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Smashbox photofinish primer, I know lots of pple love it, but the product never worked for me. Maybe I am applying it wrongly. And this Smashbox anti-shine base. Ergh! I like their blushers and eye shadows though.

what is the link to the mac brush guide?
or any recommended e/s brush which is a must get from mac?

it was some cheapo covergirl thing i bought on a whim. i knew it wasn’t going to be good, but for some reason i bought it anyway. anyway the color was flaky, dried up my lips, and was gone in less than an hour. that definetely taught me a lesson. xD

Maybelline eyeshadow – beyond rubbish, no colour payoff whatsoever.
Lancome liquid shadow – Β£20 ($40) for something that was worse than the maybelline shadow!!!
Clinique eyelid primer – may as well have not bothered. Didn’t stop my shadows creasing at all and was more expensive than UDPP.
I can’t pick between those three – or at least not the latter too as for the price they should have been a lot better + because of the UK’s ridiculous lack of returns policies, I couldn’t take any of them back.

i second this on lancome.. i bought some liquid shadow and some pigment and was disappointed on both fronts, especially with the disgusting liquid shadow in terrible packaging.

Hi Chica,

I haven’t tried Maybelline eyeshadow in AGES! I’m so surprised that the Lancome liquid shadow was so terrible. It sucks you weren’t able to return, boo!

Well, I have many of those, sigh…
the worst from MAC probably were the Fafi lipsticks, I bought them without seeing them in person, the only one I can wear, but seldom do is High Top, as for the others, I just canΒ΄t take the plunge into bright.

Hi Nell,

Aw, that’s not what I want to hear. I am so thankful for the return policies, because otherwise I’d have a lot more worst products laying around.

from MAC it had to be Metal-X cream shadows that creased like crazy.
Otherwise, UDPP! I know, don’t shoot me. It just didn’t work for me. I stick to my paints and paintpots now πŸ™‚

I got the metal x shadows too. I got the goldish one i thought it would be a good highlight. Now my whole pan when i touch it with a brush or my finger it just crumbles everywhere! Β«it`s not even creamy anymore.

Β«Worst ppurchase ever!!!!

NARS cream shadow in Lido. I won’t be buying them ever again just because they crease like crazy even with UDPP and are far more expensive. I’ll stick to my paintpots!

ugh, it was just recently. I’m always on a search for the perfect liquid eyeliner. I saw Femme Couture at Sally’s and it was old-school cake eyeliner – woohoo!! for $7.99 let’s try it. It was horrible, a mess, chalky, crumbly and wouldn’t get wet with any amount of water. The thing was such a mess I had to wrap it in paper tower and put it in a zip baggie to be able to return it without turning everything cobalt blue!

There have been so many things that didn’t work, but my worst purchase was Revlon colourstay foundation. It was way too heavy for me and I broke out like crazy. Atleast with the colours/creasy shadows that didn’t work out I didn’t have to deal with zits!

Hi Kobri,

I know how you feel! So many products out there, you’re bound to hit a few bad ones along the way. I really hate when you try new skin products that don’t work out πŸ™ The consequences are so dire.

i have a few:

l’oreal ideal balance stick concealer. It was the completely the wrong colour for my skin – it made me look like i had the dreaded ‘owl eyes’. it was from a cosmetic discount store so i’m not sure if it is fake or not

philosophy ‘the supernatural’ mineral makeup powder. geez…where do i begin….it was a TOTAL waste of money (AU$70!) the wrong shade (made me look orange) and did not do what it claimed to do (proper coverage and ‘natural’ look) AND left me looking like a powder puff – visible cakeiness. IMO all the worst traits for a product.

chi chi (australian brand) ‘moon spheres’. A cheapo version of the guelain meteorites, and definately a ‘cheapo’. It did nothing to ‘illuminate’ my skin, was chalky white (even though the little spheres were pretty pastel colours), and was like a glitterbomb for my face (not so good when you have super oily skin)

Hi Tanya,

Gosh, so sorry to hear about the Philosophy mineral powder! I have it laying around, but I have the wrong color, so it was hard to decide if it worked out or not.

mac blankety..i bought it in india for 25$(US)!!i was stupid enuf to test it on the back of my hand and buy it.on my lips it looks horrible.i think it would work for someone with a pale complexion and less pigmented lips.i have put it up for swapping on mua and spectra and desperately trying to swap it for something tht works for me.

the worst purchase I ever made was the Cream Color Base by Mac. I was talked into it by a MA and she told me to get Luna! I did and it creases like crazy! I hate it. I am going to pawn it off on someone!

I was in this liquid liner phase last year and I bought the Clinique one. I was thinking that since Clinique is such a reputable brand and that they’ve got decent gel liners, the liquid ones should be fine. It turned out like crap! The liquid does not adhere to the skin properly! It was like painting on plastic and as we all know, plastic does not absorb the colour like a canvas so its kinda like the surface and never dries! Its total crap! Should honestly have stuck to liquidlast liners instead of experimenting!

Hi Cosine,

Oh wow! I’m surprised to hear this review about Clinique’s liquid liners. I don’t think I’ve tried them yet myself, but now I am wary to!

My worst purchase was the Loreal Hip Pigment Stick. I am still trying to figure out how to apply it correctly without making such a mess.

nars turkish delight lipgloss
nice color but it stinks
im used to MAC lipglasses and hate the consistency of nars glosses lol

MAC nail polish. I’ve done it twice now, because I’m dumb. The brush sucks and the polish is always streaky and thin. *sigh*

i bought mac nail polish and it chips way worse than some other cheap-o brands! i was disappointed.

I agree – I bought The Naughty Nautical blue & then had to return it because it chipped within hours of applying it.

yeah, i agree too.

I bought ‘girls will be girls’ polish from fafi & i was so excited that it would be a beautiful shell coral colour and I was completely DISAPPOINTED to find the colour went on thinly (i had to do about 5 coats), and that it chipped BADLY and QUICKLY. I expected so much more from mac.

The only good thing I have to say about it is the packaging – it looks really cool! It has a rubbery handle and the brush was nice and long…too bad the polish sucked!

the spray foundation mac had out about a year or so ago. it went on gross, streaky, and had a weird color payoff.

Benefit Pocket Pal. It was a half Benetint and half a clear lip gloss. Well, Benetint is not my color at all, and the SA said it turns into the perfect shade for everyone. Well, not me. And it traveled to all the creases in my lips, and turned streaky. And the gloss was super sticky.

I hate the exact same problem. I’d tried Revlon’s Just Bitten and loved them – and so thought since Benefit was reputable, it’d be just as good if not better. WRONG. I don’t need for my lip products to taste delicious – but this stuff smells like roses, and tastes like them too (?!). It’s horrid. Has turned me off the entire line. πŸ™

Vincent Longo C Collection mascara. Possibly the worst purchase ever–it flaked and hurt my eyes. I returned it, which is something I never do–I usually give colours that don’t work on me to my friends. I have happy friends, lol

I bought the eyeshadow palette from Lancome’s Spring 2006 colour story – the ad had Daria Werbowy wearing dramatic lilac & purple eyes, it was totally beautiful. Unfortunately the eyeshadows were so lightly pigmented on me they hardly showed up. I should have returned it.

Mary Kay’s foundations. It’s nice, applied great, and was perfect. Only problem, I applied it in the early morning in a darkish room, so it took me a drive in the car when the sun was bright to find out that it was wayy to dark for me. Even though it was the lightest color they made. and I’ve got a few different kinds of foundation from them, all too dark. So…that’s cool. But foundations are alllways too dark. They never make them light enough in any brand. πŸ™

I would have to say.. Bare Minerals. What a freaking joke. The foundation was bad, but nothing is worse than that damn Handy-Buki. I was so interested in BE and my friend had drank the bare minerals kool-aid and convinced me to go into it, too. $25 for the foundation wasn’t bad to me, considering I usually spend $60 on Px Custom Blend. That stupid brush was $20!

Consensus?: I ended up having a horrible ALLERGIC reaction to the cheapy Bismuth, and that stupid brush was so scratchy and pokey that is irritated the hell out of my already upset skin.

I would also have to say NARS multiples aren’t my favorite. They go on too heavy and shimmery. That’s OK, because NARS makes amazing everything else. Vincent Longo’s diamond eyeshadow is also ridiculous, it crumbles too easily and the glitter in it always ends up in my eye. Lancomes artliner is amazing, but the Loreal Intensifique is THE SAME and $18 cheaper or something like that. I found that out after buying the artliner 5 times over. I’m also going to have to put MAC on blast with their Velvet and Lustre shadows – they are not worth the work it takesm and the concealer in the pot is not my favorite, either. I also have to be an advocate for the people that pay crazy amounts for their products that they discontinue to only have it re-released months after (even before the beauty blogs know about it) Gotta stand up for those women who paid $60 for Parrot and $30 for Sharkskin.. or just hoarded either one bc they were so frightened, lol.

Hi Pquanda,

So terrible that BE did NOT work at all for you! Ugh, doesn’t get much worse than an allergic reaction to a product πŸ™

Thanks for the tip on L’Oreal’s Intesifique!

liquid eyeshadow by VICTORIA’S SECRET, it burned the heck out of my eyes. and when i went ot th estore to exchange it they tol dme they dont take back used makeup.

A tight squeeze between Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and MakeUpForEver camo concealer. They broke me out so badly, that I was in pain for almost a week!!

Hi MissVizzy,

Oh, no!! I hope this doesn’t happen to me πŸ™ I have yet to try it, but I do own it (LOL), and I’ve heard several raves for the Photo Finish Primer.

all of my beauty duds have luckily been cheap stuff- like Avon’s luxury liners. I don’t even hate them, they just don’t have staying power.

Visionaire LLL from Barbie Loves MAC(my first Liquidlast). Horrible, goopy, nasty texture and like zero color pay off. Shows up as a whiteish goop only — not frosty baby pink. πŸ™

benefit- that pink pencil thing youre supposed to put under your eye to make your dark circles go away.. IT ENDED UP BEING SO HARD! I RUBBED MY UNDER-EYES SO HARD APPLYING IT I GOT WRINKLES! AND IM ONLY 21!!!!

Oh yeah and TooFaced Lash Injection. Womp Womp. Did NOTHING for me but waste money from my Sephora card.

Diorkiss (Discontinued version) cost about $36 CAD a tube when I bought it, it’s too sticky for me. Though it does smell pretty and lasts longer then I expected.

Claire’s eyeshadow I expected it to be honest but I just wanted to get rid of my gift card that had been sitting in my wallet for ages and I don’t like the jewelry there (Rusts so easily) so I bought some colours that looked interesting, but not to mention they had very little pigment to them I had to apply layers upon layers to begin seeing the colour I wanted.

Diorshow, for sure. Horrible horrible horrible. For such an expensive mascara, it looks like you’re not even wearing any when you apply. My L’Oreal Voluminous and Stila Major Lash do a much better job for half the price.

M.A.C. Myth lipstick… an MA had used it on me to balance out a smoky blue look she did on my eyes. It looked weird in the store but thought I could make it work by layering it with lipgloss, but I think I’m too dark to pull it off (I’m an NC35).

Hi Iris,

Myth is a very light lipstick for sure, and it makes me look corpse like without layering a gloss over it, personally (I’m NC30!).

Ulta lipsticks….they are incredibly drying and colors arent the best, i tried to save money by avoiding MAC and playing with some cheaper brands but all it did was remind me why i stopped buying makeup from rite aid πŸ™‚

I’d have to say Urban Decay’s eye pencil in “smoke out”..
it dries up quickly, after maybe an hour if i want to reapply i would have to sharpen it again.. πŸ™ bad investment.

mac liquidlast liner! i think it was plum.. something. thick, horrible brush, very hard to apply.
i’ll stick with my inglot liquid liners…

I would have to sadly say I have not had much luck with Benefit either. Anything I have bought I am disappointed in, but they always lure me in with their catchy advertising. The girls that work the counters really know how to suck you in. They will use a product on me that i have already bought and hated, and I will start second guessing my own opinion! The last thing I bought was the luster dust, and *sigh* that was also a dud. Looked really pretty on but not even UDPP could keep that stuff on, after an hour it was like it had never existed. Oh and Revlon 3D mascara. That stuff went on clumpy and was flaking within an hour of application.

I’m probably going to be crucified here, but I loathe fluidlines. I bought a Macroviolet and a Dipdown thinking I’d fall in love, but they’re so different in texture from my Smashbox cream liners… I just cannot get them to do right! And I misplaced the original boxes, so I couldn’t even return them! They’re literally just taking up space in my stash… too expensive to just throw away, so I take them out and experiment with them occasionally but it’s usually to no avail. I just KNEW I would love them. *sigh*

Hi Mandy,

Wow! I am so surprised, but you know, UDPP doesn’t work for me, SO. I’m not one to believe cult faves work for everyone πŸ™‚

What about them doesn’t work for you? Do they just not work at all or they apply funny? Since you can’t return them, we have to convert you!

this mary-kate and ashley lip gloss. it came in a set of two for the price of one, thank goodness it was only 3 bucks. the consistancy was like water!

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