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I’ve never had a big huge haul. I always do little mini hauls lol. I just recently found out about MAC though so I think I will maybe do a big MAC haul soon πŸ™‚

My biggest haul was during November-December.I bought more than what I intended because of good sales.I know I’m gonna have a huge one again at the end of the year.

Just this past weekend. In Mexico they just released the Neo Sci Fi, Solar Field and Dazzleglass collections and I just went MAC crazy. I bought almost everything. I went so far as to calling ALL the MAC stores here to search for the things I wanted and were already sold out. In just 2 days I went to 5 MAC store to get everything I wanted. I even bought a traincase to hold my now rapidly growing collection. I just love MAC!!!

Flashtronic!I spent $1500 just on this collection.It had already been close to one year since it is launch & I am still loving it! Now I am storing my funds for the release of Electroflash and Sonic Chic.

HOLY GOD! That is incredible, Chuarmk. You must have backups upon backups! Yes, I can imagine Electroflash and Sonic Chic will do a number to your bank account!

Haha..you are so right.I really have quite a no. of backups from Flashtronic. I am a MAC collector too,so some of the items are for collection only. Here is the items I bought.

Ether 6
Lovestone 7
By Jupiter 4
Quarry 3
Tectonic 2
Mercurial 28
Northern Light 2
Gold Spill 2
Global Glow 1

my biggest hauls for sure are usually in november and december when mac brings out stuff like the miniature lipgloss sets, miniature brushes, lip palettes,etc. I usually want all of these.

Small hauls! I limit myself to $100 each time, but thats about once a month lately-ever since Fafi, Heatherette, Dazzleglass, and I am still dreaming about buying more Neo Sci Fi. THere is a large outlet in Indiana near where I live and they have discounted MAC at the Makeup Cosmetics Store. Recently they had the Fafi blushes, Antiquatease (spelling?, and much more. I often wait on collections and buy them there at a discounted rate. I love it!

My biggest haul was when Sweetie Cake came out. I spent $300! Other than that, I limit myself terribly! small hauls only!

Hmmm…had to be the Christmas collection from 2006 (you know, the small black barrel clutches). I bought all three of the four brush sets, two of the eye palettes, the lip jelly lip sets and a pigment set. It must have been over $250, easy. Even though I was working full time, I felt so guilty for spending that much all at once!

My biggest haul so far has probably been a little over $600…I’m *hopefully* getting ready to drop about 3 grand though – yes, at once. I want so many things that I don’t have from the standards – so that 3k is not counting the remaining limited edition collections I want to buy from (cool heat and two others I can’t think of). I know it’s crazy and most people think probably ridiculous, but I’m addicted and I have an awesome husband who, doesn’t understand but, let’s me πŸ™‚

Oh, dear god, I don’t even know. The majority of my collection has been obtained since Fafi hit. Before that, I had… 10-12 eyeshadows, one lipstick, one liner, one or two glosses and a brush set. Now, I have MUCH MORE. I need to take photos and post it soon.

I do know the limited collection I have the most from is Fafi, simply because I love it. I didn’t get it all at once, but I have: both blushes, all six lipsticks, four paint pots, all three dolls, one lipgloss and one of the IPP is on its way. If I could have the entire Fafi collection, I would.

Last week in NYC.
3 empty paletts, 6 e/s refills, 3 mascara, 1 nailpolish, 1 face brush, 3 e/s brushes, a lippi for my mum, a pressed blot powder. Total over 300 Β§. Now I have everything.

I do it on the regular, but my bundle is not as expensive as most because i have a PPid card. (thanking God for it) I just did one this past Tuesday and Wednesday. I racked up on the Nauticals, Neo Sci, some palette refills, about 6 lip glasses, 5 lipsticks…and some accessories.

Since Fafi I’ve been hauling every week. I think I’ve spent about $1000 in the last few months. Terrible but I’m a born again makeup addict…I took a few years off, had two babies, toned down on the makeup but now that my kids are a little older (5 and 2) I am back on my makeup splurging with a vegeance…my hauls are mainly MAC but I have also dabbled in Bobbi Brown, NARs and lately Chanel! I thought i would stop but I hear the High 90s slimshine calling me…

Oh dear,…
I donΒ΄t really want to know the exact amount, but since I got addicted to MAC my hauling has reached unheard of levels.
Since the beginning of 2008 I must have spent several thousand dollars.
The biggest hauls have been N Collection, Originals, Fafi and visiting the CCO is always a bad idea for me (a good day for the CCO though;))
But I love my collection and IΒ΄m proud of it!

lol, Nell!! I don’t want to know the exact amount myself. I want to say for me it was probably $500-600 at a PRO store (probably my first visit…).

My biggest haul was my first haul. I bought 5 brushes, 3 eyeshadows, and various other things. I spent around $400, and that was on sale. Heh. That was a good day πŸ™‚

$140, a few months ago…a bunch of 3D glosses and random other things. I also spent about that much when I splurged on some more expensive skincare products at Sephora last year (wasn’t worth it!).

Well, I love Algorithm, Backlit, in3D and Energy, but the darker ones, Racy and …. Boundless?? (it’s red)…they don’t do so much for me, i think.

The main thing from Sephora that wasn’t worth the $ to me was this Dermadoctor cream for rosacea. Calm, Cool & Corrected, I think it’s called. It worked ok for about a week, but then my skin went back to normal (red). And I paid like $80 for it! Now I just avoid talc in face powders and use $5 jojoba oil (pure, organic) and that does a better job.

I can’t remember what the individual collections were called, but Antiquitease came out last year… then all of this stuff for Christmas followed with the same packaging. I fell hook, line and sinker for all of them… I remember going in and buying every single thing from Antiquitease, the 3 other Antiquitease sub collections as well. It was GLORIOUS!

Since the Heatherette Launch, all my visits have pretty much been one giant haul! I’ve gotten…
– Heather Trio 1 & 2
– Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
– Style minx l/g
– melrose mood l/s
– two of the dual end eye pencils (can’t remember the names… but it’s the blue/black one and the purple one!)
– lovely lily pigment
– bell bottom pigment
– mutiny pigment
– shore leave e/s
– port red l/s
– ensign l/g
– time & space e/s
– expensive pink e/s
– femme-fi e/s
– evening aura e/s
– magnetic fields e/s
– spaced out blush
– sunsonic l/s
– pleasureseeker l/s
– naked space l/g
– pink grapefruit l/g
– soft & slow l/g
– scatterrays solar bits
– sunpower solar bits
– the lip exfoliator thingy
– warm chill e/s
– warming trend e/s
– cool heat e/s
– solar white e/s
(they didn’t have the extreme gulf one or whatever it’s called when i went! πŸ™ )
– tropic glow slimshine
– gentle simmer slimshine
– strobe cream
– select tint foundation
– 129SH brush
– dollymix blush
– snob lipstick
– the yellow and orange trend bags

and i’m sure i’ve left some of my poor little mac babies out!!!

next year, i will be a VERY, VERY broke university student! ha

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