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I had an inexperienced waxer burn my eyebrows because she applied hot wax over the same area twice. I left the salon with bright red eyebrows and it took a few days for it to go down. Needless to say I never went back there again and fortunately they’ve closed down now.

ugh! curling irons! i always burn myself
I’m a klutz!
Also there was one time the colorist put something that hurt my scalp.

HA! SAME! He he! I caught my whole earlobe when i was straightening my hair way to early in the morning! Needless to say, i woke up straight after that from the pain. My BF asked if i tried to straighten my ear! So doff… (tough being blonde)

I put wax under my arm and i didn’t prep the area first and the wax got stuck and i was jumping around with my arm in the air!My husband got a big laugh out of the sight of that!

I work at a dental office and have noticed that high-intensity tooth whitening in the chair doesn’t hurt for everyone. Procedures like Zoom teeth usually leave customers with incredibly sensitive teeth. Some people cannot eat sweets, cold, hot, etc. items for months after an in-chair session, so we warn everyone before they go in. Each person’s enamel is different though, so professional whitening trays worn at night are a good alternative to fast, in-chair whitening. The trays are cheaper, and take a couple weeks but they’re worth it.

What hurts is that the dentist places something in the mouth to keep the lips away from the teeth and as time passes by it hurts really bad!

Ugh, when i went for full face waxing, and trust me, i have hair like a kung bushman. I broke out 2 days after that, all over my face and yup, no more waxing-ever.

That happened to me too. I was looking good the day of, but over the next few days my cheeks and my neck broke out. I still wax my brows but no more face wax EVER.

OMG i had the worst experiences with makeup remover..my eyes are extremely sensitive and they would turn bright red and burn sooo bad. Even now i have to gently swipe my eye with a cotton swab only once or twice or else it starts burning really bad.

Also, my sister had an eyelash curler that was at the end of it’s life. She went to curl her lashes and it just snipped them off. She tried only one eye but she couldn’t believe it snipped more than half of her eyelashes..to this day they are still shorter on one eye!

Laser hair removal hurts a LOT! I’m in the process of getting everything (yes, everything) removed, and it hurts so badly the lady has to coach me through lamaz to help me handle the pain! And I’ve done Brazilian bikini waxes for years…that’s nothing compared to this. I’m sure in the end it will be worth it, but ouch!

And yes, getting my teeth whitened hurt a lot too – it’s mostly that your teeth are so super sensitive for a few days afterward.

I have to agree with Heather, laser removal HURTS LIKE HELL!!! I had never done a formal bikini wax (just shaved it) so I was in for a little surprise. The lady at the salon asked me if I knew that laser removal down there could hurt. I said NO!! my friend said that it didn’t hurt too much, her answer: Well it does. And boy o boy was she right and I was shedding a couple of tears by the end of the procedure. Then the next day my poor bikini line was so red and swollen that I almost asked for a refund. The good thing is that the technician told me I could use a numbing cream that helps deal with the pain in a more lady-like way. You know… no swearing or crying. It still ends up a tad red and swollen but I’m almost hairless down there. 🙂

Laser hair removal does hurt terribly all over, but no area is as painfull as upper lip. I did bikini line, legs and upper lip, and only the last one made my eyes watery and howl in pain. At least it’s over in a couple of minutes!

Yep, pretty expensive. I think it’s only really worth it if you have cash to burn (not my case) or have problems with ingrown, too thick or dark hair (which, sadly, was my case). But I was very happy with the results and think it was totally worth it.

One time I had a bikini wax where the woman actually waxed off some of my skin! it was brutal and obviously I never went to her again.

I’ve bought several gorgeous shades of eyeshadow with red tones in it that have caused my eyelids to itch. then i’ll remove the shadow, but the next day my eyelids swell up! it looks a bit like i’ve gotten beat up. the worst is that i can’t wear the eyeshadow that i’d fallen in love with, like cranberry. 🙁

I waxed my upper lip at home once and ripped off the top layer of skin! I had a moustache-shaped scar! If that ever happens to anyone, use Neosporin-it really helps!!!

One time, I was trying to scrape some mascara from the skin area below the lower eyelid underneath the lash. I oversteered with my fingernail and scraped the actual eyeball instead. Yes, it was painful but ew-w-w my eyeball became bloody and I looked like someone from Night of the Living Dead. I was totally wigged out and even Dear Hubby insisted that I call “Ask a Nurse” to make sure that I didn’t need to go for medical help. Fortunately it looked worse than it was. But for about two weeks whenever anyone saw me, they would be staring at my eyeball and had to ask me how I did it.

Yeah that’s really bad..i always get a random string of mascara and black in my eye at the end of the day of wearing makeup…it’s so weird i thought i was the only one…i always have to pull my bottom lid down and put my finger in my eye to get it out.

Do you know how to stop the mascara from getting there. I always have this problem.

Be careful sticking your fingers in your eye or even on your waterline. I always did this without even thinking about it (to get something out of my eye) and a couple of months ago I got an eye infection. It was very uncomfortable but the worst part was I couldn’t wear eye makeup! I had the infection in one eye and then 2 weeks later I got it in the other eye. I had to throw out a lot of stuff because I use so many different things and couldn’t remember what might have been contaminated. It was impossible for me to go that whole time without wearing eye makeup so I had to buy disposable spatulas to scoop fluidline out and disposable mascara applicators. I’m already obsessive compulsive about washing stuff but I had to do it even more and it consumed my brain! Haha.

It was politely suggested to me by a Chanel makeup artist that perhaps the days of lining my lower lashes are over since I am over the hill. But I still get smudges from eyeliner and occasional mascara use on the lower lashes. I have a small flat brush that I dip ever so lightly in concealer and then cover up the smudge. If you don’t have a brush that small, carefully use a q-tip. Otherwise, you will have a story like mine to tell. LOL

Yeah it’s really weird every time i wear my contacts or eyemakeup..the worst is both together. I’ll be fine all through the day but the next day when i wake up, after taking all my makeup off thouroughly. My eyes are bright red blood shot. They sting and sometimes have gunky stuff in them. So then i can’t where makeup or contacts for at least 2 days. It’s pretty bad because it happens every time no matter how little makeup i wear or if i add eye drops.

Any suggestions or other people who have problems with their eyes?

My single most painful experience involves a very hot curling iron and my forehead.

However, the most painful experience that happens on a semi-regular basis involves mascara wand-to-the-eye. And lemme tell you, those rubber/plastic-y bristled wands (like the Lash Blast and Telescopic ones?) hurt about a million times worse than the regular wands. Oi.

I would have to say plucking my underarm hairs lol it was painful at first but then you get used to it, also it stays hair free for longer!

my most painful beauty experience i would have to say is getting my hair permed at a hole-in-the-wall shop.

don’t get me wrong, i love the owner but she must’ve had one of those days. for whatever reason she was not paying attention to the time and cooked my hair aannnd scalp!

the outcome of the hair-don’t was awful! even though i made the best out of it, it took forever to grow out.

It is and always has been the underarm wax! I think it’s the fact that hair grows in various direction there making it that much more painful…and yes this is from someone who gets Brazilian Waxes!

I get a lip wax from time to time but what hurts me the most is that she has to yell it out in front of everyone. “Lip Wax, Lip Wax” lol

yep, brazilian waxing. ended up with a painful irritated rash and an infection. had to go to an actual doctor. she said she sees it all the time, and wishes people would have the sense to wax only the outer area. I assured her to do so after not sleeping from the pain for a few nights..

i waxed all my bikini area during my pregnancy to avoid the nurses at the hospital shave the area, i suffer the most during the waxing than during the birth of my baby

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