The Art of Shaving – For Women – The Perfect Shave

The Art of Shaving is a unique concept guided by the expertise and hands-on attention of our founders. Passionately devoted to the very best in skin care, we have created a luxurious line of shaving products that promises optimal shaving results for legs, bikini area and under arms. We call this The Perfect Shave.

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The Art of Shaving isn’t just for men, they have a whole range of products to achieve “The Perfect Shave” for women. Start yourself off with their Pre-Shave Oil ($18), which softens hair and protects skin in delicate areas like the bikini line, and it reduces irritation, ingrown hairs, cuts, and leaves skin irresistibly soft. Apply Shaving Cream ($30), which has some of the same benefits as the Pre-Shave Oil, but it also helps to provide an easy way for the razor to glide across the skin.

If you want real luxury, use their Pure Badger Shaving Brush ($60) to build up a good lather, gentle exfoliation, and an all-around lovely shaving experience. Turn the mundane into an at-home spa treatment! Protect your perfectly shaven skin with After-Shave Body Milk ($36) by replenishing the moisture to your skin and keep it moisturized all day long. To stop those nasty ingrow hairs in their tracks, use Ingrown Hair Night Cream ($30) with shea butter to soften skin, which helps ingrown hairs break free (and means all good things for you).

All of the products to achieve “The Perfect Shave” use Rose Absolute, which is a gentle anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and increases suppleness.  You’ll find a host of antioxidants in each of their products to keep your skin delightfully bare and soft.

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P.S. – For that special man in your life, definitely take a look at their range of products for the male variety!