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hahah You know what I sat here looking at this question….I don’t think there’s anything I don’t understand and love about makeup!

If you force an answer out of me, it would be the eyebrow pencil. Not that I’m discriminating those girls with naturally thin eyebrows, but it’s just that I can never make it work for me! Eyebrow pencils NEVER have my colour. And no matter what method I use to apply them with, I look like some sort of a clown. I resort to using eyeshadows with an angled brush 😀

But there are people who use them beautifully, I must mention.

Probably nail polish with a tiny brush, meant to do your own nail art. Who has /time/ for that? Apart from professionals, of course? Oh, and the MAC pigments that aren’t eye-safe. I mean, sure, it has its place in professional applications, but it sure makes its use limited.
The rest mainly is in the application, I believe.

I am still confused how to use a MAC Beauty Powder and a MAC MSF. I am not sure how to use it or what exactly its for.

I use mine as “highlighters” for the top of my cheekbones, bridge of nose, etc. I hope that’s how they are supposed to be used.

false eyelashes….despite all the tuts I have watched on youtube, articles read and models tried, they either look sooooo artificial (I feel like everybody knows I have them by a mile) or they unglue, when you least expect it, may I add ;(

I agree! I’ve been using them a lot more lately, but the other night, I had to use a little extra glue because one side was lifting.

MAC 3D Silver Glitter. It isn’t eye safe, and options for using it on the cheeks/lips are highly limited. Saying that, I’ll be using mine on Halloween. But other than that? *is puzzled*

I’m horrible with anything that is supposed to impart ‘dewiness’ to the face. My skin is naturally fairly oily (good in some respects – very low on the fine wrinkles), and anything that is supposed to create a “dewy glow” makes me look like I just finished running 5 miles!

It looks particularly lovely on people with dry skin, though.

Glitter and Eyeliner mixing medium and fake eyelashes!
I never know when to use the glitter, especially the darker colors, maybe just for going to a club or for halloween, i guess, I also, can’t seem to master the eyelashes or the eyeliner mixing medium, which I bought at a Pro store last year, the MA talked me into buying it since they sold out of mixing medium for pigments. They all just sit in my makeup cabinet untouched! Arrrgg : (


I will never understand the black lips, I think they are not practical at all except for like halloween and people into the fetish scene.

I understand eyebrow pencils and powders, but don’t get them on me. I have huge, thick, prominent brows (which I like – I have a big forehead, I need my big brows to balance it out) and filling them in would just be ridiculous!

Glitter: It’s good for fashion and phototography but looks bad for everyday wear unless you are a MAC MUA or a stripper. lol.

Glitter is the first thing I thought of, too! Yeah, I think it makes sense for theatrical/entertainment/costume makeup but it seems to pop up in products way more often than the market demand for that kind of use…I guess people just like to play with it?

completely agree on the glitter bit. it always feel like it’s something for art projects or on nails. just.. not on the face? they fall out onto everywhere!

Concealer! It always looks really obvious-big, white circles under the eyes-it just draws attention to the problem! I think it’s better to just use a little extra foundation on problem areas so that it matches the rest of the face! I feel like concealer is just concentrated foundation anyways 😉

MAC makeup brushes. I will never understand why people (except for the absolutely filthy rich) are willing to pay that kind of money for brushes. I wouldn’t put them on a credit card because I refuse to go into debt to buy makeup brushes. Outrageously expensive and overpriced.

Unless, of course, someone else buys them for you. That I can understand.

Really?! I don’t find MAC makeup brushes to be that expensive, considering if you take care of them properly, they’ll last you many, many years. It’s definitely not something that would put me in debt for sure. Sonia Kashuk is a decent brand that makes less expensive brushes if you’re on a budget, though.

hmmmm – this one is a doozy…. I don’t understand removing your eyebrows only to draw them back on with all these products.

fix + I know about everyone will kill me for saying this but I can’t seem to shell out 18.00 for mineral water to spray on my face!

I second the fix+.. but only my problem is i dont know why people put it on their face- it feels SOOOO sticky..

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