Do you think eye cream is a must-have?

Do you think eye cream is a must-have? Share!

I doubt they’ll hurt, but just keeping the area hydrated and protected (sunscreen, sunglasses) from any face cream/moisturizer helps but genetics play such a huge role in how we age, where we age, etc. I don’t think a specific eye cream is necessary, as long as you have a good moisturizer for your face.

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I think eye cream is a definite must. The skin around your eyes have no oil glands and therefore get dry. I have used regular moisturizer around my eyes but that makes my eyes sting sometimes.

For me personally, it is. I have extremely dry lids & under eye area, so not only is moisturizing important for appearance, it also makes my eyes more comfortable. That said, I don’t necessarily need a cream specifically for the eye area, as long as it doesn’t cause stinging/burning-which many “eye creams” do, since they tend to be loaded with fragrance (which contributes to dryness, LOL!). I typically use pure shea butter at night, and a vitamin E stick during the day. For days I need more, I’ll use jojoba, argan, or maracuja oil.

My eye are is much drier and sensitive than the rest of my face, so I personally need it. I don’t buy products specifically marketed as eye creams, though, since it’s often a total rip-off when it comes to price and quantity. I prefer buying a good, somewhat rich moisturizer for sensitive skin and use it around the eye area and anywhere else I’m drier.

I was always told by sales associates at the Clarins counter that regular moisturizers can clog the pores in the eye area. I never thought to use a rich moisturizer for sensitive skin there but it sounds like it’s worth a shot!

Many “eye creams” also contain ingredients that plump the skin in the area, but it’s only as long as one uses the product. Women (and men!) will be persuaded to try a product at a counter, and *will* see a difference, so they’ll buy & use it, but the day they stop, everything will go back to “normal”. I personally don’t like the idea of having those types of chemicals around the eyes, so prevention is key. While genetics do play a part, regular moisturizing, sunglasses, corrective/magnifying lenses, etc… should be a daily habit.

Any ingredient can clog pores if you’re prone to it (non-comedogenic is really just a marketing spiel). Some products labeled eye cream did give me milia as well, for instance. I really like Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer for this purpose, since it’s pretty rich but doesn’t feel heavy, and it doesn’t give me milia or make my eyes water. πŸ™‚

That’s true, especially with how much I use eyedrops lately. The salinity of the eyedrops tend to dry out my eyelids — One day I woke up with my crease all messed up because the inner portion of my eyelid was so dry. That was worrisome at first, but moisturizing the area fixed it immediately.

I use Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizers! The lotion one with SPF for daytime and the cream one without SPF for nighttime. My eyes have gotten much drier lately, however, so I’m considering trying their Moisture Boost Moisturizer with SPF 30 for daytime.

I personally think that the best thing about Paula’s Choice is that they sell samples, so you can get a few samples to last you a week or two and see how you like them go before committing to full size. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

For me, eye cream is a must have! I can see a major difference when I don’t use eye cream as when I do use it. It keeps the area moisturized but doesn’t keep the bags away πŸ™

Yes, I think it’s a must-have.
I don’t apply face moisturizer around my eyes, the skin there being very thin and fragile the risk of a bad reaction or irritation is high, so I use products approved by the manufacturer for use around the eyes exclusively. Creams that are too rich can also cause puffiness, on the other hand oil-free moisturizers might not bring all the protection needed. And finally you need the right kind of texture to act as a good primer for concealer. So yes, I definitely need a specialized product.

That being said, the number one role of an eye cream is to moisturize efficiently so fine lines caused by dehydration disappear, and I’m not sure the fanciest ones do really more than the mid-range brands options.
One thing that I don’t believe in anymore is the power of eye-creams to diminish dark circles. I’ve tried a ton in different forms over the years, from cooling sticks to Clinique Even Better with a massaging applicator, and none have had any kind of effect. As for puffiness, applying anything cold will work better than a cream.

So yes, they’re a necessity for me, but I don’t expect any miracle from them.

I usually use my regular face cream on eye area as I tend to choose lightweight gel formulas that are very moisturising. For protection I bought the Etude House Eye’s cream with SPF30 and use it under my makeup. So, no, a cream is not a must, but protection is a must, either cream or sunnies.

I’m 28 and in the last 2 years or so it’s become a must-have for me. I know that theoretically a facial moisturizer should do the job, but my skin gets pretty dry under the outer parts of my eyes and eye creams make a pretty big difference for me. I don’t think it’s necessary to spend a fortune, though, as long as I can find a good formulation. Moisturizing masks are helpful, too.

Not really, no. I think it’s nice to have a moisturising cream of the right consistency that you can massage the eye area with (especially if you get Thesisbags like I do), but it doesn’t *have* to be a special eye cream. While I don’t doubt there are creams that are really effective for different peoples’ eye areas, I tend to regard the idea that one *needs* a *special* cream with suspicion.

I, for example, use the Lancome Genifique eye cream every day. It is moisturising and has a nice thin-but-still-slippery-but-still-fresh consistency. Why do I use this expensive eye cream that I can’t afford? Because I managed somehow to accrue the most breathtaking quantity of samples! πŸ˜› I figure if I have it I might as well use it, but when they’re gone, they’re gone. That stuff is like $150 a jar here or something, LOL, and while it’s nice, I don’t feel like it is OMG$150LIFECHANGING nice! πŸ˜€ Drinking water, wearing sunglasses to eliminate squinting, and getting sleep are more effective in the long run, I feel.

I think age plays a factor. When I was in my 20s, I certainly didn’t use an eye cream. I’m in my late 40s and now I consider it a necessity. I have combination-oily skin, but the skin under my eyes is straight up dry now. Any moisturizer that is appropriate for my normal cheeks and oily t-zone is not going to do it for that area, so I now use an eye cream.

I love eye cream, but definitely don’t feel it’s a necessity a long as your moisturizer and sunscreen don’t irritate the eye area! (And if they do, switch!) I’m just a skincare junkie.

For me it is! I have combination skin with normal cheeks and oily T-zone, but my undereye area is drier. My regular moisturizers probably wouldn’t cut it. I know that most eye creams don’t contain anything more “magical” than a lotion, but since I will have to buy a separate product anyways, I tend to first look at the eye cream aisle.

This exactly. I don’t usually buy eye cream; I almost always use deluxe samples offered by Sephora (bought with points or bonus with purchase). Same with mascara, actually.

I don’t see it as more effective to buy a full-sized moisturizer that won’t be appropriate for the rest of my skin; I’d never use it up before it got too old to use. A smaller eye cream makes more sense for me.

Eye cream is necessary in the sense a regular moisturizer may migrate into my very sensitive eyes but, an eye cream is thicker and won’t be as likely to do so!

Probably not a must, but if the skin around, or perhaps rather under the eyes is sensitive I think it’s a good thing. I use eyecream, and I have noticed differences in how they work on the dark areas under the eyes. I dont have very dark circles, but the skin there is s bit darker. I had a sample of an eyecream that was fantastic, and when I was going to buy it, they didnt have it in stock, and now I can’t remember what it was called, or the brand. Annoying.
At the moment I use Benefit It’s Potent, and I find it quite good, It reall moisturizes, I can get dry patches under the eyes, with flakey skin, ouch, disgusting, and too muc information πŸ™‚ Andyway it helps with that issue and it’s made the dark areas a bit lighter.
So for me, I think it’s a must have, but for younger skin without any issues, I’d try my regular moisturizer first.
Today I write long replies. Sorry for that.

Was it Philosophy Miracle-something, and comes in a white pump container? That’s the *only* “eye cream” I found to have even the slightest effect, and didn’t irritate my eyes…

No, it wasn’t. I haven’t seen Philosophy in any of the online stores I buy from. We had Philosophy here a long time ago. Pity it’s no longer available.
It was just a sample that came with an order of other stuff. When i found i really liked the eyecreme I couldn’t find it on the site, and then i forgot witch brand it was from. I think it was something with numbers.
I really like the Benefit formula, it makes the cirkles a bit brighter, but I don’t think any cream can make darkness under the eyes disappear completely.
I must appologise for my so very sloppy typing. I must start proofreading.

I think eye cream is more important as you get older, and is something to get into the habit of doing whilst young. I agree. I don’t think you need a specific targeted cream, but something hydrating and sensitive to the area!

Eye cream is a must for me! Under my eyes gets really dark and sunken if I do not apply eye cream twice a day. I use Origins Mega Bright Eye Cream (after my shower) and Origins Eye Doctor (at night). I have VERY dry skin, and my eye area is way too delicate to use plain ol’ moisturizer on. I find that eye cream is the only thing that lightens and plumps the skin of my eye area. It is truly amazing to me the difference eye cream makes to my skin (not to mention self esteem)! I would rather use a good eye cream rather than cover up with a concealer.

I think hydrating the eye area is a must. But like a lot of people in this thread, I don’t know how ‘necessary’ eye cream in particular is. That said, I do own eye creams and use them every day, but that’s because with the seasons changing (we got a dump of snow in Northern Canada today) my eye lids become very dry because of the climate and my sometimes sensitive skin is prone to dermatitis. I have several small patches around my face that flare up from time to time, but nothing in particular makes them go away (sometimes they just reappear/ disappear no matter what my regime).

Meh. I know I’m in the age range where you really should start worrying about that sort of thing (34) and I get plenty of them in beauty boxes, but I really don’t see much of a difference when I do it. So it’s usually the first thing to go when I’m in a hurry and need to save time.

In the mornings I use my normal sunscreen/moisturizer, so that I get sunscreen around the eyes. At night I’ve been using vaseline since my early 20s. Yes, I know it’s controversial, but it works for me. Now I also use a retinol eye cream. And sometimes when I’m at my boyfriend’s I use kiehls avocado eye cream instead of vaseline. Vaseline won’t stain my white sheets but it will stain his darker ones.

I guess it does, tho it depends…some eye creams aren’t that good ingredients-related. Typical anti-wrinkle stuff like retin-a may sting the eyes so how can i use it there? πŸ™ hm

I tend to think eye cream is unnecessary, though I have used a heavier moisturizer around my eyes than I use on the rest of my face since my skin tends to be oily. I always thought that as long as a general moisturizer is safe for use around the eyes, there’s no need to buy a separate eye cream.

However, I recently got a deluxe sample of the Bobbi Brown eye cream (the regular one, not extra strength), and I was just blown over. I have never used anything around my eyes that actually took away fine lines, diminished dark circles, and took away the under-eye crepiness under makeup, but for me, the BB eye cream is IT. So I’ll definitely be using that from now on, and for me, it is a must-have.

One more thing — I read some of these comments talking about facial moisturizers not being gentle enough for use around the delicate eye skin. For me personally, I never use anything on my face that is scented or likely to cause irritation, so that’s why I said that I am ok with using face moisturizers around the eye area.

I don’t use eye creams because they are too heavy and made the delicate skin under my eyes develop milia. I rather use serums or eye gels, the Ultimate Eye Lift Gel by Ole Henriksen is my go to for eye moisturizer.

Maybe – for some skin types. Wearing sunglasses will definitely help – don’t squint and you might not need as many eye creams, etc. It has worked for me! If you catch yourself squinting, please stop.

Definitely a must have – I started on eye creams years before I knew anything about sunscreens and I have hardly any crows feet and I’m 53 — my younger brother has way more lines around his eyes than I do.

For sure! Eye cream is a must! It is not good to put face cream around eye area, cuz overtime you may develop those white pimples. I have a patient, she used body cream for her face also, thinking that all creams are equal and now she is going through all those laser procedures to get rid of side effects that caused body cream to her undereye skin and face, so stressfull and very expensive.
So, love yourself, invest money to an eyecream too. Your have only one face, and it does need care, not only makeup!

I’ve only found 2 through the years that were any good: Caudalie Premier Cru + a discontinued rich one by Borlind. Now, I’m using PC (who definitely does NOT believe in dedicate eye creams, although she rates them on Beautypedia). But, with PC, you use an antioxidant serum and a facial moisturizer, so it may actually work out to be the same… Am liking that combo. And use the 1st aid beauty eye duty triple remedy as a concealer/primer. don’t tell paula!

In general, as a correct routine it is necessary to use an eye cream. Now it depends on your skin type, on weather and on the products you use (primer, make-up, corrector, etc.) The trend is to put care element in products.

I don’t have a particularly dry undereye area, so I don’t need them for moisture I don’t think. But the Origins GinZing Eye Cream is an absolute must for me. I have such bad dark circles that without it, concealer just doesn’t cut it.

GinZing is amazing! I love the lightening and plumping properties it has. It helps brighten tired eyes almost instantly. I will say a lot of people may not be partial to eye creams because they have not tried Origins. Quality makes a difference!

I’m not sure if it’s necessary but I use it as a precaution since my mom has lovely skin but you can see the wrinkles around her eyes. So I use a cheaper, Sephora-brand one just to keep the area moisturised. I do hope it works down the line!

It depends on the person. And how old you are. I never used to use them, but as I seen the crepiness started to settle into my eyelids this past year or so, I’m using them regularly.

Yes! I have been using a day eye cream and a night eye cream since I was 23 yrs. old. I am now 56 yrs old and have only a few, very fine lines around my eyes. I have no under eye discoloration and no bags.

Question: Is/ was the same for your family elders? I find that genetics play a big part on this. Non only mother line but also dad’s line. Some people work outdoors, never use anything and have wonderful skin, and then you meet some older family members and you realize why.

I second that, Christine. I do not use an eye cream. I did use before to experiment and see the results. But, with my own face moisturiser, I find that the eyelid area is pretty much moisturised. And the skin feels and looks good. So, no splurging on expensive eye creams for me. I’d rather buy a good quality face moisturiser and it’ll do the job for the eye area as well.

I didn’t bother with eye creams for years; however, I’m now 57 and while I got away with it for a long time, once I tried a sample of Chanel’s Le Lift Eye Creme, I was hooked. It takes care of the creepy skin under my eyes and, most important, an extra fold in the crease of one eye (caused by surgical tape during a lengthy operation). It has virtually erased my very faint crows feet AND the two deep frown wrinkles between my eye brows. Yes, it’s insanely expensive, but I, too, have learned how to get by with generously sized samples. Now that I’ve realized the benefits of a good eye cream, I wouldn’t dream of going without.

I think when you are in your teens and twenties, you can get away from using a specific eye cream (as long as you cleanse, moisturize, wear a cream with sunscreen etc). But by the time you really hit your forties -especially in places like Australia – it really helps to use one. Hot, dry countries suck the moisture out of your skin. I have been using one for a while now and it certainly makes a difference. Not an expensive one – Innoxa – sensitive eye cream. It is great.

I also meant to say that I do not have discolouration under my eyes and only a few fine lines. A lot of eye creams made my eyes water, but the Innoxa one works well. Use eye drops too.

I am not sure if is totally necessary. Is the “bit” that I forget always, every morning. I get a bit puzzled too about the prices. Something sooo small normally, it works out at double of prize of their equivalent normal moisturizer and I don’t understand why. ( When asked beauty houses say that the technology that goes into these sort of products is high tech, and use words like research and I+D and nano and molecules , etc, all a bit of blah blah blah I suspect)
However when I remember putting it on I swear that it makes a bit of difference , or feels like : the Eysilix from the Indeed lab cie, I am awaiting a new 3×2 offer from Boots ( or anyone really) to stock up. I really like it I have to say.

Depends. There’s actually no scientific evidence that it actually works to erase all the don’t-wants around the eyes, but if you want to moisturise and keep the skin supple, then yes.

I wear eye cream more than any other kind of moisturizer. (I also wear just eye makeup way more than anything else on my face.) I have oily skin, so I think my eyes are the only area that really needs extra moisture.

I’ve used many over the years but lately have shied away from the richer creams in favor of a gel followed by my regular facial moisturizer. At night I use the Philosophy Miracle Worker eye treatment which really is the best I’ve found.

YES…eye cream is a must-have for me. I get very “dry” under there…well, most people do. There are so few oil glands underneath the eye.

Never without my eye cream and am always experimenting. πŸ˜‰

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