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I can’t remember how old i was (under 10), but i do recall buying a mac eyeliner in brown with saved up pocket money. I also remember everyones face in the store LOL.

haha that brought back some really old memories.
balms & lipglosses were my very first purchases, I dont remember which brands though.. redearth, the body shop, dior?
howver, i do remember very well my first mac purchases 😀
mac carbon & nylon eyeshadows
mac eyeliner in smolder
mac mocha blush
mac lip conditionar spf 15

I bought a Maybelline mascara! Now, though, my Maybelline products are all gone and in place are all the M.A.C stuff 😀 Love it.

I am not sure if that was my first beauty product, but remembered clearly I made an admirer buy me a Maybelline liner in violet !

OMG I really don’t remember, I used to steal my older sister’s stuff, but my first make up from Mac was All that glitters eye shadow about a month ago, I know I am late!

i remember my first mac purchases.
mac e/s in swimming.
mac e/s in electric eel.
mac e/s in pink veus.
mac e/s stroke of midnight.
mac e/s in aquadisiac.
mac l/glass in prrr.

too bad all of those eyeshadows are untouched. i bought them when i was 17 and was attracted to the colors. so not my style! i tend to go with naturals now.

when i was little my mum bought me a smackers strawberry lip balm from the chemist. it is longggg gone (that was when i was about 5 lol!)

I do remember my first mac purchase, though…and at the time I didn’t even know/like mac!
It was the tinted lip conditioner in petting pink in the old packaging with the white cap and big dot. Of course, now I like the new packaging much better!

My first makeup purchase in general was this stark Cover Girl pressed powder and this Strawberry red Wet-n-Wild lipstick. Neither flattered my skintone. LOL..you couldn’t have told me that in middle school, though! My first MAC purchase was their Studio Fix powder in the correct color to match my skin! I hadn’t heard of MAC and no one around me used MAC so I was really testing their products. After that I was sold and beginning with my second purchase, I’ve never spent less than $60 on each of my trips there. I love you, MAC! =D

I think it was Max Factor compact make up. Not sure if I bought it myself though. Think I was 11 and my skin was soooo bad – acne galore! My mum went out and got me this to make school a little less embarrassing for me. I doubt the colour match was too great and I also doubt the application of it to my face was any better, but it was certainly better thnan the awful acne on my face!

I think the first thing I actually bought myself was a Miners nail polish. It was my first time out shopping with my friends in the city without any adults around, and I thought I was just the coolest with my extra glittery new purchase. Cringe!

I think I was into Wet n’ Wild (cheap for a broke teenager) and some nail polish–the mother of pearl shade that was popular in the *cough* 80s. Lip gloss in the same shade, plus some ‘lip smackers’ or something like that, with the roller ball applicator. Just thinking about this makes me want to find some roller skates.

My mom got me some Clinique when I was allowed to start wearing makeup–my first lipstick was crystal mauve (? the name–in the silver striped tube).

my first product was a white cream eyeshadow when I was 12, probably maybelline 😀

my first MAC purchase was last year:
electric eel e/s
chrome yellow e/s
orange e/s

I now don’t only focus on really bright colors, but it was a great way to start out!

4 Issues, a brown e/s duo, brown lip pencil, black Mascara and a Clearface powder (all by Manhatten)

My first MAC product was the Mulch e/s.

I’m not 100% sure to be honest. If body glitter counts then that when I was about 10/11 because I thought it was cool as!:oD
Proper make up wise I think it was a Wet & Wild liner and some crappy Collection 2000 mascara.
I didn’t get into make up properly until I was 17/18 and didn’t wear foundation and blusher until really recently (the last few months) – I’m 21.

Something from Bonne Bell, either a frosty apricot blush or a bunch of eyeliners. My makeup addiction started very young.

My first MAC purchase was Mylar e/s, when I first got it, e/s was $8.00 or something crazy cheap like that!

My first Mac purchse was in 8th grade-nine years ago! It was Cherish lipstick, e/s in Bliss (now replaced w/Jest), Nehru e/s, and Studio Fix in C3! I was hooked then as much as I am now!! Mac wasn’t near where I lived in hicksville. I saved my $$ up every time I went to visit my cousin in Dallas and spent all my money there!!

First purchase I remember making for myself were Strawberry and Watermelon flavored Lip Smackers. I only started getting into high end makeup a year or so ago, I bought my first MAC with my 19th birthday money last year!

From what I can recall, it was a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker set (you know the ones that had holes in the tops and a string so you could wear them like a necklace? Yeah…I was that cool), My favorite was (and still is) strawberry…14 years later, that’s still the lip balm I wear before going to bed at night, lol.

My first MAC purchase was not all that long ago. It was a paintpot in “Delft”…great for a smokey teal eye!

I don’t recall my first beauty product that I bought- probably lip smackers or something!

I do remember my first MAC pruchase though! It was vex e/s and trax e/s!

Well, the first thing I think I actually bought was prob. just eyeliner at hot topic, in the 7th grade.

But most of my makeup has been bought for me, so powder/eyeliner and chapsticks from earlier…but I hardly buy my makeup. not even 1/5 of my entire collection was bought by me 😀

My first purchASE That i can remember was avon bubble gum chapstick.
My first mac buy was oh baby lipglass

It was in 1996, and I was a sophomore at this all girl’s high school in SF. I passed by this counter at Nordstrom’s that look wayyy too cool for school (AKA the infamous MAC counter). Dark lipstick and knee highs were very in that year (that sounds so inappropriate, but that’s why no one should send their daughters to all girl’s high schools). So I saved up a bunch of allowance money and bought Paramount l/s, with Chestnut liner. And that’s how the collection began, or rather the obsession. Later on in the semester I splurged on Jest, Cork, and Corduroy e/s’s with a 266 brush. All my first eye shadows to hit pan with.

Eventually my parents got really sick of the Paramount on me, so began the Coconutty phase. To this day I can’t look at any of my high school pictures with out LMAO.

I was strictly a drugstore makeup girl until recently. The first makeup I wore was stuff Mom didn’t want from her GWPs from Lancome and Clinique, but the first stuff I bought was Wet N Wild and Revlon nail polish. I’ve always been a polish freak. When I was in high school and college I worked at CVS (a drugstore), and I bought all my makeup with my discount. I used to go crazy on the 75% off bin. It’s only in the past year or so that I’ve started spending money on the good stuff at Sephora. Partly because I now have a “real job”, and partly because we finally got a Sephora at the local mall!

My first makeup was an eyeshadow quad from either Avon or Mary-Kay. My mom was big into those back in the day, so I utilized it!

and my first MAC purchase was last year (8th Grade) was Golden Lemon Pigment (such a great summery color), Plushglass in Fulfilled, and Mascara X.
… the start of an addiction. 🙂

I hardly recall my first buy because I had been stealing makeup from my mom since I was very little (5), so I guess it was mascara, lipstick and eyeliner from maybelline. What seems really funny is that most of us don’t recall what was our first makeup buy but we can certainly recall our first MAC buy, no matter how long ago it was. We’re all MAC addicts!!! My first MAC buy was Studio Fix in NC20 and wedge e/s.

I think that my very first purchase of makeup was a powder from Clinique :). And my very first MAC purchase was Jewel Blue ^^.

i remember my mum didnt want me wearing makeup but when i was 12 i got my first pimple and i took my lunch money and went to the chemist to buy a blackmores medicated tea tree concealer stick.

i pasted that stuff on my face until mum broke down and took me shopping for some proper, subtle makeup at bobbi brown.

It’s probably telling that I don’t remember when I started with makeup…

First (real) beauty product I ever had: Wet’n’Wild nail polish in a dark purple shade, it was a present on my 8th birthday

First beauty product I remember buying: a Jane eyeshadow in a lavender color

First high-end (okay, from Sephora) purchase: an opaque purple lipstick from Club Monaco, it cost $13 if I recall correctly, and I still have it

Yeah, I had a purple thing going on when I was younger. But I don’t think I’ve used purple makeup in about two years now…

And my first MAC purchase, only just back in September, was Ricepaper eyeshadow…

‘Twas the beginning of my ultimate downfall…

my very first makeup purchase was when i was 13years,my Mom bought me a light pink frosty CHANEL lipgloss,i think its number was 13,too 🙂 very funny is,that after that,every year i got a new CHANEL lipgloss,almost every time the number of my age :-DDDDD
i was soooooooooooooooo happy,like never since.
owning such a high quality poduct as my very first was a really uplifting experience 🙂
i saw its advertisement on the back of my very first Cosmo,that i got that same summer 🙂

oh,i forgot,my very first MAC was Old Gold pigment. i went into the store,and asked the makeup artist boy to show me something special 🙂

I believe my first purchase was a Yardley Slicker lipstick! About 1966 or 1967. Every girl in Jr High had to!

I think it was probably something from Wal-Mart, like a Jane mini sample bottle of foundation or something (when I say I have always had dark circles, I mean it). They had lots of tiny samples so it was easy to try out different lipsticks and stuff.

Ok sisters.. I’m going all the way back to the 70’s. My mom was a beauty junkie so I always had little makeup bags and her cast offs which I adored.

When I was 10 I saved my money to buy those giant lipsmackers. They cost $2.50 at the drugstore. They had a rope on them so you could wear them around your neck. My first one was 7up. I worked so hard to earn money for them. I got Bubble Gum, watermelon, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, Cherry, mmmmmmm

I also remember saving for Gee your hair smells terriric shampoo.

Those were such good days!! I still get just as excited shopping now.

Well the first makeup I ever owned were gifts and hand-me-downs from my mom and a couple aunts, including a blue (Almay maybe?) automatic eyeliner, some purple lipgloss (Revlon Street Wear or similar), a cover-up that was too dark for my skintone (but I must have done a fair job at applying it, because quite a few of my classmates would ask me if I’d gone on vacation lol!).

The first makeup I ever bought for myself (that I can remember) was either Lip Smackers or Bonne Bell along with Wet n Wild eyeliners.

The first product I ever bought from MAC was Nymphette lipglass, which I still love =)

I remember mine was a Lip smackers Starburst lip balm…good times!!! And believe it or not…I have never bought anything MAC *hides face*

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