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Yes like the other I would like to see Besty Johnson, Sex in the city, Gwen Stephanie, I love Lucy theme like best friends- Crazy red, burnt orange colors there, candyland boardgame, Garden theme Which flower are you? Can you tell I like themes. Oh how about our first lady MICHELLE OBAMA OMYGOD THAT WOULD be CRAZ,Y FOR SURE! MAC DO IT BIG!

Rihanna and MIA!!! Im a huge admirer of both of these ladies style, talent and beauty. They have a fearless adventurous style and with their gorgeous darker skin tones, it would be a great color collection! There are so many possibilities in a collaboration with them.

Damien Hirst: for his use of colour, and provocateur nature.
Marilyn Manson: for rocking the boy in make-up look.
Emily Strange: for those who can’t do cutesy Hello Kitty.
Grace Jones: so iconic she predates the word “fierce”
Gareth Pugh: so hip it hurts
Patricia Field: we love the outfits she puts together… could she do the same for our make-up?
Betty Boop: I’d put my name down on the waiting list for Betty red lipstick and eyelashes

I’d love to see another Disney collab, like the TLC’s we had a while ago, but this time around it should be a complete Disney collection, so cute! I’m huge Stitch fan(Lilo & Stitch), I also love Nijntje (Miffy in English countries) but I don’t think those characters will make it to a MAC compact, lol!

As for designers… I love the collabs, but I usually haven’t even heard of them before their collaborations, just not really into high end fashion/couture. Although I love watching Project Runway 😉

I do think P!nk, Gwen Stefani and Janice Dickenson would be very interesting for some amazing icon collection =)

I’d love another pop art collection but they already did one inspired by Andy Warhol art and one about Edie Sedgwick… maybe they could do one about Nico or International Velvet.
I like the idea of Betsey Johnson.

Ha, that’s so funny. We all have similar ideas…that must say something!
I was thinking Betsey Johnson, Vivienne Westwood…Gareth Pugh would be kind of crazy! I saw him once at Boombox in London wearing a very large black garbage bag type outfit, so I can only imagine what a makeup collection with him would be like!?

Good idea!!^^ I also love the Betsey Johnson idea.

Marvel – I’d love a superheroes line.
The Muppets – just because I love them.

I think an Olsen Twins collaboration could be interesting (don’t shoot me).

As far as fashion, I would love a Marc Jacobs or Zac Posen collabo.

As far as cartoon characters I would like them to team up with Jem! That would be truly outrageous!

I think a ‘Jem and the Holograms’ limited edition would be awesome! Obviously it would never happen but I bet the colors would be really nice!

I didn’t even think of this.
It could happen, it would be pretty rockin’ and I would be the biggest sucker.. hmm *dreams of this collection*

Was there already a Factory Girl launch that tied in with the movie?

I like the Warhol idea but it’s pretty pedestrian at this point..

Mac and Bowie would be sooo good but I doubt that would fly with Iman since she has her own cosmetics.

I actually agree with the Marilyn Manson post. I think he’s fantastic and should be in movies. He should be the new Joker! Definately an overlooked icon/talent. IMHO

Poor Dita.. that would be bad…

Vivian Westwood please.

I am totally lovin the Grace Jones and Betty and Veronica ideas. But I would absolutely love to see a Jem collection. I think it would be truly outrageous!!!:-D

I think a Dita Von Teese collection would be great, and I’m TOTALLY behind a Betty Boop collaboration. I’m imagining really cute packaging, crazy falsies and intense red lipsticks. And a Jem collection? I’d totally be there – I can imagine all the glitter and fun.

I also think a Jenna Jameson collection might be fun, but maybe that’s just me.

A Spanish designer and painter named Jordi Lavanda, his desings are beutiful, stylish, really cool.
You can google his name and find some of his drawing and clothes, purses…

love love love her!!
i wanted 2 say spongebob,,but..hahaha
quite weird i know…
just coz i love spongebob,,,:P
sorry that i m kinda weird and childish,,,=[

In all honesty, and not to sound too into myself or anything, but I’d kill to collaborate with MAC, even though it’ll never happen. You know, I really just don’t want to see many more celebrity collections and I’m just really fed up with it. I think it’s time that someone new stood up with fresher ideas, someone to stand for a new generation, someone edgy, someone creative, someone who isn’t afraid to create Chaos.

And in all honesty, that’s what I would want to help create; Chaos. Screw the never-ending ‘Old Hollywood’ looks that never seems to die, I want to create a line of makeup that would be so bold, fresh and wearable that it would appeal to all and be available to anyone and everyone. Makeup to me, just means happiness and confidence and I want to give that to them.

Sorry for the rant, I’m in a writing mood. XP

LV should be cool mayby Gucci if you think about a designer.

I would lile to see a dance or ballet colletion. I now there were some but not in Europe.

I’d like to see a Little Mermaid collection with lots of blues, greens, and teals, and bring back Comet Blue Dazzleglass. I’d also like to see a Disney Fairies collection, with separate items for Tinkerbell, Iridessa, Silvermist, Rosette, Fawn and Vidia, Vidia could have darker colors like purples, black, grays, etc. And the whole collection would have lots of shimmery, glittery stuff. I can’t really think of any real people I would want, although I agree that Marilyn Manson could be interesting, I’m not sure that it would sell too well.

I’m liking the Marilyn Manson idea…

I also think something along the lines of the “Sexy Side of Vampires” or something would be neat…really vampy, dramatic colors that can still be wearable or toned down 🙂

Betsey Johnson would definately be amazing.
It would also be cool to see a collaboration with Christian Siriano,
like something really dark and edgy ;D

Siouxsie Sioux! Please. Please. Please.

Also wouldn’t mind Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese (not together, of course), or something vampire related. :/

I love Betsey Johnson, she’s just to fun and flashy! I tpersonaly disagree with the disney princesses/cartoony ones above. I mean each to their own and if others like it I’d be glad if they would make it for them but I find it sort of tacky to be honest…. MAC is a higher end brand and I personaly feel that some of these collabs are fun but they shouldn’t be the focus of future collections? The annual spring Barbie/FAFI/HK seems to do the trick for me 🙂

betsey johnson, pat field, david bowie, disney–you’d have to be careful not to make it cheesy, gwen stefani, I’d like to see another barbie collection too.

how about a collaboration with sex and the city considering there’s a sequel coming out soon. i also like the betsey johnson idea. also, what about madonna? she’s such a fashion icon and they would probably come out with a killer collection for her.

I would love a Vivienne Westwood collaboration personally. However, Disney, Betsy Johnson, and Betty Boop sound interesting as well.

Vivienne Westwood was the first thing that popped into my head but the comic book one sounds pretty cool too (although I’m really a DC girls xP).

Betsey Johnson will be my number one answer to this question until I can buy the ENTIRE collection that will certainly result some day.

That said, I’d love a Gwen Stefani collection or Ed Hardy too.

I would love to see Roberto Cavallli, Swarovski and Ru Paul. I am fed up with Westwood, she has already ruined several Wolford collections.
Emilio Pucci could be fun.

I love the Betsey Johnson, Disney, Gwen L.A.M.B. suggestions, they are great.

winnie the pooh!! i think they could really play up with some of the characters and who doesnt love him?!?

Hmm.. maybe a line of makeup created specifically for ethnic people, like African Americans – a skincare line for their typically dry skin, a color collection to add much-needed contrast to their dark skin. Dark-skinned people often have a hard time with makeup because a lot of pretty colors just blend in with their skin, like chocolate browns and blacks, and brights may look odd. I know! A country-themed collection, like Indian-inspired makeup or maybe even South African. The colors from both of these would be beautiful and earthy!

Betsey Johnson (probably the 50th person to say that)
Emilio Pucci
Lilly Pulitzer
Kat Von D (if she hadn’t already started her own!!!)
Maybe something like a MAC Classic Hollywood/Pinup collection with ladies like:
Greta Garbo
Jean Harlow
Marilyn Monroe
Lena Horne
Grace Kelly
Bettie Page
Rita Hayworth

Oh yes, Gwen Stefani would be cute. They could do a Harajuku Girls theme!

I always though a Powerpuff Girls collection would be adorable too. There could be like, three different quads with Greens, Blues and and Pinks and adorable packaging…

Disney Princesses!
hah! Glad someone else said it before me cause it’s what 1st came to mind.

Also I 2nd/3rd/whatever number we’re at Sex & the City. I think that would be a HOT seller!

Harry Potter line anyone? lots of sparkles, wand & broomstick makeup brushes, think of all the cool names for the makeup! Afterall, Hermione IS growing up and wearing more makeup!

Amy Winehouse (LOL j/k!). I think for the Icon collection, it would be cool to have Pink, Rihanna, or some glam actresses like Scarlett Johansen or Kate Winslet. I think it would also be cool to get Michelle Obama!!

I agree with…….
Betsey Johnson
Keshia Cole
Dita Von Teese
Gwen Stefani
Lady Gaga
How about Marc Jacobs or Monique Lhullier

I think a MAC collab w/Gwen Stefani and the Harajuku Girls would be hot. Maybe bring Katy Perry (or Stefani – someone with retro style) and Rihanna (or someone with similar style to hers since she’s w/Cover Girl) together or something for a MAC collab, like an opposites (past v. future beauty) collection (Katy: 40’s glam; Rihanna: futuristic/punkish rock glam).

Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Marilyn Manson, or…I dare say…a collaboration with a band, maybe? I’d love to see what makeup Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age) could come up with. xD

Oh! And I HAVE to go along with Rihanna. I know she’s with Covergirl, but if she could weasel her way out of that contract, I’d go crazy. I’m a huge fan of her. (I hope she gets better soon; her birthday’s on the 20th!)

I’m into old art so what about van goh or monet? pretty spring pastels…or mid summernight dream with navys, dark greens and night sky colors. OR the sunflower painting he did… it could be sooo pretty. I like a garden theme too tho. Antique style packages with a new twist. Could be fun. But i’m feeling the vintage/art/goth look lately. Being so tired makes my creative juices start to flow.

I think that MAC and Tokidoki should collabo because Smashbox didn’t do to good of a job. Tokidoki is a lot more fun and colourful than the way Smashbox depicted it. if you havent heard of Tokidoki Christine here’s the site Tokidoki.it

Everyone loves doing an arabic inspired eye makeup look. Who doesn’t love to look at their pictures! So it would have to be Bassam Fattouh, hands down!

God, you guys have great ideas! I, personally, would love to see MAC do a collection with The Blonds ala Heatherette. It would be sooooo hot! They have worked with MAC before (Hello Kitty couture dresses, Fergie’s Viva Glam ads) and I think it would be a great collabo.

First thing that came to mind was Sex in the City. They can release a line for each lady..Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Also thought of Christian Louboutin and his signature red sole =)

Deff. Marc Jacobs!

and an Andy Warhol type of collection.. the packaging would be pretty pop-art-ish and bright.

I would love to see a collection of high performance products from MAC specifically geared toward women of color and Asian women with monolids.

I’d love to see a “Models for MAC” collaboration similar to the designer lines they have. Each model could have their own color and product. Kate Moss’s could be some “white powdered” eyeshadow lol. But really I would love to see an Agyness Deyn, Du Juan, Chanel Iman, and Coco Rocha do a line of colors collectively.

Also, I think a Transformers limited edition could be amazing with collapsable e/s quads and each piece of the collection could snap together. Similarly to HK, they have good kitty and bad kitty, they could have Optimus Prime and Megatron that could be built into a robot once you bought that “Set”! The colors would be really bright and fun too!

As farfetched as it sounds, I would love a Quentin Tarantino-themed collection. It could be based off of resevior dogs be Ms. Pink and Ms. Brown (minus the ear thing lol).

DAFT PUNK for MAC would be pure INSANITY as well! How fun how fun!

MMMM…I could go on for days 😉

I really love the ideas so far; MIA; Betty Boop; vampires/goth; Disney Princess collection

I would also love to See MAC with:
Janet Jackson
Alicia Keys
***Because I am a huge comic freak so I’d love love love to see DC comics lady heroines and Femme Fatales- Catwoman, wonder woman, Poision Ivy, Super girl etc. I think that would be AWESOME!

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