Tom Ford Beauty Color & Skincare Collection to Launch in September

Tom Ford Beauty Collection

Tom Ford may have launched twelve lipsticks already, but his original intention was always to dive into a full color line. Today, WWD broke the news of Ford’s full expansion into color and skincare. Ford said, “I don’t like B.S. and a lot of promises, and there are a lot of products out there you don’t even need,” during an interview with WWD. The color collection will launch in September with a 132-stockkeping-unit collection with prices ranging from $30 to $250. The collection will be sold in Tom Ford Stores and Bergdorf Goodman, as well as select Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenues. It will also be in Italy’s La Rinascente and U.K.’s Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. The aim is to compete against luxury brands like By Terry and Cle de Peau.

Ford’s original Priviate Blend lipstick line will be expanded repackaged to 18 shades and launched at 100 doors globally. We will also see two new PRivate Blend fragrances–Santal Blush and Jasmine Rouge–which will be at 225 doors globally. Violet Blonde will be a new Signature Collection fragrance slated for a September launch.

The line will include products such as Calligraphy Tip Brow Pens, Shade and Illuminate Cream Duet, Lipglosses, Traceless Foundation Stick, Illuminating Protective Primer, Purifying Creme Cleanser, and Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme. When we have more information to share, we will do so!

Source: Β WWD

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Sarah S. Avatar

Bleh. I’m a major packaging girl, and this looks masculine to me… does that make any sense? If I want to feel masculine, I’ll skip makeup πŸ˜›

Emily O. Avatar

I think it’s a matter of personal style rather then understanding. Spartan Luxe doesn’t appeal to everyone just like Swarovski bling doesn’t suit all and sundry. That’s what’s so fun about beauty and fragrance I think, the varietals πŸ™‚

Sarah S. Avatar

LOL Maybe I am old-fashioned, but to me this isn’t a modern aesthetic. It looks kind of chunky/bulky and I think of modern as sleek and minimal. Another commenter compared the “clean lines” to Chanel, but I think Chanel’s packaging is more feminine because there are more curves, and it’s sleeker and less bulky. Guerlain’s packaging, while “weighty” to feel luxurious, also has more curves.

Duh Avatar

I think that it’s bizarre to think that the packaging looks more masculine. There are tons of lipsticks that have a square packaging, but they don’t look masculine. How weird to think that makeup with square packaging look masculine!

I guess not everyone can understand clean, modern aesthetic.

DUH Avatar

I think that’s bizarre to think that square packaging is more masculine. There are a lot of products that have square packaging and I don’t think that they look masculine or anything. LOL

leinti nti Avatar

i agree it does look like YSL. and also I hate the fact that he is in the promo pic. it looks like a case of ‘girls, I am in it, so you have to buy it because I am so cool.’ make up addicts like me though don’t buy like that. not excited at all.

Emily O. Avatar

Somehow it seems everything Tom Ford does and says recently is such a turn off. Maybe it reeks of insecurity to me? Now I am in awe of some of his fragrance creations but I’m burnt out on the race for exclusivity. Not the luxury products themselves, but the almost sibling-like race to make something so exclusive it practically doesn’t exist.

Jane Avatar

While I’m certainly not the target market and am somewhat annoyed by the fact that Tom’s products are always marketed a certain way, I am very excited by this. The packaging reminds me of luxury industrial Chanel. I really liked his lipstick formula (if not the color – DANG on wasting $45…) and look forward to the additional colors. I also hope they send Temptalia some products ahead of launch so that I can hear more about it!

kate Avatar

I was impressed but not blown away by the only one of his lipsticks I’ve tried. I’ll give this a look, but I don’t know that he’s quite playing on the level of the companies he’s trying to compete with.

Eugenia Avatar

I find the packaging to be sleek and very, very chic…much like everything else Tom Ford does. The price range is rather steep, but it’s been my experience with his products that you get what you pay for: quality wins every time…I like to think that I’ll simply “treat” myself every now & then, with one of his goodies!

Jessica Allison Avatar

Probably because it’s highly unlikely the makeup artist used actual Tom Ford products for the shoot. This, of course, is not at all unique to this brand, it’s just the norm that a brand hires an artist, and that artist uses which ever products they deem best.

Shannon Avatar

I love Tom Ford and think he’s done some amazing things thus far. The clean lines of the packaging doesn’t bother me, after all that’s what draws me to Chanel. Would anyone say that the iconic Chanel no. 5 is masculine? Nah, I wouldn’t. What puts me off, is the make-up done on the woman in the photo. Now I realize that Tom plays on the other team, but if he didn’t, would he seriously be attracted to that look? Would any reasonable sober man? I just think it’s a poor choice of artistry in displaying your product when what you want is to draw people in, not push them away.

Dusty Avatar

Agreed! Every woman I’ve ever met has said that women dress (including makeup) to impress other women, not men.

Men don’t care about your makeup ladies! They’re just tickled you’re talking to them… Take your top off and their in heaven πŸ˜‰

CupK8 Avatar

I love the irony of the creator of a luxury brand saying “there’s so much out there you don’t need.” It gave me a giggle.

Jessica Allison Avatar

That comment actually sat well with me, because it really is true. Sure, it’s nice to have 39 shades of teal in your makeup kit, but in the end, it’s not necessary.

Then I saw that he’s doing a makeup primer. I know a LOT of people are gonna disagree with mr here, but if you ask almost any make artist that’s been in the business more than 10 years or so & they’ll tell you that primer is probably the most over-hyped, unnecessary (but everyone has to have it now) product. So, yeah…

cherryglass Avatar

Can we talk about the makeup on the model? Anyone, anyone? Is it just me who is not turned on by the late 70’s disco diva look? I find his ads to be very consistent, but also, unimaginative and less than inspiring. I get it, it the aesthetic of the brand, but there is nothing new to grasp. At least her mouth is only half open this time.

Btw, I’m not taking into consideration potential oversaturation of the actual colours, just the concept

Jessica Allison Avatar

I actually like the aesthetic of this collection, but I’m sorry- $45 for a lip stick? There are way too many quality brands on the market for much less money, and there’s no such thing as an original color anymore, so I simply couldn’t justify spending anything near that.

Not to mention, I worked for the company I assume is producing this line, and I happen to know for a fact that lipsticks cost them less than $3 a tube (adjust for inflation, I suppose.) $45 is simple reprehensible.

Dusty Avatar

People often make the mistake that luxury brands are priced the way they are because they are saying they are “better” than other brands. These brands aren’t saying “buy me because I’m better than your $20 tube of lipstick.” Of course they aren’t! LOL!

I’ve said it a million times: Occasionally you get products with superior texture and presentation. Mostly you get a ticket to exclusivity (being able to say, “I can afford this and YOU cannot”). SOMETIMES though, it’s just fun to treat yourself to something frivolous!

We all prioritize our luxuries. I have friends who spend thousands of dollars each year on technology gadgets (notebooks, Kindles, iPhones, iPods, video games, etc.) Personally I think that’s just crazy! But then again, they’d roll their eyes at my makeup purchases or my guitar collection.

ak Avatar

I love the makeup on the model in the ad because the late 70s disco diva look is always hot! Long live Studio 54! LOL

I tried on a Tom Ford lipstick once and I have to say that it was rather long lasting even through eating food and what I tried on wasn’t even a dark red or dark berry color either, it was much lighter.

Trish Avatar

I adore Tom Ford eau de Parfums! For me a stop to Neiman Marcus isn’t complete w/o stopping by to smell them. Will finally save up enough $$$ to buy one.

Helena Avatar

Lara Stone’s makeup looks so over-shopped. Don’t professional photomanipulators know that bumping up saturation can make a photo look fake?
I find commenters’ comparison of the packaging to YSL’s hilarious, given what Yves Saint Laurent had said about Tom Ford when he took over at YSL.

dani Avatar

That looks nice, the images r very 80s lol and i like the fact it looks simple and no nonesense products, problem is price tom is known for expensive perfume nd the basic price is $30 for sumthing? So yh… Not sure if ill try it lol

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