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i dont know why,but i love everything from Giorgio Armani. Code,Armani Mania and the older scents,love them all πŸ™‚

I like musks with a little hint of masculinity in them. I think these are really sexy. Every time I wear them I feel like I can take on the world.

My absolute favourite is Lancome’s So Magic, very pretty floral smell! I also love Chanel Chance En Fraiche. I don’t usually like their perfumes as they seem to mature but this scent is much younger! I definitely go for more summery perfumes!

i like really sweet smelling ones… like Miss Dior Cherie or CK Eternity Moment. But for now… i’m soooo in love with my new Marc Jacobs Daisy. Its still sweet but more musky? (sorry i aint good with the perfume lingo :x)

I love sweet, girly scents. Some of my favourites are Anna Sui Bonjour L’Amour, Britney Spears Fantasy and Miss Dior Cherie.

Oh, I love the Escada summer scents! You can’t wear them everywhere though, almost too young for like an interview or something….
I really like clean citrusy sweet scents, like Burberry Brit and Diesel ++. I also like heavier, more musky stuff like Angel and Angel Innocent is a nice blend of the two. I also have DKNY Red Delicious and Gucci II for different reasons.
On an unrelated note, just bought the fiance Dolce’s Light Blue for men… rawr!

Hey Cristine,

It really depends on my mooooooooood.It has to be Arabic Fragrance wen im in a very sexy mood,thats is EMOTION BY RASASI AND MORE I HAVE.And wen really soft and girly then i am wearing CELINE DION and LANCOME ones i have manyyyyyyyyy of them and wen at night sleeping time then very very soft or may b sexy ones.Cant help it IM ALSO A SUCKER OF FRAGRANCES.!!


I’ve never been a perfume person, but I have one that I love and just had to have! Insolence by Guerlain. It’s beautiful and edgy and powerful. πŸ˜€

I’ve never thought to try the MAC ones, will have to check them out properly next time seeing as they are right on the cashdesk!

oh i have a few favorites — Miss Dior Cherie, Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot, Dior Addict Shine, MAC MV2 (i think that’s the one LOL white cap), Cartier Delices………i could go on and on.

ooh, and Marc Jacobs (the original one)

Vera Wang
Dolce Gabana The One
Gucci Pink II
Chanel Coco Madamoiselle
Sean John’s Unforgiveable Woman

I’m not sure of the notes in these, but there are a few perfumes out there right now that I like and want:

Marc Jacobs Basil
Marc Jacobs Grapefruit
Marc Jacobs Pear
(these are all splashes really)
Vera Wang Bouquet (I’m dying to buy this next)

What I have:
Benefit’s Maybe Baby
Miss Dior Cherie
Marc Jacobs Cucumber
Stella McCartney
Vera Wang Sheer Veil
Touch by Fred Hayman

oh I forgot to add that I’m totally wanting Covet by SJP and L for LAMB by Gwen Stefani.

I also own Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom…it smells really pretty and is great for the summer.

That’s quite a list, Shefali!! A lot of Marc Jacobs scents on your list πŸ˜›

Looks like Miss Dior Cherie is quite popular around these parts!

I like sweet perfumes. Almost buble-gum-y, but still tastefull. My brand of choice: Escada. I only have Escada perfumes and always buy the latest one. (I currently have 3 Escada perfumes in my bathroom.)

My favorites are:

Floral – Marc Jacobs Perfume (Gardenia)

Citrus – Jo Malone Grapefruit

Aqua – Davidoff Cool Water

Green – Gucci Envy (this has floral notes too but I feel there’s more green than floral)

I don’t like fruity or musk based perfumes. I haven’t tried that many “foody” perfumes – ones that have chocolate or pumpkin pie notes to it. I’m told they are quite amazing but prefer to stick to citrus or green perfume in general.

I see you’re very well versed in your notes and perfumes πŸ™‚

I’m not a huge fan of food scents, either! Maybe in a lotion, but not usually even in that for me.

I bought Escada Magnetism but I never ever use it. It’s too… well, I don’t know, seems there’s a battery acid smell in it.

This is going to sound absolutely crazy…but I cannot help what I am attracted to! With Love by Hillary Duff. I know, I know it sounds ridiculous, especially since in a 24-year-old, but the scent is amazing!

It’s the cheapest perfume I own (it cost like $20), but I get more complements on it than anything else I wear!

Smell it before you knock it =)

For day, I normally wear Moschino Funny (clean citrus smell that turns into such a soft scent) or Marc Jacobs. And for night, I’ll wear something slightly heavier like Vera Wang Princess or Prada or D&G’s The Beat…

My favorite perfume is one that I got in France- it’s called “Belle de Nuit.” According to the parfumerie’s description, it’s a “soft harmony of delicate mirabilis, fresh violet, subtle geranium and fragrant rose, enhanced by a fruity plum note on a background of warm musk.” Loooooove it!

The Moschino scent is really called Funny? Ha! “It smells funny.” you’d think there’d be too many jokes.

ok i have about 20 different ones i love them all but my fav would be narsiso rodriguez a french sent got it from sephora it is actually the most exp one + v irresistable and haute couture by givenchy, miracle by lancome,gucci ii, euphoria by ck, armani code and mania,versace, juicy coutre,JPG,POSIBILITY ….. AND OTHERS

My favorites are Covet & Lovely By SJP. I also like Este Lauder’s Happy and Love. On occasion I will go to a classic fave such as Glo By JLo. It also will depend on the time of year. In the spring and summer I like something light and clean with a touch of flower to it. In the winter I tend to use body sprays in the vanilla variety with a hint of glitter or shine.

One of my absolute favorites is Bergamot Citrus by Fresh Index. I’m very particular about scents…most of them gross me out by the end of the day, even if I initially like the way it smells. This is going to sound funny, but I don’t like scents that linger really long. I’d rather it just fade away after a few hours. Bergamot Citrus is fresh and it smells a bit creamy on me, which I like, and best of all, I don’t feel nauseous (sp?) after wearing it.

I’m also a sucker for anything beachy, and I just recently got a few sample bottles of Creed Virgin Island Water (lime, coconut, rum).

Kai perfume oil is another good one, but it sort of falls into the “makes me sick” category if I’m not careful.

I’m really lemming Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash right now, so anyone who owns it – what do you think of it? I’ve never sniffed it…but I hope it smells clean and watery. I’d hate to plunk down $50 for it to smell sickly sweet and reminiscent of Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon. Blehhh!

Hi Jessica – I own Marc Jacobs Cucumber and I absolutely love it. It’s fresh, clean, and watery and it’s not cheap smelling at ALL. I get compliments on it ALL the time too. The bottle is $65 and it’s totally worth it. I’m not sure but I thought it was limited edition last summer…but if you can get your hands on it…do it!

I love the original Paris Hilton perfume. I consistently get compliments on it. I’ve gone through three bottles.
I do wear the L.A.M.B. perfume as well. I love it!

I think I don’t just go for one ‘type’ of smell. My favourite perfumes are Gucci II, Stella, Dior Addict, YSL In Love Again and DKNY Red Delicious. So maybe fruity and oriental? lol.

Moschino Cheap and Chic’s I Love Love.

I don’t think they make it anymore :(. It had a summery grapefruit type of smell to it. It smells similar to Dolce & Gabanna’s Light Blue, but I like Moschino’s better.

My absolute favorite is Escada! It doesn’t matter which one, anything they make I love! I especially like the summer fragrances but the only drawback is they never seem to last on me. Does this happen to anyone else? One scent that seems to stick like velcro on me is Chance from Chanel. I would love to wear Armani Code but that one also wears off in under 30 minutes, seems like…. =(

I have two favorites…
My daily favorite is Kiehl’s Original Musk. My husband thinks it smells like Colgate Shaving Cream but I don’t care. It makes me feel like I’m in a warm blanket. Needless to say, I do not wear it on our date nights!!

My other favorite is L’eau Par Kenzo. It is clean and fruity with a touch of roundness (?) to it. I can’t explain it exactly–maybe a dry down of vanilla? My husband LOVES it and goes crazy every time I wear it. We can be in opposite ends of the house and he immediately knows when I’ve sprayed it. Before I know it, there he is with his face on my neck.

I tend to rotate my scents according to the season. This past fall/winter all I wore was Black Orchid by Tom Ford. I was obsessed with it. I love amber and incense notes in my winter perfumes. For this spring and summer, I’m wearing Monyette Paris and Fire Island by Bond No. 9. I always tend to gravitate towards tuberose/gardenia scents during the summer, and last year I was all about Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.

My favorites:

Daytime scents: Gucci II, Valentino Rock and Rose, Victoria’s Secret Heavenly, Stella by Stella McCartney

Evening scents: Calvin Klein Euphoria and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

I really want Dolce & Gabbanna The One, Burberry The Beat, and one of the Prada perfumes (can’t think of which one but I know it’s well over $100!!)

I LOVE perfume!!!!!!!!!!! It’s right up there with MAC makeup…I like having an extensive perfume collection and I am super picky!

It changes as I grow older each year and my tastes change. Before I was in love with J Lo Miami Glow, but now I just -cannot- stand it, at all. I also liked VS Heavenly, but now I think it’s a so-so scent.
Nowadays I tend to go for the “musky/tea/leafy/sweet” smells like Burberry London and Lolita Lempicka.

Original Clinique Happy and I use Frederick Fekkai’s shine spray which has a nice light fragrance. My guy friend once told me that I know how to smell to make a man want me!! SO I guess I got something right…

Currently I am wearing Betsy Johnson :)it was part of my Vday gift…my other current scent is Barbie which is a fun light and kinda fruity scent…both are very odd choices for me since I don’t really like girly scents. I am very attracted to dark, spicy and very heavy scents…I have yet to find a womens perfume that I LOVE so the Sephora sales person suggested I try a mens scent to find something that is heavy enough for my taste πŸ™‚ Ah and the search goes on

My favourite scent to use is actually an essential oil blend (lime, bergamot and patchouli). It’s a gorgeous blend that I love dearly, and I’ve never encountered anyone with an allergy to a hint of essential oil, which is good. Some perfumes DESTROY me… so, I have to be careful for myself, and it makes me all the more aware that other people have allergies too. πŸ™‚

I am really in to Stella in Two by Stella McCartney nowadays.
Marc Jacob’s Blush is really nice and sweet.
Blvgari’s Amythest is very sassy…

Clinique’s Happy Heart and Givenchy’s Very Irresistable are my two signature scents, so I guess floral notes are my thing. During the fall, though, I’ll wear Abercrombie’s 8 or Burberry Brit.

I LOVE oriental fragrances! I wear everything from Angel,Alien( Thierry Mugler)Pink Sugar,Prada,Dior Addict
L’de Lolita, and Acqua di Parmas’ Mandorlo di Sicilia.

i really like hilary duff’s with love πŸ™‚ the scent isn’t too overwhelming, very girly and whimsical πŸ™‚

Strange, but I absolutely love Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. My new fav, though, is Moon Sparkle by Escada. Also like Paris Hilton’s Heiress and Ralph Lauren Ralph, Hot, and Wild.

I really like Lacoste perfumes. I wear Lacoste pour femme and Lacoste Inspiration. I also like DKNY Be Delicious, Estee Lauder Pleasures, Guerlain Insolence, Marc Jacobs Daisy and many more!

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