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I have a few big hauls. Some arent from a particular collection, and most are when I am travelling. It is like holiday money doesn’t count or something and I go crazy.

1. Sugarsweet Haul, I got 2 lipsticks, Peppermint Patti Perfect Topping, and 2 eyeshadows
2. 8 MAC eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 2 nail lacquers when one of my friend went to the states
3. 3 MAC eyeshadows, 2 blushers, 3 Dazzleglass, 2 lipglass, 2 brushes when BF went to to Pro store in SF.
4. numerous ebay hauls and online hauls for China Glaze and OPI nail polishes.

There is MAC in my country, but it is just slightly cheaper in the States.

A few years ago DH and I went to NYC and we both went to SAKS where I treated myself to all of the NARS eyeshadow duos that he’d produced so far then.

I’ve also bought the whole collection of Inoui ID’s eyeshadow quads. Well except for quad 25, it was LE for a holidays collection.

My first time at mac I spent over 300 dollars on 2 brushes, 2 blushes a fafi quad, 3 or 4 shadows, face powder, blot powder, foundation, oil based face wash m/u remover and a fluidline umm I think that’s it lol my bigest haul ever

when i spent over £170.00 on just normal stuff like foundations n concealer ect. also picked up two brushes then. that was my 1st proper Mac haul.

It was definitly the cult of cherry and the over rich collection, i remember they came out the same day and i got 7 pigments, 2 quads, 4 lipglasses, three lipsticks, 3 matteens, 1 blush, and 4 eyeliners (not from the collection). I remember the girl at the debenhams counter was pretty amazed but thankfully they’d 10% off that day lol.

Hello Kitty and Sugarsweet emptied me out badly.. especially since they were released so close together.. I spend about 450 on Hello Kitty and about 200 on Sugarsweet.. but I love everything I got so money well spent!

Definately when Hello Kitty was released!

I got the Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder
both blushes
both quads (which I still use virtually everyday!)
the brush set
Fast Friends gloss
Fashion Mews lipstick
the Hello Kitty eyelashes
both Lip Conditioners
three pigments- Deep Blue Green, Reflects Blue and Very Pink (so glad that came back-should’ve have bought it when it came out for Metal Urge- another collection that wazs a weakness of mine!)

I also treated myself to another Zoom lash mascara, then went back a couple of days later and got some eyeshadows (I forget how many- I keep buying like 3 or 4 at a time)and the Studio Fix Foundation.

Needless to say..I bought no clothes..shoes..etc for the rest of the month!

I regularly leave £100 ($150) at Mac when new collections come out, I bought ALL the Grand Duos, 7 Dazzleglasses, and several items from Sugarsweet and BBR and Rose Romance.
I did also buy both diamond dust powders (or whatever they’re called) plus a quint from Dior once in one go (about £130 ($200) worth).

Last Christmas where I was given a $400 gift card. I presented a list of 25 items to the surprised MA.

i don’t think i ever really hauled. even at the 2 sale events I had been, i just bought few items. i prefer working on one or two pieces at a time. 🙂

I don’t do big hauls. I’d say the most was the first Dazzleglass collection and even then I got pieces over time. I ended up with 5 of them, but I got them over 3 or 4 different purchases.

I know how to talk myself out of purchases, so I normally only end up with one or two products from any given collection.

I don’t really haul like others, but my last few trips to the CCO resulted in about $100/ea (a few pigments, a couple shadows, a couple of lipglasses and a msf each time)

I only ever want either nothing, or one or two items per collection BUT I did buy 5 of the Cremesheen Glasses. My biggest haul was my first time in a MAC store when I bought some basics.

Sugarsweet was my biggest collection haul: all the shadesticks and lippies except one plus an eyeshadow.

Biggest overall haul was when I was building up my neutrals and stocked up on 15 e/s, a couple of empty palettes, two blushes, and six l/s. Not a huge haul compared to some but a lot for me.

Two collections : Barbie and Cult of Cherry !
For Barbie, I got the 6 e/s, 1 beauty powder, 1 lipstick. And for CoC, 3 quads, 2 lipgloss, 3 lipsticks and gifts for my babysister.

Now I’m more “raisonnaible” (but I still buy very cosmetics lol)

My biggest hauls always come from the Cosmetics Company Store. If I lived closer to my parents I’d be hauling from there ALL the time because the one in their city is crazy stocked. As it is, I still go nuts at the one around here.

One weekend, I did a combo f/s store/CCS/Fragrance Outlet (NYX cosmetics) haul.
5 eyeshadows
a beauty powder blush
Studio Sculpt foundation
two lipsticks
a lipglass
MAC store:
2 eyeshadows (one pan, one pot)
Studio Sculpt concealer
a lipglass
a Grand Duo blush
Frangrance Outlet:
7 NYX eyeshadows
2 NYX lipglosses
1 NYX jumbo eye pencil

That was my worst dent yet…I’m hoping I don’t go any worse than that in one go ever again! It was fun, but soooo expensive.

It was Hello Kitty. I got both eye quads, all the lipglasses, 2 lipsticks, one BP, the brush set, the HK doll, ummm…. some other stuff also!
But Style Warriors is going to be almost as big for me!

I usually but the most unique shades when the collection releases…later i complete my collection buying from CCO…i guess from store i have starflash collection stuff the most…and pretty much a lot from style warrior…
Non MAC haul was last year in Christmas from Sephora FF sale…i kinda picked 5 nars blushes, shu-umera, tweezerman..n other stuff..

My biggest haul was just a few days ago! I went to pick up a new liquidlast liner (i’m building a collection), and I found out that they still had almost everything from the Hello Kitty collection. I’d previously bought a blush, both lip conditioners and the quads (at different times). So, this time around I bought 2 lipsticks, 2 lipglasses, the large makeup bag, and Tippy. Grand total of about $130 (yikes!) I think next time I go in for a liquidlast liner, I’ll be getting the beauty powders and a few more lipsticks from the collection. Thank goodness I just made myself a new budget allowing for more MAC money!!

The first time I went to a Chanel counter. I bought foundation, powder, concealer, shadows,blush, mascara, glosses and 1 lipstick. I had just gotten my first bonus that day.

i went to the one they had in nyc. i spent around $250. when i got home i researched the value of everything totalling over $670!!! what a deal! recession-schmacession!

Uhm.. lol. I guess the Heirloom brushset (with 190,194,168,187) …. from eBay.

Yes I don’t have much more money to spend.

I want the whole Style Warrior collection but it just can’t!

Hello Kitty:
Both Beauty Powders,
2 blushes,
2 quads,
4 lipsticks, 5 lipgloss,
2 lip conditioners,
vanity case and bracelet.

I think my biggest haul is yet to come, I have recently discovered that I am indeed a MAC addict. LOL. It’s all downhill from here!

I usually restrict myself to 1 or max 2 or 3 items per collection (often bought over two trips) but that ohe time that the MAC had the 15% voff in store deal I did buy about 130$ CAD worth of stuff apres tax haha! But they were mostly things I wanted from the permanent stuff that I couldn’t have otherwise convinved myself to buy… a new quad, 2 pans, 1 lip liner, 1 lip prep, and some other things I can’t totally remember to be honest haha!

i think maybe at a drug store probably with tons of stuff for a cheap price… i never buy a lot… always spend 100 dollars top… :S

i feel guilty if i buy more

My biggest haul was Heatherette. I bought the majority of that collection, which was a HUGE haul for me, I usually try to limit myself to $50-$100 a collection, depending on what it is. I still use the Heatherette stuff, over a year later, so it was money well spent. 🙂

WOW how funny 🙂 ME TOOOOO! Heatherette was a insane collection for me…I own just about everything they put out….so it was a HUGE haul. I also try and keep my collection spending to under 100$ if possible.

My biggest haul so far is Hello Kitty! I spent more than $800 in store and $250 online on the same day! I’m a huge Mac fan/collector/addict and my hauls usually cost more than $150 when i go once a week…I have a problem : )

its definitely Style Warriors, i pretty much bought everything except for the drops, and the solar bits!

It had to be the Fafi for Mac collection. I got all the paint pots, bunch of glosses, lipsticks and both quads.

I generally have big hauls from LE MAC collections (Sugarsweet cost me about $500 without tax) especially when they have more than one out at the same time. But I think my biggest hauls are at the CCO’s because I just want EVERYTHING.

I also placed a couple very large orders from LUSH UK before they re-released the Retro products. The conversion rate and high shipping cost made it even worse!

My biggest haul (that I can remember) was around $300 or so. I went to Saks and loaded up on Laura Mercier and Kiehls items.

I’m much more selective about my ‘hauls’ now, but am eagerly anticipating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Neo Sci Fi collection. I picked up everything except for the Spaced Out blush and the lipglass called Naked Space(?).

I think my biggest haul was about $300… and then recently just spend $200 on Style Warriors. 😀 I like to grab a lot of stuff all in one go.

I had 3 major hauls:

1. Pro-store in NYC: Pan eye shadows, brushes, and misc tools.

2. Cult of Cherry Collection: brushes, Spiced Chocolate quad, 3 Mattenes, and Illegal Purple nail polish (which I’m wearing right now)

3. Gold Play Collection

i usually just get a few things at a time from mac…but end up going there often! so usually no massive hauls….though when i order online, its a different story, so i try to keep that to a minimum!

the last one was when cremesheen/bbr came out–i got five glosses, three lipsticks, two brushes and two eyeshadows. doesn’t really compare to many of you, but i felt so poor for a while…i prefer spreading it out, but it means that sometimes i miss LE stuff that gets sold out quickly!

I guess my biggest haul was when I went to the MAC PRO store in Vegas.. I spent 800 dollars in 30 min!!

Seriously, they had to call the manager, and I had to sign an agreement stating that I was not purchasing these products with the intention of reselling them, and that I was going to use it all privatly. 😛 IT WAS HILLARIOUS!!

Hello Kitty for sure!! It was mostly accessories, but I think I spent over $400 on HK! Holy Cow
I think Style Warriors is going to be second in line

My biggest hauls have been for Barbie Loves MAC and Hello Kitty MAC. For Barbie, I got everything except for one of the lipsticks, a lipglass, the eyeliners, big makeup bag. Plus I bought doubles for the both beauty powders, both blushes, Malibu Barbie lipgloss, Sweet & Single, Modern Ms, and Style it up lipstick. I still have the doll all wrapped up in its box with bubblewrap around the box.

For Hello Kitty MAC, I got everything once again, but skipped out on a few glitter eyeliners, and the loose glitter. I’m also saving an extra doll and bracelet for my Goddaughter, I am sure she is going to love it.

Hmm… Definitely when “Red” She Said came out, I splurged! I bought the Glamour Basics kit, my first Liquidlast, the Red She Said lipstick, Shroom, Tempting and Embark shadows, Girl Boy brow set, Studio Fix Powder Plus, and both Beauty Powder Blushes, and black Dazzle Lash. I put together the most beautiful look ever with what I bought: Studio Fix with a brush all over to make my skin pristine and glam, Stark Naked to color my cheeks lightly and a bit of Enough Said lightly to contour, subtle smokey brown eyes with the shadows, liner, mascara and brow pencil I bought, and gorgeous red lips with Red She Said and Sally Hansen’s Invisible Lipliner. It was SO glamourous!

Biggest Haul was for the HelloKitty MAC collection. I think I spent about $900+, I didn’t buy everything in that collection. I skipped the mini bags, and bought maybe two of some of the items 🙂

i would have to say THe GRAND DUO COLLECTION i bought all the blushes and the mac 188 brush 🙂

biggest haul is each July at the Pro store right before caribana for my costume makeup… easily run up a $300 tab and thats after the 30%. paints, shadowsticks, shadows, pigments,glitter. From recent collections I would have to say BBR i picked up 3-4 lip products, MSF, the 226 and 165 brushes. so the question is biggest in terms of quantity or price… a haul with a few brushes in your shopping bag can break the bank!

oh shoot i forgot about holiday sets… i go crazy with the lip and eye palettes every November when they hit the shelves! i wish the lip palettes still came with 6 colours… the past 2 years its been 3 only… 2 l/s plus a gloss… before it was 4 l/s and 2 glosses if i remember correct.

The biggest haul would be when the Hello Kitty collection came out I’m a fan of hello kitty plus i love mac so i almost have everything!! i spent like $600.00

I spend between 100 and 200 when I shop for makeup, maybe 2 -3 times a year. However, one year I bought 350 worth from Antiquitease and then 3 weeks later I bought the entire N Collection totalling more than 500. My husband just about had a heart attack, but I love what I got!

Definetley Hello Kitty. I remember saving up my money for months and I was so happy to spulrge everything!!
I got both beauty powders, both blushes, 5 lipglosses, 3 lippys, both quads, 2 pink fish, 1 popster, medium make up bag, the keychain and some other stuff lol 😛

It had to be Dior, I bought the Nude Foundation both liquid and powder, the Diorskin poudrs shimmer, glowing color powder blush, brozner harmonie de blush, and few of the skin care products, ended up spending $575. lol most of it was impulse buy cause their packaging is so pretty and classy and also the names of some of the products.

It had to be Dior, I bought the Nude Foundation both liquid and powder, the Diorskin poudre shimmer, glowing color powder blush, brozner harmonie de blush, and few of the skin care products, ended up spending $575. lol most of it was impulse buy cause their packaging is so pretty and classy and also the names of some of the products.

This past weekend was the biggest haul I’ve ever done. We were given a bit of money so I decided to shop.

1st off was Lush – about 10 different bath bombs, 2 bubble bars, Honey I washed the Kids soap; and the Vanilla Delite hand and body cream.
2nd was the MAC store, I B2M for Dazzlelight e/s; bought Mylar and Beautiful Iris in pans; Tan and Kitchemas pigment; Contructivist PP and a new Moisture cover.
3rd was Sephora – all the vanilla cupcake bath and body products (I haven’t been to Sephora in six months so I was overjoyed to find that they finally made this scent a permanent one and not just a birthday freebie scent); UD 24/7 liners in Underground and Yeyo (??); Too Faced lockdown primer in Jailbait; UDPP in Sin.

I think that was about it for everywhere. All in all, about $300 or so in total. I’ve never done that before and it felt so good 🙂

When I went to MACs Pro Store in NYC last summer. I purchased 6 eyeshadow pans, 2 empty quads, 1 lipstick for my mom, 4 brushes, 2 mascara and a Blot Powder.

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