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We once had a party in school one Friday evening. I usually had worn more neutral makeup and my glasses at school. But this was a Friday evening so I went out as the “MAC addict” with a well-done makeup and contact lenses.
One of my teachers came during that evening to me and said: “I have been thinking for one hour now who you are!” Well, I told her that this was my “private” site of me!

Hey Cristine,

OH very tough q,lol.Ok,Once i was standing near the pool with very pretty makeup,all very nicely done,i was wearing a beautiful dress,suddenly from no where my freind ran towards me and pushed me in the pool,lol than it was a mess ofcourse,and then she got good beatings from me,lolt was the funniest incident in my life. :))


oh i’ve had alot of funny makeup related incidents………..usually involving me rubbing my eyes and forgetting that i have makeup on, leaving me with big black smudges under my eyes untill someone is nice enough to tell me. that happens at least twice a week at work (staring at the computer screen all day makes my eyes super dry).

but i think my favorite incident was one morning when i was running late for work, i had frantically thrown on makeup and clothes and rushed to the bus……….only to get to work and around 11 am go to the bathroom, only to realize………..i had only put eye makeup on one eye. i looked ridiculous. and NOONE TOLD ME!!! jerks 🙁

Haha. That’s fantastic! Sorry it happened, but thanks for sharing with us just the same. 😉 (MAC Blacktrack Fluidline wouldn’t smear, FYI.)

Hey Courtney!

LOL, oh no! What do you do then? Do you keep makeup remover with you at work?

OMG, that is hilarious, sorry Courtney 😉 I couldn’t resist a giggle over that.

i do keep those Ponds makeup-removing wipes in my desk for just such an emergency. LOL! i’m a mess, and i know it — i have to laugh at myself, too!

I was around 8-9 years old, and I was playing with my Mom’s lipstick. So when I went to visit my grandparents, I kissed Grandpy (that’s that we call our grandfather) on the cheek and left a kiss mark. They were all wondering who gave him the kiss mark, until they realized it was me :))

There was this one time when in the midst of applying lip-liner, the telephone rang and I rushed to answer it.
After hanging up (it was my husband who was my boyfriend then), i left home hurriedly as he was waiting for me downstairs.

I thought he was acting weird when he saw me and sensed something was wrong when I met him. The first thing he’d normally do is to kiss me whenever we met. It got to me and after like 15 minutes, I asked him what was wrong.
He felt so awkard and asked if it was a new makeup technique of applying just the lipliner without a lipcolour. (what made it worst was that the liner was in a dark burgundy sorta colour!) So that must have really freaked him out!!

In my hurry to meet him, I had forgotten to fill in lipstick and left home with just lipliner on!!!! Just the other day he brought up the incident but it was all in the name of having a good laugh 😉

Great question!

I was visiting my parents this Christmas and I decided to wear Russian Red to church. Later that day my Dad took me aside and said … ” Your lipstick, its a little…bold. You could see it on the other end of the street on a corner.”

My father unintentionally implies that I look like a hooker! I merely responded with amusement that visibility was the point of red lipstick.

I had a co-worker imply the same thing with Russian Red last year! All it did was make me wear it more often to prove that women can wear red lipstick without being compared to hookers. Ridiculous.

More power to you, Tekoa! Red lipstick wearers of the world unite!

I LOVE red lipstick! Russian Red and Classic Dame are two of my favourites. I’ve not had it with those colours, but I’ve definitely had my dad imply the hooker thing because of red lipstick, too!

This didn’t happen to me but … I went over to my mom’s house one to pick her up for something and she looked terrible! Sooo pasty, she almost had a gray cast to her skin. She stood there beaming at me, and I thought she might be delirious with a fever. I said “Mom you look terrible are you all right?” She got quite upset and said she had spent over an hour on her makeup and hair. I couldn’t believe it so I asked her to show me what she used … for some unknown reason she used Mylar eyeshadow all over her face!! She thought it was a powder. A few days later we learned she had cataracts even though she is in her 50s. I don’t know how I am genetically related to her! Lol.

It was probably the thrid or fourth time that I ever went into our MAC Pro Store. I was buying something for $IDK.50 and the guy behind the counter didn’t have a .50p-coin and so he had to give me so many coins. It was really funny for me, he felt a little embarassed but since then we always have a lot of fun! 😀

i cant think of anything specific, but i always laugh at myself when i put on a full face of makeup and then put on sweatpants to school! lol i’m sure i look ridiculous oh well

This isn’t really funny but more embarrassing for me personally. The MAC counter closest to my work opens at 10a.m., and on the day of Heatherette, I called right at 10 to place my stuff on hold. I was sitting staring at the clock from 9:45 (not that they knew this but still, I was embarrassed for myself). I felt bad because my list was like, 20 items long, but the MA was sweet regardless. When I went to pick up my stuff, I asked for the MA I was on the phone with and there were three other MAs there beside him… well, they looked and me and asked, “Oh, are you the crazy MAC girl that called right at 10a.m. this morning?!” Oy. I was so mortified. I know I’m obsessed but to be called the “crazy MAC girl” in front of four MAs was pretty embarrassing (even if they were being light-hearted). *lol* So now every time I go there I’m sure I’ll hear the nickname! I even mentioned this blog, Specktra and mac_cosmetics, and that was dumb because it made me look even MORE obsessed! Haha.

My first makeup mishap happened when I was about 4 years old… my friend and I snuck into and raided her mom’s makeup while our mothers were distracted and chatting in the kitchen. We thought we were fabulous with our blue eyeshadow stripes and mascara everywhere, but oh, there was no blush and every 4 year old KNOWS red cheeks are a must for makeup….

We used pretty much an entire lipstick grinding red circles onto our cheeks for blush. We got caught, a photo was taken (I should try and scan that one in) and then we got slapped hahaha. I vividly rememeber coming home and having my mom scrubbing at my face with cold cream for AN HOUR trying to get the lipstick out of my skin…

Next day, I had a rash on my cheeks that lasted for a week. I guess I got the blush I was looking for?

This isn’t really funny but I work in quite a “lower class” suburb in Australia and get PLENTY of people (toothless,barefoot and various other attractive qualities)muttering or even yelling out comments about my makeup. I do wear a full face of make up everyday and this would be quite understandable, except I really don’t wear that much to work (light mascara,i wear false lashes a lot with nothing else or if i do heavy eyes,just a bit of myth with clear lip glass). IT REALLY ANNOYS ME.I also get similar rude comments about my hair(granted its bleached a platinum blond and my extensions are quite long, but every second girl has that these days).

Anyway, is this an isolated thing? or does this happen to other people in other countries?I’m really curious

So this wasn’t really so funny when it happened…actually it was quite horrible, but now when I look back on it I get a great laugh!

One night a few years ago and I was rushing to get my makeup on before going out. So I’m curling my lashes and resting my elbow on the bathroom counter when all of a sudden my elbow drops into the sink and RIP!!! I had pulled out half of my lashes! First I was in shock from the pain of it and then I just started crying and cursing! There was literally like half of my eye with no lashes! So the next day at school my friends teased me a little bit and got a good laugh from my accident, but they assured me that I didn’t look like a freak! Even I started to laugh at how stupid it was!

It took about 2 months for my lashes to grow back, but for those 2 months of being lashless, I had to be very creative with my eyeliner so it wasn’t totally obvious!

It is a pretty funny story and I don’t mind people getting a few giggles over it, but slow down and be careful when you are curling your lashes…you don’t want to end up like me! 😉

oh, my god! My sis actually cut her eyelashes when she was little (both of us had scissor-mania, with bald barbies to prove it), but I can’t imagine yanking them off, ouch!!!

This happened to me at work, a few years ago:

I had applied a very sheer rose/nude MLBB shade (it appeared dark in the tube but was very sheer once applied) that morning and slipped lipstick in my bag, because it wore off pretty quickly and I knew I had to apply it. It never occurred to me that I had several very similar tubes of lipstick in that same bag. Later on, I had to re-apply it in a hurry, so I took out the lipstick and applied it without looking at it much or even glancing in a mirror – because it was a rose/nude shade, I figured didn’t need a mirror. Boy, was I wrong. The lipstick I had taken out was a dark red/wine pigmented shade and I had applied it so unevenly it was a royal mess – one that I didn’t see until a few hours – and meetings – later – ugh!

Nope – not a word! They must have thought I was “one of those people” who liked to over apply lipstick – double ugh!

Ah! The one haha incident that stands out in my memory is when I was 11. I have quite thick dark eyebrows and I looked at myself in the mirror thinking..”hmm, there has to be a way to make them more even and neat, like my mom’s.” So how do I do that? I took a pair of small, not too sharp scissors and started trimming the ends of the hair standing up at the inner tip of the eyebrow. But, I held the scissors too close to the hair and in one swipe half my eyebrow was missing. Yes, missing as in only 10 percent of the hair remained on the inner portion of the eyebrow! Hahaaa I laugh when I think of it now! I had to go to school the next day and somehow, the genius that I am, I used Kohl pencil (that’s the only cosmetic I used then) and managed to make it look like it wasn’t missing. But then there was a stark difference between my left and right e/brw! So I coloured the other one too and ended up looking like a primitive woman. But the best part was, no one at school, or my parents, ever commented on the oddity that was my eye-brow! I’m still scratching my head over that – how did they not notice that half my e/b was missing?!

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