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At the moment i’m fine with epilating my legs…some people say it hurts more than waxing, but I find it just massages and kind of exfoliates my legs quite nicely! (i have yet to try waxing though – haven’t got around to it coz its too expensive for prof. & the at-home strips sucked!)

For my eyebrows I’ve got them done once (about 3 weeks ago, now) and I have maintained them by plucking. I recommend going to a proffessional for your eyebrows (the lady I went to at Arch Enemy in melbourne was great!!!)

For my underarms and upperlip I like waxing (professional, not at home!! *shudder*), it gets the job done quickly and easily!

Right now I shave my legs and armpits but I plan to get it lazerd off and I get my brows wax every month or so.

i get my brows waxed, but can’t for the life of me pluck them, and only get around to going in every few months or so, so i’m hopefully going to be getting electrolysis soon on them. I shave everything else as I would not have the time to keep going and getting it professionally waxed. I want to get laser hair removal, but i need to save up for it on the legs. the armpits i think i could get without saving, but they’re prioritized below the eyebrows currently.

wouldn’t laser removal be great! not sure my hairs are dark enough, though.

anyways, the only hair removal I really do is legs and armpits. I recently got a ladyshaver that can both shave and trim, and I love it since it is the only method I have found which does not upset my sensitive skin. no bumps, itching or cutting. *happy*

I shave legs and pits in the shower, and wax my own eyebrows with a microwave kit (or I make my friend who works at a salon do it). I pluck in between waxes. I get bikini and brazilian waxes periodically. Yes, it hurts, but it’s so worth it.

I had laser on my upper lip, but I wax that 2-4 times a year because not every hair gets zapped (only hair in a certain stage of growth), and I only had one treatment. That’s more because I notice it than anyone else noticing.

ever since a professional waxer told me that getting waxed regularly pulls all the elasticity out of your skin, i tweeze my eyebrows and shave everything else. i don’t want to look like one of those old women with saggy eyebrows……….eek!

I have the pofessional Jibere was thing at home, I use the tea tree green wax that is painless on the face, all over, don’t like peachfuzz or bushy brows. I owned a barber shop at the beach for years so I trust myself better than anyone. I use the hard brazilian wax for the bikini area, I use Veet in green tub for legs and I use the Venus for the armpits. A lot of work, I know, but I am half feline I think.

I tweeze almost everywhere except for my legs! Too much hair to tweeze there 😛 I use a shaver occasionally for my legs.

I wax my brows and upper lip every 3 weeks or so. For upkeep with the brows, I tweeze.

I use a razorless set for my legs and underarms. It’s from Veet. I don’t grow much hair on my body, so the razorless system works best for me.

I shave my legs and under my arms–and the bikini area when I’m feeling masochistic. I’m a whiz at eyebrow tweezing; I do some of my friends brows now! Waxing breaks me out, even just in the brow area. I bleach my upper lip because tweezing/waxing there breaks me out, but I do pluck any hairs that didn’t bleach well enough. Ouch!

I have my legs and bikini line waxed (professionally, of course) and I’m getting pulsed-light for permanent hair removal on my underarms and upperlip. Both techniques work great.

For my legs and underarms, I shave. For my eyebrows, I tweeze. I’ve really perfected both methods, so there’s no reason to find a new one.

I actually thread my eyebrows and face too, to remove all that fuzz… i also thread my upper lip, or wax it when i’m too busy to go threading. I shave my underarms and bikini area, but i epilate my legs. Lol, what a combo, yeesh.

I’m saving up to laser off my facial hair though, so i’m really looking forward to that 😀

Depends on the body area! I shave my legs, underarms, and arms almost every day, not really because I need to, but because I like that just-shaved feeling :-p I alternately wax and use a depilatory on the bikini area, and I thread or pluck my eyebrows.

I’ve been shaving mostly, then for my underarms and other smaller areas I have gotten laser hair removal. Which I am addicted to, but it is a pretty expensive addiction!
Im not a waxing gal, I don’t like the way it pulls the skin, seems so un-natural.

Ehhhh, I pluck my stray brow hairs but actually I don’t care too much about hair removal on pits, arms, bikini area! I really just don’t find natural hair growth unattractive, and since I’ve become tired of dealing with it, I’m starting to feel a bit rebellious about it! 😛

I waxed my underarms for the first time – and I’ll never go back to shaving. I get razorburn so easy and have coarse hair, which isn’t fun. This was 5 min of very minor pain, with a lot less hassle! Love it.

I had laser once and it had a slight burn to it. I went to a local med spa and had IPL hair removal and it was wonderful. No sting, no burn and no skin discoloration. I won’t use laser again with IPL available.

I epilate my legs and armpits and tweeze my brows. For the bikini area I use a razor, but I am not satisfied with this method (lasts too short and itches). I once tried to epilate and almost cried because of the pain.

Legs – used to shave but stopped about say, 4 years ago due to ingrown hairs. Eversince then, I have them professionally waxed every 20 days and that’s when I’d have my brazilian done too. (i love the peppermint and/or white chocolate wax used by the beauty place on the private area! absolutely ZERO pain and it smells so nice!!)

Underarms – Also wax them like every 20-25 days depending on hair growth. Its alot slower and lesser these days eversince I did IPL (intense pulse light) treatment like 2 years ago.

Brows – I’d have them threaded professionally one a month and then tweeze them in the weeks that follow up to my next appointment.

well i’m a filipino so i really don’t have hairy legs.
i shave like maybe 12 times a year.
my sister-in-laws get so jealous that i don’t need to shave all the time.
i love not shaving all the time. it saves time for me.

I’m wax addicted, so i usually remove hairs from my legs, bikini area and arms using some wax sticks and tissue to take off everything. For brows i prefer using my tweezers, cause i’ve got a sensitive skin and don’t wanna damage it waxing.
I guess warm wax is the best way, cause the result is good, long lasting and hairs progressive tin out.

I wax all over and use threading for my face. The only place I shave is under arm coz I can’t even bare short hair there.

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