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I contoured a weee bit too much! LOL. My bathroom has sucky lighting and I couldn’t figure out why I was contouring my face and I wouldn’t see a difference. I went outside to my bus stop, took a picture with my phone and noticed a dark stripe on each side of my face. Yikes! It took a while for me to rub them off before the bus got there.

I was walking to the metro. I felt something hit my face(paper/leaf/I dunno) so I wiped where I thought it hit and kept moving. I made my way home, it takes me about an hour. I get home, look in the mirror and there’s a big black swipe of something on my chin. It’s not really a makeup moment except for the fact that the only reason I didn’t rub it more in the first place was because I didn’t want to swipe my make-up off.

i hate it when my eyeliner smudges so bad and i didn’t even notice and i’m just smiling away looking like i’ve just cried. or when i’ve overdone my blush because of bad lighting and come out looking like a clown and not knowing.

When I was a freshman in highschool I went on a ski trip with my friends church, along with a lot of friends my age. The rest of the kids on the bus were all seniors, mostly the really attractive guys. ^_^ I wore sunglasses instead of goggles (bad idea!), and at the end of the day I was getting on the bus and all the seniors were in front. As I was walking down the aisle everyone just stops talking and looks at me, and I’m thinking heeyyy, getting attention from Seniors (oh my god!). But when I get to my group of friends someone goes…”ummm, what’s wrong with your makeup?” I went into the bathroom and it was smeared all around my eyes like a messed up raccoon. Moisture had gotten on my eyes because sunglasses aren’t sealed like goggles. Not fun…=/

A lady selling mineral makeup said my foundation looked “A bit heavy.” This was when I was trying different makeup brands and it likely looked like I was wearing an oddly coloured mask.

The first time I tried some pink/red eyeshadow everyone kept asking me if my eyes had some kind of infection 🙁 Thank goodness I’ve learned since then!!

me three with the pink/red e/s. I worked with this girl that wore it all the time so beautifully, so I tried it. This was when I only wore foundation and mascara… It just looked so pretty. Then her friend came in and was all.. What’s wrong with your eyes? I felt pretty dumb. Thankgod for temptalia and u tube!!! I can pull it off pretty well now. 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I pleaded illness (so I could go on my monthly Mexico trip, lol, soo obvious), I came back and I was fine for almost 2 days then last Thursday I got sick as a monkey (karma kicking my butt for faking illness) so I decided that since I couldn’t sleep and felt like crap I would do my makeup (for 2 hours)… I got to work with the most perfect Sun Bunny fake tan and hair and make-up and halfway through the day I got sicker and had a fever flush under it all… I looked like Ru Paul!!

Mine is common one,I think most common.Its wen i eat something after that a stain of my lipstick on my chin.I always forgot to wipe it off,but thankx to streetwalkers they always lemme know,LOL.


It was a christmas look, I had a shimmery red shadow on the crease, and a shimmery white on the lid with MAC Minted liner….by the end of the day, I looked like a clown! It was horrible.

Well i think mine it’s not funny but i want to tell it anyway…I’ve always been a huge fan of make-up.I love to try different looks,keep track of its the newest trend and everything…Last saturday i was soo happy with my smudged dark-blue eye(i felt so sarah jessica parker,LOL),when i got to my 3 years and a half long boyfrend’s house,he looked at me and said:”Why do you wear make-up,specially that awful dark one that makes you look soo diferent??I like when you have nothing on…”.Well to make it short,I cried so much that almost didn’t need much cleansing to do…But I’m not giving up on make-up(or boyfriend,LOL),I will need improve my skills on making a no make-up look…ahahaha
greetins from Brazil,girls!!!

Aww, Andrea!! Boyfriends don’t always understand how much FUN makeup is 😉 Just because we don’t *need* to wear it doesn’t mean we won’t!

Yea, boyfriends don’t get it :]] it may have looked AWESOME :DD so don’t be disheartened.

Mine always gives me major complements (only) when I wear just mascara. Um seriously? Haha..

Hm, this isn’t really makeup but I used to loveee this vanilla-strawberry custom mixed scent perfume (seriously, vanilla <3) but it was SUPER strong. I can’t even remember where it was from but I’m sure a lot of people had scents from there. Anyways, I decided to wear it to school in middle school and apparently 2 sprays was way too much because everyone all day was like ooh it smells like cookies, I wonder what the class next door is baking.

Oops. Haha…

Ps Christine, thanks for your blog–if I wasn’t reading it (while I sit here waiting for my taxi to take me to the airport) I would’ve forgotten to pack my UDPP/untitled Paint and would have either had to forgo eyeshadow/eyeliner or have had raccoon eyes all summer! Eek..

when I was just getting into makeup (jr high, circa 1996), this boy I really liked told me that my lipstick didn’t match my skintone (not in those exact words, but that’s what he meant!).

I had my very first makeover for a banquet/awards ceremony. Danced, even won an award, had fun, went out with friends afterwards and got home to see that I had GIANT raccoon eyes – I’m not talking a little mascara smudged under the eye. Imagine that black paint baseball players put on their faces. Now imagine that smeared under your eye – yeah, that’s what I looked like. I can’t believe nobody told me!

My moment was actually yesterday at a job interview! I had done my makeup really nicely (keeping it neautral of course) and it wasn’t until after the interview that I looked in my car mirror and realized the eyeliner on my right eye was smudged horribly. What made it so horrible was that my job interview was at Ulta and I was applying for the position of beauty consultant ha-ha! But the interview went great and I got the job on the spot 🙂

I placed too much cheek tint! It looked okay on photos, but looked like I pinched my cheeks all day and it was too red in person! Since then, I stayed away from cheek tints :))

I have two!
This was only a few weeks ago. I had spent 2 hours doing a gorgeous silver eye for school. Went outside to wait for my bus and it started raining. I got to my first class and found out that all my eye makeup was, well, everywhere else but my eyes.

And yesterday, I went to a party. And at the party, I got into a real big fight with my mom. So I was crying half of it. And then I got dragged out to dinner with my grandparents. And since I was crying, my makeup was all over the place.
Long story short. Ran into a guy I really like at that restaurant.

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