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you know, I can’t think of anything right now, but it DOES surprise me that no-one’s commented this yet… there must be some interesting stories out there.

i don’t think it’s so much crazy asin stupid. i was meant to be going to see a really cute chap but my face was abit rough and scabby from healing acne so i picked me raw to make a smoother base for my foundation. it actually worked but i payed for it for the next few days :/

one of my friends shaved off her eyebrow becuase it didn’t match the other one and it was easier to draw on a new one for a few weeks and start again then leave it. it looked natural on one side and like a kid had grapped a crayon and drew a shakey line on the other.

Heh, I can actually think of one now.
I went to stay with my boy-pet’s relatives for a weekend last year, but I forgot to pack shampoo. I was too shy to ask to borrow some from someone, since this was the first time I’d met them – so I just grabbed the only shampoo bottle I could see in the bathroom.
Unfortunately it was dog shampoo, but I HATE greasy hair so much, it seemed like a better option at the time… my GOD it was stinky! 🙁

When I was a teenager I ironed my hair (i have thick, lightly wavy hair) on the ironing board before go to school, very early morning (5am!). I must say it didn

If there should be one, it is for the first time I put on my makeup. Okay, I bought this Dior (pricey, I got tricked by the annoying SA) Kohl liner and I was feeling really adventurous. I guess I went overboard cause the next thing I know, I kept contouring my eye shapes with layers and layers of black liner. My friend even commented on how great I look.

um, right, at the moment, but now I felt like I looked like the precious panda cutie. Worst of it all, I had to clean my face for more than half an hour to remove the heavy usage of liners. (I didn’t have something called Makeup remover then)

It’s not so crazy, but I was late to work once because I had to stop by the make-up counter and get my make-up done. I had ended up spending the night at my mom’s house, without any of my make-up and I didn’t want to go to work bare-faced.

I was in the 7th grade when I started getting into makeup, and one day I was feeling adventurous, so I put on some orange/red eyeshadow pretty much all my lids. When I got to school, people asked me if I had walked into a door.

But you know, it’s just so confusing to reach that age and start getting into makeup, because you don’t know a freaking thing and nobody tells you what’s right. So I think a lot of us have been there!

Well, something crazy HAPPENED to me.

Last summer I was working at the cadet camp when I got a letter. It was from a co-worker who just happened to be a Mary Kay consultant. She wrote that she noticed I had really bad acne and invited me for a consultation. The letter was written in a sales associate style and contained multiple spelling errors. Samples were included.

I think she meant well, but it hurt like crazy to have a complete stranger notice skin imperfections to the degree that they would send a letter offering to sell me things to “cure” the acne.

Who sends a letter??? Wouldn’t you talk to the person? Crazy.

Totally agreed. I wouldn’t buy anything even if it were MAGICAL from that jerk. At least in person you could approach it gently, and ask if it was even something you’d like first.

When I was about 12 I would steal makeup sample items from the store all the time. Little tester samples that were only like a dollar… nobody ever noticed, that I know of. But what if they had!? Stupid.

I impulsively shaved off my eyebrows Sophomore year of college because I wanted sexy arches. I ended up looking like some sort of Sharpie clown with uneven brows.
I have also spend countless hours bleaching (severely damaging)my hair to platinum blonde, only to go back to black the next day. Don’t try this at at home, lol.

As a bridesmaid to my very good friend’s wedding, the maid of honor didn’t think that the little wisps of baby hair in front of the bride’s ears were attractive, so she decided to shave them off… giving my friend SIDEBURNS half an hour before the ceremony started! It only got worse when we tried to fix it because we tried to epilate the stubble making her “sideburns” redder and angrier. In the end some careful tweezing, trimming and a ton of foundation solved it (not to mention starting the wedding half an hour late) but I’m so glad that we can laugh at it now (and that they are still friends lol)

when i was about 12, i tried to steal my aunt’s one (of many) MAC eyeshadows. hahaha she found out and caught me. thank goodness she didn’t tell me off too badly. last time i ever stole make up again! i splurged just a few days back on the Red She Said collection!!! SO HAPPY! 😀

On halloween I tweezed off the outer half of my eyebrows because they were still too visible through my makeup for my samurai look.
Also I helped a friend dye her black but we managed to lose the gloves, so I did it with my bare hands. The only thing that took off the majority of the dye was Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion 4, then I wore fancy satin opera gloves until it was all gone.

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