Temptalia’s Blue Eyes Challenge

The Red Lips Challenge went so well, and it has made consider whether we should institute monthly challenges–let me know what you think in the comments.  For June, I want to see you rock BLUE!  In the challenge image, I’ve included six different blue looks I’ve done, and you can see that they vary from all-blue to subtle blue to ultra dark, smoky black and blue.  I’d like to think challenges are meant to encourage you to try things you haven’t otherwise done before.

The Challenge | Rock some blue!  Figure out where you are in your comfort zone, and then take it to the next level…

  • “Blues are pretty to look at, but I’d never wear them!” | Your Challenge:  Wear it in the comfort of your own home.
  • “I’ve tried it, but I couldn’t wear it out” | Your Challenge: Wear it to the grocery store! Round up some pals (or get the man in your life) to take you somewhere hip and trendy.
  • “There is this one blue…” | Your Challenge: Incorporate your favorite blue with other blues (or blue-like colors) that you haven’t yet tried.
  • “I rock blues all the time!” | Your Challenge: Encourage others that wearing blue is fun and sexy, not at all Mimi-esque!

Are you ready for Temptalia’s Blue Eyes Challenge? If you take the challenge, I encourage you to submit the results in picture form to temptalia@gmail.com, as well as all testimonials and written results are happily taken–just include your comment on this post!  If you’re a little wary of your photos being on the blog, think about posting them on the forum, where only members can view your photos.