Terax – Crema, Hydrate Botanica, and Gloss Reviews

Terax’s Crema ($20.00), Hydrate Botanica ($20.00), and Gloss ($16.00)

Crema is a daily conditioner suitable for all hair types that has a very light, more herbal-natural scent (though not the “bad” natural scent, ha!). It is an intense moisturizer that helps to heal and restore split ends and breakage. It is supposed to alter the pH level of your hair, open the cuticle to increase moisture, and reduce frizziness. To apply, add to damp hair after shampooing and leave on for 1-2 minutes. For deeper conditioning, leave on for up to fifteen minutes.

What I really liked about this was that it told me how long to leave it in my hair for, because I always wonder how long is the right amount for many hair care products (especially since I am hair care-stupid). I also loved that a small amount was enough for all of my long, thick hair, and I didn’t feel like it got stuck or used up halfway through application. I felt like it let me “spread” it all over my hair with a single dollop-always a huge plus in my book! And can I just say that deeper conditioning and regular conditioning in the same product is phenomenal?

Hydrate Botanica is a leave-in moisturizer that is supposed to help refresh normal and stressed hair. It is lightly scented with cucumber and green tea, culminating in a nice, herbal-esque aroma. It advertises its “Naturina Complex,” which is exclusive to Terax products. This particular complex includes Vitamins A-D, chamomile, yarrow, nettle, fennel, sage, and hops. It sure does sound natural to me! All of these extracts are meant to infuse hair with antioxidants to help against environmental damage to hair/scalp.

I’m not really a leave-in conditioner kind of gal, mostly because I am low-maintenance when it comes to hair. Less is totally more for me! It does leave my hair feeling soft, but I just always feel like I should be washing my hair after putting product in it, especially a conditioner. The scent is lightly floral and reminds me spring. Unlike traditional rinse-out conditioners, this product is much thinner and more liquid. I found that I had to be careful or else I would spill way more than I needed onto my palm. Overall, I felt like this would better serve someone who preferred or required a leave-in versus a rinse-out conditioner.

Gloss is a finishing serum to help tame flyaways with a concentrated silicone serum that also adds shine without weight (and there is no oil in it). They use Vitamin E to also protect against free radical damage (can I show my hair care ignorance-I didn’t know free radicals damaged the hair!). I really liked this for when I left my hair down, because I could easily smooth it over the crown of my head to minimize strays, frizzies, and flyaways, which I hate to see. The bottle is small in size (though I think you’ll get plenty of uses out of it), so it’s totally convenient to stash in your purse for on-the-run fixes.

Have you tried Terax products? If so, what did you think? Favorite products?