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1. Use Good quality brushes (and clean them frequently!)
2. Use an eyeshadow base
3. Don’t re-use foundation sponges…bacteria can get on your face when you use one day after day and you can break out. Get disposeable ones instead.

1. Blend… Blend….Blend

2. Always mix the moisturizer with your liquid foundation for a fresh look.

3. Never buy makeup on impulse.

– Invest in good quality brushes, they definately make a huge difference in makeup application. Also, clean them weekly using some baby shampoo and warm water and lay them down to dry naturally.
– Eyelash curler. Buy one. Use it. Period! It makes your eyes pop, makes them look bigger and makes you look more awake.
– Moisturize! Always moisturizer your face before applying concealer, foundation, powder, etc. Your makeup will apply and look so much more better. After washing your face apply your moisturizer and let it sink in for about 5-10 minutes. It will prevent your makeup from sliding / melting off.

1) Skincare is the first priority to attend to, it’s equivalent to a nice canvas to work on. If you must, conceal sparingly (for visible blemishes) cos most people have blemishes here and there anyway, so I find that it’s ok to leave some alone.

2) Start with a little at a time as you can always build on it and check your makeup progress under natural daylight if possible.

3) Go over your blush with your powder and blend if you’ve applied too heavily or if you just want that natural flush from within look. This can apply to your eyeshadow or brows as well.

It is always wise to research and read through product reviews before actually getting your hands on them, especially the more expensive ones! hth ๐Ÿ™‚

1) Never apply too much blusher/bronzer all at one, start applying gently as it easier to add than take away.
2) Always curl eyelashes before mascara.
3) When buying a lipstick/lipgloss/lip colour test on the tip of yout finger, not yout hand. (Just something i do because i think this more closely resembles what it will look like on your lips)

Those are my 3 MOST important lol.

1. Moisturize! find the right moisturizer for your complexion and dont be too cheap about it and end up with one thats too drying or makes yourself greasy.

2. Start slowly when starting to wear eyeshadows. I know its very exciting looking at all those cool color combos but if you dont know how to apply it correctly dont go all out there and try to wear like 5 different colors. I recommend buying 3 shades from the same family. One for lid, crease and a highlight.

3. Get a really good lipbalm for your lips.

1. The better your skincare regime, the less make up you’ll *need*, the better you’ll look.
2. Don’t be afraid of colour, it all works with the right base, the right brushes in the right context.
3. Don’t pick the foundation colour of your preference, pick the one that matches your neck….if you feel like its too light/ dark/washes you out, remember: if it matches your neck thats the bottom line, if you need more life than that, well, that’s what blush and bronzer are for :).

– get your brow situation perfected. good brows make alll the difference.

– buy quality brushes.

– use your gut instinct at the cosmetics counter but still keep an open mind. if the mua is trying to push a color on you that you aren’t feeling right off just try anyway. you *never know* what goodies you’ll find if you keep yourself open to other possibilities.

1. Don’t be afraid of makeup. Start with a little and build, don’t cake on everything you find in your drawer and then tug and pull and push on your skin trying to remove it.

2. Always wash your face (be sure to pat your face dry, don’t rub!) and apply moisturizer before applying makeup.

3. Buy good quality tools.

1)Always use a makeup remover/cleanser & NOT sleep with makeup on. You wouldn’t want breakouts or bad skin the next day.

2)Concealor is ur next best friend if you’ve eye bags or dark rings. Does help “hide” flaws/pimples and brighten up the eye area. Makes you feel good too ๐Ÿ™‚ Get the right shade tho!

3)Get ur holy grail (HG) neutral eyeshadow. Gives a dash of color/shimmer, makes u look “awake” even if u’ve only 3mins.

1. The best thing about make-up is that it can be washed off if you screw up! Have fun with it!

2. Your brows are so important. Have them shaped and maintain the shape by tweezing in between visits. Fill them in if they’re sparse. Having beautiful brows can make it unnecessary to wear eyeshadow.

3. Wear blush. Every day. Having a pretty rosy flush makes you look more awake, fresher and healthier than anything else. Don’t feel that you have to contour or whatnot. Just a pop of color on the apples of your cheeks will brighten your face and make all the difference.

1. Splurge on foundation/concealer/powder (if possible get all three from the same brand/range) and save on color cosmetics.

2. Apply make up in layers, so that you stop when you achieve the required effect.

3. Use good quality brushes/sponges for a more polished look. There are times when you can use fingers but get used to applying make up with brushes.

1. Have fun with it! experiment with colors.

2. Cleanse thoroughly afterwords…cleanser/toner/moisturizer

3. Even in a hurry, a little blush and mascara can instantly liven your face up. Another quick tip is to put some moisturizer in your hand, squirt some foundation into your palm as well, rub together and apply like regular face lotion. Voila! Tinted moisturizer.

1. Put a base under your eyeshadow, even if all you have is some concealer, use that as a base. It really makes the colors pop and keeps them eyeshadow on all day.


3. Moisturize. Enough said, no one likes crusty foundation

1. Groom your eyebrows! –put/brush all strands in place and pluck scattered hair.

2. Always put make-up on a clean and well moisturized face.

3. Foundation, concealer, etc should always match your skintone…don’t get shades that are too dark or too light.

Most of the basic tips have been already mentioned, so I’ll post my ‘tricks’-nothing fancy I’m no pro!

1.Experiment with textures(liquid,powder,etc.) and ways(brush,sponge,etc) to apply till you find what suits you skin type best.Plus you might need to swatch from liquid tp powder if the weather is hot&humid or vice versa if your skin is dehydrated.

2.Invest in a blusher that really complements your skin even if you go bare.

3.Use an eyeshadow base,especially if you have oily skin(mac eyepaints do wonders)Nothing worst than ending up with smudged and worn off eyeshadow-especially in the middle of a date.

Oh and I think it’s better to focus on the eyes,since lipstick fade so quickly.oh,what a shame!

1.:if U have glasses,get contacts,nobody will notice your beautiful eye-work,everybody will concentrate on the glasses.
2.: if u have pimples,see a good dermatologist. experimenting around with expensive skincare lines is just confusing. maybe she/he gives u Accutane if the situation is serious. no foundation will good so good as healthy skin.
3.: rather buy less but good quality products. this is important in choosing foundation and eyeshadow: cheap ones usually don’t deliver the wanted color. lipglosses and mascaras however can be good of the cheap kind,too.

The รณmost important secret: READ TEMPTALIA every day to learn more and more. u can never know enough about makeup ๐Ÿ˜€

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