’t post it. There are a few Nicole’s on here. It gets confusing even to me. Lol.I’ll have to come up with a clever name as soon as figure how to get a picture up! 🙂

hi Wendy!
On my rather dry skin, Charlotte’s Magic foundation is not glowy at all (and I don’t think it’s actually being marketed for anyone as such tbh..).

On the contrary, it sits on the skin quite mask-like, giving a porcelain-perfect kind of impression from 1 m away and is quite obvious up-close.

It is unfortunately not that great and sits on imperfections that were NOT visible before applying foundation.

I am very, very curious for Armanin though.

For reference, Mac Face and Body is great on me and most by Bobbi Brown (so more of the creamy, watery textures).

Hey there Chris: That doesn’t sound very promising.. and yikes, I have the foundation crossing the big pond and it should be here on my doorstep tomorrow. I’ll take a bit of comfort in the fact that I do not have dry skin so maybe there is some hope. Still, I’m not a fan of thick heavy coverage foundations. Eeek.

Foundation is so incredibly subjective. I read many rave reviews on the CdP Refining Fluid foundation and it’s terribly wickedly expensive. I ended up purchasing a bottle and felt pretty much the same as you do for the CT Magic foundation; it sat on top on my skin and felt far too emollient. I ended up sending the bottle to a friend of mine who has very similar skintones only she has dry skin and she ending up loving the foundation.

So fingers crossed, it works out better than I’m anticipating at this point 😀 . And I want to boot you know who on youtube in the arse for convincing me on the CT Magic.

Methinks the Armani has to be tried. I tend to like Armani foundations..they are just a PITA with the colour choices; no consistency between shades. I’m usually a 4 or 4.5, but I heard this new foundation runs light and 5 is very peachy orange which doesn’t work at all for me.. sigh….. I’m still an addict though

Christine, these are also available on Bergdorf Goodman’s website. Do you know if these are going into the permanent range?
I scooped up honeymoon yesterday. I’m drooling over Lilac Dreams and Disco Dust. But,I’m trying to decide if I should sit on my decision while I wait for some reviews. Gosh, Tom is so expensive!

Ok, thank you. I think I’m wanting the cream shadows a little more and have pre-saled the ones that weren’t OOS plus Honeymoon. That put a huge dent in the wallet. I’m going to wait for reviews.

Hi Christine. A Tom Ford SA from Neiman’s that I have worked with for a while told me that the honeymoon quad is LE and the rest are not. It appears that may likely be so because on Neiman’s website, there are icons right now for 4 quads and they are labelled for the four noted in this post, all except Honeymoon. Just FYI in case you hadn’t got word. I know it doesn’t count as “official” .

Try Neiman Marcus. I know they have them! If you can’t find it online call theNorth Park,Tx. Store. 214-363-8311.
If not Bergdorf Goodman did have it at the beginning of the week. But,the store above ,i just ordered from yesterday. I work with Michael & Lindsay. They are non comission though.Good luck!

That’s strange. I was told by a TF sales associate that Honeymoon is permanent. They needed a warm quad to replace Cognac Sable. Nude Dip is the cool toned version and they needed a warm.

I saw noticed that has swatches of some quads, the eye creams, liquid lipsticks and the shade and illuminate, which is my must-have from the collection. She suggested that the eye cream shadows are permanent but it was ambiguous if the eye shadow quads wew LE or permanent.

I hope Tom Ford issues a statement about which items are LE or permanent.

So, which do you think is solid Christine? The SA from the North Park store told me all the quads with the exception of Honeymoon are going into the permanent range. Also, ReallyRee posted that the 8 eye color creams are permanent too!

I had that feeling today. It just seemed off-all the different answers. That is the one thing that annoys me about Tom Ford cosmetics- why so hush,hush?. I mean the stuff is gorgeous. The prices are insane. only certain makeup obsessed and/or wealthy people are going to pay for that. So, I plunked down the cash for another quad and the Shade & Illuminate- from Neiman’s( which is a pain for me to return to because I have to mail it , I have returned once and it got lost-forever.) out of the fear…Hoping it wasn’t a stupid,expensive mistake.

On the Tom Ford site it says that the Runway products (Shade and Illuminate, and Lip Color Shine) are LE when you look at the individual product descriptions. The other products say nothing about being LE or otherwise.

Interested in Honeymoon looks like darker, warmer version of Nude Dip. TF shadow quads seem hit-or-miss, so will await reviews, and for $80, it needs an A or better

Agreed but MUFE isn’t $80 either! Tom Ford is a “luxury brand” so you’re paying at least as much for the name on the outside as for the product itself, a fact which I think you either love or despise. It’s annoying enough to me that I’ve never bought a Tom Ford product. I have paid $60 for a quality quad before that I knew I would use like mad but if you’re not unfathomably wealthy, it’s hard to justify going over that unless it is entirely undupeable and clearly innovative … which is the point, I suppose … to be exclusive to those who don’t have to care. But, admittedly, they do look lovely!

Oh boy, I thought I was in trouble at first, but I don’t wear a lot of blues or purples. I’ve have to see these in person…or see your swatches and reviews first.

Honeymoon and Last Dance have my interest piqued. Especially Honeymoon, no surprise there with my affinity for warm, autumnal shades such as these. But with thus price tag, I won’t step off into the wild blue spender until I read your reviews on these, Christine, should you decide to review them.

I have Nude Dip and the shadows absolutely glow on my eyes. I tried to order Honeymoon and Disco Dust, but didn’t have any luck. Will have to keep trying. Enjoy your weekend Christine!

Oh gosh, all of these are gorgeous, but the Last Dance quad caught my eye. The colors individually are pretty, but together on the same palette I think they look quite extraordinary.

I love the look of honeymoon… but that price is very steep. Maybe I can splurge as part of the birthday present next month. I also see some new foundations I want to try.

Honeymoon and Lilac Dream seem like perfection! Unfortunately they are WAY out of my price range. Even my highly honed justification skills can’t reason out $80 for a quad. If only I had won that powerball…

These look lovely but as usual a big Cream Color for Eyes release means my money’s going there instead. I just adore the eye creams so much and have great dupes for the powder colors already. I’m sure eventually one will sway me 😛 Going to need to play with the new lip pens but from what I’ve seen so far, Orchid Fatale looks like my kind of color.

I find it interesting that some of Tom Ford’s shadows have a more rounded appearance (akin to baked shadows) and have the “TF” logo embossed on them. I wonder why, is there a formula change, or is it just appearance? From what I can tell, the ones with the embossed logo perform significantly better than those that don’t.

Honeymoon is the same formula as nude dip. This formula can be used wet or dry. The other ones are the same as the rest of the line and include at least 1 glitter.

There’s definitely a formula difference. Some quads follow the Nude Dip formula, which is creamier and richer. Usually that one is preferred by most people (looks like Honeymoon, for example, is in the Nude Dip formula. Emerald Lust and Enchanted are other examples). The other is still nice, but certainly drier and less densely buttery. My Lavender Lust is my go-to palette since a purple smokey eye is my standard “no thinking needed, will work” look and I love it, but the formula in my Nude Dip and its ilk is better undoubtedly. The ND formula is intensely great and seems to magically blend itself on the eye. Also, that formula is known for wet/dry use possibilities whereas the other is not. Luckily, it’s often easy to spot the difference right off the bat to figure which formula is in use per quad.

The palettes with TF embossed are the wet and dry formula (see Honeymoon, Enchanted, Nude Dip). The formula is rich because is silicone-based. The others have the traditional formula that has better ingredients

The first one shown looks like something I’d want, only the price-tag is a big high for my liking, especially since it looks a lot like a Kiko quad I got for not a lot of money. Does anyone know why the TF logo is only on the one quad and not pressed into the others?

I’d love to have all or at least three of them. Gorgeous colours, and I love his eyeshadow formulation, works well with my skin type. I’m hating how low the Canadian dollar is since I love the US department stores I buy from, and absolutely loathe our one and only luxury department store, Holts, which doesn’t even have a proper e commerce website to purchase from!

Honeymoon looks interesting but I’ll have to wait to see an online photo somewhere of the ingredient lists. Tom Ford uses chromium oxide pigments in most of his eyeshadows nowadays, but not always, so I have to try to find an ingredient list somewhere to see for sure. It’s frustrating that prestige brands like Tom Ford hide their ingredient lists. 🙁

Happy to help everyone spend money LOL! Hey I just got Starry Night and Honeymoon today (OMG TF had them Saturday FedEx’d!) and….ladies and gents…they are INSANELY gorgeous. Imagine Nude Dip but with the colors that I think Burnished Amber was (I missed that palette whaa) and you have Honeymoon….I may have to order a backup because it’s too pretty to mess up. Starry Night is a lovely mix of blues (especially the dark navy in the lower right). Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play with them yet because I’m away from home until tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of theirs!

I just came from our Spring seminar and these new eyeshadow quads are all permanent 🙂
Lavender Lust, Sahara Haze, Cognac Sable and Ice Queen have been discontinued and these 5 new quads have replaced the discontinued quads. Honeymoon is the same wet/dry formula as Nude Dip.

Ok, I just received the Honeymoon Quad today and it is gorgeous!! I love the colors and formula. Truthfully I hesitated with the $80 price tag but I am so glad I indulged. Just beautiful!! No Regrets.

I just found Honeymoon in stock at Neiman Marcus. Its a hidden icon, no quad picture, you have to scroll over it where all the other quads are listed. In fact, all 5 quads were there, in icon but no pic. I was able to add it to my cart and purchase and it is listed as IN STOCK. Hope this helps!

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