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I have a vanity table (for interiors nerds: it is a John & Sylvia Reid) Unfortunately, my stash is outgrowing the storage in the top and the three drawers!

forgot to mention the seat–I have a stool that looks like a giant crystal! I love love love it. It is by Knoll, I think–was a gift from the husband who laughs at my stash and thinks it is hilarious.

I have a vanity table in the bedroom. It is chocolate brown mock-croc leather, I love it.
My husband (the good man) built me a little cabinet for all my pigments and a lipstick and gloss display. Iยดll make pictures soon, it looks so great, you should all see it!(and Iยดm so chuffed that he did that for me :))

I have really bad eyesight so I do everything at the dining room table. I have a window for lots of natural light and a tall mirror to get really close to. Granted all visitors see my makeup, but they all know I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

I like the dining room table too – althoug it’s turned into the computer/craft/makeup table…we don’t even eat there anymore! Ha, ha.

I have a vanity area in my bedroom for all my makeup stuff…plus half the sink area in the bathroom for hair stuff…My poor husband just uses the other bathroom, hehe!

I guess I have a vanity? There are drawers built into the wall with a recess on top and I have all my stuff there.. I also have a bar stool type chair to sit ๐Ÿ™‚

I store all of my makeup in silver mesh metal utensil trays and stack them up on top of each other and store them in my closet. When it’s time to put on my makeup, I actually do it in the hallway. I have three decorative mirrors in my hallway leading to my bathroom, and there is a light overhead. I stand up and look in the mirrors. My bathroom gets to hot after the shower and the lights on and my straightener plugged in so I stand in the hallway. My boyfriend laughs at me every morning!!! It works though!!

I do mine in the hallway too! We have sliding mirror doors on our closet that I use and I have some storage drawers I keep my stash in (not to mention random makeup cases)

I have a dressing table in my bedrooms, but of course, the 7 drawers are not enough – lol. My hubby is building me drawer inserts so I can stack two layers of products … I also have a plastic drawer organizer on the floor for my pigments and mineral shadows. ๐Ÿ™‚

I basically use my bathroom. I have tons of wire cups that hold brushes, liners, glosses, etc. I also have two shelves that are three drawers each. A few palettes lying around and then another shelf that hangs on my wall that holds lots of beauty products.

I also have a vanity area in our bedroom. My husband has equipped my mirror with the perfect lighting for applying makeup…shows his support for my makeup obsession ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a set of shelves for all my skincare, then a futon type thing that’s right in front of a window (about 4′) that runs between the shelves and a small dresser in which I keep “extra stuff.” My brushes and mirror are on top, then my case has space on the floor next to it. I also have a floor length mirror tucked behind the dresser so I can get a more natural (not magnified 10x, damn my eyesight!) look at it. Aaaaaaaaaaand, of course, pictures of my ladies: next to the floor length mirror are two big black and white photos of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn (for inspiration, of course)!

I have my makeup area in my bedroom, but it’s outgrowing it. When my boyfriend and I finally find a house, my vanity will be in it’s own room, with all of our clothes….. lol (Massive walk-in closet).. I’m lucky that he guts houses and flips them, so he can make anything.. ’til then I’ll just make-do with my makeup spot!

I always say that I’ll keep it contained in the bedroom, but the table by the kitchen gets he most light & so I always have my makeup & brushes on that table. Either that or I like to do it on the couch in front of the tv so I can listen to a show at the same time. I keep meaning to buya free satnding mirror, but it hasn’t happened yet!

I’ve recently moved to a new apartment and I haven’t figured it out yet. I keep all my makeup in a big armoire with my clothes, inside a storage unit I found at a hardware store. But there isn’t good light in the bedroom, so I’ve been walking back and forth to the bathroom to apply it. Kinda annoying, but there’s no room in the bathroom for my makeup…I gotta figure it out! Maybe next week!

At my condo I have a “dressing room” and it has a small island in the center that I sit on (I am probably legally bind even with contacts). There is a lightup mirror on it and I can see the oacean as well. This is from my “single girl days”.
I now live with the boyfriend and I have my own bathroom with double sinks and a walk in closet, jacuzzi, the works. I am still blind though, so I have to sit on the bathroom counter to do the make-up. I keep things separated by colors in different see thru containers labeled and stacked under the sinks. The brushes sit in crystal bar glasses and the current most days makeup sits on a glass bar tray next to the light up 7x mag mirror.

Normally I do it on my bed and then go to the bathroom to do my eyeliner. However the last 2 days I’ve been doing it at my desk at work.

Haha, definitely stolen bathroom space. I finally have room for a vanity now, so hopefully I can get one soon, because the natural sunlight in my bedroom is great.

I neeed a vanity. I used to do it all in the bathroom mirror but the lighting really messed me up so I use my the mirror on my dresser and my full length mirror. But I like to be close up so I usually sit in front of my full length mirror and apply it all that way. I know, pathetic ;( lol

I have a vanity table.Its quite big in size,with bright ligths on all 4 sides just like a proffessional dressers.Its pink in colour.Chair is from IKEA all crystal.I really love my vanity table! ๐Ÿ™‚


I keep all my makeup inside a 6 drawers big cabinet in room, but I do my makeup in the washroom (better lightings and big mirror).

I do it all in the bathroom. This might sound terrible but when I got a divorce one of the best things is that now the whole bathroom is mine and I can have my plethora of beauty goodies spread wherever I want them. :):)

I have a vanity area that all of my makeup and tools are. But right now the lighting in my office where the vanity is is not that great, so I do all of my application in my bathroom. The lighting is the best!

I work from home so I have a covered bedroom that is my office. I have two desks…one for work and one for my makeup!

i have a big antique vanity with six really big drawers – 3 on each side. i love it because i have one drawer for face, eyes, lotions/creams, lip stuff, and one that holds my hair dyer/strightner hair care products and little mirror i use, and then the last one just has random stuff like nail polish and hair bands. oh and i keep brushes and perfume with a vase on the top of it.

Bah. I have it all stored in my bathroom (this is changing very soon because I know this can ruin makeup due to the constant change of temperature, humidity, etc.) & I do my makeup in there as well. I have a huge counter & mirror in there with the lightbulbs that are supposed to reflect “natural light.” But as soon as I have the money & time, I’m going to set up a vanity in the office. I have it all in my head… someday ๐Ÿ™‚

I have all my make up sitting in a trolley, and in the mornings I lift out the stuff I need and sit on my bed and do my make up. Such a lazy sod! The lighting is really good for make up though – that’s my excuse anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My bathroom has the sink that is in the counter and i sit right on that. I sit about 1-2 inches away from the mirror because usually i don’t have on my glasses or contacts and i cross my legs and just sit on the counter.

People always tell me i shouldn’t sit there because it’s going to break but it hasn’t yet….knock on wood!!!!

I have a dressing table, with lots of drawers, but the lighting isn’t so great, so I’ll usually sit at the kitchen table to do my painting :-p

We have quite a big bathroom in our house,so i call it the “Temple of beauty” ๐Ÿ™‚
its practically a drugstore with WC and a tap ๐Ÿ™‚
but i put my pigments in my room,so i can play with makeup while sitting and not standing in front of the mirror for hours ๐Ÿ™‚

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