Three Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes I Want to See

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes

Today, Urban Decay confirmed the upcoming Naked Cherry palette, which features a variety of pink-leaning hues, in their signature 12-pan format.  As I was reacting, it also got me thinking about how much I’d love to see Urban Decay reveal a new book, rather than continue to turn the pages in their Naked range.  I’m fan of most of the Naked range, and I like how they’re permanent and make neutral eyes readily available.  But as a long-time Urban Decay fan, I am also dying for them to consider richer, deeper, and less neutral-hues in palettes that aren’t just released during the holidays.  Palettes that are cohesive, travel-friendly, and available year-round.  I think of it as a complement to Naked rather than a replacement.

It must have been that rainbow eye makeup I did this morning that had me diving into Photoshop to create my own dream palettes, and here’s where I went… I’d called it the Velvet line-up, which is a tie to the brand’s own Velvet eyeliners that are deeper, smokier takes on their original eyeliner range.

P.S. — My philosophy shows a bit as perfecting brow bone highlighters and transition shades is tricky to please a universal audience (due to diverse skin tones), so while I wanted to include shades I could see being used in the crease, above it, and possibly on the brow bone, if one needs to bring in a lighter brow bone or transition shade, I think that still makes each palette very versatile.

Velvet Vale

I think earthy, more green-leaning neutral palettes are hard to find in permanent options, and Urban Decay makes some fabulous greens so I know they could do it justice.  The more forest-like greens are grounded by neutrals that have been slightly desaturated and are more yellow- and olive-based than orange- or red-based).  As always, a mix of depths and finishes to create a cohesive selection of shades.

Velvet Opulence

This is my ode to the metallic and jewel-toned shades that I always gravitate toward.  I’ve designed this one so that it looks like two palettes in one, which, I believe, makes it easier to see possible color combinations as there are two color stories (half and half, if you will) but that if you stretch your imagination, you’ll see plenty of possibilities mixing and matching between the two sides.  This is a palette that tries to weave cool and warm, light and dark, metallic and matte into one bold, eye-catching palette.

Velvet Empress

To me, the Velvet range isn’t necessarily about being brighter or colorful but richer overall, whether that’s in the saturation or is the depth or the inherent lack of typical neutrals.  I think this straddles a line between Naked and where I’d want to take Velvet as a series because plums and mauves are often included here and there within neutral palettes.  I feel like they’re the new neutrals.  They’re more approachable than bright blues for more people, they offer a little pop and oomph, but they’re easier to use together whether it’s only a couple of shades or half a dozen in a look.  This palette combined cooler, purplish and purplish-taupe shades along with slightly warmer, more mauve and plum hues across a mix of finishes and depths.

Where would you like to see Urban Decay go with their palettes?


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Tiffany Avatar

ME TOO ME TOO. I actually said (when i saw the pics but didn’t read the headline) ‘ praise jesus a company finally got it right’…..and then heartbreak. why aren’t they listening to Christine? these are what we all want!

Leigh H. Avatar

I’ve been dreaming of something like “Velvet Vale” myself. They really need to read Temptalia at UD headquarters as Christine seems to know their audience better than they do! Or at least the older OG fans. 🙂

Seher Avatar

I really hope someone at UD is reading this 🙂 Love your take on their palettes. Hope to see some variety soon. The cherry palette just looks like a darker version of Naked 3.

Karine Avatar

I feel like the recent Naked palette should bear another name, it’s not just nude anymore (just one shade declined). I’d love to see some palettes like you imagined Christine. With diversity, one could do more different look.

Christine Avatar

I totally agree, Karine! I saw Naked Cherry and felt like it was stretching the Naked theme and was just surprised they weren’t moving to a new series, you know? Nothing wrong with Naked but they’re such a powerhouse brand that I think they could certainly get plenty of coverage of [NotNaked] Cherry palette.

Seraphine Avatar

Since we’re dreaming of the ideal palette, what I’d really love would be a make-your-own UD palette! Same design, but you pick your own 12 shades, and it would cost the same as a regular UD palette. They would have a nice selection of light, medium, and dark shades in mattes and shimmers. Wishful thinking!

Jennifer Avatar

Living for that Velvet Vale! I love green eyeshadow palettes, but they always fall a little short for me. I would buy Velvet Vale TODAY if that was released. I’ve pretty much got purples coming out of my arse but I am looking for a well thought out green palette and taupe palette leaning more cool than warm. Love all three of your concepts.

GUSnail Avatar

What well thought out color stories and concept!

Like you, Christine, I’ve always been attracted to more jewel tones, so I am particularly attracted to the first two palette ideas.

I think something like this would be attractive to a lot of UD fans. While UD has a great formula, and does have great brights in their singles, brighter palettes are often bulky in packaging (something I really dislike). I hope they see this and really give it some thought. It would be wonderful if they reached out to you and involved you in some way.

kjh Avatar

Love. Christine does CP. Christine does UD. And we’re not surprised she does them better. These have all the vibrancy of the old Vice palettes, with a cohesive schema that Vice never had. I’d take all 3, in 3, 1, 2 order. Just wonderful. I love that you make the time to do this periodically, as it seems that so much is churning out in your pipeline. (we appreciate you gearing up for the holiday onslaught.) Doing your take on a brand’s offerings would make a terrific quarterly feature.

Satsumacaravan Avatar

Cool tones and smokiness all the way. I’d put Velvet Empress first on my to-buy list, but would be tempted by Velvet Vale too. Please take note, UD!

Sam Avatar

I’m really digging your Velvet palettes, especially Velvet Vale. I don’t own any Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes – I do have single eyeshadows though – and I think it’s because I have similar color schemes from other brands. I really like the Moondust single shadows so I’d preferably like to see a smaller 6-quad eyeshadow palette with glittery or duochrome finishes.

Ana Maria Avatar

I love the Velvet Vale and Velvet Empress ideas! I’m bored by all the warm toned palettes with the same mixture of pinks, lights, browns, oranges, reds and burgundies. And anything eyeshadow that has a slight tint of orange and red makes me look sick. 😆
Would love recommendations for deep greens and purples.

But congratulations Christine on how those palettes look. Your creativity and taste for color continues to amaze me!

Sonia Avatar

Of all the current and past lineups of beauty influencers who have had a collaboration with a makeup brand, you are the most deserving of them all. I would scoop you up as a brand consultant in a heartbeat if I was UD/Loreal.

Roberta Chan Avatar

When I first saw the first three shots, I thought “yes! Finally”. I also would love Urban Decay to go with different shades. I have brown eyes and would love the green valve/similar. I am going to skip on the Cherry collection.

Stacey Avatar

What I prefer is the permanent shades in a rectangular shape container like in the naked palettes. That way I can replace some shades.
Instead of the token shape, be in this rectangular shape. Easier to travel and store.
If may not look as snazzy, but it would be more functional.

Except for some liight tone red…I don’t like the reds or purple reds. I look like bruised eyes…the vampire look on me. So this cheery thing is out.

M Avatar

Your palettes are fantastic, especially Empress and Vale!
I’m excited to see Cherry in person as I’ve always loved but never purchased Naked3. The lipsticks and eye pencils are also calling out to me. Hopefully they don’t miss the mark.

Nancy T Avatar

Having heard about the Naked Cherry around a week ago, PLUS the tm’s for two more palettes…one of which was reported to be called Naked Honey (oh, the other ™ that Elle showed was called Naked AF)
Naked Honey, if legit, needs to be comprised of the shades like you’ve shown in the stunning greens and goldens of Velvet Vale! I would buy that in a heartbeat!
I’d buy Velvet Empress, too! Very green and hazel eye friendly, without canceling out brown and blue eyes, either.

JuliaKateLucy Avatar

I’d buy Velvet Empress in a heartbeat if it came into being. I completely agree with you, it would be wonderful to see UD create another line of palettes, not to replace the NAKED series but to compliment it. I’m bummed they discontinued the original Naked palette as that one was my favorite.

FemmeNoirBeauty Avatar

These palettes are GORGEOUS! I would scoop up all three but my favorite is Velvet Opulance! I can’t stay away from a good jewel tone. Now that Huda Beauty has revealed her new color obsessions palettes, I wonder what you think about the green-tones that her palette has to offer.

Laurie Avatar

I love your Velvets, Christine, and would also love Cool Velvets and Pale Velvets. While all three of yours feature some cool shades, I would wish for a cool palette and a pale palette … and for both to feature mostly velvety finishes as opposed to shimmery ones. I love eyeshadow, but it’s inappropriate where I live to walk around like I’m wearing much of it. It’s crunchy here in Portland. Worse, I’m uber pale, and a mid-tone is dark on me. Your Empress is gorgeous, but as much as I love it, most of the shades are TOO rich. Give me soft grays, pinks and purples, and to amp them up, some light taupe, silvers and I’ll even go for some duochromes with a warm base, like rose gold and lavender pewter. Velvets remind me of castles, so the pale version would have a stone base, and faded tapestry shades like greens and blues and blonds and browns.

CeeBee Avatar

Whoa, your mocked up versions are way more exciting than the Cherry offering! I love Temptress and Opulence and I’m not a big wearer of greens but Vale looks gorgeous too!

Quick, somebody on social media SnapTweet this at them on FaceTube! 😉

Elisa Avatar

I would buy the Velvet Vale right now!! I love greens and unfortunately there are no green palettes out there. Every year I hope some brand would release one and…..nope! ;-(

xamyx Avatar

Apparently, Cargo did one (I *almost* picked it up at TJ Maxx the other day…), and Melt Cosmetics has stated they’re going to do another run of Gemini, so you can sign up for the notification on their site. Also, MAC, MUG, and several “indie” brands do fairly inexpensive singles, so putting together a custom palette for about the same cost of a pre-made palette.

kjh Avatar

There really wasn’t a lot of green in that Emerald City. ‘Course it’s named after Portland O, I believe. I like how Cargo lays out in duos/quads to make it easy to understand. Been tempted by that one, too, at TJX.

sharon wagner Avatar

The things I would do for all three of these, particularly the green and purple based pallettes. Give us green eyed ladies a chance at some fun here,UD!!!

katie Avatar

I thought Velvet Vale was real and I Was Ready To Buy!!! Nobody’s gives green any love! You know I have Jealousy Wakes depotted in my 15-pan next to New Crop, Bottle Green, Plumage, Lime, Goldmine, Electric Eel and Vex! Lucky was out of stock. What other greens in pans should I throw in a MAC palette?

Flaky Avatar

Thank you Christine!! This is exactly the green palette I want to see. Lots of complementary blending shades, not just a random green slapped in an otherwise neutral palette. I’ve been waiting for years & hope some company finally remembers that green is a color!!

Anya Avatar

If only these were real….*sigh*
Christine you have enough clout and influence to make this happen. UD should take a page out of your book and seriously consider these color stories.

indoorkitty Avatar

for a moment there I thought these were promo photos and literally felt elated. I am DYING for UD to come out with a colorful range in the naked format with color stories like you created here christine. velvet vale and velvet empress I would buy in a heartbeat!!! I would LOVE to see nicely formulated and permanent green, blue, purple or yellow palette with a couple of neutral shades or something else that would make the scheme cohesive. I don’t know why it’s so hard for UD to risk this. I feel at this point most people, even those who are not makeup enthusiasts, are ready for something like this, it’s not like it wouldn’t be business savvy. so pretty much yes to everything you said christine. I really hope UD takes notice, yes there are always indie brands that offer interesting color stories but I never owned any of the naked palettes and always wanted one but slightly more colorful.
anyhow, I saw today that Huda is coming out with those small palettes of which one is green and one blue. so I guess someone is at least listening. I really hope they get a good review from you because I want to get them so badly.

Natasha Avatar

I perked up when I saw these three palettes, especially Velvet Opulence, which is something I haven’t done in awhile when seeing a new palette release, from any brand really. I am bored to tears with the Naked line. I thought the Electric palette was a signal they were going back to their roots, but I suppose brown and beige sell more than lime green and hot pink 😛

Linda Avatar

I would love to see your vision become a reality. I remember your Jealousy Wakes and I still treasure it. You could easily design fo UD or maybe your own line but that would probably mean no more blog and that we be sad to me. I’m not sure when you first started blogging but I have been reading you for at least 8-10 years.

Melissa Avatar

I would love to see UD work on making a richer formula and operating in sort of a mid-range Pat McGrath type space – a little cheaper, a little more accessible shade range, but rich, beautiful, curated color stories that are a joy to touch and wear. This would be a step in that direction.

Di Avatar

I, like almost everyone else here, was super excited until I saw they were just your ideas. That Velvet Opulence has me shook. Honestly, if it was me, I’d want to see another Electric-like palette, maybe with some more UV-reactive pigments. I love duochromes too, and UD has always had killer duochromes.

Kathryn Haley Avatar

Holy crap! I would buy all three of these!!!! For a moment I thought they were actual UD palettes that are about to launch and I just about lost it over the green one and then I realized they were aspirational palettes. Nice work, hope a brand out there takes note.

Catherine Avatar

To my eye Naked Cherry looks like a sister to Naked 3, yawn. I would be quick to buy at least Velvet Vale over anything UD has been coming out with. I’m such a big fan of olive green shadows and the only recent one to have emerged was the Melt Gemini palette, and that was quick to sell out. Now if only UD took note.

V Avatar

MakeupStruggles on YT does this all the time! Reimagines palettes yo what she feels would be better and why. So creative; UD and other makeup companies need to hire fresh creative pple. Naked cherry is a snooze fest.

Catalina Guajardo Avatar

Yeees. Thank you Christine!! I’m so sick of all the red, orange and pink eyeshadows. No offense taste is more what u proposed. I’d buy those in a heartbeat!! Makes perfect sense, and the combos are mesmerizing. Hopefully urban decay is paying attention!

Evelyn Avatar

They really need to collab with you, I would definitely have bought 2 of those palettes (I’m just not a super fan of greens on my eyes). It would be such a nice change of pace to a mix of colors and 1 pop of neutral. lol
The Cherry palette I need to see in person to get a good idea of whether I’d like it or not. We’ll see!

Tiffany K. Avatar

It’s like you read my mind! I’ve said for awhile now that UD should do other colors like that but keep them together. Your combos look fabulous and is basically what I was thinking except to take the first palette you did and do all the colors that way. We all know that UD could do great on palettes that were just “greens”, “blues” and “purples”…I’m surprised they haven’t done it yet honestly.

Marusia Verdi Avatar

Oh gooooosh, I need green colors, very need! And this is my real pain that there is almost nothing of it!
Some time ago I thought that because of monstera-and-palms trend the green color will boom more in make up. But no. Again – light olive, mint, chartreuse, green-blue, green-grey. Or one nice green color in 15-colored palette:(
And finally I see that someone also thinks about nice deep green!

Denise S. Avatar

Lol Christine that was a cold bucket of ice water! I was super excited to see those palettes coming out and no such thing!! I had already imaged buying the first two and probably the 3rd. This is as cruel a trick as the Tarte’s Icy Betch April Fools day palette.

Hénomis Avatar

Brilliant idea and I really like these palettes! As to Naked Cherry, well, I’m super disappointed: it looks a lot like Backtalk IMO, especially the brighter colours, so I don’t really see the point… It’s just a neutral palette with a few pops…

Melissa Avatar

I would by the SHIT out of Velvet Vale. I’ve noticed many palettes coming out now or for winter have a deep matte teal and I like where that is headed. However, we really do need a good green palette. I’m so over all the reds!

Saira Avatar

I would love it if UD came out with your palette ideas! I love the whole idea of a ‘Velvet’ range of palettes. The green one is really interesting, as I haven’t seen a green eyeshadow palette like Velvet Vale before. I also love the mix of tones in Velvet Opulence. Wish these palettes were real!

Amy Wright Avatar

So I just sorted through ALL my makeup this week and realized not only do I have a problem, not ONLY do I have more makeup than I could use in my lifetime and should sell some of it, but that I didn’t need to buy 75% of all the new things I wanted (okay, like 90% if I’m honest). That being said, I would still buy all three of those palettes in a heartbeat and not regret a second of it lol. Not because they’re just so beautiful, but because I actually don’t own a lot in those particular shades and I would love to. Plus, I’m a little tricky to find a palette for where all the shades are truly usuable to me, and all three of those dream palettes are pretty much ? for me. Sigh. If only!

Katherine T. Avatar

OMG Christine, I would be all over the purple and green palettes! I agree, brands don’t put enough of these colors into a palette, or they’ll put in 9 browns and 3 purples and call it a “purple” palette. Same with greens. I think UD needs to hire you!

Belle Avatar

I would snatch up Velvet Empress in a heartbeat! ❤️ I don’t understand how purple can be their signature color (and Wende’s favorite color!) , and not have a permanent purple palette in their lineup!

Diana Avatar

The green one is stunning!! so very few green palettes around. I think HUDA was going to release one of the small ones with monochromatic color schemes.

Tasha Avatar

I got so excited, These are fabulous! I thought this was real. I want the Green pallet. I agree, its time to venture away from the neutrals, reds, rose golds, peach etc no one has a green themed pallet. Maybe one day it will happen, *fingers crossed. Thanks for the great article!

Geraldine Martinez Avatar

Velvet vale looks like a slighter brighter version of Melt’s Gemini palette. That palette is what everyone was asking for and it was so limited edition. They should listen to u and bring velvet vale out! Everyone would snag it up!

Alecto Avatar

It’s so hard to tell how much actual pink the Cherry palette has since they surrounded it with so much pink; I see 6 shades that look like they could be measurably pink, with 3 more that look like they have the potential to be duochromes with a pink component. This might be a worthy inclusion in the Naked line, assuming it’s not all a trick of the light (and that it isn’t poor quality).

As for your fantasy palettes … so much yes! Especially the Empress (with my yellow skin that would look like dirt on me, but it’s not about me — the world needs a palette like that!). And to me eye, the green one looks especially well done; lotsa very appealing neutral-y neutrals in there as opposed to the warmer versions.

Kudos for pulling this together — looks like a lot of work!

manal Avatar

even if they keep on doing naked palettes, i wish there was a green based naked because i feel in even earthy greens there’s soooo much possibility of shades to have. and an overall purple/mauve toned neutral palette even if it isn;t as vibrant as the one you created. i’ve been dying for these two possibilities ever since naked 3 came out, and with every new naked palette, i feel disappointed that they haven’t done a green or purple toned one

Troo Avatar

Dear Urban Decay,

Take my money and give me Christine’s Velvet Empress palette right now and don’t mess it up by putting a blue in it because I can’t wear blue, okay?!

jel888 Avatar

The comments have exploded and for good reason! They need to work with you! Great palettes, even the Cherry one I may actually consider (I have only one Naked palette, Naked 3). The only thing, a blue one is missing (with colors like in that crazy Tarte April Fool’s Day palette, but with a few browns, taupes and funky duo chrome purple-greens).

Meghan Avatar

Nearly lost my mind when I was scrolling, thinking this was a real release. I’m more excited about these palettes than I’ve been about anything UD has put out since Naked 2. Great eye, Christine! UD – make it so!

Irina Avatar

WRONG!! You should’ve started your own brand and launch these AMAZING palettes!! My gosh! How impeccable they loooooook *drools*
So well thought-through, varied and versatile, super beautiful colours AND so well coordinated! (I see a lot of palettes lately – especially in indie brands… – that are super colourful but as a whole, the colours / nuances / undertones are somehow clashing and very dissonant. You must have a thorough knowledge of colour or a really good sense – I’d say both!)
I’d buy all three tbh (even if I can’t really afford high-end that much haha), I’d probably start with the first one 😀 (tho the second one I’d use on the daily)
Congrats – and fingers crossed that UD sees this and does a collab with you <3

Christine Avatar

I think sometimes the goal is different, you know? I wanted to make color present but have them be more “approachable” at mass, knowing that that’s what UD would need to achieve to be successful (there’s a reason why brands keep rolling out neutral palettes!).

To me, it’s like a rainbow-themed palette or all neon palette – they are functional and useful, but they aren’t cohesive for most people and can require too much thinking of what else to pull in (vs. just pulling in one or two shades). Trying to make the color scheme and how to wear it more obvious should, hopefully, make it more consumer-friendly en masse!

LauraR Avatar

Oh my goodness Christine you nailed it! I’d buy the top two in a hot minute. I’ve been looking for some pretty, wearable green combinations and I always have to pull from several places. That’s the perfect combo! And the middle one is so interesting with great color options, I’m instantly drawn to it. It’s not that I don’t like the cherry one, but I have the Huda rose gold so I already have these shades. If it rates very well I’ll still consider it, but yours look awesome.

Janin Avatar

Seriously, this feels way more thought out than any of their recent palettes. Thank you for sharing!

Shannon Avatar

Those are all gorgeous! It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who loves jewel tones. Urban Decay could easily market the first two to the general public. If they didn’t want to do a full purple palette it would be good to see even a Naked Basics-sized UD purple palette.
I’ve been reading your blog for probably eight years now, and your reviews have really helped me build my collection. You’re probably the only makeup guru I’d love to see create a collaboration collection. (Are you listening, UD?)

Jennifer Avatar

Geez I wish these were real, you did a great job Christine with these palettes. I love them and would definitely buy them. I’m shook at these colors lol. Great article! xx

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