Temptalia Asks You - What steps do you go through for your [everyday] hair?

What steps do you go through for your hair? Are you a quick comb-through and you’re out the door kind of gal? Or are you armed with your T3? For the everyday look, what steps do you take to ready your hair?

Luckily (I think so!) I just have to let my hair air dry or lightly blow dry it, and it’s ready. I often wear it in a pulled back ponytail that’s twisted under the end, but if I wear it down, I do absolutely nothing to it beyond running the brush through once (I am fortunate enough to get tangles rarely, and nothing that a single brush stroke doesn’t cure). I really do thank my genes for such easy, manageable hair. I know absolutely nothing about styling it, which is my biggest beauty downfall!

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Just condition my hair with rinse-out conditioner and air dry! It sets better that way now, with my new layered hair cut. Previously I had shoulder length hair and would just use a scrunchy to tie it up. On rare occasions, when I have the time, I blow dry it for a couple of mins, but, like I said, those times are rare!

I wish my hair was that lucky to handle πŸ™ My hair isnt super curly but it is super frizzy, so I get some relaxing treatments done to make it easier to deal with. I wash it with l’oreal shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair, then put it all in rollers and air dry it or sit under my moms hairdryer lol… crazy I know. Usually I just take the rollers out and brush it out, sometimes I might blowdry it or iron it straight.. phew! Haha! And this is without listing all my hair products πŸ˜›

Ohh, frizziness sucks πŸ™ I used to get a few flyaways and they drove me nuts.

How long does it take you to do everything?

Well putting up my whole head in rollers is task in itself because my hair is so thick! So 20 minuites or so of pinning everything up, then probably 30 minuites under the dryer then leaving it on for another 30 minuites to set and take hold. If I blow dry it again or iron it, thats another half hour so its pretty tough task haha, I do give it a rest every now and then.
My mom is the ultimate, she does the whole curlers-dryer routine every 2/3 days whenever she washes her hair, and I’ve NEVER seen her with normal air-dryed hair! She’s very committed to her routine πŸ™‚

I live by my CHI. I dont know what i would do if i couldnt flat iron my hair. Its sucha hot mess if i dont. If only i had wash and rinse hair πŸ™

I have absolutely ridiculous hair — i just cut it, but before i did it was down to my wait, EXTREMELY thick and wavy (and totally unruly). so i had to chop off almost 10 inches to get it to be manageable, and i’m soooooooo glad i did.

Most mornings (read: before work), i get out of the shower, wrap my hair in a towel for 10 mins or so while i get dressed, then head back to the bathroom to blow dry. i use Kerastase Oleo-relax elixir (the concentrated version of Oleo-relax serum!) and a teeny bit of whatever type of gel or pomade i have in the cabinet for texture. I blow dry my bangs straight, but only 1/2 dry the rest so it stays slightly wavy (and a little unruly, just the way i like it!). when i’m super lazy, i put it all in a french twist and just blow out my bangs. or, when i need to dress up, i blow it out straight (all over), hit it with the flat iron to iron out kinks, and i’m good to go.

pics at: http://www.myspace.com/toonasaurusrex

Oh, wow, ten inches! I think I’d cry, I’m sooo attached to my long hair. How long does it take you to do everything, Courtney?

If I dont wash it, I just brush it lol. I dont never have anything to do so I dont put alot of effort into my hair and its so long & thick it takes to long to do anything to it. When I curl my own hair it takes 2 hours.

i just cut so many layers into my hair that NOW it’s a hassle…lol

I used to just be a wake up/ponytail/go person (shower @ night)…not anymore…

shower in the AM, wrap hair in towel…FrizzEase thermal serum+l’oreal straightening lotion+treseme volume mousse, blow it out, flat iron it, l’oreal texturizer, tease it, hairspray it…

SO MUCH…and if I don’t do that, i’ve got a natural wave(borderline curl) to my hair so it looks TERRIBLE if it airdries…I went from LOW maintenence to HIGH…

I have long (waist length), curly hair that is frizzy at times and quite well behaved on certain days. I found that washing my hair two or three times a week is a lot better than every day, which used to make it super frizzy.

Occasionally I use a blow dryer to set my hair but most of the time I rely on hairspray and gels to tame flyaway strands. I wear my hair in a half-updo or in a bun most of the time and don’t use straightening irons on it because I have seen the effects of long term use on hair and trust me, it’s not pretty!

My favorite products are by John Frieda, Wella, Paul Mitchell and Ojon.

Wow, that must be some gorgeous hair, Tonee πŸ™‚ I think my hair may be at its longest point at the moment.

What’s a good gel to tame flyaways?

I have grown to like my hair for what it is…there used to be times when it drove me nuts, ha ha!

I like using Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt for light hold and Wella Power Shift.

I get my hair done every two weeks(wash and rollers put in and dried under a hooded hairdryer.) at night my hair’s wrapped under a scarf, so in the morning, I undo the wrap and either comb my hair so my bangs are showing or I pin the top middle part of my hair back. On the daily, I’m not using any heat or much product on my hair.

I am super jealous of your quick hair routine. When I was younger, I could wash & go & it would dry stick straight & silky smooth. Now, I have a natural wave (which seems to get more wavey by the day) which causes frizz, not to mention is uneven through out my hair. SO. On the days when I wash my hair (usually every other day), I blowdry with my Babyliss & round brush and straighten with my T3. I try to let my hair airdry before I do this though so I don’t have to blowdry it for as long. On days that I don’t wash my hair, I usually through it up into a ponytail or messy bun if its too greasy to wear down. But if its not, I run my straightener over the top layer. Also, due to my aforementioned “waves”… if I’m really running late I can use some volumizing spray, thickening lotion & scrunch as it airdries for simple waves. But as I mentioned, it does get frizzy so this is a last resort for me.

I have a tinge of a wave, but mostly from having it up in the same style allll the time. It goes away pretty easily, though, if I wash it and let it air dry.

How long do you have to blowdry with the T3? I seriously have the stone age hair dryer.

I shaved my head about three months ago, and my hair grows abnormally fast, it’s already about an inch and a half long =) For me, I usually just add a bit of wax to spike the front and off I go. Back when I had long red/blue hair I would straighten it and be gone.

By the way, I’m a girl, just so you guys know. I expect both my username and the shaved head suggest otherwise, though =)

My boyfriend’s hair grows SO fast, too, actually. He just shaved his down from 1 inch to about nothing (he used 1 on the razor setting)…. and that was only a MONTH of growth!

BTW, thank you for clarifying, because now I know for sure πŸ™‚

I’m in the military, so a slicked back bun (can’t forget the gel and hairspray!) is my standard hairstyle. If it’s my day-off, I don’t like to do anything to my hair. I have no problem with throwing it up into a ponytail.

But I suppose when blow-dried hair is a must, it only takes me about 15 minutes. I recently lopped off a good 4-8 inches to get my current layered look. My hair is colored, so shampoo everyday is a no-no; but conditioner is still a must. The roots get sprayed with volumizing spray (Frederic Fekkai makes a great one- about 20 bucks @ Sephora, but worth it), blow dried (no brush, I only use hands), curl a few pieces with a large curling iron, and add a bit of wax for texture. Then I’m done!

I’ve definitely learned to become much more low maintenance since joining the military! Haha!

Let’s just say it takes less energy for me to run a marathan than to deal with my slightly past shoulder length, curly, dry, frizzy, damaged hair. I spend way more than I want to on products and take way too much time trying to tame it into something presentable. Start with Kerastase Oleo Relax shampoo, followed by their Oleo Relax conditioner. Use Fredric Fekkai’s Olive Oil glossing cream. Blow dry it (which takes about 20 minutes if I’m rushing through, 30 if I try to do a fairly decent job). Follow that with Oleo Relax serum and then use my Chi flat iron. I’m brunette and starting with some stubborn grays, so also have to touch up roots once a month. I’m so jealous of ladies with great hair and an easy routine – you are so fortunate! Thank your lucky stars!

Unfortunatelly, a few years back, my strong, abundant hair, started to weaken and fall off. I did several topical treatments, as well as supplements and managed to at least stop the fall. From then on, my hair has become fragile and thin, so I take my hair care pretty seriously.
I’m currently using all KΓ©rastase products: shampoo and anti-fall treatment from their Specifique range, with a Nutritive conditioner. Before blow drying the hair, I protect it with a Resistance heat-activated top seal.
I’m currently also following a tip from my hairdresser: only wash my hair every 2 days, because everytime you wash your hair, the root actually remains wet for about 48 h, which, with frequent washes, begins to weaken the hair. I have to add, however, that I’m only doing it for the duration of the treatment, as it’s almost akin to torture to resist 2 days without washing my hair!!!

That’s so terrible, Carolina! I’m glad you’ve found a way to keep it from falling. I didn’t even know there was an anti-fall treatment available. Thank you so much for sharing!

My hair was pretty ok until I decided to experiment with a darker colour (it was very blonde).. It was a lovely chocolate brown colour but I prefer blonde, so went back probably a little more quickly than my hair would like. Now it is very damaged and I recently cut off most of the length which I had been growing for 2 years πŸ™ Won’t be making that mistake again!
Now I use conditioning sprays and hair treatments.. the works! Just to make it look healthy and not like straw. I don’t really use my flat iron that much, mostly because I am too lazy lol.

your lucky!! ..I have natural curly hair!!! ..that I have to keep hydrated or else…it looks like I’m a walking frizz ball!! lol..every couple of days…when I’m home I apply oil to my hair…and allow it to stay in my hair before bedtime …I rinse out with shampoo..the days I dont do that I wash w/ conditioner…I never comb or brush my hair..I finger comb it in the shower…I dont towel dry…I paper towel dry my hair lol a little…then allow it to air dry…I put a leave in condtion like nexus before bed…in the morning all dry…apply a light oil like grape seed oil and my hair is super duper shiny …and bouncy and I’m ready to go.

UGH my hair! I have wavy/curly hair…but not the cute kinda curls, no, more like a bad 80s perm thats grown out and relaxed for a few months. I detest it! So I super condition it. Let it air dry for 15 min. Blow dry it staight with a round brush. Silk therapy or something like it. Flat iron. Only wash it twice a week. If I had unlimited money I would see a stylist twice a week to have my hair washed and blown dry/styled…I detest all the time it takes to wash/dry/style my hair.

I don’t do anything.My hair is natural blond(since the day I was born),never got darken(although some people had predicted – haha!).So is blond,straight and long.Layered for better texture.Every morning I wash,put some mousse,blow-dry,some hair spray and off to whatever I do.
I have an updo only for my own lazy convenience.
It’s it.Never colored,never permed,never nothing…I recognize myself lucky for a simple reason,my color is nice and (most of all)real which is quite unusual these days.
Basically I don’t have bad hair days….alomost.

When I’m in a hurry, feeling lazy or don’t have to look nice, I usually just throw my hair up into a ponytail or into something that semi-resembles a topknot.

When I need to look nice, I have a whole process I have to go through which is why a lot of the time I don’t bother. After washing my hair and getting out of the shower I wrap my hair in a towel for a few minutes then spray it a fortifying spray from John Frieda to detangle it. My hair, if left to it’s own devices, will tangle and knot like mad and it’s not even curly. After combing it out, I then use Redken Anti-Snap on the ends and a combination of Sunsilk Hydra TLC and Fekkai Glossing Cream throughout my hair. Sometimes I will also use a bit of volumizing foam in my roots but most of the time I skip this step. Next, I part my hair and seperate out my bangs so I can blowdry them because if I don’t do it soon enough they start to dry and won’t go the way I want them to. After I have my bangs all blown out, then I usually let the rest of my hair airdry for a little while. Usually, I’ll go on the computer or start working on my makeup. Then I flip my head and blowdry my hair till its mostly dry. Then I’ll brush it out with a flat brush, then more blowdrying, them more brushing till it is dry enough. Next I flat iron it till my ends are straight, then brush it out again and then spray on Redken Workforce hairspray to fix any stray hairs or frizzies. Now I’m ready to go.

I am a hairstylist and good thing, because I have very difficult hair! It is very thick, coarse and naturally curly, but uneven and very frizzy.
I only wash my hair about once a week (always at night). I use Bumble & bumble seaweed shampoo & Damage Therapy treatment masque. Towel dry & apply Bumble damage therapy complex #3 & Bb. leave in conditioner, pull my hair up in a ugly ass scrunchie on top of my head to let it dry overnight. (If I blowdry it gets sooo puffy & the style doesn’t really stay in)
In the morning, I look like I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet, but I section it and either flat iron with an olive oil spray from the ethnic hair section at the drugstore or use a big curling iron to smooth it out. It looks fabulous and lasts all week. Sometimes I need to do a few touch ups most days, but it is better a few days after it is freshly washed. I really have to plan out when it is a good night to wash it, but no one ever knows it is dirty and I always get tons of compliments!

My hair is really naturally curly, so the less I do with it, the better. I condition it every day and wash it every other day. I keep a really big, wide tooth comb in the shower and comb the conditioner through in the shower before I rinse it out. This is the last time I touch my hair with a comb. Once I get out, I squeeze my hair dry (no rubbing!), and put in some leave in conditioner and curl gel (L’Oreal Professional lately). I let my hair air dry and don’t touch it until it’s completely dry. To get rid of the crunchiness, I run in a shine serum in the midmorning, and my curls stay like ringlets all day. If it dries wrong, there’s no fix until the next day!! I used to do the whole blow it straight and iron it, but the damage really wasn’t worth it…

Oh my gosh when it comes to my hair- I just want to pull a Britney and shave it off!!! I have thick- VERY THICK hair… It’s naturally straight, but poofy beyond belief, and I’ve bleached it so many times and straightened it passed it’s limit and it’s all dry and damaged. So, I have about 7 products I put in my hair every day to make it look healthy, then straighten it- which takes about 45 minutes- to make it less poofy. It’s all worth it though, because it looks amazing in the end!!!!

LOL, Annie! Well, don’t do that πŸ˜‰ Wow, that’s a lot of products, but at least it looks amazing when you’re all done!

I have really thick, wavy hair. I got a relaxer done over a year ago but I am in desperate need of a touch up. I wash my hair with Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal shampoo and conditioner. I usually leave my hair wavy and in a ponytail when I’m at home. Whenever I go out I straighten my hair with my straightening iron. I put in Victoria Secrets’ “So Sexy” shining hair serum before ironing my hair and it leaves my hair shiny and smelling great! I usually take about 2 hours straightening my hair and 30 minutes touching it up.

Hey Christy! Wow, that is quite the time consuming routine. I’m glad you’ve found a routine that works, though πŸ™‚

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