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Hey Cristine,

I did in the sea,lol yes i did.Actually i was challanged by my couple of friends and my hubby,and guess wot it turned out really nice.Everyone like it..and so i WON!!


When i was 15 i discovered one day at trip to the mall with friends my dad forgot his debit card in my purse and i knew the pin… you can only imagine what i did after that for a whole month…. Well i got into alot of trouble and to teach me a lesson i had to work the entire summer at a greenhouse… u know where they grow tomatoes peppers you name it.
It was around 40+ degrees in there and we had our own rows assighned to us which were massive im talking 2 miles long, imagine sitting on a sorta skate born type of bench and pushing ur way down each row.. aWHHHh my legs use to hurt.

Yeah well there was this hot guy who worked there, and when i knew my break was about to come . I’dd get my makeup out.. wipe that sweat and green crap all over my face which was unavoidable and got all over ur clothes hair and face doing work

i think about it now and laughhhhh, we ended up going out for 4 years and he would always say i was the only girl who use to come out on my break looking like i hadn’t lifted a finger.. i even had girls asking me what i was doing…

Makeup in the car isn’t that unusual for me, but the weirdest place I’ve put on makeup would have to be the library. Specifically the Taylorian Institution in Oxford. It wasn’t much – concealer, powder, gloss – but I felt certain at the time that the librarians were watching my every move and were going to chuck me out. (They weren’t and didn’t, thankfully.)

hands down, the airplane! i had 2 hours to kill on the flight. there were 3 seats on each side of the plane and i was sitting in the middle seat with my whole makeup kit out. people were looking at me all sorts but i just flashed them a big smile! =P

The weirdest place for me is probably the middle of a bank. I had to go to a funeral one afternoon, but I had to work at a restaurant all day first. I had already done my makeup that morning, but I retouched it in the middle of the bank. My mom is the manager at one and I was waiting on her to be done so we could go to the funeral.

Definately a gas station.

I had a wedding to go to, and had to drive down the day of the event because I was working the night before and couldn’t get the day off. I drove the 4 hours to the wedding that morning/afternoon, arrived about 30 minutes before the wedding started, and stopped at a gas station. I walked in in sweats with rollers in my hair (tres chic), and walked out in a dress, heels, and full hair and makeup. The clerk looked at me kinda funny, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, lol!

In middle school my friend and I used to put on makeup at the bus stop and on the school bus, since our mothers wouldn’t let us out the door wearing it.

I’ve done quick makeup in lots of bathrooms and cars, the weirdest place I used to put makeup on was probably at the arcade. I dated a guy who loved video games, so we’d play for an hour, but it got all hot and sweaty because there was no ventilation. I’d wash my face in the tiny bathroom, then do my eyes and lips while waiting for him to finish one last game before we went out to dinner.

I think it was in a cafe, while sitting in the sitting swing, by table, with my mother and stepfather sitting near me. I was around 12-13, something like that. I was just putting my mascara on, but mother told me that it’s not polite to do it in public and since then I feel really uncomfortable putting even lipgloss in public. I feel like everyone is watching me being vain…

back room of a shoe department. i didn’t have time to do my face before work and my coworkers thought it was super weird to see me so plain-faced and made note of how ‘young’ i actually looked (which in my case is bad because ‘young’ means ’12 year old’ – back then i was 19). anyhow, i realized that i was being treated differently by customers so on my break i went to my car and got my makeup out of my car and brought it back to the back room.

I once did it in a bathroom stall..xD It was terrible, as I had absolutely no lighting and barely enough room to move!

And no, I wasn’t USING the toilet while I was putting the make-up on…eww :P!! haha..

In the car, when my ex-boxfriend drove. Ugggh, that was tough, cause he drove gas – breaks – gas – breaks. For gods sake, there were traffic lighs, when I put on my mascara and eye liner.

Sometime sitting on a toilet in the university ladiesroom before class, when I knew this hot guy is around me in class and I wanted to cought his attention. He was an idiot.

Well, with my 1.88 walmart camping mirror, I did my makeup in my tent ..seeing the campgrund had those fake mirrors, my boyfriend said they were like jail mirrors, they were foggy and just not cool at all. So yah I did my makeup in or 90 degree hot and sweaty tent.

So far, I can second a bunch of the above: cars (I’ll only apply lipstuff while actually driving myself, though – anything else is passenger seat only!), planes (one DOES have to freshen up after an overnight transatlantic flight, right?), clubs, restaurants (I’ll only reapply lip stuff in public, and very quickly – anything else seems rude), state park campground bathrooms, and people’s kitchens or living rooms when I couchsurfing and the bathroom was either occupied or the light was better elsewhere. (I’m so accustomed to doing my makeup by my bedroom vanity that I almost never apply it in bathrooms anymore!)

Probably while on a moving public transit bus. Ahh, good times. Concealer, foundation, blush, eye shadows, mascara, the works – all while using a teeny compact mirror. I’m sure it was entertaining for anyone who happened to be watching.

I guess Im the boring one.

Ive never really done it in a weird place. Only bathrooms, bedrooms, cars, or i guess classrooms. nowhere tooo strange.

The very back of the school bus! I’ve done it many times too…for every performance. And trust me, it takes a LONG time becuase its quite rocky back there!

I used to wear makeup when I rode in horse shows, so I’ve put makeup on in horse stalls, barns and in horse trailers. I remember when my family bought a horse trailer with enough room to change and get ready for the showring, I was like, WOW this is fancy! LOL. So, I dunno, it doesn’t seem that weird to me, but maybe it’s a little unusual, i dunno!

Since I don’t leave the house without it, nowhere. 😛 Haha. I’m borrrrring. 😉 I’ve touched up on buses and on subways, but that’s about it.

Ok, this isn’t a story about me, but a classmate of mine. We were in lecture and she started doing her makeup in class…the whole bit, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick & mascara – but the weirdest part of it was she first asked a question (we had a guest speaker that day)and then started her makeup when he was giving his answer!!!

(As for me the weirdest place was on the metro – but for real I was desperately late & had to get my red lip on before the party!)

Well, off the top of my head, I can only think of two places that probably haven’t been mentioned. I’ve applied my makeup at the park, at the airport terminal and in the car but I’ve also applied it at a restaurant and at court. I really don’t make a habit of applying my makeup at public places but there’s times I’m in a crunch (like the time at the restaurant). Good thing is there were only 3 other people there from our 20-something dinner party so I apologized beforehand and whipped out my makeup. They completely laughed it off. Oh, and at court, I was always called toward the end so I decided to make use of those 2 hours sitting in the courtroom. By the time I went up before the judge I looked presentable! 😉

ON the bus in London, it was a normal thing for me every morning before work, I didn’t want to waist time, people were looking like I was crazy at me, but who cares!

nowhere weird for me! i do it at home and then just touch up gloss or concealer or powder when I’m out.

But I wanted to say that this is one of the most interesting Temptalia posts I’ve read :). made me smile..the lengths we go to to have a fresh face!! haha

i’ve done my make up in toilet cubicles in pubs and clubs; on the train, plane, car, bus, coach, in the park, in a supermarket… i’m often pushed for time, so multi-task haha. once i did my make up in a shopping centre, whilst waiting for my friend, because i’d just bought some new mac eyeshadows and wanted to try them out!

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