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haha i went to mac to pick up some stuff from the hello kitty collection (just that cuz im on a tight budjet right now) but i ended up seeing a lot of other stuff i wanted and total i spent 390$ so i was like wow thats a lot and i totaled up my mac purcahses for the past 3 months and it was up to 1,200

Im a little addicted

Catching the train to Antwerp (an hour and a bit) to get to a MAC store, buy about 180 dollars’ worth of stuff and then take the train back. Lol, that was an expensive trip I have to say…

When the BBR collection came out, I took the plane in the evening to Londen Stansted Airport and went back in the morning to the netherlands. I slept on the airport and it was horrible, but after all, it was totally worth it. I spend about 150$ on MAC (tax free!).

hey there, if you ever need someone to send you MAC stuff let me know, btw Im going to AMS in 2 weeks, what part do u live in?

That’s an offer that I can’t resist! I live in Utrecht, 25 minutes from Amsterdam. MAC is so much cheaper in the UK than in the Netherlands, I wish I could travel every month to London to buy MAC!

called up every MAC store (where I live, in Singapore) to find out if they have Petticoat (but not on sale in Singapore) only to buy it when I was in Paris at the huge Sephora along champs de elyesses, yes, I hunt for my MAC around the world. Hong Kong, India, Europe you name it.

Before I said my answer,I am guessing the I will have the craziest of all the answers listed here.I had done a no. of crazy things but I will just name one here.

I love MAC Flashtronic collection so much that.. I bought the whole collection!! No big deal right? Here’s the crazy part..then I bought backups for it. Total pcs: Mercurial 28pcs,Ether 6pcs,Lovestone 7pcs,Tectonic 2pcs,By Jupiter 2pcs & the 3 MSF (northern light,gold spill and global glow).Spending more than $1.5k just on this collection.

Wow, that is kind of crazy! Well, if you ever decide to sell some of your backups let me know! 🙂

My craziest was probably calling Space NK in the USA to see if I can order the Chantecaille Protected Paradise face powder and eye shadow because they were much cheaper there, just to find that by the time they came and I paid the postage and customs duty, I hardly saved anything! :O

Well, I guess it did not come overnight, but just in eyeshadows, my MAC collection is worth USD 4.700…
Did not calculate on all of the rest!
Besides I collect falshies, I have a shoebox filled over the top. Some I will probably never use, just have to have them bacause they are fun and pretty. I will have to go to over 60 parties to get them all used. But it all gives me great joy, and that is the best excuse I have.

I’ve bought whole collections, bought ridiculously price LE items off ebay…but the one thing that amazes me is that I’ve managed to recruit my high school friend that lives in Jersey to buy me things I can’t get in Canada (where I live) & mail them to me…that boy is a saint!

This one is a bad one. I’m in college so whenever the semester start I always lie to my parents and tell them that my books cost $300 more than what they really are 🙁 for extra MAC money. My parents are so against my makeup habit I have to lie. Last spring semester, I didn’t buy any books because so many great collections were coming out and I wanted to have the extra money for it :(. I’m a lot better now.

Hmmm….. I think spending all my birthday money (85 bucks) on three eyeshadows and a slimshine from MAC was a little crazy. I wish they would have some sales! How do they compete when brands like Urban Decay sell eyeshadow palettes of they’re best-selling eyeshadows for a FIFTH of the price you would pay for as many MAC shadows, along with a mini bottle of shadow base? I dont shop at UD only bc I can’t find a store!

um, when i first started getting interested in makeup i would save up all the money i would get from my job every two weeks just spend it all at MAC or sephora. xD

i just spent 90 euros that were for school taxes to get chanel foundation+powder. Plus 60 on a bronzer and few eyepencils by MAC. I now feel shallow and guilty, but i look good! hehee now i have to figure out how to make this money on time to pay my school!

The craziest thing I do is taking the bus to the local CCO-I have to take at least four busses to get there, and it takes well over two hours each way. I also got up at 6 AM to order my Manish Arora stuff-and when I did, they were still putting the items up on the website!

Bought about $1000 worth of old mac collections.. because as much as I love mac I love learning about their old collections.. Geez… im officially crazy.

I spent so much money on MAC that I didn’t have enough to buy my ssiter a birthday gift!
whoops… 🙂

It’snot really crazy compared to you guys hahah but I ditched my glasses (which I actually loved) because I didnt like spending time on my eye makeup just to have it hide behind my glasses….

The craziest thing I ever did was take a 4 hour out-of-state round trip to the nearest CCO. I won’t be doing that again – luckily there’s one closer now.

girls.. these are some crazy stories!!!! i bought all the Hello Kitty lipsticks and glosses.. but returned half of them as they look to much like my other lipsticks.. thats about it with me.. i love my makeup but i love my shoes … shoes are a very bad habit.. i am very ashamed lol
BTW im in NJ
any one in europe who wants MAC, ill be glad to buy and ship to you ( thank god for paypal.. just reply to this comment.. i have it on follow up

oh that’s great! i live in portugal so most stuff takes years to get here. and you know there’s only two mac counters in my city, and only four total in the whole country. so you know what i mean. that’s a pretty good offer!

Gosh reading your stories makes me look like a makeup wimp! lol! I lost my job a few months ago and spent money on MAC BBR and Hello Kitty that could have gone to bills! I had to do something to cheer me up! Now I’m working constantly and can barely get to MAC!

Oh and I once took a Macys giftcard I was going to give my bf’s mom as an xmas gift and used it to buy MAC instead! I had forgotten it at homoe and I knew I wouldn’t see her for another 6 months so I knew I had time to buy her another gift! lol The next time I see her she will she get a real gift!

hahaha Your lil stories make me laugh. Well its funny cause I told my bf I would not be purchasing any more MAC but when the hello Kitty came out I asked my uncle could he take me to the store. Lets just say I brought some items. I didnt tell my bf when HE took me to the store to purchase some stuff. Well, when we got home he found my OTHER Hello Kitty bag! Thats when he knew and I knew WE HAD US A PROBLEM, HA! He told me “MAC IS MY CRACK, now YOUR HIDING THE STUFF” lmfao!

I live in Boston and flew to NYC and Vegas to visit the MAC pro stores. Gotta have those beeeeautiful colors!

I spent two hours at the mall waiting for a MAC Barbie, watched the lady in front of me get the last one, and then proceeded to call every store in driving distance to find one. I ended up driving from Fullerton to Glendale and back in ridiculous traffic, got lost in the ghettttto, and bought my roommate lunch for her infinite patience. I got the damn doll, though.

Woke up at a pretty ungodly hour so I can get ready for work and also be the first customer at the MAC near my place just so I can get the Hello Kitty TLC because I was so afraid it’ll be out of stock if there were people camping outside and I wasn’t the first.

In Hungary Lush doesn’t sell fresh face masks. When i was in London for 4 days, I always got to a Lush store after it was closed. So the day of our departure the railway station was my last chance. But the store only opened at 8 am. Our train left to the airport around 8.05. I ended up missing the train, then missing my flight because of waiting for the store to open. Had to spend like 10 hours waiting for the next flight and wasn’t sure I’d make it home because it was a national holiday in my country. I still feel ashamed about it, and boyfriend hates Lush ever since lol. I’m surprised he didn’t leave me ( he was stuck at the airport with me ). 🙂 So embarrassing…

It felt good to share it with you guys, it was like a therapy session. 🙂
And I’m glad to see similar stories- makes me feel less of a freak.

I nearly camped out of a local MAC store for HK TLC and MSF Moonriver. I didn’t get a blink of sleep the night before and when I got to the front of the store around 7 a.m. (it openned at 10:30 am, since most department stores open at that time), there were 6 other people ahead of me! Honestly I thought I would be the first… WRONG. I made a small talk with the first girl in line, and she got there at 5:30! Thank goodness I was the last to get the TLCs! Hmm well I don’t know whether my TLCs are worth the wait, but OMG Moonriver sure is!!!

What a coincidence.. It’s as if you asked this question for me to answer it! Yesterday (the day you posted this question!) I went with my mate to Westfield (sort of new shopping call in London) and she was really excited for the HK collection.. Everything she wanted ALL SOLD OUT! So I hated seeing her upset so suggested we try a store that not many people will go to for MAC.. Went to Harrods and three tube lines were closed and about an hour and a bit later of RUNNING around (incase it sold out before we got there) we arrived! She got everything she wanted except for a make-up bag and the keyring. An hour later we were back at Westfield. It was a mad day but I was pleased to see her happy! I bought a bit of MAC stuff, all from the perm. collection though. Sorry for the long post! x

Last year I traveled by plane across the country [from California to Virginia] with my daughter, she had just turned one. So there I am, juggling a baby, a stroller, a diaper bag, AND my entire make up collection in a train case which was INSIDE a huge back pack. I could not, WOULD NOT, risk anything happening to my make up if I sent it with baggage; so I got tough and just hauled ass, and a baby, and my make up along on two flights and a connection hahaha.

I ran out of eyelash glue and was in desperate need of some medium to hold my lashes. I tried using rice as a ‘tacky paste’ to hold the falsies on my eye.

Most recently, I did make 2 online orders at the maximum value allowed for MAC orders when I got Hello Kitty. I also ended up driving a friend after work one day to go buy more HK at the MAC pro store downtown. Then we found out that they were sold out of key chains, but more would be coming the next day. When I went there the next day at opening and they were sold out, except for a display keychain. They weren’t going to sell me that one, but they did. =) I was so excited that I got the last one!

Prior to HK MAC, I made 2 online orders for Barbie loves MAC. Once again at the maximum order value. As well, I used to get my bf to ship me stuff from Chicago to Canada (where I am) so I could get products that I couldn’t get here, or so I could save some $ on the markup.

WOW. These are some really crazy stories…Mine’s not THAT crazy but pretty crazy as far as I go. Well I’ve only recently been introduced to MAC. I’ve only been using it for a year. However, I am now a total addict. I can’t help but go to the counter at least once a week. I buy at least $100 worth of almost every LE collection that comes out. I calculated how much I’ve spend in a year on my whole collection: $7000!!!!!
That’s like 1/3 of my annual earnings. I think I need to calm down 🙂

Really, nothing that crazy. I do tend to stop into a Nordstrom at the MAC counter looking for new items the day they are supposed to be released. Oftentimes they look at me like I am crazy, and occasionally they have no idea the new collection is coming.

Lol, I love reading these stories!

My favorite thing, like many others, is LE collections (not just MAC!). I buy something from pretty much every new collection that comes out, and I love browsing the selection at the CCOs. Every weekend I make a trip to visit either my boyfriend (3-hour drive) or my parents (2.5-hour drive), and there is a CCO in each direction, so if I have money to spend I will almost always make a pit stop on the way there or on the way back, sometimes both!

I also love the various palettes/sets/kits they release at Sephora, Nordstrom, QVC/HSN, etc. and I justify buying them because of the great value/savings.

I tend to buy every new mascara that hits the shelves as well (drugstore and high end), even though I have at least 15 brand new ones waiting to be used! When I stop and think about how long it will actually take me to use them all (avg. 3 months each), I can usually dissuade myself from buying another lol.

Finally, when I find a product I really like (e.g. NARS blushes), I tend to want EVERY shade available, which generally isn’t feesible (at least not all at once). Thank God for MakeUpAlley lol.

I have spent hundreds in the last few months getting items from past MAC collections. And I recently spent $600 on HK, getting nearly everything.

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