Temptalia’s Collection – June 2010

Temptalia’s Collection – June 2010

For my 100th video, YouTube user kanadian00797 asked if I would do a special video — my makeup collection. I asked on Twitter if it was of interest, and by the post title, I think you know what the response was! πŸ™‚ The video is LONG. In previous years, I’ve split up the videos into MAC and non-MAC, but it’s all in one big video this time around. I also talk in more detail about blogging, the size of my stash, and what I do with products I don’t want or why I keep certain products. Since the video is pretty lengthy, I want to recap some of that in this post, too! πŸ™‚

The Why & How:Β  Video Summary

  • I’ve been collecting makeup for 6 years. My collection wasn’t built overnight!
  • I am a *collector*! I may use what I buy and receive, but I am a collector at heart. Makeup is not purely utility for me, and this is why I consider it a hobby that I am passionate about.
  • I have been blogging for nearly 4 years. Brands and PR do send me product to consider reviewing. I don’t get paid to review products, no one gets to edit or preview my posts, and I’ve never lost a relationship because of a negative review, even the Ds and Fs.
  • I donate products to to local organizations like battered women’s shelters. I’m currently trying to work with a local veterans organization to find a way to send products to service men and women overseas.
  • The bathroom all my makeup is stored in is only used for makeup!Β  I wish it didn’t have a shower and instead a giant closet…
  • I consider this also an archive of the makeup past — it allows me to go back to previous launches for comparison.

My Storage System

Fun Facts

  • The Boy was the videographer for most of the video!
  • I still have the first brush I ever owned — Benefit’s Eyeshadow Blending Brush, which has long been discontinued.
  • I don’t know how many of each item I have, and it would probably make me cringe even a little if I did.Β  So don’t count!
  • I keep a lot of products for comparison purposes–e.g. how does X shadow compare to Y shadow from 4 years ago?Β  My memory is faulty, and though the improvement in my photographing skills over the years help me to photo-document everything, I like having it in real life to compare, too.
  • In looks, I try to keep older limited edition/discontinued products out of them.Β  I try to use new products (to show how they look applied) or permanent products.
  • I have the Scarlet/Spring/Summer seasons to thank for finally getting some permanent lipsticks in my stash!
  • My dream is to have California Closets come over and design me the ultimate makeup storage system.

See more photos!

The Trinity of Carts

Counter-top with brushes, makeup remover, etc.

Translucent Drawers with Concealers, Mascara, etc. (also jewelry)

MAC Palettes (permanent shades only)

Face/foundation products I use regularly

Lipglasses, Pro Longwears, Cremesheen Glass

Cart 1, Drawer 1: MAC Limited Edition Lipsticks

Cart 1, Drawer 2: MAC Dazzleglass, Superglass, Mattenes/Slimshines, Lip Stain Markers

Cart 1, Drawer 3: MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows, Holiday Palettes, etc.

Cart 1, Drawer 4: MAC Blushes

Cart 1, Drawer 5: MAC Mineralize & Cream Blushes

Cart 1, Drawer 6: MAC Pigments

Cart 1, Drawer 6: MAC Pigments

Cart 1, Drawer 7: More MAC Pigments, Loose Beauty Powders

** Note, Drawer 8 is empty — it is reserved for the newly repackaged MAC pigments

Cart 1, Drawer 9: Misc. High-End Lipgloss, Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder

Cart 1, Drawer 10: False Lashes

Mid to High-end Lipsticks, MAC Permanent Lipsticks & Quads

Cart 2, Drawer 1: MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, Beauty Powders, Bronzers

Cart 2, Drawer 2: Benefit

Cart 2, Drawer 3: Bobbi Brown

Cart 2, Drawer 4: Lancome

Cart 2, Drawer 5: Make Up For Ever & Sugarpill

Cart 2, Drawer 6: NARS & Illamasqua

** Note, Drawer 7 is empty but slated to fill with Rock & Republic shadows I bought ten billion years ago.

Cart 2, Drawer 8: Stila

Cart 2, Drawer 9: Urban Decay

Cart 2, Drawer 10: Misc. High-end brands (Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Shu, etc.)

Designer/luxury lipsticks

** Note, Drawer 1 is empty currently, because it accomodates MAC lipsticks/beauty powders (both of which I’m nearly full-on), so it’s on reserve for more of those!

Cart 3, Drawer 2: Eyeliners

Cart 3, Drawer 3: Cream, Gel, & Liquid Liners; Brow/Mascara

Cart 3, Drawer 4: Chanel

Cart 3, Drawer 5: Dior

Cart 3, Drawer 6: Dolce & Gabbana

Cart 3, Drawer 7: Givenchy

Cart 3, Drawer 8: Guerlain Eye/Face Products

Cart 3, Drawer 9: Guerlain Lipsticks & Lipglosses

Cart 3, Drawer 10: Misc. Luxury/Designer Brands (Le Metier de Beaute, Cle de Peau, YSL, etc.)

Though I am not intentionally endorsing any products in this video, I know that I said, “Love this!” a few times. Some of the products in my collection were provided by PR for original review purposes. If it’s here, I probably reviewed it on the blog. However, there are just as many, if not more, products I have purchased myself over the years also in my collection. Just to be clear!