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Lots of water/fruits, no sugar/processed food and Neal’s Yard Rose balm. I also use rose water as a facial mist during the day.

Depends what is going on with it. Right now, every day in a new situation! If I am oily or breaking out, I use Lancome Pure Empreinte Masque on my t-zone followed by tea tree oil on the breakouts. I use the tea tree oil twice a day and the mast 2 x a week. If I am dehydrated, I atop using any retinol products and use the Lancome Hydra-Intense Masque 3 – 3 x a week. It is so light and refreshing and not heavy or greasy. If it is red and itchy, I use a soothing cream and don’t put anything else on it until the burning subsides. I’ll sometimes apply olive oil if it is dry and itchy although that makes me hungry!!

lol, that sure sounds like a FUN kind of life, Critty! My skin is being soo funky lately, and I have to say, it realyl sucks. Thanks for your suggestions!

I started getting a few zits here and there, I stated freaking out! So, I ordered PROACTIVE, still waiting though=$! LOL

For breakouts I use a paste of sulphur and hydrogen peroxide or castor oil directly on the breakout

Ricinoleic acid in the castor oil helps with inflammatory, killing the bacteria. Have you ever heard of the Oil Cleansing Method/Oil Washing? You mix castor oil and olive oil and use it as face wash. Its good for those with oily skin (like myself) since oil cuts oil.

doing nothing – no makeup!
i simply wash and moisturise with good old aloevera, and hydrosols only.

I drink plenty of water and cut back on the products I’m using on my face. Like, I switch back to nothing but Purity Made Simple to wash my face and moisturizers that I know my skin likes.

I depend almost entirely on my Clarisonic; it takes care of dryness, oiliness, and break outs. I use it with the Neutrogena Advanced Acne Solutions kit and since using it my skin has been practically pimple-less. 🙂

While the Clarisonic is a bit more expensive, (at $195), the Neutrogena kit is super cheap (around $20-$25) and it works so well. The first few days took a little getting used to (my skin was tight and a little flaky) but within a week I saw a major decrease in pimples. Aside from that, leaving it alone (no picking, stressing, or obsessing) seems to get my skin back in shape.

Christine, if your skin continues to go crazy I’d definitely go pick up the Neutrogena kit. 😀

sigh…i don’t know what to do..i have an oily T-zone but my cheeks are SUPER DRY!! ppl told me that i need to exfoliate..i tried two..st. ives apricot scrub..and MAC’s Microfine Refinisher…but in both cases i got HORRIBLE red rashes..you know…which seems as if your skin is RAAW! 🙁

i do put on moisturizer..but i don’t think it is enough…can anyone help me?? 🙁

Oh no, Ash 🙁 It really sucks to have combo skin sometimes! Are you going really, really rough on your cheeks? I really LOVE Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Cleanser, which is also a mild exfoliant.

Have you tried applying moisturizer multiple times throughout the day?

thank you sooo much for replying back..:)
i do put on moisturizer twice a day…i am scared that if i put more than that i could actually cause my skin to breakout…as for the Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Cleanser…hmm..i will have to try it! 🙂
thank you sooo much..hugzz! 🙂

I have oily skin and often breakouts, often when I’m stressed. Then I wash my face, use an Aloe Vera based exfoliating cleanser, put on the Face contouring mask from the same brand (FLP), which takes care of the oilyness, then I mix some pure Tea Tree oil (any brand) with Aloe Vera based MSM gel (also FLP) and put it on my face when I go to sleep, that does the trick and the next day I look like a healthy girl again =)

That really sucks, Veronica 🙁 I get like that too, especially when I’m stressed. Thank you for your emergency skin solution! I’ll have to try it!

Take a careful look at the products you’re using especially when your skin is going through a rough patch.. I know how that is, and it’s not fun 🙁 No alcohol in the products, a SUPER mild cleanser (like Olay or Dove ‘for sensitive skin’.. -surprising, huh??); make sure they don’t contain any active ingredients.. Only exfoliate with a light BHA product (no manual exfoliation!), use a well-formuated, low % benzoyle peroxide gel/lotion depending on your skin type on top.. No more than 2.5% bp! No scented products, coloured products, or products with irritating ingredients. And moisturize where you need it, using a really gentle moisturizer.. Olay regenerist moisturizer (used to be called perfecting cream, now it’s super hydration something blahblah), Clinique continuous rescue antioxidant moisturizer.. Tons of good stuff for your skin in those products. It’s great that you stay away from makeup when your skin is acting up. Over the years I’ve really noticed that the less you do to your skin when it’s breaking out, the better.


1. MILD cleanser
2. Salicylic Acid gel or lotion, not more than 2%… wait for it to dry a min or so
3. Benzoyle peroxide gel or lotion, not more than 2.5%, wait for it to dry
4. Good but light moisturizer, Olay or Clinique are good examples

If you’re going to be leaving makeup off, you can also let your skin just breathe at day or night.. You can either do those 4 steps in the morning, or at night, or both. Just make sure you don’t get any crap (bacteria, specifically LOL) on your face especially if you haven’t applied these things.

It’s a simple plan to follow, but finding the perfect products CAN be tricky, but you can get all of those things from: Olay, Clinique, and Neutrogena (for the salicylic acid).

Hope you clear up soon!

When my skins breaking out I have a long bath to open my pores, then I use Origins Swept Away Cleaner and then Origins Out of Trouble mask and bye bye bye breakouts (and pores). 🙂

Out of Trouble is my HG!

lots of water and homemade facial with banana,honey,lemon,yogurt left for 30 mins. it works wonder!

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