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Flowerbomb eau de parfum by Viktor and Rolf.
I love it! Dont think I have worn any other for over 2years.

I’ve used philosophy’s baby grace for a few years now after VS “love spell”. Works well with my chemistry, clean, nothing ‘perfumey’, fresh. I alternate now with harajuku lover’s “Angel”. I’ve found my runner up:)

I’m currently using The Body Shop’s Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT, it is such a gorgeous scent! I don’t tend to stick with the same fragrance for too long, so will probably change soon. My other favourites atm are Harajuku Lovers G by Gwen Stefani, and I’ve just fallen in love with Guerlain’s Insolence – it smells like Meteorites!!! 🙂 One of my all time favourites is YSL’s Paris though and I usually buy the limited edition springtime fragrance as they’re so gorgeous too.
To be honest there’s far too many gorgeous fragrances to chose from, so I wouldn’t be able to stick to just one. 🙂

I tried Insolence a while ago – you’re right, it smells like the Meteorites powders! But it smelt SO bad on me it wasn’t funny. My BFF woudln’t come near me for the rest of the shopping trip!
Normally I love violet based perfumes and have a few I love to wear but Insolence just did something nasty with my body chemistry :-(. L’Air du Temps does the same thing – smells great on everyone else and like toilet cleaner on me!

I’m glad it works for you though!

Currently I love Allure Sensuelle by Chanel an dwear that nearly everyday but my heart belongs to Dior – Pure Poison and J’adore. Love these!

And I stocked up on the Tom Ford Youth Dew Amber Nude as well – very lush and sexy!

Thanks CeeBee! I had exactly that problem with Insolence (luckily it was only a sample) that and YSL Paris.

At the moment it’s Incredible Me by Escada! I am just loving it and my all time fav is Dolce & Gabanna The one!

L de Lolita Lempicka

is all you need.

I think I’ve been in love with Lolita Lempicka for 2 years now, and while I have other fragrances I love, L will always be the reason I love perfume.

at the moment it’s Glow by J.Lo, it’s been my fave since she released it, ’cause it smells like babies and clean sheets 🙂 it’s my I don’t know which bottle and it’s all time fave for sure 🙂

my all time fave too …i ve used so many bottles
right now i switch between glow by j.lo and fairy dust by paris hilton

I have tons of perfumes and tend to wear each one of them on the spur of the moment, but for the past 2 weeks I have been wearing Vera Wang Bouquet only. I think it’s because it reminds me of spring and right now, I really need spring and summer to arrive because winter is dragging way too long!

I collect perfumes and perfume oils, and I wear different scents depending on my mood. Today I’m feeling moody and contemplative, so I’m wearing Anjali by Wiggle. Yesterday it was Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Nocturne, which is on my list of top five favorites.

For the past few months I’ve been loving the Mariah Carey one in the purple bottle and Britney Spears’ Midnight Fantasy.

True Religion…just started about 2 months ago. I’m addicted. It smells so good. Before that it was W Sean John.

Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy

I absolutely love this scent. Perfect for day or night. It is very light and feminine. This is the only perfume I ever wore continuously.

Victoria’s Secret PINK: Soft & Pure. It smells so fresh and clean! It doesn’t give me a headache like a lot of floral scents do. I layer the shower gel and the body spray and it’s perfect.

Flowerbomb! My staple. I really like the Harajuki loves G, which I think I’ll get for the summer months. I adore coconut!

I love amazing Grace, Pretty by Elizabeth Arden (just new addicted to it after sampling it and reviewing it for my blog!) Ummm, I also use Vera Wang Princess and love it:-)

Vera Wang’s Princess. I sampled it on a whim one day at Sephora and then went about my shopping. Later on, I kept noticing that something smelled DELICIOUS, and the scent was following me around. Once I figured out what it was, I HAD to have it. I’ll happily wear it for a while longer, until something new comes along.

i just recently re-purchased sweat pea from bath and body works…i forgot how amazing it smells.

annnddd…rock n rose by valentino is my all time favorite, but im always hesitant to wear it because i don’t wanna run out..lol.

Michael Kors Island Hawaii!! Kors has a lot of fragrances in this Island line but Hawaii is by far the best. Juicy Coutoure lovers will be big fans of this one and it is perfect for the Spring/Summer.

Tom Ford Moss Breches. I got a sample of it at Bergdorf Goodman, pretending like I’d actually have enough money to maybe buy it if I liked it (not possible). Good thing I haven’t even made a dent in the sample yet, despite wearing it for months! That stuff is powerful…

I love me some Narcisso Rodriquez…when I’m feeling feisty. When I’m feeling sweet, I love Rose Absolute by Yves Rocher.

currently I’m alternating between Lavanilla Grapefruit Vanilla and L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani — been using these two for a few months and love them both 🙂 i am a TOTAL perfume junkie, I normally have 5 or 6 bottles going at a time but i ran out of most lol

i love love love coco mademoiselle by chanel for special occasions, and for every day heiress by paris hilton (i know, i know.. but it smells SO great!) and pink sugar. yum 🙂

Miss Dior Cherie. I don’t like very sweet fragrances but this one is sweet but not cloying. I love it!

My favorite especially for Spring is Michael Kors Island (the orange bottle) it is amazing! its no longer available though its really hard to find so i have to get it from ebay=[

also i wear Gucci Envy me, Baby Phat Goddess (pink Bottle) and sometimes just simply victoria secret body spray if im in a rush

Oh and Pink! lol

I switch it up a lot, but michael Kors is my fav!

Same here!

and also SJP Lovely and Dior Midnight Poison…what can I say? I’m not very decisive. That’s the front row of my perfume cubby.

Lolita Lempicka! The first thing that attracted me to this perfume was the beautiful bottle. The purple apple is so cute. I’ve been hooked on it for 5+ years now. I sometimes switch it up for a few weeks n try something different but i always go back to my Lolita Lempicka

I have several faves
*Jean Paul Gauthier-the original for going out
*Pink Sugar for every day -Luv it
*Hot Couture by Givenchy and L’eau D’issey are also amazing
I have quite a few so hard to choose from

It would be impossible for me to pick only one since I wear them based on my mood and the image I feel each projects…

Juicy by Juicy Couture
Happy Heart by Clinique
Michael by Michael Kors
Michael Kors Island Hawaii

I have two favourites at the moment – Lolita Lempicka (the purple apple with ivy leaves) and Miss Dior Cherie by Dior. Both are amazing 🙂

I love MAC’s turquatic! 🙂
I switch perfumes all the time but I always go back to turquatic or Lacoste’s Touch of Pink 🙂

Kate Moss… I know!.. tacky, but it smells great, I also love deep red by hugo boss and miss boucheron by boucheron.

Lancome Miracle’s always been my favourite.
I also like getting new seasonal scents and there are too many that I love, l’occitane and Dior scents are the best; especially; L’Occitane’s Cherry Blossom and Cedre – WOW!
Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie and Dior Addict 2 and Dior Addict Shine.

my favorite perfume is actually a signature collection body splash from bath and body works in the scent “Black Rasberry Vanilla”. I am not much of a perfume wearer, and this adds a subtle fruity vanilla aroma to my skin.

My fav right now is Viva La Juicy………its so much prettier smelling than the original. I can’t get enough of it. I also adore Burberry London.

I wear a couple of different ones but Sean John’s Unforgivable for women is probably my favorite. It smells so soft and sexy. It not a perfume that saturates a room. I also alternate with CdG Incense Avignon, Kiehl’s Musk oil, Monyette Paris is my favorite! I also love Coconut Lime Verbena by BBW for spring.

At the moment it’s spring and I alternate between Lolita Lempicka and Japanese Blossoms by the Body Shop, and come summer my Escada Pacific Paradise will probably make a return.

Right now Dolce and Gabbana Light blue is hot! I also like the Pink Ed Hardy one and Love Harajuku Lovers by Gwenny.

Miss Dior Cherie… tried it at Sephora and can’t get it off my mind!! Luckily my friend is getting it for me for my bday!! 😀

Harajuku Girls Lil’ Angel, J.Lo’s Live Luxe and Ed Hardy are my all time favorite perfumes. I like sweet smelling stuff.

MARC JACOB’S DAISY. Not only do I love the Perfum but also His fashion designs, he should team up with M.A.C! 🙂


I’ve been wearing Body by Victoria from Victoria’s Secret. Nothing too strong, just a clean & fresh smell for everyday.

I also love Chanel Chance.

two of my favs right now:

Giorgio Armani Sheer Code
Dior Miss Cherie (it doesn’t last long tho so i’m hoping someone will dupe it well)

sheer code has actually made dude-friends sniff me and go “wait, what’s that? what is that? i have smelled that before. i MUST know what it is. it is GREAT”

Oh geez… working at Ulta I’ve had the chance to smell TONS of fragrances! Britney’s Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy always were favs of mine, but became too sweet after over-using them. I’m not too into her new Hidden Fantasy, though. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture is my current fav I’d say, although I wish it would stay on longer. I even use the shower gel! I also love Ed Hardy for woman (the original one), the new True Religion (we just got it, so it’s new to me haha), and some of the Harajuku scents are good, I just can’t remember which ones! I liked Jessica Simpson Fancy for a while when I first smelled it, but it’s too strong for me now haha. Back in high school I loved Victoria’s Secret’s Love Spell and Strawberries and Champagne, GAP’s So Pink and Dream, and Garden Botanika’s Heart.

I’m not really into perfume all that much. I feel it can be overwhelming. I put it on every once and a while. I have gone through quite a bit of JLO Glow. I like that it smells fresh and clean. I also have BCBG’s Metro which I bought years ago but use even less often. Before that I used Victoria’s Secret’s Pretty in Pink (which was discontinued years ago).

I never wore perfumes up until about two years ago. I always disliked how strong perfumes smell so I was strictly a body spray girl. That is until I smelled Burberry London by Burberry, that’s basically all I wear now. However, the old Burberry London is now just called Burberry and the new Burberry London is a new scent just for your FYI!

Zara Lirio de Agua.

Sexy as hell.

I actually hoard it. . .b/c I never know when they’ll stop making it. . .

I love Virgin Island Water by Creed. It is expensive, but so worth it. It smells deliciously tropical… lime, coconut, margarita, sugar cane. Anybody who likes fruity citrus fragrance will love this stuff. I also love D&G Light Blue and L’Occitane Verbena (lemony goodness):).

right now i’m loving frederic malle musc ravageur (got a lovely sample at barneys) and since i recently started working for armani cosmetics i’m in love with the armani prive collection 🙂

I have so many but I woould have to say Juicy by Juicy Couture and Be Delicious by DKNY. And I can’t forget Michael Kors Island (blue bottle)I also am wearing Escada Ocean Lounge but it doesn’t last long.

Demeter- Babypowder
Bvlgari- Petits et Mamans Perfume
I like baby smell 😀 can you tell ? lol
Elizabeth Arden- Mediterranean Breeze Eau de Parfum Spray (pink bottle, this is sooo good 😛 )

oh god this is a hard one, i have so many that i switch a diff scent out every day. my all time favorite is victoria secret tranquel breeze body spray,i also like the perfume in PINK, and BODY and heavenly also by VS.
the others that i have in my collection that i rotate are Happy by clinique, pleasures by estee lauder, Chanel chance, tommy girl and be delicous (the green one).
and from MAC i like the gold and white bottle creations.
and for christmas i got the CLEAN perfume collection , which has an assortment of 5 clean fresh laundry scents. its awesome.
i also just got W by banana republic, i love it, it smells so fresh and clean

oh and from bath and body works line i love the pearberry, cotton blossom , french vanilla and white cherry blossom.

def lolita lempicka…i’m trying to finish the bottle (have too many perfumes) so i have been wearing it every day…i love the smell it leaves on my jackets…it’s a beautiful vanilla floral scent…my cousin got me hooked on that little purple apple 🙂

D&G the One is my all-time fave but when i go out casually I use MAC creations MV1, im not even sure of the name lol but I love its smell. I love my Givenchy Hot Couture too! But it got broken when I went on vacation:((

Bulgari Jasmin Noir. My husband picked it out himself and bought it for me for Valentine’s Day. It smells so beautiful, stays so warm and close to my skin. Loves.

I have a lot of perfumes but I’ve been loving Mariah Carey (both purple and pink) for over a year now. I just bought Pretty by Elizabeth Arden, its lovely! A favourite in the summer is Mediterranean by Arden.

P.S-Yes I have a fixation with Arden fragrances (they distribute Mariah, too!) Maybe its b/c I use to work for them!

Impossible to choose just one:
– Daisy by Marc Jacobs
– Miss Dior Cherie for special occasions
– Calvin Klein One for casual occasions

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