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I get a lot of compliments on my eyes so I guess they’re my best feature and they are what I like best on other people, eyes definitely are what draws me in first :o)

I’m going to have to say my lips, because they’re pretty full and have a lot of color of theirselves – so I often only need a little gloss and additional color isn’t even necessary! .

My eyes are a pretty shade of light grey blue, and I have long lashes 🙂

Sorry to be off topic ladies but I don’t know where else to ask about Specktra: it stopped working for me a couple of days after the site revamp. It says that the server is too slow to answer. I’ve tried both .net and .org because google says it has moved to .org but neither are working! Help!

it’s been really, really fickle lately. It works for me, but sometimes I have to refresh my page several times to see new posts. Trying clearing your cache?

This is happening to me at specktra too! It works at my job but not at home!

Anywho to answer the post, I like my whole face (I’m so vain sorry)! On others I like smooth clear skin. I still have remnants of acne scars

I’d say my lips, and then my eyes.

On girls and guys both, my most important thing is a nice smile, and then eyes.

I have a pretty eye color, but I don’t really like my eye shape. A lot of people compliment me on them, though. So…my eyes, I guess.

I like my eyes, they are big and i have long and full lashes
on others, i love looking at nice clear skin!

I would say my clear skin and high cheekbones. I really wish I had a better smile though, as thats what I like best on others!

My lips and my teeth are my favorite. My mac ma always tells me people pay to have my lips. I have a great cupid’s bow and straight white teeth. On others I love cheekbones.

My eyes & my skin are my favorite features, my eyes look brown at first, but they are actually hazel green at the bottom. I pay attention to other people’s bone structure & eyes.

I get the most compliments on my eyes.. Every couple of days in fact. They are a weird very pale green with a little blue. However, I probably like my lips the most.

On others… I tend not to notice girls. haha On guys I notice full lips and big, dark eyes. Women, I suppose it would be lips as well.

I’m going to say my eyes. I have big hazel eyes but they turn to a dark brown when I’m sick or tired.
I get a lot of compliments on my eyes.

I actually get compliments on all of my features, but I love my eyes and lips the best. I’m not crazy about my skin and nose personally.

On others: girls–skin; guys–I have a weakness for eyes. I especially have a thing for dark, exotic-looking eyes (slightly slanted, almond-shaped, with lots of lashes). Hot. Skin and bone structure I notice too.

My eyes…or skin…
dont worry I think the Specktra site is just down for a bit..they are upgrading I believe..I’ve been having the same problem 😀 HTH

On myself: my lips and, second my eyes. On others, I pay attention to every detail but, the one that I look at first, is always the lips. I like them full, sensual, and pigmented.

Either my eyes or my lips… I have wide-set blue eyes that are big and round, and my lips are full but not huge. I like my whole face, my body could use some work though, lol.

On women I notice skin and lips first, on men it’s their lips and eyes.

Eyes. I always get compliments for my blue eyes 🙂 On others, I covet cheekbones. Because I don’t have them

On myself, my lips, definitely. I like my eyes alright too.

On others, I like a well-defined bone structure (especially cheekbones), which is completely opposite of me.

I find eyes to be overrated – I think most people have beautiful eyes, simply because they are the “window to the soul”, so I don’t really find people superficially attractive because of their eyes.

on me I have to say my cheekbones…they are to die for FAB!!! On others I am obsessed with perfect skin…wish I had it 🙂

BUT the one thing I notice about others are their quirky flaws – freckles, a cute mole, a “greek” nose…interesting things that make them uniquely beautiful.

I’d say my eyes, they’re blue/brownish and almond shaped.. It’s weird tho I think they look kinda small normally but when I wear my contacts they look bigger 😛

I like my lips too, not too fond of my nose tho.. I’m happy it’s at least straight (from the side)

My nose I used to hate it but as I got older I learned to love it, or lips.

On others there mouth in general, or skin.

I’d say my eyes, which are slanted and bright blue-green, and my lips, for which I get Scarlett Johansson comparisons (though I can only wish to look like her ;))

Boring as that sounds, I tend to notice eyes on other people. I also like full lips on guys 😉

Friends always tell me that they’d kill to have my eyes and eyelashes. So I guess that’s the best feature i have on me!

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